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mark14566 mark14566


I have been diagnosed with this debilitating disease and though the medical council would most likely be horrified to learn that i have been taking high doses of Diazepam 30/40mg. With this amount of this drug in my system i found for the first time in a long while that i could Run as i had need after leaving my cash at the ATM, unfortunately by the time id reach the ATM either a person near took my money or it was retrieved by the machine. Though my point is without Diazepam im knackered just walking in the street, so there must be some link between this drug and how it alleviates the symptoms of COPD even if it only last for about eight hours. Can i please get some clarity on how without I'm breathless without though able to run with this drug in ones system? Is there any others out there with the same experience?

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  • ladyjack51 mark14566

    The bank will reimburse your money if you just tell them what happened. Just wanted to let you know that in case you didn't.


    • mark14566 ladyjack51

      Many thanks to you ladyjack51 for your kind reply regarding monies, i am of the same understanding, though i thank you again. Have you heard anyghing about Diazepam helping you lead a more normale day for people with COPD ladyjack51?

    • ladyjack51 mark14566

      No, I really haven't and that's why I didn't speak on it. But I did know about the money, which, I think is very generous of them and I didn't expect that. I am reading all your conversations so I can learn too. I think the most common used COPD drugs used in the states here are Spiriva and Advair with a emergency Albuterol inhaler...but there are some other combinations. Are you in the states? I'm in Dallas, Texas.


  • MaryLip mark14566

    @mark14566  Please, please be careful Mark, diazepam is very addictive, I am being weaned from it at the moment, it is not too bad because I am doing it under my doctor's supervision.  I was prescribed it after a second accident which damaged my spine.  May I suggest that you go and see your doctor and discuss this with him/her.

    Good luck


    • mark14566 MaryLip

      Dearest Marylip, im so sorry to read that you damaged your spine and though i can't say i know how you must have felt i only hope you are in recovery to the point where you dont have to rely on aides. I do appreciate your concern and hope you are nearly finished your detox. I am more than aware of Diazepam addiction, however id rather be able to walk without being out of breath. I wish you good recovery and as best life as possible. Kind thoughts and wishes Mark X

  • jackie87522 mark14566

    Hi Mark. I too am taking Diazepam for severe Emphysema (COPD) and wish it had same effect on me. Was prescribed it by my GP 30mg daily for pain in my leg which wasn't being helped by conventional pain medications even high doses of codeine. Unfortunately, it did nothing for my leg either which turned out to be a DVT which by the time it was diagnosed had travelled to my lungs. Stopped taking them but never had the same effect as you're getting with them.

    • mark14566 jackie87522

      Jackie87522, i so sorry to read your diagnosis wasnt found until it had reached your lungs, twice I've come close to death once with a gangerous ruptured appendix when told tummy infection, the second were pneumonia to which i was told id have hourse to live if i hadnt dialed 999. Just just to let you know that you are not of ill health due to incompetence of some GPs! Jackie i dont know why these diazepam work for me and not others. Maybe they relax particular muscle group. Thank you for your reply and i sincerely hope that you are getting the best treatment possible. Kind thoughtful wishes Mark X

    • ladyjack51 jackie87522

      I think you need a pulmonologist quickly! Hi doses of codeine suppresses your respiratory system and you probably already found out is highly addictive and hurts like hell to come off of. Its the most amazing drug we have for pain but once you've abused it, it never works the same for you...depending on what you were given to help come off of it. Bless your heart



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