Constant burping pain or heartburn

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I have been taking nexium for the past two weeks to relieve constant burping. I took some weight loss meds that i have since discontinued on the doctor's advice and i had vomited that particular day and suddenly i was burping all the time.

I do not believe the nexium is working doctor says i need to take it for as little while longer.....Has anyone ever had constant burping like this ?  Will i ever go back to normal? What can i do/take to stop this? It is driving me insane - like seriously . Could tking those pills for one day really cause this or the vomiting? I welcome ur help/advice..Thank : ) 

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    Hi Sara - sorry to hear about the annoying burping. I had a similar situation with burping and plenty of gas. I've had several endoscpies along the way and diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, or better known as GERD or acid reflux. Barretts can be serious as the acids from the stomach can eventually cause esophogeal cancer. Therefore, it's important to keep the gas to the lowest possible level. 

    Anyway, to answer your question, the only medication that helped me substantially was a med called PANTRAPAZOLE -40 MGS.. Now, no two people are alike and what may work for me, may not work for you, etc, but that's my story. One pill in the morning and there's no belching or gas for 24 hours. Of course a sensible diet helps too, staying away from the fatty foods and spicy sauces, etc. 

    I hope you find relief in your burping. I know how annoying it can be. Mine would coe and go and when it was in rare form, it was a nightmare.

    Take care,


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    If there is no acid reflux and burping it can be gastritis or stomach ulcers.

    Please go for an endoscopy.

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      Sanjeev i haVe endoscopy which didnot show any problem Nd fro. Last three and half years i burps on daily basis for hours.....some time i have sour taste in my mouth but very often....and have lot of gas ....whats that then? I tried omeprzole and esmoprazole lansoprazole no thing work for me.......i have panic attacks like i have heart attack done echo and 8+ ecgs blood stool test ultra sounds,tyroid test,recently endoscopy all of that is clear till now what should i do every day i have panic attack i feel like i have heart attack then after short time burps starts i am dealing with it from,last 3 and half years.....don't knkw what to do

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      hello sanjeevbhatt my doctor said i have peptic ulcer disease but why isnt the nexium working then ? I dont even know what that is - i just dont understand why i cant stop burping. He said it just takes time for the nexium to work  but i am not convinced .
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      I wanted to share this with you. I having excessive belching and breathing difficulty. I noticed that after I force myself to burp, more aire immediately moves into place. My problem was caused from mold exposure. After a year or so of multiple exposures, I started belching. When it is bad, I belch up to 3 hours constantly. When it isn't bad, I belch throughout the day but not as much. It's still uncomfortable. Because I was exposed to mold, my lung movement became impaired. This felt like if I had taken a deep breath and held it in and could not relax my lungs to push the air out. In other words, my lungs were stuck in an over inflated /expanded position all of the time. When I have air in my stomach (bloated), I can feel the air pushing upward on my diaphragm preventing the diaphragm from downward movement when breathing in. The bloating pushes up on my diaphragm and my lungs have less room to expand. A CT scan confirmed that my lungs were over expanded. My lungs are a little better now, but not fully recovered as is evidenced by my impaired lung movement when I am bloated. After I intentionally burp, I can breathe easier.  I find that when I lied down I breath the easiest. I believe this is because the air is pushing against the inside of my abdomen, not diaphragm. 

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      You must try zantac. It will help or i think you got rid of your problem. Hope so
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      Hi unlucky63610,

      I am suffering from same problem and I have been seeing different doctors since 1 year and all my tests including endoscopy, colonoscopy are normal.

      Can you please help me on what is your problem and how did you overcome it.



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      Hi levin,

      I have these very same symptoms. How did you find out and confirm the mold exposure and symptoms were connected to that.  I am concerned that this may be my situation.  And lastly, what did you do to treat your symptoms and your body for the mold exposure.?.? Thanks in advance.

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    You should not take tension. Peptic ulcer takes time to heal. It's not a day or two days procedure.

    Patience is the key....

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      Sara do you have an endoscopy that your doctor will say that you havd peptic ulcer if you have endoscopy and it shows ulcerso then be patient bcoz it take time to heal....if you don't hVe endoscopy then its possible that your doctor may be wrong bcoz i have lot of burps more then 500 times in a day...i have endoscopy it didnot show any ulcer or barretts in esophagus.....such a bad i suggest if you didnot do endoscopy better to go for it

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      Hello no I didn't do an endoscopy- the doctor just diagnosed me with it . So u still have burping presently ? Do you know what brought it on or have you been diagnosed with something else ? I feel at my wits end I don't know what to do . Please tell me your doc found a cure for you . Thanks

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      Hello Sara,

      Nope my doctor say to me its acid refluxi remember when doc is doing endoscopy for me i was sos cared and thinking may b there will be some problem and i am talking somd time to my doc that whats in my endoscopy he say its clear no problem.....he give me nexium for one month but didnot work on me....i still hVe lot of burps a day like more then 800 to1000 time or may b more some time not to much .....when ever i am eating i feel my breath stops and i am always worried and feel heavy on my left side chest think that any time i have heart attack i feel to bad i feel my breath stops my heart stop beating then after some time burps will start for hours then i become fine.....believe me we are not Lone i hVe co worker now he is new he also have sams symptoms like me....well next sunday i have colonscopy if that is clear i think i should discuss abiut Nissen fundopolictaion surgery with my doci am tired i m 30 years old and every time

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      Burps alot ....have panic attacks.......specially when i hear about some one that he or she will die from heartattack and cancer thats it i have a panic attack then to scared of this....can't figure but since fromshenihave gall bladder surgery i am facing like that but i didnot focus but now i can not live like thatwhats that i will figure it out if possible other then that do fundoplication surgery if by doing that my panic attacks and burps will stop i will up,date you here then

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      Hello. I am lying on my bed and i am forced to burp. After anxiety and panic attacks s**t i came across this problem. Like i have to burp everytime if i burp i can burp 1000 times and idk what to guys someone help
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      Sooo i have the same problem like before doing the endoscopy my burping was less after the endocospy i burp a lot everyday and my doctor said my stomach was normal after the endoscopy so idk what to do what medicine to take so this burping can go away and this abdominal pain Alzo like i feel throwing up after every meal

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