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Copper coil / IUD insertion review 2015

I feel there is an unfair amount of negative reviews of coil insertions online. I had mine fitted two days ago now, but the week leading to my appointment I was torturing myself by reading every insertion review and account, especially of those childless. So come the fitting, I was extremely nervous and on the verge of changing my mind. Afterwards however, I felt extremely liberated and empowered, and realising there is an unbalance in reviews I thought I'd share my experience for anyone else that is considering the coil and or is very worried - like I certainly was! I know that every body is different and reacts in different ways and that I can not speak for every women.

The facts;

5'2", 21 years old, childless

T-Safe CU 380A QL - model of coil

Insertion two days after period

Took boots own ibuprofen and codeine tablets 1 hour prior

Numbing gel applied by doctor

The thought of pain was my main hold back, so my first question to my doctor was if a local anaesthetic could be an option (no one told me it was before in all my build up appointments). She said I'm more than welcome to one, but she would advise the numbing gel instead, and that the local anaesthetic is always there if I change my mind or becomes too painful.

I think this is extremely important, and that while we are so medically advanced we should not have to subject ourselves to pain if we do not need to.

I took her advice (she has been fitting them for years), and with the comfort of a local anaesthetic being ready to hand and full trust in my doctor, I didn't need it at all - to my surprise!

Now the pain - well, there was none. It was uncomfortable. You're held open, then numbing gel is applied so you're wet and sticky, she then held my cervix, used a long stick looking instrument to measure the length of my cervix, checked how I was coping, then swiftly interested the coil, cut the threads and I was done. Within minutes, and it was definitely only a few seconds when I had anything going up my cervix.

Don't get me wrong, I felt it, but not painfully, and it made my toes curl up, but it wasn't anything I couldn't manage again. I've a small white tattoo on my ribs, and that was much worse. As everyone describes, it's like a period cramp, but it somewhat travels up, so you can almost guess what's happening but not quite.

I just concentrated on my breathing, and told myself if most other women can do it, then so can I. However, I don't know if I would have been just as brave without the painkillers or numbing gel! But girls, you can have that too, and with a local anaesthetic if you wanted!!! - I can't stress this enough.

I was fine to drive myself home afterwards, I was aware of the cramps, like the pressure on your womb you get during a period, and a little light headed (I justified some sweets at this point haha), but again nothing I couldn't manage! I used a pad for the slight bleeding too, and didn't need any more painkillers after the first two.

I couldn't believe how easy it was, and I'm ashamed at how it isn't made abundantly clear to women that pain relief is readily available! Had I known, it wouldn't have taken me two years to pluck up the courage.

I am now hormone free (amazing!!!), free from mood swings, weight gain, spots, the list goes on! And I do not need to worry about contraception for 10 years. 10 years!! I simply check that there are two stings coming out of my cervix now and again. My boyfriend isn't bothered by them in the slightest either. He has only gone looking for them out of pure curiosity! Other than that he cannot feel them, and is just glad that I am hormone free, and happy.

It astounds me that this isn't a more widely used form of contraception. And I think that is mainly down to the idea of the insertion pain, and being squeamish of the T shape left inside. However I would rather that, than pump my body full of invisible chemicals.

I hope this helps someone, and I also hope you're as happy and as liberated as I am with a copper coil. I've already had some girlfriends convert!


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  • lilliankentish lilliankentish

    Thought I'd do a follow up review, 12 weeks (26th May) since insertion on the 4th March 2015! (With what I can remember)

    For the first week I had very light spotting and hardly any cramps, if anything it was just a general pressure over my stomach. But I had paracetamol at the ready!

    After a week I didn't notice anything at all. The one thing that is a little gross though was mucus, it's not like normal discharge and I was told by my GP it would happen. Probably every day or two, at some point I'd pass some clear/cream coloured mucus. This however still didn't change anything, and I didn't need to take any precautions for it! It's simply the body softening the coil (I believe), and completely natural!

    Now I was prepared for my body to go a bit off and take a while to settle down, period wise. Three weeks (24th march) after insertion I had three days of light spotting which I believe is when my period was due.

    It wasn't till the 21st April that a had what we would class as a real period. It didn't hurt any more than any periods I've had since 14, but personally I've never really experienced any major cramps or pain during my periods, only slight cramps and a general/constant pressure over my stomach.

    However I was heavier than what I was used to for three days (a bit stressed because it came during my deadline week so I don't know if that could have played a part). Since I was a little in the unknown I took extra precautions! I went up a tampon size (regular to super) and wore a regular pad. I needed it at one point! I study engineering and was in a theatre full of boys, I was very glad I had!!

    Apart from still learning what my periods will be like, and buying a pack of regular and super tampons, instead of just regular and lite, it was a normal period. Lasted under a week, three days actual bleeding, a few days spotting.

    Today (26th May) I expected I'd be on my next period by now, but no show so far. But again, I knew it would take my body a while to settle so no stress!

    And still 110% happy with my decision of getting a coil, still feeling liberated! No pills, no condoms, no worrying, no hormones. My boyfriend has been brilliant throughout the process too, and been completely accepting.

