Constant nausea for 4 months

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First of all, english is not my native language. Sorry for that but I'll try to explain my stomach problems as best I can.

Firstly, I'm a bodybuilder, well I was.. Eat 750 gr meat, 5-8 whole eggs since 2-3 years WITHOUT NO VEGG & FRUIT. Can lack of fiber intake cause stomach damage?

Well, about my problems..

4 months ago, I was soaking wet due to rainy weather, than I came my home and nausea & vomiting and diarrhea started. Diarrhea and vomiting just long 2-3 days. But nausea (maybe harsh, maybe slightly but it always with me!) longs for 4 months.

Got endoscopy and diagnosed as chronic gastritis with mild inflammation. But I still feel nauseous specially after eating.

I really give up. 4 months, and still nauseous. I lost 25 kilograms.

Never seen of ppl with crazy nausea that long 4 months like me. Specially with mild inflammation.

I feel like I'm iin endless nightmare & torture.

Can I be heal? I'm not sure.

Please help me if you can.


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    The only thing that makes me stronger, if I avoid fatty foods, reduce my daily kcal intake, I'll be heal, soon. I saw that, I was feel fine as I said 2 weeks ago, I was healing. But I ate 1 cup of white rice, 250 gr chicken breast and tons of veggies in just one meal. Than nightmare came back again. I'm in nightmareland since 3-4 days, again.

    I created my daily meal plan, like this,

    Breakfast - 2 large slices of sourdough bread

    Lunch - 150 gr chicken breast, cooked broccoli/spinach, cucumber pieces

    Dinner - 150 gr chicken breast/chicken liver/lean red meat, cooked zucchini carrot, cucumber pieces

    Snacks - Banana, apples

    What do you guys think about this?

    I'm fine when I get hungry. When I get bloated due to meals, nausea starts with it.

    I'll buy probiotic supplement and I'm looking for aloe vera juice.

    Thanks for recommendations.

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      That looks like a pretty decent plan to me. My only thought to add in response to raw veggies would be, juicing or steamed veggies are easier to digest.But if you are tolerating them cooked that should be fine too. I know some people that do tolerate sourbread better too.
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    you may want to cut out the bread for breakfast and replace with Greek Yogurt.  Also try eating the veggies raw.  How are you cooking the meat?  Have you had any testing for food allergies?
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    Cooking is the best practice in the human history. It provides easier digest for foods. Raw vegetables can irritate my stomach. I know they do. Specially when my stomach is unhealthy.

    I have sensibility against cow products as I said. Maybe I can try goat yoghurd. I live in Turkey and I can find any kind of fermented milk products easily.

    Do not have food allergy test or something like that. It can be very helpful. Totally agreed.

    Thank you.

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    Went to infection doc. She said me that it's very hard to say but it can be giardiasis, hard to diagnose it but you can try and treat method.

    I'm on Flagyl (metro) 500 mg x 2 daily for 7 days.

    I was healed with amox/ciprox/ppi last year when I have constant nausea that lasts 2 months. Never diagnosed with HP infection but I took those antibiotics and I was healed. Maybe I had another infection and these antibiotics destroyed them, I don't know exactly.

    My story is just like a nightmare.

    What do you guys think?

    Constant nausea (specially after eating) and extreme tiredness/fatigue go on..

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    hi,  looks like you totally ruined your stomach lining... btw your main source of carbs should come from veggies!! ..

    And I can suggest take tumeric, aloe vera and fish oil for the inflammation! 

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    Hello Skythroat,

    If I were you.  I would stop eating anything dead for approximately 2 weeks.  Stop exercising also.  Then, I would go on a parasite cleanse.   I would only eat fruits and veg. for the next 2 weeks. Eat the fruits in the morning, make sure they are not cold (room temp.) also make sure they have seeds in them preferably organic if possible. You can also juice your fruits if you want. At about noon move on to vegetables, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, turmeric, lemon, etc. your body right now is extremely acidic and you need to alkaline.  If you are interested in how to do this hit me back or visit my block and post a comment  I will put together a meal plan, you can try it for 2 weeks and let me know.  At this point, you have nothing to loose and everthing to gain if it works.    

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    Hi, hoping to get some advice. My mother was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, we started her on a healthy eating plan, only organic, no dairy, juicing, no meat & some supplements (probiotic included). For the past couple of years she has been suffering from nausea. The doctor diagnosed h-pylori and this has now developed into chronic gastritis. For the past week she has had constant waves of nausea and is losing a lot of weight (which she could not afford to lose). Does anyone have any advise on what we can do next, her diet is already very healthy and has been for 5 years. 

