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Constant urge to pee

I pretty much constantly feel pressure and like I have to pee. If I hold it in a long time the urge is stronger but as soon as I go, the urge starts creeping up again. No burning. Seemingly no discoloration or smell,

I've had this problem before which lasted maybe a year and then it gradually faded? But then it came back sometime last year and it's wearing me down so bad to where I break down and lose it some days. I've been to doctors and I never really get much help. The last Urologist cost me what? $400 to $500? And I got nothing out of it and now I don't even know what to do or who to turn to. I just don't have money to keep spending and not even be helped. Most doctors I go to just do the same thing. "Oh it might be a UTI. LEt's check" again and again. One of the only doctors who offered anything outside the box was a doctor from a few years ago who thinks I might have unintentionally trained my bladder to be this way. The most recent one I went to said it might be overactive bladder or something and kinda brushed me off.

I officially had lab tests done that determined I do not have a UTI. I know it isn't an STD because I had this problem before ever partaking in anything like that.

I've tried quitting soda and drinking only water. Still doing that. I'm even trying bladder training currently and I just don't feel like it's really doing much for me? I'm forcing myself to hold it in longer now but even when I do that I'll still have to go again shortly after. I once held it for like 5 hours, emptied, felt a little better, and then I get in the car and shortly I have to go again. It's just this constant awareness I have of my bladder, this constant feeling of like a little pressure or urge. I don't really leak much. Maybe once or twice I have though? I remember one morning waking up feeling like I must have just started my perod but it wasn't that.

So I mean I am at my limit here. I just don't know what kind of doctor to go to anywmore. And like I just can't bear the thought of dropping another $400-500 like a damn fool.

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  • Middlechild79 Middlechild79 AkaMisery

    Hi, I had almost the exact symptoms you describe- constant awareness of bladder, slight pressure, the feeling of having to go right after empyting, being able to hold my urine but it being uncomfortable.  I was eventually diagnosed with overactive bladder. My urogyn explained that because of the incorrect signals between bladder and brain, your brain is constantly being told the bladder is full and needs to be emptied.  Hence, the constant urge to urinate.  I tried many things to alleviate these symptoms.  A combination of medication, pelvic floor physical therapy, diet changes and stress management finally got me to where I am today but I'd say it took over a year to get things under control.  And I still get that constant urge feeling in times of stress/when I'm nervous.  So, I would definitely talk to your doctor further about the possibility of OAB.  There are several medications you could try.  The bladder retraining you've done is also beneficial to teach your bladder to get comfrotable holding larger volumes of urine again.  The best thing I did was pelvic floor physical therapy.  I feel it made the biggest difference in my urgency and frequency.  Good luck.  

    • AkaMisery AkaMisery Middlechild79

      So in your opinion do you think it's at all possible to get to a point where I don't feel it constantly? Because I mean it's only been bad again for a year. There's been enough periods in my life where it wasnt as big an issue. Almost to where I think that one doctor might be right and I trained my body to be bad because I would too often go "just in case"

    • Middlechild79 Middlechild79 AkaMisery

      In my opinion, yes, it's possible to get to the point where your bladder calms down enough to where you don't feel it. I say that because where I was, I truly didn't know how I'd ever feel normal again but my urogyn seemed pretty confident he could get me feeling better and he did. Now, I had to do a lot of trial and error with medications. I tried several kinds and different dosages over many months. I was on Oxybutynin ER 10 mg for a long time (years) and I was on an antidepressant for about 1.5 years to help sleep at night (Nortriptyline). I also took Uribel as needed. I take more natural supplements too like pumpkin seed oil, quercetin and magnesium. I did two 12 week sessions of physical therapy, doing exercises and e-stim to "reset" the nerve signals. I learned stress management and changed my diet a bit to include less bladder irritants. I considered bladder Botox and Interstim implant at one point but never got to that stage. Don't lose hope! If you do in fact have an overactive bladder you have options. Bladder retraining is a good place to start as well as diet change and medication if you so wish. You can feel normal again. I do most of the time! My bladder really only acts up when I'm very stressed or nervous now.