    To anyone worrying about having a plastic/copper 'thing' in your body, wouldn't you rather that than pumping your body with hormones? I view hormones as a chemical straitjacket, just because we're not able to see them, doesn't mean they're not doing doing the body harm.

    Any other questions, however random or embarrassing, send them my way!!

    One girl has asked me 'can your boyfriend feel it?' - yes he can if he actively wants to feel it (by 'it' I mean the strings that exit your uterus, not the coil itself, even you can't feel that). Every month I use the tip of my finger to check it's still there by feeling the strings. He can do the same, and he has out of pure curiosity. Other than that, never ever noticed it during sex, and I've asked him!

    • lou1991 lou1991 lilliankentish

      Really appreciate your review. Hope you don't mind me asking if you ever experienced prolonged bleeding on any of the other methods you've tried? The copper coil is my last resort in trying to find something that works for me! Are you still having good results?

      Thank you.

    • lilliankentish lilliankentish lou1991

      No, I haven't experienced any actually. But then again, I've only ever tried the patch and the pill (Yasmin). I had other annoying side effects like weight fluctuation, prone to cystitis and thrush, hard to orgasm, lower libido, not to mention mood swings.

      Still having good results! My only downside would be my body settling, still learning my 'new' periods, but I guess I'd have had this coming off the pill either way!

      I believe the copper coil makes your periods slightly heavier, mine are for one day out of the four that I'm on. But again, nothing painful or anything that would cause me to worry smile

      I hope that helps!

  • sarah 52786 sarah 52786 lilliankentish

    I think your right,these sites are bound to be unbalanced. I posted a comment on my coil which was not a nice experience but did say it's different for everyone. Friends have said it was ok and yes they had a little pain but nothing like my experience. I had a high level of pain after for 6 hours and vomited a couple of times as well as period like pain for 1 week and bleeding which continues but lightly. I'm now 12 days post inserting and pain free. I'm looking forward to the bleeding stopping. I'm still taking my pill for now though as I'm off to a festival and dint want a period. I'd like to ask people if you definately have to check for the strings to confirm the coil is still in the correct position? I was not advised to do this and the place I had it done have changed the policy so no follow up is needed unless I have a problem.

    • lilliankentish lilliankentish sarah 52786

      Oh man, that really doesn't sound like to had a good time! I hope it all pays off for you though!!

      I was told to check strings after every period, I assume to simply check that they're still there. I've never had a problem, just check them in the shower smile

      I'm not a health professional! But I'd suggest you do check now and again, only because my friend went to routinely check hers once, and she couldn't feel the strings, booked an appointment, and it turns out her coil had embedded itself and she had to go through a lot to get it sorted out (all is good and well with her though, nothing crazy or scary!). So I guess if she didn't check, she'd have never known, and a pregnancy in the mix would have made it even worse!

      Hope that helps smile. (It's easy to check though, I wouldn't worry about it much)

  • bobby12321 bobby12321 lilliankentish

    Hey I am 19 and Im really considering getting the copper coil after reading this review! sick of hormones from the pill. The only thing that really worries me is the thought of copper toxicity/infection and Ive heard some horror stories about imbedding causing infertility because of scar tissue on the uterus.. do you think this is a genuine risk involved with getting the coil?

    • lilliankentish lilliankentish bobby12321

      There are definitely risks with the coil, alike the pill and other contraceptions. And there are worrying horror stories with all (people have fatal blood clots caused by Yasmin). What reassures me with the coil, is that nearly all Gynaecologists opt for the coil over any other type of contraception method, and if anyone was to fully understand the risks, it would be them!

      Remember the internet can be your enemy with this sort of research, 'look and you will find' type thing. Have a look for some genuine trustworthy statistics on your concerns. This was one of my main reasons for writing this review smile I felt the benefits haven't been shouted about enough!

      But yes, there will be an element of risk, you just need to quantify it against other methods that either you're already on, or considering smile. After I'd looked at the stats, the coil was a no brained for me smile

      I hope this has helped!

    • bobby12321 bobby12321 lilliankentish

      Thanks for the reply!  And yeah reading about the pill risks online freaks me out just as much as the coil ones do! Im just worried about the insertion and something going wrong with that as I cant tell my mum I am getting it and worried something will go wrong and will have to have surgery or something, but I guess those sorts of problems are very rare.

      Did the doctor tell you anything to look out for that could be concerning like sharp pains/flu's could be pelvic inflammetry disease?


    • Mizznewman90 Mizznewman90 bobby12321

      Please I beg you, do not opt for the copper coil. I had the copper coil inserted as I have big problems with hormonal contraception. I ended up bleeding heavily and being in constant pain. I had Dr's appointments, hospital appointments and scans for the whole time and nobody could tell me why, I had to go through all of that and they still tried to convince me to keep it in, I had to keep asking before it was finally removed.

      I've had the Mirena in for a year now, I went with the Mirena because unlike most hormonal contraception it is localised to the area it needs to be in.

      It is your decision,I thought you at least need to hear my experience with the copper coil before ruling the Mirena out

  • Mizznewman90 Mizznewman90 lilliankentish

    I've had the Mirena coil in for a year (in October) and I've been almost 100% happy with it.

