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AkaMisery AkaMisery

Constant urge to pee

I pretty much constantly feel pressure and like I have to pee. If I hold it in a long time the urge is stronger but as soon as I go, the urge starts creeping up again. No burning. Seemingly no discoloration or smell,

I've had this problem before which lasted maybe a year and then it gradually faded? But then it came back sometime last year and it's wearing me down so bad to where I break down and lose it some days. I've been to doctors and I never really get much help. The last Urologist cost me what? $400 to $500? And I got nothing out of it and now I don't even know what to do or who to turn to. I just don't have money to keep spending and not even be helped. Most doctors I go to just do the same thing. "Oh it might be a UTI. LEt's check" again and again. One of the only doctors who offered anything outside the box was a doctor from a few years ago who thinks I might have unintentionally trained my bladder to be this way. The most recent one I went to said it might be overactive bladder or something and kinda brushed me off.

I officially had lab tests done that determined I do not have a UTI. I know it isn't an STD because I had this problem before ever partaking in anything like that.

I've tried quitting soda and drinking only water. Still doing that. I'm even trying bladder training currently and I just don't feel like it's really doing much for me? I'm forcing myself to hold it in longer now but even when I do that I'll still have to go again shortly after. I once held it for like 5 hours, emptied, felt a little better, and then I get in the car and shortly I have to go again. It's just this constant awareness I have of my bladder, this constant feeling of like a little pressure or urge. I don't really leak much. Maybe once or twice I have though? I remember one morning waking up feeling like I must have just started my perod but it wasn't that.

So I mean I am at my limit here. I just don't know what kind of doctor to go to anywmore. And like I just can't bear the thought of dropping another $400-500 like a damn fool.

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  • Middlechild79 Middlechild79 AkaMisery

    Hi, I had almost the exact symptoms you describe- constant awareness of bladder, slight pressure, the feeling of having to go right after empyting, being able to hold my urine but it being uncomfortable.  I was eventually diagnosed with overactive bladder. My urogyn explained that because of the incorrect signals between bladder and brain, your brain is constantly being told the bladder is full and needs to be emptied.  Hence, the constant urge to urinate.  I tried many things to alleviate these symptoms.  A combination of medication, pelvic floor physical therapy, diet changes and stress management finally got me to where I am today but I'd say it took over a year to get things under control.  And I still get that constant urge feeling in times of stress/when I'm nervous.  So, I would definitely talk to your doctor further about the possibility of OAB.  There are several medications you could try.  The bladder retraining you've done is also beneficial to teach your bladder to get comfrotable holding larger volumes of urine again.  The best thing I did was pelvic floor physical therapy.  I feel it made the biggest difference in my urgency and frequency.  Good luck.  

    • AkaMisery AkaMisery Middlechild79

      So in your opinion do you think it's at all possible to get to a point where I don't feel it constantly? Because I mean it's only been bad again for a year. There's been enough periods in my life where it wasnt as big an issue. Almost to where I think that one doctor might be right and I trained my body to be bad because I would too often go "just in case"

    • Middlechild79 Middlechild79 AkaMisery

      In my opinion, yes, it's possible to get to the point where your bladder calms down enough to where you don't feel it. I say that because where I was, I truly didn't know how I'd ever feel normal again but my urogyn seemed pretty confident he could get me feeling better and he did. Now, I had to do a lot of trial and error with medications. I tried several kinds and different dosages over many months. I was on Oxybutynin ER 10 mg for a long time (years) and I was on an antidepressant for about 1.5 years to help sleep at night (Nortriptyline). I also took Uribel as needed. I take more natural supplements too like pumpkin seed oil, quercetin and magnesium. I did two 12 week sessions of physical therapy, doing exercises and e-stim to "reset" the nerve signals. I learned stress management and changed my diet a bit to include less bladder irritants. I considered bladder Botox and Interstim implant at one point but never got to that stage. Don't lose hope! If you do in fact have an overactive bladder you have options. Bladder retraining is a good place to start as well as diet change and medication if you so wish. You can feel normal again. I do most of the time! My bladder really only acts up when I'm very stressed or nervous now.

  • clivealive clivealive AkaMisery

    I think there may be something in what your "old doctor" said that you "might have unintentionally trained my bladder to be this way."

    I wass in hospital over ten years ago for a lung biopsy aand was "anchored" to my bed by drainage tubes to draw off fluid so obviously I couldn't get to the toilet and sadly staff steadfastly refused (or didn't bother) to supply me with a bottle.  When one did come it was made of cardboard which I used and reused until it was full and eventually it split and spilt urine all over the floor.

    The upshot of this was that eventually although I desparately want to urinate, because I couldn't due to the lack of a bottle I found that I couldn't pass water at all and because of the pain I had to call a doctor for help.  He suggested a catheter but thethought of that frightened me me so much that the "floodgates" were opened.

    However since that time my bladder control is virtually none existent and when I've gotta go - I;ve gotta go.

  • NMK NMK AkaMisery

    Very sympathetic. And can relate to the "always awar of my bladder" issue you speak of. My issue has started since 14 and I am now 30. Out of desperation I was searching sites for answers. I drink a good amount of water daily. Eat extremely clean. No extra stimulants of any kind. Workout regularly including pelvic exercise. I have seen 3 urologist who have not been able to pin point cause. I've tried every prescription. I've had botox injected into bladder (kinda sorta helped but didn't begin to address issue), they tried stretching my bladder and urethra. And now they want to attempt using a pacemaker which they really think might be a small chance of success bc the last doctor thinks it's (forgot proper name of diagnosis) inflammation of the bladder. Where the body is kind of attacking the bladder which causes need to also want to urinate. Also cause pain and discomfort in urethra. Also forgot to mention that I easily go 30-50 times a day. Also can have urge at times especially at end of day to have to go every 5 minutes which can last an hr or 2. All my other scans have come back normal. If anyone has any ideas or success in treatment PLEASE SHARE!!!! Thanks in advance.


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