  • clivealive clivealive AkaMisery

    I think there may be something in what your "old doctor" said that you "might have unintentionally trained my bladder to be this way."

    I wass in hospital over ten years ago for a lung biopsy aand was "anchored" to my bed by drainage tubes to draw off fluid so obviously I couldn't get to the toilet and sadly staff steadfastly refused (or didn't bother) to supply me with a bottle.  When one did come it was made of cardboard which I used and reused until it was full and eventually it split and spilt urine all over the floor.

    The upshot of this was that eventually although I desparately want to urinate, because I couldn't due to the lack of a bottle I found that I couldn't pass water at all and because of the pain I had to call a doctor for help.  He suggested a catheter but thethought of that frightened me me so much that the "floodgates" were opened.

    However since that time my bladder control is virtually none existent and when I've gotta go - I;ve gotta go.

  • NMK NMK AkaMisery

    Very sympathetic. And can relate to the "always awar of my bladder" issue you speak of. My issue has started since 14 and I am now 30. Out of desperation I was searching sites for answers. I drink a good amount of water daily. Eat extremely clean. No extra stimulants of any kind. Workout regularly including pelvic exercise. I have seen 3 urologist who have not been able to pin point cause. I've tried every prescription. I've had botox injected into bladder (kinda sorta helped but didn't begin to address issue), they tried stretching my bladder and urethra. And now they want to attempt using a pacemaker which they really think might be a small chance of success bc the last doctor thinks it's (forgot proper name of diagnosis) inflammation of the bladder. Where the body is kind of attacking the bladder which causes need to also want to urinate. Also cause pain and discomfort in urethra. Also forgot to mention that I easily go 30-50 times a day. Also can have urge at times especially at end of day to have to go every 5 minutes which can last an hr or 2. All my other scans have come back normal. If anyone has any ideas or success in treatment PLEASE SHARE!!!! Thanks in advance.

  • ken73949 ken73949 AkaMisery

    Hi, I know exactly how you feel. After reading the rest of the posts, middle child 79, made some good advice. For me doctors didn't know, urologist didn't know, had an ultrasound and that came back with nothing. Lived with that torture for over 4 years. Then one day I came across info on interst

  • ken73949 ken73949 AkaMisery

    Interstitial cystitis is the name for what I had. Look that up and really find out what is causing you to feel the urgency. For me diet was #1. Caffeine was the worst. That includes coffee, tea, chocolate, soda ect. Second was citrus fruit like lemons, oranges, pineapple, etc. Third was fruit/vegetables high in vitamin c like tomatoes or broccoli. After I completely cut all that out for about a month, which was a lot of trial and error, then I started feeling better. I also find stress and sickness will also bring on the urgency. For example I may feel like I am getting a common cold which will trigger the urgency to pee more frequently. Best thing to do is live healthy and happy which I know is sometimes easier said then done. Try to get enough sleep 7-8 hours which means if your getting up at night to use bathroom then sleep longer. Yes you can overcome this, you just need to figure out what is causing the urgency. If you have any questions please ask and I will try to get back to you.

  • AkaMisery AkaMisery

    Hi guys thanks for commenting. I sadly am still dealing with the problem. Today having a really bad depression episode because of it. Lately me and my bf have been wondering if dehydration could be my issue. I typically don't drink a lot of fluids in generall. I think I have always been this way. So I am trying to drink water again but this time a lot more than prior. But it is discouraging me because it feels like it agitates the problem. I really don't know if my problem is mental or physical. And it's so hard to find out. I wish it was just a UTI. I just wish the solution and problem were clearer instead of this weird vague kinda situation

    • AkaMisery AkaMisery

      Also I dunno if it applies but I possibly could have constipation issues and I hear it can affect bladder weirdly enough. I don't think i empty in THAT way very often. Feels like I can to several days without.

