Consequences and what is rock bottom for an alcoholic?

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Rock bottom: I've lost everything more than once and I mean everything. Wives, homes, business's, friends, money - everything. Almost my life.

Consequences: Trouble with authority (no police record), debt, major illness and years spent re-building after gaining sobriety.

Who believes that our self will is one of the main problems?  


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    Personally, my belief is that the concept of having to hit rock bottom is now outdated, cruel and unnecessary.

    In our current era, we have access to treatments that were not known about when this concept originiated, and indeed in years gone by the idea of having to hit rock bottom may have been a very valid concept.

    I don't just mean medical treatments, but also include the fact that we have professionals who understand the workings of the brain and addiction far more than they once did.

    Anyone can be encouraged to get off that 'elevator going down' whenever they wish, and various treatments can help them recover at that point - a fact that sadly, a lot of suffering people are unaware of because institutions such as the media, for example, continually produce films and books etc that reinforce the idea that someone must lose everything before they can rise up.

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      Yes, I would agree, you can step off any time with the right help. It is that last bit that is difficult to get.
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      I couldn't agree more. Yes, it is indeed a comment from the past - one that I remember only too well - but it is still mentioned frequently on forums and (as you say) by the media. I saw it mentioned again today and that is why I asked the question. I don't know how people measure an alcoholics social standing these days; I still hear and read the cruel comments from the past.

      I think that we could all gain if we could be educated in the medical progress that has been made. A diffiult task for sure.



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      Thank you for saying this Joanna, because I don't want to hit rock bottom, whatever it may be, and I was starting to think that nothing would change until I did. But I don't want to get to that stage.
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    I hate the "she hasn't reached her rock bottom "thing. She has to lose everything. I used to argue this at meetings like "so you're saying when I jumped out a window as I'd been locked in, broke pelvis, vertebrae, arm, ribs, collapsed lung, hospital for 6 weeks. And overdose on life support/ coma for days. Lost marriage, biz, house, kids and you're still saying I haven't reached my rock bottom? " Outdated rubbish.

    Self will is another debatable subject in meetings!

    Halcyon days... Those days at the pub, summer evenings sipping beer and wine will never happen again for me. Even if I didn't have aud. First love and all that...part of our past we can never recreate. Though hopefully we can all be happy again in a different way. Well that's what I'm hoping anyway x

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      Yes, it was the norm in my day and I didn't know any different. I was also scared witless about what people thought about me. A completely anti-social and disgusted attitude prevailed.

      I don't know if it's diferent these days, I haven't lived in England for years. Perhaps smoking is viewed in a similar light these days from what I do know about U,K,  

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      Hi P/f,


      I hope all is well. I thought more about the method/tool I was taught by the doctor I mentioned and as I said, I did write a long and detailed reply to you which I lost just as I was almost finished.

      The doctor concerned was put in charge of North West N.H.S. health care for N.H.S. employees (all employees from porters to consultants) who had substance abuse problems so he obviously knew his business. As I said, it's a long time ago now so I suspect he's retired. 

      I say this because if I posted, I'm sure some people would think I'd dealt with a quack and I'm sure I would receive negative comments and maybe moderated again as it is a method that would seem very strange to some. This would be a pity because I learned this during my longest and last (hopefully) de-tox.

      One of my posts was moderated and the answer given by Alan was that the whole thread needed to be deleted although he opined that I had done nothing against the 'rules'. I accepted this especially as he posted it for others to see. 

      However, it has left me feeling restrained and I'm still not sure if these forums are suitable for me and whilst I'm aware that some contributors may be surrepticiously advocating their own methods very cleverly, I'm not sure if I would be taken seriously and would probably be moderated again. If I tell anyone about my experiences, I tell it how it is without a hidden agenda.  

      I would prefer to send a personal message to you which I don't mind being moderated - it is extremely relative to the topic but I'm sure not all would see it that way.

      I don't know how to send a personal message to you; some contributors have a small envelope under their icon but neither you nor I have?  - it is extremely interesting, off the norm it may be and I've never seen it mentioned on these forums. Maybe people don't know about it; it is a tool and not a quick fix that it seems a lot of people are looking for. It cost's nothing but time in practice, no medication is necessary - just brain power and the ability to remain focused with a high level of concentration; the time taken to achieve the objective is down to the individual - 5 minutes, 10, 20? Once mastered it's up to the individual.


      Dr. T. chose me as a suitable person to try it - it seemed to him that I was wired right to do it. It has always worked for me as another weapon in my arsenal to protect myself. I wouldn't describe it as a 'cure' but a great help in all aspects of life - especially alcohol abuse, which is the reason I 'went for it'.

      Being on these forums after many years of not knowing what was going on out there has taught me much but I do remain suspicious and cautious. I am an alcoholic when all's said and done. 'been round the block so to speak.

      So; how do I send you a personal message. Thanks.    

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      Hi Colin. Sorry I've only just seen this message. Thank you for explaining about it. I'm so interested in hearing about this dr. I will see if I can private message you.
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    Just stop drinking, from now and u will gain your life back.
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      Hello Richardt,

      I think you posted to the wrong person. I've been sober for more than 21 years.


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