    I had the Mirena because I really haven't had good experience with basically all other types of contraception.

    I forget the pill.

    The implant made me gain 5 stone and I bled heavily for the whole year it was in.

    The injection made me gain weight and the nurses refused to carry on giving them to me

    The copper coil had me in constant pain and heavily bleed for 6 months.

    So you could understand why I was dubious about the Mirena. Now I've had in it for a year, no periods (some very light spotting for a day every now and then) No worrying about wether I need to change my pad or if I've bled through, no having to worry about getting pregnant and the pain is easy to manage when I get it. As soon as I feel pain I take a couple of paracetamol and that stops the pain. If I decide I don't want to take painkillers I end up rolling around claiming I'm dying because the pain is so bad even my lower back hurts, this will only last a few hours and then I'm fine again.

    I came and joined this forum today as I had a lot of pain for a few days last week and now the last two days I've been lightly bleeding, I'm not worried but wondered why after a year of nothing? I was enjoying my period free life :-(

    • chloere93 chloere93 Mizznewman90

      It's odd that you say that, because I was bleeding constantly on the implant and when I asked the nurse around the mirena when she took it out, she said it was the EXACT same hormones and that I would get the exact same symptoms.

      How long did you have the copper coil for? I understand symptoms are expected to last about 6 months (as with most contraception) but I'm so sick and tired of hormones and I definitely want to have a similar experience as I did with the imlant :\

  • Littlelizzie197 Littlelizzie197 lilliankentish

    This is a great discussion, and thank you for strating it!

    I've had the Mirina Coil fitted for 4 1/2 years, due to be changed in January. .. it's the best thing I've ever done! I haven't bled once, had no pain, no cramps.

    Before, the pain made me immobile, I was really really heavy and couldn't go anywhere.

    Thankfully I didn't read anything on the www, if I had, I wouldn't have had it fitted. It was my sister who suggested it.

    I took a little longer to do mine as I have a miss shaped cervix, twice it kicked it out! So 3 were used all together, eventually it stayed in and I'm so happy!

    I would totally recommend this coil. My 18 yr old daughter is now going thru the same agonising discomfort as I did, so now she's looking to get it fitted too... she is presently curled up in a ball next to me crying in pain, and there's nothing I can do but give her TLC. It's heart breaking, when you know exactly what she's going thru and also what could potentially stop it!

    • lilliankentish lilliankentish Littlelizzie197

      I'm so glad! More people with positive stories need to come forward! It's unfortunate when only the negative reviews are told, when the actual reality is so much greater!

      I hope everything goes well with your daughter smile I'm still so happy with my decision!

  • chloere93 chloere93 lilliankentish

    Hey Lillian,

    I would love to get an update on how you're getting along with your copper coil smile I've been on the pill since I was about 14 due to very heavy and painful periods, so I've never really had what I would call a 'natural' period in 8 years! I've also tried the injection and implant which didn't agree with me. The pill for the most part works very well for me, I don't suffer terrible with acne, haven't noticed any significant increase in my weight, I get headaches sometimes but because my blood pressure is fine this isn't a concern to the nurses, and it controlled my periods made them less random, lighter and less painful. So right off the bat I can imagine my experience may greatly differ than yours with how the coil might affect my periods- it's simply the convinience of having a long acting contraception that I don't have to think about that's making me want to change my mind, and hoping that my moods would improve without hormones.

    As with most contraception, I know that most symptoms SHOULD subside within 3-6 months and now that you're way past the mark, could I just ask how you're finding your periods now and if they are still irregular? Or if they're at all longer? I remember my average cycle was between 4-7 days, though unfortunately with the implant I randomly bled 28 days of the month- maybe stopping for 2 days at a time before it would all start up again- and I just really don't want to have a similar experience where my bleeding is all over the place. This in itself would be a big factor to having 'mood swings' even without those evil invisible hormones haha.

    I would also like to ask if you found that your breasts got smaller after stopping the pill? I'm a DD and having been on the pill so young I don't know how much of this was my natural growth or how much of it was thanks to the pill, as stupid as it sounds, it would really knock my confidence if I got significantly smaller after coming off of the pill haha!

    Anyway sorry for the long interrorgation! I'm just really trying to make my mind up because I'm two ways about the idea of bleeding a lot and having to worry about my pill!

    Thanks!! smile

    • lilliankentish lilliankentish chloere93

      Hey Chloe, don't worry about all the questions! Easy enough to answer smile

      As for an update, my periods aren't 100% settled but they are nearly there! They're about 34 days apart rather than 28, but they're only 5 days long and very predictable (1st day light, 2nd regular, 3rd & 4th heavy, 5th spotting). Still not much in a way of pain, I can feel a light pressure 1 day before I'm due, but I can receive waves of cramps when heavy, however still no need for paracetamol, although sometimes I do need to stop what I'm doing for a split second (a welcomed excuse for eating chocolate in the bath). I have also found myself to be a lot calmer, definitely less mood alteration - it's actually scary to think I was taking somethings everyday that changed me as a person. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't awful, but it was enough for me to notice the change smile.