      Wish things were more simple but its so tedious having to dissect this without a doc to further help. The last doctor brushed me off and more or less said pursuing this more could get expensive. And my help ended there. To begin with they were never that amazing to me or seemed like they cared. They just asked some standard questions and finished out sessiond asap

  • Middlechild79 Middlechild79 AkaMisery

    Sorry you are still feeling this way!  Trust me, I know from experience how frustrating and depressing this is.  It took me over a year to get where I felt semi-good again but thankfully I had the support of a great urogynecologist through it who believed me when I told him my symptoms and worked with me to find a solution.  So, first off, where do you live?  I know the U.K. Healthcare is different from in the US.  I'm in the US and can go see whatever doctor I want without needing a referral.  When I felt I wasn't getting anywhere with a urologist, I sought a second opinion with a urogynecologist.  They are specialized in women's systems and see this kind of thing that you are describing every single day.  So, my first suggestion is to keep pursuing another doctor until you find one who takes you seriously.  You need a diagnosis!  You need someone who will rule out more than just UTI for you!  They should be running various tests such as cystoscopy, MRI with due contrast and urodynamic testing.  They should be scanning your bladder with ultrasound for post void residual to see if you are in fact retaining urine or if you are just having the sensation that you are.  You need a diagnosis so you can then start treating it.  Overactive bladder is a diagnosis by exclusion of everything else so it can take a while to get to that but you need a healthcare professional who will get you answers!  Then you can talk about treatments.  Next, I was never a big water drinker either.  Before my OAB diagnosis I rarely even drank anything with meals.  But if you do in fact have OAB, it's important to drink enough to keep you hydrated and your urine from being too concentrated or urgency will get worse.  But, you also can't guzzle down beverages because too much liquid on the bladder all at once will hit it hard and give you urgency.  It's a balancing game and you should be sipping water throughout the day.  Constipation can also contribute to urgency and frequency but it sounds like your issues may be more than constipation.  So, I'm sorry I wrote a novel but I feel passionately about finding a good doctor who will partner with you in finding you solutions.  I was where you are at...desperate and frightened and very depression.  I am so much better now.  My bladder is well managed most of the time and I never thought I could be where I am.  I just want you to have hope that this can and will get better with the right care.  Seek out a good doctor who is willing to help and not just blow you off.  

    • AkaMisery AkaMisery Middlechild79

      Thankyou thankyou. I actually only recently found out about that type of doctor and they seem more suited for my issue. Part of me wonders if its mental too. I have extreme anxiety and the more i let me bladder bother me the worse it actually gets.

      When i got my first job 3 years ago during the time i was first having this problem as bad as this i was so concerned about my bladder affecting work. However...weirdly enough eventually i kinda stopped having the problem or noticing it as much. I also drank mostly water then at work and not the sodas. I also purposefully tried not to go as much even if i wanted to? Because it was my first job i could have been soooo focused on it that i just forgot my bladder?

      But the symptoms came back 2 years ago?? Wont stop. And i cant stop thinking about it. Tbh I dont even know if i were ever gone? Maybe i was so used to it? Its so hazy now...

      I noticed something else interesting. There was one time when i started noticing my tougne. Like became hyper aware. And it annoyed me for a day.

      I have adhd so i wonder if my anxiety + tendency to hyper focus on things can be causing my issue? Just a crock pot of mess.

      I live in the USA with no insurance. I cant afford it. Am borderline poor. The 400 that didnt help me was a heavy blow lol. But it confirmed I didnt have a uti and the ultrasound didnt see anything...but its so hard to trust these docs because i swear they didnt care.

      Maybe its mental...but i cant afford anxiety medicine... did i do this to myself cuz i used went to the bathroom at school so i could get away from people.? I dont know. I lnow ive always gone to the bathroom a lot...even as a kid when it was time for bed i would actually have to go a lot and they forbid me from doing so because they thought i was lying but it was true. I had to pee in yahoo bottles or in the cornor because i wasnt allowed out because i was supposed to sleep....

