Constant Nausea and Vomiting for 2 years now. Doctors are no help.

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I have no idea what to do anymore. I am at the point where I just want to give up on everything. It all started about 2 years ago when I was at a friends house eating some pizza and relaxing. In the middle of the night I started getting some severe pains under my right rib cage and some ridiculous nausea and vomiting. This lasted all night and I ended up staying awake all night vomiting. After that night I never really felt the same. I ended up going to the emergency room because I was in so much pain and I couldn't keep anything down. Doctors said that the pain could very well be gallbladder so I went to a hospital and got an ultrasound right away. 

I ended up doing the ultrasound and doctors found no gallstones or anything wrong with me. They prescribed me omeprazole and sent me on my way. It has been almost 2 years since that night and I have been to the emergency room a total of 4 times. And I have been to a gastroenterology specialist 5 times and Have seen two other doctors as well. I have had a HIDA Scan which came back normal. An upper endoscopy which came back with inflammation of my esophogus but nothing else and many blood tests. I tried reglan recently and it did not help at all.

I am going to see my doctor again tomorrow but I already know what is going to happen. He is going to tell me there is nothing he can do, like always. I am at the point where I am vomiting a total of 10 to 15 times a day. My nausea is INCREDIBLY uncomfortable and only occurs after I eat something.  The odd thing is the pain under my right rib cage is gone but my nausea and vomiting are MUCH worse now. Even drinking water has started to cause me discomfort and nausea. Most of the time its the worst when i eat something greasy or full of fat. 

I am still convinced it has something to do with my gallbladder and pancreas but the tests say otherwise I guess. I don't know what I thought I would get out of posting this. I just figured maybe somebody out there has been dealing with the same problem. Maybe I can get some help. I am only 21 years old and I just want to have a normal life again. I have no idea what I did to deserve something like this but its just plain crippling. 

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    Inflammation of your esophogus is hardly surprising given how often you're being sick.. That stomach acid constantly burning and irritating it but at the same time inflamation could be the reason you are being sick in the 1st place.

    This seems like gastroenteritis of which the cause is usually viral or bacterial. This doesn't usually drag on for 2 years though...  

    When I became ill I didn't know what to do, I just wanted somebody to do something. I was grasping at straws. I even went to a STD clinic because I needed to rule every possible thing out even though I had never done anything risky. That was all clear and it was in a way good to rule that out to put my mind at ease.

    Have you been on steroids yet? Prednisolone? It' really powerful stuff. That would get your inflamation under control and stop you being sick so you can at least get your strength together in order to fight back.

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      Thank you so much for the reply smile I have never tried predisone before but my doctor has told me about this. I should really ask him about getting on it . I have been on omeprazole daily for almost a year now. The thing is I am not really vomiting acid any more its just very bad tasting liquids and mixed with bile and undigested food. 

      Did you ever figure out what it was that was wrong with you? 

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    I miss eating food so much it hurts. I used to be able to eat whatever I want. Now I can't even eat a potatoe without getting sick. This is truley pathetic. I am sick of this. I am 21 years old and this should not be something I should have to deal with.


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      this sounds like me.. i miss eating food so much as well.. when i go out with friends and make new friends, i have to explain i have an eating problem and that i cant eat. this immensely adds to my social anxiety, and makes people not want to hang out and eat with me. it is so aggravating. it is causing me so much stress. i always feel full. i can barely eat or drink because i always feel full and it feels like theres no room in my stomach. im always tired. getting much worse. barely eating or drinking. the gastroenterologist brushed me off .. its been going on for over a year, endoscopy turned up negative.. seeing a doctor tuesday. i hope they find something.

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    This seems like something obvious to rule out, but you didn't mention it so I have to ask...were you tested for Coeliac Disease?  And, have you been tested for malabsorption, especially vitamin B12 (but also vit D and iron)?

    Reglan can cause nausea and vomiting, so I can see that if those were your side effects, it wouldn't help. At all. 

    Hugs to you! You're young and should be healthy...not chronically sick like this. sad I hope you get a good answer about prednisone - GL at your appointment!

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    Hi andrew

    I do feel for you being so do not mention if you have had a CT Scan to get a thorough picture of your gastro-intestinal area? Or been tested for hiatus hernia. A friend of mine had an inflamed eosophogus which was caused by a hiatus hernia...just a few suggestions you might want to put to your doc.... best wishes for a speedy diagnosis....x

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    l had nausea for 9months, daily and worse with movement, lost appetite, lived off tea and oat biscuits, tried chemist stuff and giner, scope diagnosed bit of inflammation, given omprazole 20mg daily, also stopped lactose, milk, eggs, cheese, nothing greasy or spicy, just plain pots veg rce pasta fish, spring water, it did settle in 90percent, still a bit.

    Sounds like the pizza set off serious inflammation, which might have affected gall bladder at time, leaving you with the problems your having.

