Constant, odd , 'cold' feeling in throat and roof of mouth...anyone else have this with reflux?

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Hi all

For a long time now I have been experiencing the oddest sensation and I am not sure if it is to do with acid reflux. I have a very cold, almost 'minty' sensation in my mouth all the time. it feels like the sensation you have when you breath in after cleaning your teeth, or after sucking a strong mint. My throat and roof of mouth feels cold - not irritated - just cold and tingly.

I have had problems with reflux in the past and have been on proton pump inhibitors. I am not on a prescription at the moment. i have had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with acute gastritis about ten years ago. I often get heartburn and indigestion.

I have mentioned this top my GP who looks at me like I am mad and says he has never heard of it.

However, I am not imagining it, and wondered if this odd symptom was shared by anyone else with reflux.

I am a lady of a 'certain age' I have read on the net that this odd sensory change could have something to do with hormonal changes at menopause. Just trying to rule everything out, so would be grateful for any input.


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    Hello, yes I have had exactly the same time, not burning like reflux, more like swallowing a load of tooth paste, very weird, sometimes gives me a headache , I thought it was fluoxentine meds so I stopped taking them but its still there three weeks later x


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      hi so how is the COLD sensation now?

      Did you manage to stop such oddful feeling?

      Hear from you soon.

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      hi Sarah!

      did you figure out what the minty burning sensation was about?

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    I have got exactly the same feeling for about a fortnight now. By the way, I am a man, 28 years of old .. so I believe, it has got nothing to do with the gender smileIs there any update on the symptom now please? I have not consulted any GP as yet. One thing we all have in common is a history of indigestion.



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    Hello! I know this is over a year after you posted this, however as it has been left unanswered I believe it's worth answering. The likely cause of this is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR). Since you said you are currently not on proton pump inhibitors (PPI), but have been on them in the past, it is likely that your gastroenterologist had seen signs of LPR and prescribed these. Nearly 60% of all people with LPR do not suffer from classic signs of Acid Reflux that are commenly seen in patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), such as heartburn. Please check in with your doctor about this if you haven't, as LPR can lead to serious if not fatal complications. I am not a medical professional, so do go to your doctor. Cheers!

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    Leslie, you have probably figured it out by now, but just so you know I'm also menopausal and experiencing the same thing. Probably something to do with hormones.

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    Yes, I have a same problem that started recent about 6 weeks ago and it releases cold air minty from mouth. Cold air affects mouth, throat, ear and nose, nostrils, pharynx, larynx, tube in esophagus. Please Tell me a cure.
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      It fills cold air in all those parts.
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      it's happening to me. I brought it up to my neurologist and Shay wasn't sure. She looked puzzled. But she said maybe it could be a symptom of long covid. Anybody have the cold mouth and teeth Sensations that have had covid? who knows maybe it can be a long-term side effect.

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      I'm so thankful to have found this page! I've been feeling that exact thing in my throat and tongue as if I just used mouthwash then took in a deep breath of ice cold air! I started to feel it after getting a tooth extracted. It took nearly 5 hours to do and he left part of the tooth in the socket. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but it's a very VERY annoying sensation. The dentist said she has never heard of anything like it before. I've never had COVID either, that I know of. It's really concerning because it just started out of the blue.

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      I am experiencing the same symptoms i also had my upper right molar removed

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      I never was tested positive for COVID, but I sure got both doses of vaccine and buster. I didn't have this sensation after 1st and 2nd vaccine. But it appeared after my buster in addition with narcolepsy symptoms and hypersomnia. Does any of you experiencing those symptoms?

      My neurologist, gastroenterologist and family doctor were also puzzled.

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      I have an upper molar too and a cyst in my sinus on the same side.

      Could be the tooth generating this feeling?.. It bather me a lot. Any updates will be helpful. Thanks

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      hi! just jumping in. I've had the exact same symptoms in 2021, coldness on my tongue, in my mouth, throat, stomach. did scope etc and results turn out fine. was prescribed dexilant, ganaton, gaviscon, etc. it took me more than a year to cure this and it only went away after i changed my lifestyle, more rest time, less work, less anxiety. recently I've been overwhelmed with work again and the symptoms came back. trying to calm myself these days, i think a balanced lifestyle really helps.

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      I have had the same issue for the last 6 weeks and its driving me crazy. Nothing tastes the same and it is so frustrating. I've spoken with my ENT and he did a CT scan for a CSF leak and found nothing. My pulmonologist looked at me like i was crazy. I am currently waiting to get in with my gastroenterologist. I've had some heatburn at times but who hasn't? I guess we will see.

      i do find one thing very interesting: I developed a 12 hour tooth ache over a molar one night. It came on within minutes. By morning i couldn't even chew on that tooth. Then within a few more hours, the pain left as quickly as it had appeared! Unfortunately, the cooling & fumey sensation in my mouth was still there.

      I have taken Pepcid AC - like triple the dose OTC to no avail. So far nothing helps! I hope my Gastro Doc can help me? Any advice out there?

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      This is me! Not with the tooth ache, though mine did start after a visit to the dentist for a clean. That would be a stretch to think mine was related to a cleaning, though my teeth always cause me issues with aches and pains. The only thing I can think of is that I am fairly certain I am in perimenopause and that this is part of the drying out of membranes that the decline in oestrogen brings. Might this fit with you? It is driving me insane, I am only 4 weeks in but it's getting unbearable!

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