  • AkaMisery AkaMisery

    So... I'm miserable today and did more digging and found this

    This constant awareness I have of my bladder COULD possibly be linked to OCD. But I don't know what doctor to go to to determine that. And if I did diagnose it I'd like medicine for it to try and manage this if possible....

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  • AkaMisery AkaMisery

    Still though my mind will always wonder if the problem is physical. Is it possible for the erethra to be irritated without there being infection. Because honestly the entire discomfort, the sensation, it feels like it's around that area..i dunno ughh

  • jtinstl4 jtinstl4 AkaMisery

    I recently developed this condition. A constant need to urinate. Even right after going to the bathroom. I had a UTI test yesterday and it was negative. Blood work was today to test for diabetes and prostate. I am only 45 and in pretty decent health. Although I am worried it could be either of these, my instincts tell me its not. Especially now that I have read so much about people with the same issues and dont mention the diagnoses being diabetes or prostate. 

    I will tell everyone on here that anxiety could be the cause of your over-active bladder. In 2010 I was peeing 10-15 times a day. I had a family doctor and a urologist run every single test possible to figure out the cause. In the end, they both threw up their hands and said "i dont know". Prescribed me and over-active bladder medication that was $85/month, and sent me on my way. In 2012 I exploded into a full panic disorder. The bladder situation was without a doubt an indicator of an underlying nerve situation. Once I found the right anxiety medication, the over-active bladder went away.

    There is a good chance this will be the diagnosis again for my current situation. Which would mean I have become immune to the anxiety meds that I have been taking. We'll see.  

    • clivealive clivealive jtinstl4

      I too have "A constant need to urinate" and I also have Diabetes and am on medication for an enlarged prostate - but then I'm 76 years of age which may be the prime reason.

      However my "constant need to urinate" predates both diabetes and prostate and goes back to 2005 when I was in hospital for a lung biopsy. Because I was put on a "pleural drain" afterwards I was "tied" to my bed and unable to walk to the toilet.  Sadly the ward staff steadfastly ingnored my requests for a "bottle" and when they did bring one it was made of cardboard and I was expected to re-use it until eventually it split and overflowed all over the floor.  My "punishment" was to be "ignored" and I had to lay there and "hold your water".  The discomfort and pain got so bad that I was forced to call for a doctor in the middle of the night and all he wanted to do was fit a catheter which i refused demandng that I be given a bottle.  By now of course I struggled to urinate freely as I had completely "lost control" of my bladder. My diabetes has never been "out of control" and my prostate (as far as I am aware" is diminished which virtually rules out both as being the cause.

      I've also had Pernicious Anaemia for over 45 years which causes damage to the nervous system and I think perhaps urination is triggered via the nervous system so maybe that isn't helping and nor is my age.

      I hope you find an answer and wish you well

  • AkaMisery AkaMisery

    Ok so update guys. And thanks to everyone following this thread and if any of you are having issues yourselves still I hope things get better for you too. I'll try and continue to share my story, maybe it'll help someone else too.

    So. Yesterday I started to try and take bladder training more seriously. This will take a while I know. I am trying so hard to not be discouraged.

    I have bought probiotics for bladder health and general digestion. I also bought something for anxiety/mood? All 3 of which are from GNC because I can't afford actual meds.

    SO. What I have been doing is going at 7am  a little after I wake up, and then trying to hold it until 3pm. The way I feel after I go is I do feel relief. But maybe 10 minutes later if even that long I start feeling discomfort. Minor but it's there. And it gradually gets worse and worse. It's not that I go to the bathroom and then have to go in 30 minutes. It's that I go and then a few minutes later I just "feel" a problem down there. I just feel it there..? But anyway. I'm able to hold it quite considerably long. I'm usually able to actually make it to 3pm without trouble. Could even hold it longer if I wanted to but I don't enjoy feeling uncomfortable for 7ish hours. Because that is what it's like. 7 hours of misery. Not an hour of peace and then start feeling miserable. An hour of feeling nothing sounds amazing...

