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Since march last year felt pain in my abdomen which moves within my hurts very bad when below my right, left ribs and also when it centered below my spreads to the center of my chest which makes me feel like vomiting but have never vomited something stabbs me in both the left and right side of the chest,i also fell sharp pain in my anus but this pain doesnt keep long,it takes like a minute or 2 and goes.The only time I dont feel any pain is when am asleep,as soon as I wake up the pain begins.have had series of test which didnt show anything(endoscopy,xray,cytoscopy,urine test,stool Re,ultrasound,abdominal scan,KUB).a little blood was found in my urine which afterwards the pain became severe and realized ma urine was brown when I urinated that very moment..havent seen that anymore till now.went for the cytoscopy and nothing showed up.My doctors says the little blood in the urine is not the cause even though he gave me medications for that..non of de medicines pescribed for me has worked. can someone please help me out.I feel like am no more part of the human race,always in pain.

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    You mentioned a lot of tests apart from the obvious one.. Colonoscopy.. Why did they do an Endo but not a Colon as well?
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      Thank you very much will insist for a colon test..have sometime nw been seeing mucus in my stool too.
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    I wanted to let you knew I feel your pain.I have, had constant pain in my left side for about 8-9 years. My pain goes from directly across from my belly button even over to.There It also wraps around into my back when it gets really bad. I had every and I mean every.single test in the, book. There was no answer my Dr. Tried countless meds and nothing seemed to help. Finally after every option was exhausted my GI did a capsule endoscopy and finally diagnosed with Crohn's. He put me on Humira it helped with other symptoms but still had the pain on my left side. I have no idea and neither do any of the Dr s what it is. They finally had too put me on narcotics so i can at least get through the day. I have 4 kids and a husband so not doing anything was not an option. BECAUSE OF THE CROHN'S I CAN'T TAKE NSAIDS. I HOPE YOU FIND OUT WHAT'S WRONG AND CAN HELP YOU.

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      You are diagnosed with Crohn's disease and get 'Humira'? Is it because 5-ASA is said to not help with Crohn in small intestine? 

      I would love to see if Dr.would try a different med since even the Humira seems not to work for the pain?

      Narcotics go very bad with gut function especally when chronic.

      ... at a point they need to be stopped, so hm, what then.

      I wonder if you could trial other Crohn meds?

      I hoped a Crohn med would just work. But seems not to.

      That's very frustrating.

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    the 'brown' urine get's me.

    was it brown surely due to fresh blood? (I had bright red urine like menstruation contamination, but had no menstruation, when having a bad cystitis. But it was not brown. On the other hand old blood, longer in urine red blood cells might burst and appear brown.)

    When it is brown only,....

    just to make very sure and fetch something far: was porphyria excluded?

    There is a urine test in spontan urine sample (that you need to bring in, when pain is worst) and wrap in foil (it must not see any light) for porphyria screen.

    It's not invasive, very easy test. Just a urine sample (treated correctly).

    Or additionally you take your urine in an open jar, put it 24hours under UV (outside, air and UV is important, well, takes 2 days outside due to night; if you use a UV tight jar or your windows are UV proof, it doesn't work, hence rather have a glass jar open and outside, when it doesn't rain to make sure air and UV hit the urine. I am lucky to have a UV lamp due to science projects, so can just do it in the washing room straight over open jar, if needed).

    One version of porphyria turns into a blueish purple urine under UV.

    You can get a urine dipstick with a PBG (porphobilinogen) test field,

    but better is a urine porphyria screen, that covers also other porphyria chemicals within the porphyria cycle since any stage can be effected.

    Porphyria can come without any skin manifestation, only with abdominal pain.

    Have a look in internet please. Just to cross something off the possibility list. Peace of mind is worth a lot.


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      PS: brown urine can also be due to some 'dye' in urine, that has nothing to do with any red blood cells or porphyria. e.g.: some food, drinks, beet root, aloe, rhubarb, fava/broad beans, ; or medications or supplements (iron). Just to have completed the range of possibilities. ;-)

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      Sanya..the very day I saw that coloured urine my stomach was empty had drunk only water that day.
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      Colour can come from food the day before, too.

      If your urine is a portwine, reddish colour (and no senna, food colour or any explanation for it), I would really take it to the doc and have an urine dip stick done, if it was blood/hemoglobin or porphobilinogen reacting in the urobilinogen testfield in that specific reddish sample or nothing.

      You said, that you had an urine test, but was the sample during symptoms AND this brownish colour like it is now?

      (If it was tested having that colour, then it is done and nothing odd found)

      Acute intermittent porphyria (AIP) is a very rare condition, often symptom free,

      (but triggers are food, or hormones like in the pill or during mens - I don't even know if you are male or female)

      and during an attack one develops (if symptoms come on at all)

      severe abdominal pain, nausea , vomiting, and constipation plus a red/brown urine.

      (with Congenital erythropoietic porphyria (CEP) you would have also a sun sensitive skin plus the reddish urine) 

      please search reddish urine porphyria images and compare.

      I have no idea what it looks like from this end.

      Was just a thought in case a fresh urine sample was tested on demand, that had not that brown colour.

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      ok, male, just got it (reading further down)
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      Am a young man of 23years..use to go to the gym but stop immediately this thing started...was even thinking it was hernia but all the tests didnt show anything
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    it could be a bladder or kidney infection or early signs of something a bit worse.  It will need investigating to see where the problems lies.
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      Hi richard..have had a KUB test done and my doctor said evrithing was normal

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      just to repeat myself and clarify: the urine tested had the brown colour and was produced during the symptoms, not during a symptom free window.
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      Had the symtoms before the urine test but saw that co

      loured urine after I had the test months ago

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      I would take a clean sample container

      and bring this paricular brown urine

      into doc's ordination (wrapped in foil) and show it, ask for a (very cheap) urine dip stick test (in freshest urine possible) or what he/she thought of it.

      Just to see, if it was blood, porphyria or just plain food/medication/laxative colour. your doc hasn't seen the brown urine yet.


      if you were a sporty man (gym hint), strenous exercises, running do cause urinary bleeding (jarring of the urinary system plus dehydration). Yet: it is advised to rest for 48 hours and then adjust the exercise and good it should be.

      I believe you are not working out and running anymore, so that cannot be the cause?

      (Another check: One won't believe, but sometimes especially in young men, who do not have prostate problems, a chronic appendicitis or sigmoid diverticulitis can cause symptoms of urinary tract infection. Your bloods and scans surely looked at inflammation markers and appearance of appendix and colon wall. Right?)

      I am always jabbering on since unfortunately the field and range for possibilities is huge when it comes to 'abdominal pain'. 

      All the best!

      So frustrating to live with pain.

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      Tnk you very much sanya will be seeing my doc nxt week..anything that turns up will update you guyz..still hoping to get answers
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      That would be highly appreciated!

      (so many posts here in forums 'end' without conclusion, are 1 year old and not updated, and would help us readers so much, how it went on, what did not make sense and what did, and if something was found)


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