      So you know, I am not a health profession and I can not give professional advice! But as a fellow girl that's done a lot a lot of research, have you considered the mirina coil? I only ask because you mentioned heavy and painful periods. Although only slightly, my periods have increased both in pain and flow to that of my 'natural' period. I believe this to be very typical and expected from the copper coil; statistics would say that the same would most likely happen to yours too.

      I know you said you wanted to be hormone free, and the mirina does have hormones in it, but I believe it's kept 'localised' within your womb and does not effect the rest of the body. I'm not entirely sure how this works, but people do seem convinced it does; maybe worth researching? With this coil you would still get the same level of protection and liberation!! Actually, potentially even more liberation because it completely halts your periods all together. This could also be appealing?

      As for breasts, I have to admit I'll be a really unfair case study! During the time of insertion and coming off the pill I was changing my life style at the same time; eating healthily, going to the gym most days (weight lifting, not cardio) etc. Although I stayed the same weight, and could still fit into the same clothes, I became less 'soft', and more toned, going from a 30E to a 28DD. So yes, my breasts went down two cup sizes. But I'd have 100% lost fat off them from going to the gym since I lost it all over my body, so I wouldn't be able to tell you how much would have been down to the pill/coil alone... My gut feeling however is that I don't think it was down to the change at all really, a cup at most.

      I hope this answers your questions smile ask any more you can think of! I feel that the coil is a hidden gem that should be shouted about! But I would have a closer look into the Mirina coil too, no periods, localised hormones, and 5-10 years no fuss is still pretty awesome!

    • chloere93 chloere93 lilliankentish

      Thank you so much for all your answers smile they were very helpful. I spoke to my nurse who put in and removed my implant about the mirina, she said it was the same hormomes as implant so would affect me the same way in the fact that I was bleeding all the time. I'm also very hesitant because my friend had the mirina and put on a very considerable amount of weight and her mood swings were borderline bipolar! After 3 visits to the doctor, twice of which they turned her away, she broke into tears begging them to remove it, saying that if they didn' she would do it herself! (This was after a year so plenty of time of adjusting)

      Her experiences completely terrified me from the idea, and I really would hate for it to be the same as the implant (bleeding and weight wise). Really it was going to be this or sticking with the pill sad which just about looks like will be my resort if I'll end up in pain again. I'll definitely talk more about it with a health care professional before I make my final verdict, also keeping in mind everyone's experience is different: but everywhere I've looked in regards to copper IUD, there just seems to be a pattern with the bleeding factor.

      What us women put our bodies through!! If only there was a button we just had to press to tell our bodies we're ready for a baby haha.

      Thanks again!! smile

    • lilliankentish lilliankentish chloere93

      Oh wow! That's awful. Such a shame sad my best friend has the mirina too and she's only ever had good experiences, and loves not having periods! It's crazy how much it can differ...

      I see the predicament that you are in... I'd agree that the best thing would be to talk to a professional, but at least you're researching your options properly, I hope that by having all the facts you are able to make the right choice for you!

      I'm waiting for the male contraception to come out! I think they said it would be ready in 2018!! No hormones and completely reversible. I know where my boyfriend will be going.... It's their turn. I think it will be welcomed by both parties, been way too long await!

  • emma44743 emma44743 lilliankentish

    Can't thank you enough for your review! I've been thinking of a copper iud for the longest time; I'm quite prone to terrible acne and see a dermatologist for it, so hormonal birth control has done a number on me and is really not worth the havoc on my hormones, face and self esteem. It's rather an embarassing/silly question, but I'm wondering if the copper makes any unpleasant odours or anything like that? I'm thinking it might be rather mortifying I started smelling like metal or rather unpleasant!

  • genie98106 genie98106 lilliankentish

    OK so I thought I'd give my POSITIVE experience too.

    Before deciding on contraception I read all the reviews of the different methods available, and to be honest I didn't like what I heard about IUDs.  However, hormones do not agree with me, so I nevertheless was interested in a copper coil.

    On 15th May 2015 I had a Eurimpharm T-safe CU 380AQL fitted, which is a ten year coil.

    I am a 37 year old childless woman.  In good health of normal weight.

    On the day I was particularly scared after reading some of the horror stories on the net.  But I need not have been.

    The insertion was pain-free, it was over within a minute, and felt just like having a cervical smear.  A slight tickling uncomfortable feeling that soon passed.

    I was warned that I would have some discomfort and pain afterwards.  And I did, I had mild period type pain that soon went after taking a couple of paracetemol.  This pain continued for 2 days afterwards and was accompanied with some mild bleeding.

    My cycle returned to normal after the initial bleeding.  Coming exactly on 30 days.  The first three periods were slightly heavier than normal, but I can report that my periods have now settled down and are just like they always have been.  No additional bleeding or pain.

    The only thing to note was the first time having sex, after the insertion of the IUD, about two weeks later, was slightly sore and there was bright red blood, as if from a cut.  It only happened that one time.  The pain and the blood not occuring again.  I think this was possibly due to the cervix being irritated from the insertion more than the actual IUD.

    So my recommendation is that the copper IUD is well worth the trouble.  Especially seeing as there are no horrid side-effects from hormones.  Sex drive, moods, skin, weight all normal.