    Anyway. Maybe once or twice I'll actually feel MINOR leaking. Nothing to get me bent out of shape but I do feel it subtly happening but it subsides eventually. I am not sure what this is a sign of. And when it happens varies. It can happen closely after I had already went or maybe some hours after I went.

    Both days I went at 3pm, I would take a nap that could range from 30-40 minutes. I'd wake up and instantly feel uncomfortable and want to go quite a bit. And this is usually when I cave in and go an extra time. But after that I can hold it for quite a while due to being on the computer and I guess occupying myself. I have to say this is very discouraging to me. Not knowing if my efforts are in vain. If I really should keep suffering by holding it in for hours and it never leading me anywhere. But at the same time I know I've beaten this before. Anxiety and teaching my bladder bad habits? If it's really that the only way to maybe fix it or see if they were the problem is to just not give up even results take a while.

  • jack 94331 jack 94331 AkaMisery

    If you can hold from 7-3 the issue isn't an overactive bladder. The problem is how your brain is dealing with needing to pee. There is an old mantra; 

    'We are what we think' 

    You're constant worry means your brain is constantly searching for the sensation. Just like learning to play the piano, you're brain is gradually getting better and better at detecting these signals. Recent discoveries in Neuroplasticity show that a similar thing happens in people with chronic pain. Through focus they actually dedicate more nerones to detecting and reacting to the pain. This means that even when the cause of the pain disappears the pain continues. The brain needs less pain signals and your body is in more pain! 

    *automatic blinking OFF* 

    You see how you weren't even thinking about your blinking until this very moment? Now all of a sudden it's an issue? 

    *by the way sorry about that, just wanted to illustrate the point* 

    Could this be happening with your urge to urinate? Absolutely! I have been dealing with a similar for 10 years. I only recently found the answer and started unlearning this learned behaviour. 

    Now I am not saying that there isn't some physical abnormality. However, if you can hold for 8 hours it isn't severe enough to require treatment. 

    So what can you do? There is a book called 'The brain that heals itself' which describes how Dr Moscowitz retrained his mind to cure his chronic pain. I have been doing the same for my urge to urinate and I am starting to experience my first moments of freedom from the need to pee, where I total forget that I have spent the last ten years obsessed with my bladder, where the sensation abandons me completely. 

    This is all of course just my theory but I'm happy to chat more. 

    Good luck. And good thinking. After all, we are what we think. 

    • AkaMisery AkaMisery jack 94331

      I kinda suspected it could be this. This problem only went away when i was so focused on a sudden new life style that i forgot i had it.

      I even remember the exact day it came back. I kept going a lot during an amusement park visit. And i was like "wow im sure going a lot...its back oh no" and its been bad ever since

