Constant Abdominal Discomfort For 2 Months (Not that painful, more annoying)

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or the past 1 3/4 months i have been suffering with a annoying discomfort pain in my upper abdominal, it's like 2/10 on the pain level. I have no other symptoms... Bowels are fine and everything, one thing i do get when i don't drink enough water is a burning sensation in my urine, i'm not sure if that has anything to do with it (my dr does not think so) also, i have had multiple blood test (both came back fine) and i have had a abdominal ultrascan (looking for gallstones, abnormalities etc) and that came back clear.

I guess, i'm just confused to what this could be, my doctor seems to think it's anxiety etc, but can anxiety really cause this pain for this long? oh, also i have tried buscopan and that has not really worked at all, so i think i might be able to rule out IBS?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Hi Joshua

    By reading what you said your doctor has ruled out any major ailments

    Does this burning sensation there at any percific times of the day ie like first thing in morning or after eating when walking

    How are your bowel moments colour texture ?

    You also mentioned burning when passing urine is this all the time or now and then also do you drink alchol if so when

    Sorry to ask many questions but we need to rule out many things

    Yes anxiety does cause problems but I try and help you as much as I can and advice you

    Best wishes Kaz

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    Could be anxiety, you need to calm your stomach down, try aloe Vera gel drink, camomile tea, peppermint tea, and drink LOTS OF water!!
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    Hi, when you say 'upper abdominal' do you mean your stomach or upper bowls? Have you any excess acid symptoms? When is the pain there: all the time, after eating, less after eating? If you could really provide as much info as possible I'm sure someone will have some more ideas, but we need more info. Oh is it there when you wake up in a morning??
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    The burning only occures when I drink not enough water and yes the pain is there all the times but sometimes I can barely notice it the others its really bad.

    I'm only just 19, if that helps. I did have really bad heartburn but I got some omeprazole and that got rid of the heartburn. And the pain is basically from under the ribs to the top of belly button. If anything eating can help ease the pain abit.. My doctor has ruled out cancer etc, after all my test and scan came back clear and my weight is fine, bowels are fine and I have no other symptoms really.

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    They could not find any gallstones with the ultrascan. rolleyes
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    Sounds like acid reflux the omeorazole is to disperse acid in the stomach building up you said that this worked but did you still have pain as well are you still taking them?

    If you are take one half hour before eating in the morning and you can have one at night but no more stay away from dairy products for a while and fatty products

    A good guild to help you go to fodmap on the internet on foods that are not gassy drink ginger tea or peppermint tea for a while sounds like your stomach needs a bit of tlc for a whileits not gallstones as this would be picked up on ultrasound and your bloods are ok so not kidneys or liver anxiety as I said will cause gastric problems as the nerve system works along side your mind and your bowels drink as much water a day 2 litres throughout the day lemon cordial is good as well as the acidity in lemon does break down acidity in the stomach as well ( Yeep sounds mad but true)

    Oh if you want to know how I know I have dairy intolerance am a celiac also diviculitus cascade stomach and cylindical vomitting syndrome so bowels I know about

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    See if your doctor will give you omeprazole 20mg or 40mg for month and see what happens. This may give you the runs and lower bowel pains in itself so see how you go for a month. I'm no doctor so this is just a lay person's idea: Gastritis, (could be linked to your pain weeing also) as above (reflux), don't knock stress, ulcer, just to name a few. I would not I've said gastritis a month ago but its come to light that antibiotics given for other symptoms are also relieving such symptoms as you have. You will have to push hard at your doctors depending on your doctor, but trust keep pushing him for different treatments until you get relief. After a few visits and now the basis tests have been conducted you'll get 'IBS' from them. good luck
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    Stilll have the pain, i'm really confused, for like 1 week is is hardly noticeable but then for 1 week it's really bad.

    I honestly don't know what to do and the worrying makes it much worse.

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    Yes we all know the feeling, with it going and coming back believe it or not that's positive, I have it coming and going for months sometimes and then just as it comes it goes. But like you said stress does indeed make it worse. Have you tried omeprazole????

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    Basically this bout has lasted 2 months, constant discomfort with no relief and the last one lasted 1 month, I had about a 1/2 month break between both.

    I am on omeprazole atm but they aren't really doing much with the pain but they have stopped my heartburn and that is a relief.

    I would also like to point out, recently I have had some diarreah, quite randomly.

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      Hey josh, did you ever figure out what was wrong. I'm having the same problems as you.
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      Hey Luke.

      Not 100% been confirmed. But I got told it was most likely IBS (A severe case) They added up my symptoms and they matched up to IBS! 

      I don't really get the abdominal trouble anymore, Stress was the key to mine. Looking for work etc. Basically, it is 99% most likely nothing serious, so get that worry away. It's all about changing lifestyle etc.

      If it does alter your bowels, I would 100% consider IBS.


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    OMG this is just like what i have been going through last few months!!  I had 4 weeks of  what you said, discomfort in stomach, feelings of feeling hungry...alot!!!feeling slightly sick once eaten, just a constant feeling in tummy area.(like a rumbling, bubbly...went to the doctors and had blood tests and all clear. Was given omeprazole, been taking them and it did get better.  Maybe a few odd days of feeling my tabs have finished...only one day ago....but starting to feel it again.  Trying not to worry, but what on earth is going on!! will have to book another doc appointment to re assess. What does this sound likrit could be????

    Have also had few days where im slightly gasy too. Any info or advice would be good.x

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    Also i have a feeling of feeling very full (even thou im on a diet and trying to cut down), and feel like sometimes i need to take really deep breaths! odd i know!
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      Have you started to feel any better? I've been experiencing the same symptons for about a month. Feeling very full, when I haven't ate. The need to take deep breates, or inability to get a good yawn. 2/10 discomfort between my belly button and lower rib cage. Periodic hearburn, and occasional pain in random areas (but usually in the same spots). Its annoying.

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