  • kate76394 kate76394 lilliankentish


    I'm 21 and currently on the pill, have been for just shy of 3 years. I've only just started looking into the coil and find your review really really helpful thank you!! I get mood swings and sometimes they can be really bad but also suffer lack of libido. I know its personal but did anyone notice a difference in theirs when they came off the fake hormones?!

    The insertion sounds scary but doesn't sound like it'll be too bad in the long run. Have your periods finally settled down now? I really like the idea of not having fake hormones pumped into my body everyday!

    Thanks, K

    • lou1991 lou1991 kate76394

      Hi K,

      I had the coil removed a week ago after just shy of 5 months of use. I actually noticed a massive increase in my libido, I felt like a teenage boy (I'm 24). I don't know whether this is my natural state that I've just forgotten about because of years of using hormonal methods or whether this is one of those unspoken side effects.

      I had plenty of negative side effects outweighing the positives (no hormones, high libido). These included constant spotting everyday for the entire duration, a metallic smell (for the above user who asked), heavy bleeding and pain after orgasm and feeling bloated all the time. I was told all of this was 'normal' despite no mention of these in the booklet and no one talking about them online. I was actually told I would have a normal cycle, if slightly heavier, and with occasional spotting.

      I was told consistently that I'm just a 'bleeder', that I would continue to bleed after the coil was removed, but I have since started taking Loestrin 20 and my periods have stopped. I am happier and feel normal again. I cannot understand why any nurse or doctor would encourage a young woman to put up with constant bleeding, I was deeply unhappy because of it and despite the lack of hormones in my system I experienced PMS on an almost daily basis so my hormones where all over the place anyway.

      Unfortunately, it seems as though there is no 'one size fits all' method and it will take perserverance and some experimentation. Unless you are truly unhappy with your current method I would be cautious about trying other ones. I have tried the implant, mini-pill, condoms and the coil, only to return to the combined pill.

      I hope that helps you. I don't mean to put you off, I just didn't hear about any of my symptoms before having the coil fitted! For the record, it was in place and working as expected when I had it removed.

    • lilliankentish lilliankentish kate76394

      I'm so glad you've found my review helpful! It's good to know it's getting out there, and doing what a review is supposed to do smile

      I also suffered mood swings and lack of libido while on the pill, although I didn't fully realise it that it was due to hormones at the time!

      When I came off the pill I noticed I was less prone to crying (I was at risk of crying while watching Secret Millionaire) as well as less (irrationally) irritable. It's nice knowing that any rare mood swings I have are solely down to just me, and they almost feel more real. Like you can trust them (an odd way to explain them).

      My libido has also increased (nothing crazy), and is more constant; before it would be up and down, with phases of complete lack of interest.

      Insertion does sound scary, and it's not the prettiest thing in the world, but I found weighing up the pros and cons really helped. Seems like you've already done that though smile, I found comfort in the fact that if so many women before me survived, then I would too.

      Maybe ask your nurse who their best doctor is for these procedures? Or at least for the most experienced doctor. You are allowed to request certain doctors, and my nurse suggested mine, claiming that if she won't be able to do it (insertion), then no one would be able too. That was a big claim! But it really settled my nervous knowing that I was in good hands.

      It's been 10 months now, and my periods are completely settled, give or take a day. It's interesting learning my body again.

      I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please do fire away smile.

    • kate76394 kate76394 lilliankentish

      Thank you both so much! Lou1991 thank you for sharing your experience certainly gives me something to think about!

      I've suspected for a while it could be the hormones just from looking up loss of libido online and it even comes up on websites aimed at guys! I used to have a healthy libido but noticed around 2years ago that it just stopped. I wasn't sure what it was and seems to have gotten worse ever since hence the googling.

      Like liliankentish I also get annoyed or irritable for no reason and feel like I cry when its unnecessary even if I try and stop myself crying it fails!

      I only started looking at the coil last night /this morning and think it might be for me just need to pluck up the courage to get into the doctors. Did anyone notice sudden mood swings as their body was getting used to the coil or as a previous fake hormones were leaving their body? I also find whenever I go for a check up I get asked about alternative long term contraception such as the implant but the coil is never mentioned, does anyone know why that is?

    • CookieinSA CookieinSA lilliankentish

      Oh my word, talk abt crying. I hd terrible mood swings whn I ws using nuresterte (2mnth shot),it almost destroyed my marriage. I wld cry and be very angry over small and simple things. Wld be uncomfortable whn a gal passes by, wld check if my hubby s watching her and wld cry or start a fight to a point of suicidal thoughts. It used to confuse me at times as I wld extremely happy afterwards.I was so unbearably wet during intercourse,was so uncomfortable and ddnt enjoy felt embarrassed. We were so confused and unhappy , I then got very sick cldnt walk, had black huge clots and had to stop using it. Switched to depo,pleasant experience bt xtremely low sex libido and huge weight gain. But no mood swings. I ws supposed to go back for the next shot today bt I m thinking of copper, we hv bn discussing it for months now, m just gonna go try and pray for the best.The best part is that it is reverseable. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • m0nstereater m0nstereater lilliankentish


    im going on monday because i have started my period. i have been doing so much research about iuds and one thing i am worried about are the hormones... i was on the pill before, depressed, no sex drive and gained weight, im not on any pill right now losing weight and feeling so great. after reading your review i really want to get the copper. the doctor said that periods are heavier and i have read about cramps but none of that stuff really bothered me before so i dont think it would now?? how are you doin now!? do you still recommend it?? thank you again!