  • OABgal OABgal AkaMisery

    Straight talk about overactive bladder, because that is exactly what you're describing, even the coming and going of intensity of symptoms. I have been suffering from overactive bladder, or OAB, for almost twenty years. I first started noticing the frequency in college. I started seeing a urologist who prescribed Detrol LA and several other medications plus performed a urinary tract dilation several times. Urinary tract dilation is a procedure that is supposed to expand your urethra, allowing more urine to escape and aiding me to empty my bladder. This is achieved by numbing the urethra and inserting gradually bigger (metal?) sticks in order to stretch it. Neither the medicine nor the procedure worked. I later learned from my current urologist that urinary dilation is now thought to damage nerves causing incontinence. As a result, it supposedly fell out of favor many years before I had it done according to my current urologist. Sketchy. So I suffered for years, through pregnancy, which was awful, up until 2015 when I decided to try over the counter remedies such as oxybutynin. They too did not help. I then sought a new urologist in 2015 who praised all the new medicines available on the market since 2001 and started me on Vesicare, a very expensive medication not covered by my insurance at the time. It too did not help and my doctor just shrugged and said that was all he had. So on I trudged until I developed a disc herniation and mind numbingly painful sciatica down my right leg a year later. I started taking Gabapentin, a nerve medication, at the maximum dosage, 3 300mg pills 3x a day = 3800 mg. After I had surgery in May 2017 to repair the herniation I weaned off all my medicine and immediately had to go to the bathroom ALL the time, including at night. I took 3 pregnancy tests and had an emergency UTI check at my docs in case I had developed an infection from the surgery. All were negative. So I started googling my medications and OAB and sure enough, gabapentin popped up, but not in the way I was expecting. According to an article on the US National Library of Medicine, a rather surprising unexpected side effect of gabapentin is the calming of the nerves in the bladder greatly reducing urgency and frequency. Rather than causing my symptoms, it had been treating my symptoms and I had been too busy and in too much pain to notice. So I went back on gabapentin, just 1 300mg pill 3x a day = 900mg, and immediatly noticed an improvement. While I still had to go a lot throughout the day, the urgency wasn't constant and it didn't wake me up at night as much. We're talking once a night versus four or five times a night. However, we're wanting another baby and gabapentin causes early preterm labor so it had to go. Called my urologist and made an appt. Told him about the gabapentin and he scoffed, stating that it's not intended for OAB. Whatever. Asked him about other nonpharmacological treatments and he recommended percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, or PTNS. This is basically where they put a 3" acupuncture needle into either ankle, attach an electrode to it, and send pulses of electricity up your leg on the nerve that runs to your bladder. It's supposed to calm the nerves in your bladder. Did it, didn't work. Now my options are botox injections, which are very risky because they can shut down the nerve instead of just calming it making it so you lose control of your bladder. No thanks. So now I'm miserable again until baby #2 comes along and I can start gabapentin again. I say all of this in case you find yourself in the same position with nothing working for you either. Good luck!

  • AkaMisery AkaMisery

    I feel like i have half given up. I dont think theres any hope anymore. There are times its bearible and other times i cant take it.

    I dont think ill ever be happy again.

    • OABgal OABgal AkaMisery

      I'm sorry youre having such a hard time. I had a hard time determining whether you are looking for relief or a cure. To be blunt, there is no cure. I encourage you to explore the medication options you have available to you such as vesicare, oxybutynin, detrol, etc. However, as I said before none of those worked for me, not even a little. What does work for me is Gabapentin 300mg tab 3x a day. It's a nerve pain medication that also calms the nerves in the bladder that cause overactive bladder. When I'm not on it I just want to cry. I can't sleep and I have to go to the bathroom every hour. I could go more but I make myself wait. With Gabapentin I can wait several hours before having to go. If you have tried the conventional methods of treatment for oab and they did not help I encourage you to give Gabapentin a try. I hope you can find relief.

    • jack 94331 jack 94331 OABgal

      I don't think you should say 'there is no cure', it's a self fulfilling prophecy which all the science backs up. There is absolutely a cure for most things but it may not take a form you recognise! Hang in

      There op, I posted in response but my post is being moderated 

    • lauren55310 lauren55310 AkaMisery

      Hey, just started following this and have read through all of your posts. I have had the exact same symptoms you have talked about which became worse about a year and a half ago. I was initially diagnosed with IC but now other doctors believe that it is probably overactive bladder. It is so hard to find a good doctor, which has been a huge struggle throughout this process. Most doctors are confused by my case because I have exhausted my options, not including invasive procedures like botox or interstim. But, moral of my post here is that I want to encourage you to keep morale up, and try not to let it control you life. My symptoms are almost identical to yours, so I'm right here with you. Keep a positive mindset and never give up trying to figure this out. Like previous posts said, although our problems are so real, I do think my brain plays a role in it as well. I'd highly recommend support groups, finding people to talk to about it (like on here), and possibly seeking counseling (I have seriously considered this). Don't let it take control of you! Try to take your life back as much as possible. You will get through this, it may just take a while. 

