Constant nausea for 4 months

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First of all, english is not my native language. Sorry for that but I'll try to explain my stomach problems as best I can.

Firstly, I'm a bodybuilder, well I was.. Eat 750 gr meat, 5-8 whole eggs since 2-3 years WITHOUT NO VEGG & FRUIT. Can lack of fiber intake cause stomach damage?

Well, about my problems..

4 months ago, I was soaking wet due to rainy weather, than I came my home and nausea & vomiting and diarrhea started. Diarrhea and vomiting just long 2-3 days. But nausea (maybe harsh, maybe slightly but it always with me!) longs for 4 months.

Got endoscopy and diagnosed as chronic gastritis with mild inflammation. But I still feel nauseous specially after eating.

I really give up. 4 months, and still nauseous. I lost 25 kilograms.

Never seen of ppl with crazy nausea that long 4 months like me. Specially with mild inflammation.

I feel like I'm iin endless nightmare & torture.

Can I be heal? I'm not sure.

Please help me if you can.


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    By the way, forgot to say that, I have no other symptoms. Just nausea & fatigue. Got anxiety, too. Actually I'm happy man but this disease destroyed my psychology.
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      I am in the same boat and understand completely. I am waiting to get an endoscopy done in Sept but until then I suffer with nausea for the last 8 mths. I did have an infection Hpylori was treated in Nov but still have nausea like you sometimes days worse then others but always there.

      I have had tests and scans all normal , next week I will start acupuncture... heard that pregnant women with bad morning sickness do acupuncture. Worth a try!

      I have been on this forum for months it helps to hear others. I think I have what you have and altered my diet. What I don't understand when people say they had a scope done doesn't the doctor say you have this or that you need to do or take a medication and your symptoms will go away.

      I am waiting to see a dr long wait list where I live. Why doesn't these doctors not know after going inside you can then give you answers on how to heal ?

      Hope you feel better real soon it does effect your mind body and soul!

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    The medications that are prescribed for these issues do not cure anything, they just treat the symptoms and many times have side effects that are worse than the orignal symptoms, your best bet is to do some research for natural rememdies, through diet, herbs, acupuncture, etc. and heal your body.  Are you taking any probiotics?  digestive enzymes?  Again do some research and get a high quality supplement.  Peppermint oil is also helpful.  Everything starts in the gut, you need to get your gut healthy again and working properly, medications especially antibiotics will destroy the good bacteria in your gut which then leads to all sorts of digestive issues.
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    You definitely need fiber, raw fruits, veggies & nuts are your best bet.  There are many vegetables that are high in protein as well as fiber, do a google search and you will find a list of them.
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      hi kit... im replying to your post from two years ago. you described symptoms you were having under right side ribs. those symptoms are the exact same as mine, and i do mean EXACT. i to have had all  possible testing done with no explaination. im going on 8 months with the same symptoms. im wondering if you ever figured it out?
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      I thought I had an ulcer.. primary doctor and urgent care kept telling me that it was my post nasal drip from hay fever.. I was going crazy thought my gallbladder was declining. Lon story short a year later I found a holistic doctor, got her to check me for mold exposure since my old house had mold.. came back positive for mold exposure.. which causes brain fog, depressions, anxiety, nausea, etc.. she put me on probioticsx magnesium, fish oil, and ashwaganhda which repairs adrenals.. which is located on your right side.. are you stressed? Could be adrenal glands irritating your stomach. Keep ginger root to chew on and make tea with for nausea. My holistic doctor got me back on the right track in less than 2 months. Also cut out gluten, soy, dairy products. Hope this info helps
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    First of all I think you did pretty well with your English,

    As for your symptom that can be one of the worst feelings(other than pain). These are some of the things I try that help me...

    An acid reducer( acid reflux can make you feel nausea)


    Papaya or pineapple enzymes really seems to help me

    I used to take pepto bismol but it is 'Not' for everyone


    With that said not everyone can tolerate all of the above mentioned.

