Confidence in Walking Out after TKR

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After six weeks I was happy walking indoors without my sticks. I have started venturing out without them but I am so conscious of the different levels in paving/roads, uneven paths etc.  It means I am looking down a lot and also I am walking well but very slowly.  I am now at nine weeks.  Anyone else finding it hard to speed up?  I just can't seem to walk any faster at the moment so I am very careful crossing the road.  

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    I agree. If I speed up I don't walk 'correctly ' so I've decided it's better be slow and do 'heel, lock,bend' and train myself properly. 😀

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      I think you are right Mandy, better not to walk with a limp.


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    Right there with you! 6 weeks post op TKR. My new knee does a little click thing that sometimes catches me off card. My right knee is hanging in there-I wish it would gain some strength, but more and more looks like it too will require a TKR. I am going back to work today for a few hours and I am definitely on slow speed! I think I'll take my cane just for confidence! I keep hearing 3 months is a typical milestone. Hang in there. I think it's best not to push beyond our comfort zone!

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    Kick you leg out.  Heel down first.  After amonth, you'll be walking fine again.  But...

    STAY OFF THE GRASS!!!  Even at 10+ months, unseen divots, gopher holes, whatever destroy my balance.  Still not right...

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    Hi Jane!

    My PT knew I was going to want to get outside to my garden, yard, flower beds as soon as I could. She knew it meant A LOT to me. She had me do LOTS of balance activities! I first simply stood on my surgical knee to a count of 10 while holding onto the handle that was on the wall. In time I would release my hold on the handle on the wall and balance without holding onto anything. Of course I was doing all kinds of stretching, strength training, the bike, etc., too.

    Balance activities were BIG, though, because she wanted me to meet my goal of feeling confident in my backyard (grass, uneven areas thanks to our resident MOLES!)

    Next, I practiced balancing on varying heights of rubber disks. This added increasing challenge but do-able challenges. I really was excited when Sandy would add a squishier disk because I had mastered the less squishy one!😁

    Finally, Sandy brought out this thing called a Boca Ball. It is a disk and a ball together that you use for balance. It was quite challenging at first, but I kept at it. I got better each time.

    I did LOTS of strength training, stretches, lifts, repetitions on bikes, but the BALANCE work is what gave me my greatest confidence to get outside to my beloved garden.

    I hope this helps you!💗

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      Thanks Cheryl. I can't wait to get in my garden.  This is all helpful thank you.  I will get one of those balance balls and speak to my physio for some extra exercises tomorrow.  Happy healing.

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      You are very welcome!

      Keep balancing!

      Spring is ON THE WAY!


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    Hi Jane, I know what you mean. I used to walk really slowly watching every step always with my head down, feeling very insecure.. But, don't worry that passes after a while. I am now 6 months post TKR and walk briskly and very confident, also walking my spaniel, who certainly doesn't walk slowly!!! Just have patience it will get better and you will feel more confident in time 

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    Well done, but remember there's no shame in using a stick on uneven ground, buy a proper walking stick instead of a short one, they look more you know

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    Hi Jane

    I am at nearly 10 months and still use a stick when I need it. Use it for travel or to give you confidence.

    Do not worry about what others think. You are in charge. Try to practice walking with core engaged and heel then toe. Concentrate. Others here have given great advice about learning to walk after TKR's.Search YouTube and here too. Have a great recovery. Each day has brought great results and I am back at the gym. Bike riding and pool walking help to aid recovery.xx

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      Thanks Lyn, I was thinking I might get a stick.  Definitely going to start going to the pool regularly.  
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      You're welcome jane. My sister had a TKR 4 months ago. They severed a ligament and she has had a real slow recovery. Now she has sciatic nerve issues and spinal issues which were not as painful or as evident, before her TKR. For me, I believe if I stay positive, exercise as carefully and mindfully as possible I am patient (hard for me) then improvements will happen. For me, each day lately has brought more freedom of movement. A friend is having bilateral TKR's early Feb and I tried to explain that one then the other is better. I would not advise anyone to have two done on the same day. This 10 months past has been the most difficult time of my life but I will get my mobility back. Hope you believe this too. xxx

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      Yes I do believe it too - you just have to be positive, even on a bad day I find something to laugh at. 🙃

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