    • lauren55310 lauren55310 OABgal

      I'm curious about this, because currently I take Gabapentin 300mg in the morning, 200mg in the afternoon, and 200 mg at night. This is the only thing that has even remotely helped in the past year, but it only helps at night. When I take it both in the morning and at night, the urge to pee never goes away. The only thing it helps is that I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore. Since this works at night, I'm frustrated that it doesn't do anything during the day. Do you think this implies that my problem has to do with my nerves? I haven't been correctly diagnosed (its either IC or OAB), so I never know where my bladder problems originate. I have taken anything you could think of, and Gabapentin is the only thing that has even touched me in helping my symptoms. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

    • trudilu trudilu lauren55310


      I'll have to google gabapentin although I kind of know what it is.

      Boy, I would love to be able to sleep through the night.  Is it possible that you're taking too much gabapentin.  Maybe you should just take it at night.

      I too know of a med that will knock me out all night; the problem is that it lingers into the next day and I feel like a zombie for 12 hours or so.  That's even worse than having to pee.   So I have no answers.

      Does anyone know of someone who has tried Botox?

      I also know of a medication that will knock me out for the night -

  • jack 94331 jack 94331 AkaMisery


    Have you explored the psychological aspect? I was put in a mental hospital for planning my own suicide because I felt so hopeless about my urinary symptoms. I am now seeing a psychiatrist and a urologist and doing much better.  

  • AkaMisery AkaMisery

    But why did it stop before then. Thats why im confused

    • AkaMisery AkaMisery jack 94331

      My constant feeling of my bladder. I explained in some of the responses I posted to the thread that I had this problem years ago. Then it stopped and my bladder felt normal for a while. I even forgot I had an issue. Then 2 years ago it came back

    • jack 94331 jack 94331 AkaMisery

      You said that the problem went away because of a sudden change in lifestyle. That suggests that it is psychosomatic to me; i.e. Not 'all in your head' but exacerbated by your head and life situation. 

      I strongly urge you to find a psychiatrist who specialises in psychosomatic medicine before you take any more pills and have any more surgeries. 

      We all hugely underestimate the role that the mind plays until perhaps it's too late. I've read of people who have had their bladders removed in an attempt to cure their chronic pain, only to find it persisted even when they didn't have a bladder anymore! 

      So before you lose hope, talk it over with a psychiatrist. You might even consider a 'tripartite' meeting with a urologist and psychiatrist. 

      If your brain can make you burst into tears or have a laughing fit, it can make you need to pee more too

    • AkaMisery AkaMisery jack 94331

      Thats what I am thinking too. Problem is I am very ignorant about doctors and I wasnt sure if i should see a psycatrist or therapist. Also was nervous most couldnt help cuz my issue isnt about a childhood trauma and etc but you said psychosomatic...i never even heard of that. Hmm.

    • anne88137 anne88137 AkaMisery


      Did you find anything that works. This constant urge to pee driving me crazy. I've tried everything. I'm healthy not overweight but got this out of the blue 4 years ago and I'm worn out. I rarely get a break. If I go for 15 mins without feeling this way that would be a good day. I have had cystocopies, colonoscopies every medication but still no improvement. 

    • yvonne00091 yvonne00091 anne88137

      Not sure if this will help. I've had same problem with urge too pee when I've just been. Im 55 yrs went through menopause at 38 never had HRT.Came time for routine smear and they see bleeding on cervix. To cut this short see gyne at hosp had small op and they fitted a merina coil as im lacking in a hormone. Also told this hormone problem can make you want to pee. Well since I had op 3 weeks ago the pee problem is going away slowly and I don't feel need to sit on toilet for hours passing nothing. Coil stays in 4 years.

    • anne88137 anne88137 yvonne00091

      I have tried everything. I did go to a gynaecologist in the early days but no issues there. Tried HRT but made no difference although I feel it started when menopause started about 49. I take amitryptyline 20 mg every night and that helps me sleep better. I'm nearly getting used to feeling this way which is pretty sad as I never feel good anymore. I have so much going on I just have to grin and bear it.  Because I don't mention it my family think all is good but I'm sick of talking about it.  So still no solutions. 😭


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