Constant Recurring Thrush

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Ever since i was about 17 (25 now) i've suffered with recurring thrush, I've been to doctors and had examinations and swabs and every kind of test for every kind of STI and infection and it always comes back with thrush.

even when their doesn't seem to be many visable symptoms. 

somtimes it's very noticable but sometimes i think it's gone but then i'll have sex with fiance and immedietly get burning, spotting, swelling and redness. 

I have tried everything out there..all to no avail, canasten creams and oral tablets do nothing, the pessaries make me bleed but dont help, creams burn, herbal remedies do nothing and ive already tried yogurt, diet changes, natural remedies and nothing has even helped the symptoms.

The doctors (ive been multiple times to different Drs) always prescribe me the same medicine, (the active ingredient in canasten) and they don't seem to take me seriously. 

I'm at my wits end and do not know what to do, if the Drs wont help then who will?

Their doesnt seem to be a cycle to it, i don't use perfumes or soaps on the area and i dont wear jeans or tight clothing all the time. but matter what i do nothing seems to work and im not sure why none of the medicines help. not to mention how expensive they are. 

im not sure if anyone on here can help me but at this point in time any advice would be much appreciated. please is their something i havent tried? Thank you.

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    Hi Louise l, I live in Asia and this exact same problem has been bothering me for the last 3 years. For the past 4 months I have managed to calm down the infections but now they are back. I have stopped with the pessaries and oral meds, they do not work and it always come back. Have you tried boric acid?
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    Hi I don't know if this could help. I had thrush, (mouth and vagina) along with skin itchiness.

    Stress and anxiety can throw your hormones off balance and this can make candida worst.

    Buy antibiotics with the most live bacteria take two a day.

    Buy a daily multivitamin

    Drink as much water as you can

    Eat yogurt.. plain simple yogurt.

    Cut down on sugar by a lot for a month or so.

    Eat raw garlic! This helps! It's nasty but it helps.. eat half a crushed garlic to help your body to eliminate the candida.

    You can also stick a piece of garlic in your vagina every night. Garlic kills yeast. Stay away from antibiotics and eat raw fermented food.. like kimchi and such. It will help, I promise.

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    I am twice your age but have same symptoms. Constant itching and irritation that I scratch until I bleed or I see spotting after sex and pain (stings where I have been scratching). It's frightening and scary particularly when you Google. Just to say you are not alone and I think some women are more prone to it than others.

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    Hi.  My wife had recurrent thrush over the years and tried everything and sought advice from different doctors/pharmacists to no avail.  I then thought about how generally thrush is treated for about 2 weeks but the pessaries only treat for 6 days so I suggested to her that she get the pessary treatment as well as another tube of clotrimazole and re-use the pessary devices (cleaned well obviously) and continue the treatment for 2 weeks.  Success!
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    Louise 🎅Monostat cream or supository vag inserts always stops the thrush it's Available OTC at any grocery or Drug store. There are two strengths .you may need to purchase tw boxes. Never have sex until it's gone becuz u can also infect your partner and goes on and on cycle.

    See he more information online about monostat cream for vaginal yeast infections. Also take probiotics eat firminyed foods and drink Keifer available in grocery stores.Helps get the balance between good bacteria and yeast back. 😀


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    Did you try oregano tablets? I found them brilliant! I also started taking an iron supplement with some vitamin c! It's now my first time to get my periods in I don't remember how long without getting thrush the wk before!! Best of luck!

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    I suffer from thrush unfortunately too. try changing underwear to cotton type. See GP you may need a longer course to treat the thrush. My colleague had to take antibiotics for a month and it successfully treated her chronic thrush.
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    Hi, new here to this website and I'm joining here for the same reason and looking for answers! I'm 21 and since I was 17 I have had reacurring thrush over and over again. It goes away for weeks and occasionally up to months after treatment (creams, tablets, pessaries you name it) yet it comes back again. However, even when I don't have the actual thrush I am ALWAYS cut down there! My skin tears and cuts and it's so sore and stings! Does anyone else constantly cut??

    Doctors give me same crap over and over again. Won't refer me as it's not worth it apparently cause no one can do anything, had so many swab tests but always the same. I have no sex drive what so ever which isn't the best when I've been in a 6 year relationship and it's as if I've been married 50 years and got bored! I'm so depressed over it and I'm currently staying off the combined pill to see if this makes a difference! Any advice please??? sad

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      Hi. I have the same issue especially with the cuts.

      I started the discussion and have taken alot of advice from the other posts. smile

      Your probably not supposed to but I put savlon (or any skin healing cream) on the areas that are cut and it helps.

      I too came off the pill because it made it worse for me.

      The biggest things for me have been cutting down on sugar, drinking more water and eating yogurt for breakfast to help the good bacteria.

      But also I decided to get a long term treatment rather than the one off the doctors give.

      I used a pessary and cream and then took one 150mg fluconazole tablet ONCE a week for 2 weeks, my partner also took one.

      I bought them online (from a pharmacy)

      It is expensive to do but in the long term its better.

      Its now been 2 months without any sign of thrush and i havent been able to say that since i was 16!!!

      Your not alone and its not something we should just put up with. smile

      Hope this helps and sorry for the long post! X

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