    It sounds like you were eating alot of protein, I for one can not tolerate protein well, hard to digest. Try eating a yogurt in the morning and milder things throughout the day for awhile. This will give your gut a chance to heal. apples(settle my stomache), soups, rice, smoothies etc. But it still would be a good idea to be reevaluated.

    take Care & good luck

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    These replies to your post sky throat are all valid. Healing the gut is the key thing. That is what I have done for myself . Even though I still have nausea I know it is taking time to heal my gut. Our gut plays such an important part in our bodies.

    We think that we are doing good when we are abusing it. It listens well are we ?

    The post on all the medication that are prescribed is so true I learned the hard way.

    I heal now with natural remedies, meditation and have gratitude in my life.

    My vessel (body) had a message for me I just took a long time to sit up and listen to it.

    And yes your English is fine 😊

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    My GI doc said me that probiotics are generally healthy things, but it won't heal you. Because of this, I don't buy probiotic supps or something like that.

    I have lactose intolerance (or cow-milk casein, I don't know exactly to be honest) When I consume any cow product, nausea and gas start with it. I can try home-made goat kefir for probiotics or supplement. Goat & sheep products are easier to consume.

    I don't take digestive enyzmes at all. My GI said that you don't need anything, just take your PPI (nexium) and your anti-nausea drug (itopride) You'll be ok, you have just mild inflammation in your stomach.

    Actually, I was starting to feel fine 2 weeks ago, than I raise my daily kcal intake and harsh nausea came with it and I feel bad for 2-3 days. Nightmare came back.

    I think, I MUST drop my daily kcal intake.

    My best meal (that means I have no nausea or just slightly when I eat it) chicken breast with cooked zucchini/carrot/broccoli and cucumbers.

    When I eat fat even very very low amount of it, almond butter for example or just 2 eggs, nausea starts.

    Thanks everyone.

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      I think you may need to find another GI, one who does not tell his patients to rely solely on medications.  Do a little research on the side effects of PPIs, like Nexium, you are only supposed to be on those meds for 6 months but most MDs have no clue as to the side effects or just don't believe that pharmaceuticals could be harmful.  He is giving you meds for the inflamation but not helping you to figure out what is causing the inflamation.  You absolutely need probiotics and digestive enzymes as we do not get enough in our everyday food anymore, especially if you eat a lot of processed or microwaved food.  Dairy is actually very bad for you and should be avoided if possible, replace with almond milk or coconut milk.  
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      Great point, kit4410. That's what I think about. My doc just gave me meds and I asked to him what causes the inflammation numbers of times but he sahd that he does not know.

      I'll get my probiotic supp as soon as possible then. I live in Turkey and there's no many alternative for probiotic supps though.

      Hope that I'll heal soon.

      I'm really tired because of this.

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    I'm sorry I might of misunderstood your post. I agree,inflammation does need to be addressed separately by your GI. The reccomendations we made only help to ease the nausea but no they probably won't cure what is causing it. Have you tried lactaid for lactose intolerance? It can be helpful but again avoiding trigger foods would be the most benificial for that. Otherwise although probiotics won't cure they do help you feel better from my experience anyway. Hopefully this all gets sorted out for you soon.
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    Hola Skythroat,

    I am so sorry to hear about your constant nausea. I certainly understand the pain and misery too well. I also have severe gastritis, and other debilitating stomach disorders. The medication prescribed did no heal my stomach nor take away the pain. I , too, lost over 60 pounds, lost my appetite and could seldom keep even small amounts of soft food down.

    I started drinking 100% pure Aloe Juice three times per day. I did not mix it with anything and drank about 1/2 cup each time. Within about 2 weeks, I noticed a huge change. The nausea left, the appetite returned and the inflamation went away. The Aloe Juice can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and other such places for less than $11.00 per gal. I recently started messaging my stomach after watching it on the You tube. This has helped greatly with the pain, and other problems. I think typed in "how to do a stomach message". I am constantly searching because I do not like taking a lot of medicine.

    I pray that this can help you and certainly wish you the very best. Please keep us posted. . 😊

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