    Would be worth being tested or trying elimination gluten, lactose, and stick with spring water, plain food, rice, pasta, veg, fish, no fat at all. just to see if anything dietry helps.  Dr,s in uk dont give out predislone easily, l had 9months of nausea misery, lost 2 stone through not eating, got run down, mild moderate  activiety made it worse, trying to do household jobs a nightmare, 5min at a time, sit till settled, shopping big problem, l couldnt believe gps casual response, l think it was only the weight loss that caused any concern, As a younger person l can imagine how bad you must be down, its a horrible feelilng and very restrictive. If your gp will give you predislone they do build the body up, and can be a lifesaver for some, though ideally the cause of  symptoms needed, but many same on mbs, looking for cause of symptoms a long time. l guess youve seen gp by now, hope youve got help, keep strong, it can come to an end,  Best wishes


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      Thanks for the reply <3 .="" you="" sound="" an="" awful="" lot="" like="" me.="" i="" have="" decided="" to="" listen="" to="" your="" advice="" and="" i="" am="" going="" to="" completley="" change="" my="" lifestyle="" as="" of="" right="" now.="" i="" am="" going="" to="" eat="" nothing="" but="" oatmeal,="" fruits,="" rice,="" toast="" and="" veggies="" for="" the="" next="" 2="" weeks.="" no="" more="" fat="" at="" all="" in="" my="" diet.="" i="" will="" see="" what="" this="" does="" to="" me.="" i="" have="" already="" been="" tested="" for="" celiac="" disease.="" came="" back="" negative. ="" sorry="" that="" you="" had="" to="" go="" through="" that="" nausea="" for="" 9="" months="" i="" know="" what="" it="" feels="" like="" sad.="" glad="" you="" are="" feeling="" better="" now. ="" i="" just="" got="" back="" from="" my="" gi="" doctor="" and="" he="" set="" me="" up="" for="" a gastric="" emptying="" study="" which="" i="" will="" do="" on="" monday.="" never="" had="" this="" one="" before.="" i="" will="" keep="" everybody="" updated.="" plus="" i="" just="" got="" some="" more="" blood="" work="" done="" today.="" he="" has="" literally="" no="" idea="" what="" is="" wrong="" with="" me.="" which="" makes="" very="" little="" sense="" to="" me.="" i="" feel="" like="" somebody="" who="" specializes="" in="" stuff="" like="" this="" should="" be="" able="" to="" pinpoint="" what="" could="" be="" wrong="" with="" me. ="" thank="" you="" everybody="" who="" is="" being="" supportive="" i="" really="" appreciate="" it.="" it="" puts="" a="" smile="" on="" my="" face="" to="" see="" people="" who="" are="" generally="" concerned="" about="" me.=""><3 smile > >
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      If you read posts you will see a lot of people with symptoms whove had tests and not got diagnoses, your right it doesnt make sense, even with omprazole helping my symptoms reduce 90percent, the gastrologist  diagnosing `a bit of gastritus`, didnt think it explained level of nausea l had, so who knows, l,d prefer being told, yes this is the exact cause, but l,m settling for improvement, as its really bad to wake up with nausea daily, and throughout the day, others on here have had same and know how it feels, so l feel sorry for anyone experiencing it, l,m now just battling with the fatigue l still have increasing over last couple of years, worse last few months, and last few days very bad, whilst outside lve never seen so much smog recently, can rarely see distant hills now for damp smog, and do wonder if envoiramental conditions make things worse if prone to immune conditions, for me at least, if not others.But for some there is a medical problem and hope your tests show what it is, post and let us know, good luck
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    Have you been tested for a parasite by chance? Do you drink water from a well or eat sushi?  Especially back before all this started? Sometimes parasites arent found right away so retesting could be beneficial.  
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    I would suggest you ask your doctor to change your meds from omeprazole to Lansoprazole. My symptoms started out like yours only I was lucky enough not to vomit but the nausea is absolutely crippling. Like you I often feel sick even when just drinking water. Avoid fatty foods as much as you can. It's even worse if you eat fatty foods together with alcohol. At my worst I used to make myself vomit to relieve the nausea and it worked but since I take lansoprazole I haven't had to do that. I only take it when I start feeling nauseous, which is usually about 3-4 hours after eating fatty foods in the evenings. Thats the great thing about these drugs you can take them on a 'need-to' basis. It is really difficult to be truly fat free as soooo many foods contain fat. However I feel symptom free when I eat raw veg and fruit and you might want to try that until your stomach calms down and doesn't produce too much acid after eating foods. But you cannot live off lettuce leaves alone so one way that helps me is to try and eat large portions of salad without any oily dressings and maybe one or two slices of pizza or other foods. And to eat the salad on my empty stomach before I start on the pizza. It seems to help me keeping the nausea at bay. Good luck
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      I wish it were that easy for me. I get nauseas about 10 to 20 minutes after eating. Basically every thing I have tried eating makes me sick. If I tried to eat even one peice of pizza I will throw it up within an hour guaranteed. This goes for pretty much everything I eat except for some reason I can eat toast carrots and bananas in very small amounts. I can only drink small sips of water at a time but I am constantly drinking to stay hydrated. It has gotten so bad that I am used to vomiting and it is almost a daily routine for me. 

      I will ask my doctor to switch to lansoprazole because I just did some research and people say it works better. Thanks for the tip smile 

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      I have been dealing with silent reflux, and have eliminated all "fatty" food, but not all foods with fast. No deep fried foods, no dairy, no sugar (except honey, and xylitol gum).

      Eat your proteins with green raw veggies, this helps balance the acidity in your stomach, and helps to speed up the protein digestion. I also sip on camomile tea between meals to heal the gut. I take DGL and shots of cayenne pepper to also heal the gut. After 30 days of this, I am feeling better.

      Omeprazole absolutely destroyed my stomach after using it for only a week. I went from a slight acid reflux, to major reflux as a result of the med. It absolutely paralyzed my stomachs ability to break down food, so my stomach began to try to squeeze and grind food. Food felt like it was stuck at the top of my stomach, and I know I would have started throwing up food if I stayed on that poison any longer. I went with a natural remedy, and although the results seem to take alot more time than those who use medicine, I feel I'll benefit in the long run.

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