    • emma44743 emma44743 m0nstereater

      Personally I am soo happy I found this thread! I was sick of hormonal things as well and thanks to the copper iud I could finally get my hormones under control and start healing my acne without hormonal interference. Personally the insertion felt like a huge pinch basically, sort of like the worst period cramp you've had just in one go. But that bit lasted only a moment it was like a wave of intense cramping. I will note that my first period after it was a bit heavier and my ovulation symptoms like tender breasts and some mood swings were a bit intense but nothing crazy. Just have painkillers on hand for the cramping in the days after. Honestly so worth it a month later for me, you'll soon almost forget it's there! Just check for the strings every month and that's it smile

    • m0nstereater m0nstereater

      I just got it put in and it was terrible. I cried sad how long until the cramps stop?? The doctor said it was too low bc. I jumped and was going to have to do it again but it might be ok. Was this the right choice?? Sorry feeling so sensitive

    • emma44743 emma44743 m0nstereater

      Oh no sad I remember the cramps feeling terrible for the first few days but they would come in waves that I'd take painkillers for. They also felt extra intense because my period was coming up, which explained the mood swings! Give yourself plenty of reason to pamper yourself, really rest up and hang in there, lounge around as much as possible! I remember feeling terribly sensitive and moody as well but thst was due to my oncoming period and this can also be a new and very emotional experience in my opinion! Remember to check in with your doctor if anything severe happens. Dont be alarmed if theres bleeding or spotting for a bit. If you can get through the first few weeks (of course it's different for everyone, I hope less for you of course!!) the cramps disappear and you should eventually only get them when you have your period!

  • ChipZa ChipZa lilliankentish

    I am also very grateful to have found this thread. Thank you for starting the conversation! I’d like to share my experience in hope it will help others. Before coming across this discussion I wondered why no one was talking about the copper coil. I have tried the pill, the patch and the injection. I heard about the copper coil a few years ago and at the time wasn’t exposed to the information available at present. My last straw was when the gynecologist put me on a pill prescribed for women experiencing signs of menopause. The hormone party happening inside me was torture. Thankfully I stopped when I did. Here is how it went for me:

     Three things had to be done before insertion:

    1.    Pregnancy test

    2.    Cytotec tabs evening before insertion

    3.    Cataflam D, 1 hour before insertion 

    The process was over in a few minutes, there was a slight twitch when it was inserted. I drove myself home thereafter. (no side effects or drowsiness experienced). I did experience a fair amount of post bleeding on the day of insertion and there has been daily spotting.  

    I followed the advice of my gynecologist (who had prepared me for the worse pain imaginable) with regards to the pain medication - so perhaps that could be the reason why I didn’t experience to much of cramps. (I took a tablet before and after and had a good nap when I got home)

    I was advised to use sanitary pads and liners; this was a struggle for me (I generally don’t use these).  I tried it for a few days and then went back to the tampon. I was advised that you should not use tampons immediately after, to ensure that the coil is in place.

     This product needed a prescription, and it had to be inserted by a gynecologist, most of the gynecologist’s I spoke to were hesitant and gave me negative reviews in the past. It’s unfortunate because if the scenario was different I could have saved myself years of emotional roller coasters.


    It is very liberating to be hormone free!!  Specialists can say what they know / think and advise you the pro’s / con’s but each of us react differently and ultimately it’s your body and reactions. Don’t be afraid to take control. 


    Oh and time wise, it’s been around 4 weeks since insertion. 

  • kay56436 kay56436 lilliankentish


    I'm so glad I found this thread, since it's still recent cheesygrin

    I'm kind of torn between the Copper IUD and the Mirena IUS. I'm currently on the implant, and recently I've started bleeding non-stop (Well, just about - I have about 2 days free, but then the red monsoon is unleashed once more frown wink

    I've also put on SO much weight, to the point where I can't manage it anymore. I can't fit into any of my clothes, it's pretty embarrassing tbh. I've also been exhausted every day - I end up sleeping 12 hours or more every night, it's so bad.

    I've had blood tests to check my thyroid, blood sugar levels, and iron levels and everything is fine apparently... 

    SO - what would you recomend? I really want a long term form of contraception - I'm planning to move to Finland this August, and contraception costs A LOT over there, so the coil would be most cost effective. I feel the implant is really messing with me, so I was leaning towards the copper IUD, but I kinda feel like the Mirena has less horrible side effects... 

    Just a little side info on me, I'm 19 and I've never had any children. I have a sneaking suspition that the insertion is going to hurt a lot for me, but I'm definitely going to take your advice and take some painkillers before I get it done.

    Thank you! cheesygrin

    • m0nstereater m0nstereater kay56436

      Hi there!! I was really torn between the two also. I hate hormones so I went the copper. It hurt. I'm going to be honest, for me, I screamed. I've stopped bleeding and forget that it's even there. I'm goi g for a check up soon bc she said it was too low but we will see. I'm glad I chose the copper!

