Coping with Bells Palsy

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I am 20 years old fairy active and was diagnosed with Bells 2 days ago. I thought I would write about my experience day by day and hopefully people reading this can add in their own experiences as well as people going through Bells at a similar time can relate.

On Saturday I woke up unable to blink and purse my lips. This freaked me out at first but I went straight to researching. I figured it was Bells but I went to get checked out at the hospital. I was given 5 days of steroids and told to make a trip to my family doctor in a few days.

I am on day 2 and I found it very difficult to talk especially saying my "b's". I have read that the 48 hour mark is when Bella reaches its peak. Hoping and praying That things only get better from here.

It is disappointing that I was diagnosed with Bells 2 weeks before Christmas. I am not too comfortable going out in public yet.

I tape my eye shut at night with surgical tape and wear a night patch. I use eye drops throughout the day to keep my eye lunriacted.

I usually wear contacts on a daily basis so it has been a struggle to wear glasses all the time.

Tonight I started to get a tinkly and spazy feeling at the corner of my mouth and eye. Hopefully this is a sign of a speedy recovery.

The most emotional part of this journey is fact That nobody knows how long the recovery will take. Just lots of prayers for now!

I defiantly realized that I took blinking and smiling for granted.


Only good/positive vibes from here!

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    Best wishes to you Myra.  Definitely can relate to your experiences.  I would hope for you that at your age and personal health that your recovery will be speedy.  I had it in 1992 on the right side of my face.  I was in good health and think it took around 6 weeks.  I did facial exercises (exerated smile) as often as I could think of it.  I believe that helped.  

    Unfortunately, I have it for a second time on the left side of my face.  Recovery is going slow.  I have many complicated health issues now and of course am older.  I've had it for 15 weeks now.  Just this week my face looks less lopsided to me when I look in the mirror.  I suspect my health issues contribute to my slow recovery.  My primary told me that I could expect up to 6 months, and possibly a chronic condition of it.  That is why I'm encouraged by the bits of improvement this week.

    I think you should be encouraged by the sensations you described.  I'd suggest your exercising your face by attempting to smile.  It helped me  before and am trying my best to achieve it now.

    Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

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    Day 3 of Bells.

    I woke up with a more watery right eye.

    I am able to close my right eye a bit more...praise Jesus and am able to start chewing on my right side. Drinking from a mug has become easier too.

    I still can't smile or pucker my lips using my right side of the face but I am bey happy with being able to close my right eye a bit more!

    Have a doctors appointment on Friday so will see what the doctor says.

    I am a marathoner and a bit nervous to start running in the cold. Any suggestions on exercising? I am wearing glasses for the time being until my eye can blink again and I can put contacts in so I think my glasses will help keep the dust particles out of my right eye.

    No twitching or spasms today.

    I got flower delivered from one of my best friends. Made me day!

    Only positive vibes!

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    Day 4 with Bells.

    Late last night my nose started twitching.

    Throughout the day my right side has been having pins and needles as well as some twitching in various areas.

    Later tonight I realized I can move my tongue from my left side of my mouth to my right side and stick my tongue out pretty straight out. I can also move my jaw!!!!

    My like I can shut my right eye a bit more today.

    Finished all my exams and just destressing from here on out.

    Might be a Christmas miracle to have some sort of smile!

    Positive thoughts and prayers!!!

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    Day 5 with Bells.

    This morning I thought I would wake up with more ability to move my face but unfortunately that was not the case.

    I continue to get twitching around my mouth, eye and right check area.

    Still unable to blink, raise my right eyebrow or smile.

    Went out in public today and find it was difficult to communicate. Kinda feels like talking with a fat lip.

    My eye seems to get more blurry and my vision gets distorted more outside and out in public.

    Today just wasn't the best day.

    It has only been day 5 and I am already struggling with keeping a positive and open mind set.

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    Day 6 with Bells.

    I feel very exhausted today. I couldn't get as much done as I hoped and planned.

    I beleive my eye does shut more but I am not sure.

    Still unable to move my eyebrow and smile.

    I seem to have a headache and pressure around my right eye.

    Seeing the doctor tomorrow.

    Getting frustrated with trying to eat using my right side.

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    Day 11 with Bells.

    I haven't written much this there hasn't been any major improvement.

    I no longer feel any tinglyness around the right side of the face. A couple of days ago my right side left very sore.

    Today I can shut my eye 85% of the way. My right ear is in a lot of pain.

    I am VERY tired of wearing my glasses. I tried to wear contacts for a bit yesterday but without blinking naturally the contact got dried out.

    Any suggestions?

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    No suggestions re: wearing contact lenses.  I found it helpful getting a washcloth wet and in a ziplock bag and microwave to warm.  Warm compress was soothing for the ear pain you described.  Someone suggested using alternating warm and cold to me.  Best wishes.
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    Day 12.

    Feeling depressed that I haven't seen any signs of recovery.

    I feel very exausted in the middle afternoon. I feel like my vision is starting to get more blurry.

    Hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Day 15. Merry Christmas Eve!!!

    No change yet. Can't move my eyebrow, make a full smile or close my eye fully.

    This waiting game truly sucks.

    Nervous to be out with people tonight. Doesn't seem like I will be taking any pictures tonight.

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    Hi Myra  Sorry to hear about your Bells Palsy.  My Wife 70 years old started with this about 4 weeks ago.  Not a lot of improvement yet, Jaw ache, ear ache  not quite as bad.  The worst thing is this persistant irrittated eye, Joan says it feels like she has got a bit of grot in her in her eye.  Tried all sorts of Drops (from Doctor).  The only thing that seems to work at the moment is to keep the eye covered at all times.  Just come to this conclusion over the last couple of days.  Does anyone with Bells Palsy have eye irratation most of the time and how do they cope with it?. Brian
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      Hello Brian,

      Yes.  I have had terrible eye irritation.  I recently went to see my opthamologist.  He recommended I use a previously prescribed ointment as often as 3-4 times per day.  He also set me up with a metal eye patch to wear while I sleep to prevent any further damage to my eye.  The eye patch has helped a great deal.  Wearing sunglasses has helped me some. Best wishes to you and your wife.  

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