Constantly feeling like I am swaying?

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2 weeks ago I had a vertigo attack while rolling over in bed.. the whole room was going backand forth and it felt like my eyes were moving rapidly.. left me feel very nauseaus for a few hours afterwards.. but it went away.

A few days later my head started feeling like I had a hang over, without the drinking and a feeling of motion sickness (similar to what I get when I try and read something while in a car.. yuk)

I have a tooth that needs a root canal which is getting treated tomorrow.. the pain from that tooth caused intense pain in my jaw and my ear, the dr thinks that is the cause of my discomfort, suspecting an infected ear nerve.

I have been on antibiotics for that for a few days now, but I am not sure there is any change in how I feel.. other then the tooth/jaw/ear pain is totally gone. I am so super aware of everything that I am feeling now.. even typing this I feel like I am swaying, but I know that I am not.

I'd convinced myself that I have a brain tumour, which gives me a major panic attack, and that doesn't help how I am feeling at all.

Its a real struggle to get through work, and looking after the 4 kids... I cant just stay laying down all day sad I don't smoke, don't drink, no caffiene, normally a very active 36 year old.

Anyone else had similar? 

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    Google ' Vestibular Disorders' and you'll find lots of information on issues of the middle ear, which is causing the symptoms you have. 

    You'll also find you're not alone on this Forum ! Lots of fellow suffers happy to share their experiences and offer advice. All good.

    Take  care and hope you feel better very soon. The trouble with this condition though, there's no way of knowing how long it's going to be before you are better ! It's very frustrating.

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      thank you, I have been doing a lot of googling.. which initially didnt help the anxiety at all.. I was convinced I was dying, or had MS or some rare brain tumor. Knowing that I am not alone has eased the anxiety.

      Just a pity work is not more understanding.

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    Wait to see what the root canal does for you. It's amazing how connected everything is. Once you've healed from that it will be easier to figure out if you have a permanent vestibular problem. I once had an infection under a new filling due to a nicked nerve. Was treated for a severe sinus infection not knowing it was my tooth. It wreaked havoc on everything in my head. After my root canal things went back to normal. Good luck and keep us posted. 
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      thank you, dentist appointment is today.. fingers crossed its a step get feeling normal again.
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    I do have a tumour, acoustic neuroma and apart from losing hearing and some dizzy spells, it is nothing like your symptoms, so I would not panic over that.get your tooth sorted and see how it goes, good luck

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    The key point here is u saying rolling over.

    This is a classic BPPV movement that sets off the Bppv giving vertigo and eyes swaying followed by nausea and the other symptoms u have.

    I know as I have had it on and off for 7 yrs now.

    If u google the symptoms u will read Ms , brain tumour to name but a few!

    Do u have a decent Dr ?

    Dentist will highlight any bppv as its positonal in the chair and lots of movement within the mouth close to the ear.

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      I've only had that one BPPV moment. My mum suffers from BPPV so thankfully she has been a great support. I don't get that feeling any more when rolling over.. funny thing is the only time I feel 'normal' is when I am in a car, when normally I feel carsick.. go figure right?
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      many many people say that I have a friend who will prob read this - he feels much better when in the car to it's all part of the vestibular issue
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      Yep, absolutely no problem in a car. Driving or as a passenger. Sitting is ok too, as is reading,watching tv or using computer. But upright and walking - that's when the world is out of kilter. Lightheaded, spacial awareness issues,unbalanced and blurred vision. Eyes saying one thing,brain saying another, legs trying to ' read ' the ground.

      Weird !

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      very similar here.. although my laptop can sometimes affect me if I am tired and haven't slept well the night before and sitting is ok, as long as I am not moving my arms or head.

      Walking just feels like the floor is moving downwards as I walk and going around corners I feel like I am leaning off the the right.

      I just wish I wasn't so aware of it all the time.. when I am distracted I almost feel normal.

      Dentist appointment in a few hours, hopefully its a start to fixing whatever this is.

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      Your symptoms describe mine exactly. I'm awaiting ENT appointment, my Dr, has diagnosed Viral Labyrinthitis.
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    Hi - when I started with this I thought exactly the same as you, I mean exactly - dying or brain tumour or MS - but it will DEFINITELY be some sort of vestibular disorder.  It took me almost a year to get a diagnosis and I was floored by being told I have 'silent' migraine.  Migraine without all the headache.  This means weird headstuff, weird eyes that jumped about, pains and pins and needles in diff parts of my head and only MIGRAINE I was not dying and did not have a brain tumour or MS.  I didnt know there was such a thing.  Its now three years down the line and having been on this site and also MAV on facebook, these are text book symptoms for a vestibular disorder.  Weve all said time and again there should be more known about all this in the public domain.  Its so scarey when you first get this and weve all been there.  Please dont worry, you are not dying.  The down side is, it takes a long time to iron out which vestibular disorder you have.  The more anxious you get, the worse it gets.  The key is to relax and go for all the tests while they rule out this, that and the other.  Take care.
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      I need to build up the courage to get tested to rule things out... I am totally terrified that what I fear the most will happen. I lost my Dad 2 years ago to cancer, and it has totally messed with my head. I cant even go back to my doctor because he is in the same surgery as my dad's doctor.

      Are your symptoms getting better?

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      Just replied to you and lost the whole thing.  Bugger !   Start again - please be reassured this will NOT be your worst nightmare.  As I say you have text book symptoms for a vestibular disorder.  You are going to have to go to docs at some point, so just get it over with.  It might not be as bad as you think.  I know how you are feeling because my mum died of cancer when I was 12 and then my dad died of cancer when I was 16.  I have spent years being convinced Im going the same way.  I was so surprised to find I was not dying and did not have MS or a tumour.  However, dealing with silent migraine is something else altogether.  Its not serious but its very debilitating.  You probably will need just some betahistine and you will be fine.  Both parents dying of cancer has taught me one thing, if you are ill with anything, just go and get it sorted.  If my parents had, they might have still been with me.  Just go to docs and tell him and he will arrange an appmt with an ENT.  They will do some tests and then prob tell you its BPPV or something.  You might need an MRI if it doesnt go, but thats just to confirm it is not a brain tumour which Im positive it wont be.   This condition is a lot more common than you think.  Have a look on Facebook on MAV - so many people have got it.   If you look at your worst fear, and it is a brain tumour then its best to get it sorted asap but honestly I will put a million pounds on it, that it def is not.  I have been exactly in your place word for word, and mine is migraine even though Im dizzy 24/7.  My symptoms are improving but Ive tried about 9 diff medications and none makes any difference.  Ive seen endless ENT, one neuro surgeon and now got two neurologists.  Ive had it just over three years but Ive learnt to live with it and on the waiting list for botox which makes the trigeminal nerve relax and stop being irritated.  Every time we frown it irritates it and the more stressed we get, the worse it gets.  All the weird symptoms are from that.  Please go to docs tomorrow.  We are all here to support you.
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      I agree with Paula. Please go to the Doctors. We're all here to support you too.
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      I've just finished at the dentist.. pulpitis and an abscess under the tooth.. no wonder that tooth hurt. I'll let the Antibiotics run its course for that infection and if not better will make an appointment. I really need to find a doctor that I am comfortable with.

      Thank you for the support.

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