    • kelly2904 kelly2904 m0nstereater

      Hi can I ask if anyone has come off the pill had the copper coil fitted and managed to lose weight. I've put 3 stone on and can't budge it. I'm going for a consultation on Monday for the coil. I think what I'll find weird is I've never had a period in years so will not be looking forward to that. Do you have to have it fitted after you've had a period? Thanks

  • katie41248 katie41248 lilliankentish

    Hey everyone. I had a copper IUD fitted on 7th march, not gonna lie I found it very uncomfortable although the actual pain only lasted a few seconds but it was intense! But I am 24 and childless so this might be why. I had cramping all that evening but took painkillers and chilled out and next day felt fine with mild spotting.

    However, 5 weeks later my first period arrived which was a bit painful but nothing intrusive, but later that day I noticed my strings hanging outside-went back to my clinic the next day and found it had partially expelled itself 😩 so had to have it removed. I'm going back in a few weeks to have another put in as otherwise I was happy with it, just really didn't think it would happen to me. But they said they would only try once more. 

    Also, I was told no tampons for 6 months, but I did use a menstrual cup and I wonder if that pulled the strings in any way. But either way I am not looking forward to the insertion again-but might ask for some numbing gel?! Was not offered to me. Button the short time I had it it was great-definitely felt liberated!

    • m0nstereater m0nstereater katie41248

      Hi!! I was told no cups because of the suction when you take it out!! At least in the beginning. I asked a friend about tampons and she said she started using them the next day. I waited two weeks before using them. just have to make sure it's not dry when you pull it out. I want to use the cup but worried about pulling it out. I also googled it about the cup. Good luck getting it put in again!!

    • katie41248 katie41248 m0nstereater

      Hey! Really?! I didn't know that, and when I told the nurse that I used it she said that shouldn't be a problem. It's crazy how mixed the information and advice is that they give out. But I just hate using pads it makes me feel so dirty! Especially on heavier days. But I guess I will have to put up with it. Fingers crossed it works 2nd time. I keep finding horror stories online though that's making me have second thoughts 😕

    • m0nstereater m0nstereater katie41248

      Oh please don't tell me that because I've already gotten it done!! I wore pads after it was inserts and then when I got my period again I wore pass and tried a tampon and it was ok! I just try to do as much research as possible. My gyno said I didn't need to check for strings but I've read everywhere else you should so I'm going to!

    • katie41248 katie41248 m0nstereater

      That's so strange- the nurse told me to check after every period without fail-as that's when it's most likely to expel. It's just got me thinking that it could expel at anytime without me knowing and then I could end up pregnant. But there's literally no more options!!


  • becc91713 becc91713 lilliankentish

    Hi, I was reading your post about the coil insertion & mine was pretty much the same, read reviews with terrified me & in the waiting room I just wanted to get up & go home haha but I did it & there was nothing to worry about.

    Can I ask tho, how was the sporting afterwards? I had mine fitted Wednesday (27/4/16) & since then I've had very little spotting just a clearish/grey discharge which has a little smell like the end of a period, is this normal? I know I haven't had it in long & not really had any pain. I've had unprotected sex with my partner of 4 years for the first time. Just wanted to know what was normal & what isn't, debating wether to ring my doctors tomorrow.

    Any advice would be great. smile

  • lola91959 lola91959 lilliankentish

    Just wanted to ask a few questions and share my experience. I am 19 years old, never had children and had the coil inserted 5 days ago. The whole experience was SO much better than I had expected after reading so many horror stories online. 

    When I arrived in the doctors room she asked me how my pain tolerance was - to which I replied 'I don't know' and she suggested that because I am young, she would recommend using local anaesthetic. The whole procedure was very quick (6 minutes max), after the speculum was inserted the doctor injected my cervix with anaesthetic (which she told me would feel pinchy - but I felt nothing!) then my uterus was measured (this was slightly uncomfortable, a bit like mild period pains). The same pain happened again on insertion and then it was all done, very bearable! She said I had a small cervical os (the hole) and so it was harder to get in but the anaesthetic definitely stopped me noticing!

    After getting up and leaving (which was fine, she had a little go at me for getting up too quickly but I wanted to leave haha) cramping started to kick in, which was uncomfortable for the day and night but then was almost unnoticeable the next day. 

    Since then I have had mild spotting, which has gradually increased. I have continued to take my pill until the end of the packet, and am due to be on it tomorrow (maybe that is why I still have bleeding). 

    My questions are:

    - How long will this bleeding last for?

    - I also tried to feel for the strings as instructed but can't actually feel them at all. I'm not really worried and will bring it up on my check in, because I put my fingers all the way up (sorry if this is tmi!!!) and still cannot feel my cervix - so I'm thinking its just too far to reach maybe.


    • lilliankentish lilliankentish lola91959

      That is brilliant news, I'm glad they initated the pain relief, so many are never offered it!

      Unfortunately (unless stated in previous comments), I can't remember when I stopped bleeding, but I'm going to say it was on and off for a month. I remember buying a lot of pantie liners! But it was nothing traumatic, I guess I would have remembered then!