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    I've had constant nausea for 4months now...

    it became severe for 2 weeks about a month and half ago, ended up in the ED, at this point I had endoscopy, 2cts, and bloodwork all normal...on ppi for 2 mo.... they sent me home w a psych referral and macrobid antibiotics for a maybe (not really) uti.

    I had no symptoms of uti and the dr said it probably wasn't really one, just urethral cells... anyways...

    out of these 4 horrible suffering months, THAT is the only time I've had a change. I took the antibiotic at midnight, crying myself to sleep by early morning, woke up at noon and noticed right away an improvement... I'd say 50% and I thought I was on my way to getting better... then it bumped up slightly after that week and has remained steady, constant sick feeling in my stomach that never stops... worst when eating more than a few bites, extra heavy fullness, just a horrible feeling sitting there in my stomach...

    I have a new gi appt in a Cpl weeks...

    I want SIBO SIFO testing, but regardless the results, I want to request an experimental round of flagyl or something to see if that doesn't take this sickness away...? I find it such an odd coincidence that the macrobid has been the only thing to make any kind of improvement in 4mos of this unexplained, out of nowhere constant nausea.

    It's ruining my life, and I'm hoping this is the answer.

    I read a comment recently somewhere, about a person taking flagyl and sibo and her nausea went away also... ? it's worth a chance...., so would like an update from you though...

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      Calamity Jane September 20, 2020

      “Flagyl was a miracle drug for my SIBO/IBS. The first time I used it 20 years ago I was unexplainably sick/nauseated and losing weight for months and after a colonoscopy and gall bladder scan the docs didn’t know what what wrong and one happened to put me on Flagyl and the next day I was better! I had no problem with this drug at all. I have just recently had the same flare up for the past 6 weeks and my doc put me on Flagyl and OMG- within 4 hours I was feeling better. I am 7 days in to a 10 day run and I haven’t felt this good in years. I am 66, have motility issues and this drug worked wonders for SIBO/IBS.”

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      I about cant take the suffering and broke down and asked my primary dr today for an experimental course of flagyl... he agreed.

      I will start it tonight.

      I've been crying uncontrollably...

      Hoping, wishing, praying this cures my constant nausea.

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      well so far no change...


      I really think my constant 4mo nausea is from gastritis... even tho the PA said that wouldnt be the cause ... per endoscopy i have chronic gastritis and active duodenitis, yet the PA said that wouldn't be why I'm out of nowhere sick....

      it all started with a cpl days of bad sour taste, then woke up one day, drank coffee, became super sick and I've stayed nauseous since!!....heavy sick feeling in my stomach... sour taste still off and on... not able to eat much, I have an appetite, food smells and looks good, I just cant handle much of it... I'm in constant misery.... I don't understand.... this is life ruining. I want my life back. 😦

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      hi. did the doctor say what he/she believes the CAUSE of your chronic gastritis is? has h pylori been tested multiple ways? parasites? i hope and pray the flagyl works for you. dont give up finding an answer, try to remember when you felt normal and that you'll be back to that one day soon...

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      Antibiotics haven't changed anything so far..... only cause for gastritis I could think of would be using ibuprofen a lot... h.p was tested by endoscopy biopsy and negative. I havent had a stool test for parasites. They were done finding me an answer after ct and endoscopy was normal or only showed mild gastritis... and they guessed maybe I have hypersensitivity and wanted me to try antidepressants. Haven't went that route, and made an appt with a new gi dr which i have next week.

      I didn't know it was possible to suffer like this wout being in the process of actively dying... I feel so sick all I do is cry and I don't know how to handle staying this way. 😦 the misery and suffering makes me wish I had an illness that would kill me. All I do is think of the times I wasnt sick, 4months of this CONSTANTLY is making me unable to bare it. I never get a break from this sick feeling, i have no peace.

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      Ask for the breath test for h pylori; I heard even endoscopy isnt 100 % accurate.

      Gosh do I know what you mean by you didnt know you could be this sick without actively dying. I hope your doctors know just how miserable you are feeling. They should not be giving up it making assumptions. Ask for stool test( multiple consecutive ones); it's your right to try every avenue. I came down with a mysterious illness last Sept with severe nausea which caused intense shakes. We swam in the lake two weeks before I got sick but stool tests were negative. My doctor did not have me do them consecutively over a span of four days so could be why they are negative. I got better somehow after six months then was fine for about six months til this new gastritis kicked off ( presently a bit different from my previous illness) so I wonder if they are somehow related. Funnily enough my husband came down with diarrhea this spring and was diagnosed with a parasite!! I am actively looking for a new doctor now...

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      I'm actually thinking maybe this is my gallbladder making me feel so ill... I was told it was normal functioning and not causing me to feel sick, yet my HIDA EF was 88% so it actually wasnt a normal result....

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