      As for the strings, I can easily reach my cervix so I'm not sure how to help you there... Have you googled ways to feel a high cervix? Maybe squatting down? It will lower for your period I believe, so could be enough then! Otherwise you're definitely best off asking your gyno at your next meeting like you mentioned. You won't be the only one with this problem so I'm sure they will have some suggestions smile

      I hope this helps!


    • m0nstereater m0nstereater lola91959

      When I went for the insertion I was on my period so mine was spoting from that and probably from the insertion. But after that I haven't spotted since and I am so happy with my decision. At first I couldn't feel mine either but I kept trying. I read to try squatting but that didn't help with me but it probably does w others. I can now feel mine. My boyfriend said he can feel it too during sex... Anyone else?

    • lola91959 lola91959 lilliankentish

      Ok thank you! I'll just have to wait and see! I will try again but not going to stress about it so will wait until I have been back to the gyno. 

      So far so good though, apart from bleeding I've not been in any pain so I'm staying positive!

  • monique44687 monique44687 lilliankentish

    Ok so I don't know if I should be freaking out or not. 

    I had my insertion 4 days ago. Had a little pain at the insertion, maybe 5 min max. Went home had light spotting two days and then heavy bleeding yesterday and today. Since day 2 I had already felt my strings so was relieved but this morning I checked and I could feel the iud end straight down in my cervix. When I it my finger up past vagina I could feel the end of the iud and followed along and could feel the opening of the cervix. 

    I don't know if this is considered expulsion or not. It is under my skin but I don't think it should be so low in my cervix. 

    This is my first time getting iud m I have no idea what other method I could use as birth control has not been effective. I have had a child and met the requirements as a good candidate for it. Was really excited about having the relief of birth control but now I don't know if this is right. 

    I am having no pain yet though. 

    Any advice? Is my body still healing ad adjusting, could it have shifted since insertion. I did have sex last night too . 

    Overwhelmed now 

  • natalie93183 natalie93183 lilliankentish


    Sorry if I'm replying to a super old post I'm just wondering how long it took for the coil to settle down with regards to spots?

    I'm having mine done tonight and the main reason I'm wanting it is because since starting cerazette I've suffered with awful adult hormonal acne.

    I too have read awful reviews and blogs that is starting to put me off.

    Thank you

    • becc91713 becc91713 natalie93183

      Hi smile I had my copper coil fitted about a month ago now. Before the fitting I googled & read this & that, in all honesty wish I hadn't tbh because the fitted was nowhere as bad as I'd read. I've had two children & had it fitted 2nhalf months after having my second child, was a breeze really just a little uncomfortable as expect & was a little light headed afterwards but my doctor who fitted it just let me sit & wait until I felt okay to leave. Had hardly any sporting afterwards maybe like the end of a period was nothing really then I'd say about 5 days afterwards I started my actual period & that lasted around 12days usually I'm on for say 4/5 days so was definitely longer but since then I've had no problems. It's settled really well, no pain, no mood swings no spotting literally nothing. Even tho it's been a month I'm really pleased, just to say everyone on the coil takes to it differently so it really is trial & error. If it doesn't agree with you then just get it removed, hope this helped smilex

    • natalie93183 natalie93183 becc91713


      Thank you for replying.

      That's really helped thanks, I'll just give it a go a guess and I hope I'm one of the lucky ones hehe. I'm also a little worried because I'm going on holiday on Saturday but I'm going to mention that to the nurse beforehand anyway :-)

    • m0nstereater m0nstereater natalie93183

      Hi! I've had mine a couple months now! I got mine fitted while I was on my period so I don't know about spotting but I haven't had any spotting since! My periods are heavier but I don't mind! It's nothing too crazy. It hurt for me to get it fitted but don't worry the next day you'll be fine! Good luck and let us know how it goes!

    • emma44743 emma44743 natalie93183

      Just wanted to add I've had my copper iud for quite a few months now, and it was the hugest relief to be able to get my acne under control without hormonal birth control methods making it worse! Acne was more than bad skin, it seriously affected my self esteem, when I was usually a confident and outgoing person! It is a physical condition, but I believe it's also emotional. I really hope your copper coil works out! Chin up :D

  • v40096 v40096 lilliankentish

    This really makes me want to try the coil now! I was offered feonolla and have taken it for about three months, but forgot it for a few days and my period is back with a vengeance. I like the idea of having no artificial hormones too, i feel like it's doing mystert things that I'd rather not have.

  • Natural Girl Natural Girl lilliankentish

    Thank You!!!

    I agree, having had awful times on depo and pills I was not made aware of this hormone free coil!  I have never birthed and was worried it would be awful having it put in.  I am so going to book an appointment to get the ball rolling on this!  I am on here to find info like yours on the copper coil!  So thank you!  Out of interest, you've had it a year now, any update on how it's doing??

    • aeh1 aeh1 Natural Girl

      Did you go ahead with it naturalgirl?

      I too had a terrible time with depo and the pill so having copper iud fitted tomorrow.

      I am glad I found some positive stories I was started to wish I hadn't searched!


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