Copper coil / IUD insertion review 2015

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I feel there is an unfair amount of negative reviews of coil insertions online. I had mine fitted two days ago now, but the week leading to my appointment I was torturing myself by reading every insertion review and account, especially of those childless. So come the fitting, I was extremely nervous and on the verge of changing my mind. Afterwards however, I felt extremely liberated and empowered, and realising there is an unbalance in reviews I thought I'd share my experience for anyone else that is considering the coil and or is very worried - like I certainly was! I know that every body is different and reacts in different ways and that I can not speak for every women.

The facts;

5'2", 21 years old, childless

T-Safe CU 380A QL - model of coil

Insertion two days after period

Took boots own ibuprofen and codeine tablets 1 hour prior

Numbing gel applied by doctor

The thought of pain was my main hold back, so my first question to my doctor was if a local anaesthetic could be an option (no one told me it was before in all my build up appointments). She said I'm more than welcome to one, but she would advise the numbing gel instead, and that the local anaesthetic is always there if I change my mind or becomes too painful.

I think this is extremely important, and that while we are so medically advanced we should not have to subject ourselves to pain if we do not need to.

I took her advice (she has been fitting them for years), and with the comfort of a local anaesthetic being ready to hand and full trust in my doctor, I didn't need it at all - to my surprise!

Now the pain - well, there was none. It was uncomfortable. You're held open, then numbing gel is applied so you're wet and sticky, she then held my cervix, used a long stick looking instrument to measure the length of my cervix, checked how I was coping, then swiftly interested the coil, cut the threads and I was done. Within minutes, and it was definitely only a few seconds when I had anything going up my cervix.

Don't get me wrong, I felt it, but not painfully, and it made my toes curl up, but it wasn't anything I couldn't manage again. I've a small white tattoo on my ribs, and that was much worse. As everyone describes, it's like a period cramp, but it somewhat travels up, so you can almost guess what's happening but not quite.

I just concentrated on my breathing, and told myself if most other women can do it, then so can I. However, I don't know if I would have been just as brave without the painkillers or numbing gel! But girls, you can have that too, and with a local anaesthetic if you wanted!!! - I can't stress this enough.

I was fine to drive myself home afterwards, I was aware of the cramps, like the pressure on your womb you get during a period, and a little light headed (I justified some sweets at this point haha), but again nothing I couldn't manage! I used a pad for the slight bleeding too, and didn't need any more painkillers after the first two.

I couldn't believe how easy it was, and I'm ashamed at how it isn't made abundantly clear to women that pain relief is readily available! Had I known, it wouldn't have taken me two years to pluck up the courage.

I am now hormone free (amazing!!!), free from mood swings, weight gain, spots, the list goes on! And I do not need to worry about contraception for 10 years. 10 years!! I simply check that there are two stings coming out of my cervix now and again. My boyfriend isn't bothered by them in the slightest either. He has only gone looking for them out of pure curiosity! Other than that he cannot feel them, and is just glad that I am hormone free, and happy.

It astounds me that this isn't a more widely used form of contraception. And I think that is mainly down to the idea of the insertion pain, and being squeamish of the T shape left inside. However I would rather that, than pump my body full of invisible chemicals.

I hope this helps someone, and I also hope you're as happy and as liberated as I am with a copper coil. I've already had some girlfriends convert!


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    Thought I'd do a follow up review, 12 weeks (26th May) since insertion on the 4th March 2015! (With what I can remember)

    For the first week I had very light spotting and hardly any cramps, if anything it was just a general pressure over my stomach. But I had paracetamol at the ready!

    After a week I didn't notice anything at all. The one thing that is a little gross though was mucus, it's not like normal discharge and I was told by my GP it would happen. Probably every day or two, at some point I'd pass some clear/cream coloured mucus. This however still didn't change anything, and I didn't need to take any precautions for it! It's simply the body softening the coil (I believe), and completely natural!

    Now I was prepared for my body to go a bit off and take a while to settle down, period wise. Three weeks (24th march) after insertion I had three days of light spotting which I believe is when my period was due.

    It wasn't till the 21st April that a had what we would class as a real period. It didn't hurt any more than any periods I've had since 14, but personally I've never really experienced any major cramps or pain during my periods, only slight cramps and a general/constant pressure over my stomach.

    However I was heavier than what I was used to for three days (a bit stressed because it came during my deadline week so I don't know if that could have played a part). Since I was a little in the unknown I took extra precautions! I went up a tampon size (regular to super) and wore a regular pad. I needed it at one point! I study engineering and was in a theatre full of boys, I was very glad I had!!

    Apart from still learning what my periods will be like, and buying a pack of regular and super tampons, instead of just regular and lite, it was a normal period. Lasted under a week, three days actual bleeding, a few days spotting.

    Today (26th May) I expected I'd be on my next period by now, but no show so far. But again, I knew it would take my body a while to settle so no stress!

    And still 110% happy with my decision of getting a coil, still feeling liberated! No pills, no condoms, no worrying, no hormones. My boyfriend has been brilliant throughout the process too, and been completely accepting.

    To anyone worrying about having a plastic/copper 'thing' in your body, wouldn't you rather that than pumping your body with hormones? I view hormones as a chemical straitjacket, just because we're not able to see them, doesn't mean they're not doing doing the body harm.

    Any other questions, however random or embarrassing, send them my way!!

    One girl has asked me 'can your boyfriend feel it?' - yes he can if he actively wants to feel it (by 'it' I mean the strings that exit your uterus, not the coil itself, even you can't feel that). Every month I use the tip of my finger to check it's still there by feeling the strings. He can do the same, and he has out of pure curiosity. Other than that, never ever noticed it during sex, and I've asked him!

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      Really appreciate your review. Hope you don't mind me asking if you ever experienced prolonged bleeding on any of the other methods you've tried? The copper coil is my last resort in trying to find something that works for me! Are you still having good results?

      Thank you.

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      No, I haven't experienced any actually. But then again, I've only ever tried the patch and the pill (Yasmin). I had other annoying side effects like weight fluctuation, prone to cystitis and thrush, hard to orgasm, lower libido, not to mention mood swings.

      Still having good results! My only downside would be my body settling, still learning my 'new' periods, but I guess I'd have had this coming off the pill either way!

      I believe the copper coil makes your periods slightly heavier, mine are for one day out of the four that I'm on. But again, nothing painful or anything that would cause me to worry smile

      I hope that helps!

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      I was on the pill so long I forgot what my period was like. It's definitely heavier. I never had cramps but I do now, and they're intense. Sometimes it even hurts to poo. Sorry TMI but it's true.

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    I think your right,these sites are bound to be unbalanced. I posted a comment on my coil which was not a nice experience but did say it's different for everyone. Friends have said it was ok and yes they had a little pain but nothing like my experience. I had a high level of pain after for 6 hours and vomited a couple of times as well as period like pain for 1 week and bleeding which continues but lightly. I'm now 12 days post inserting and pain free. I'm looking forward to the bleeding stopping. I'm still taking my pill for now though as I'm off to a festival and dint want a period. I'd like to ask people if you definately have to check for the strings to confirm the coil is still in the correct position? I was not advised to do this and the place I had it done have changed the policy so no follow up is needed unless I have a problem.

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      Oh man, that really doesn't sound like to had a good time! I hope it all pays off for you though!!

      I was told to check strings after every period, I assume to simply check that they're still there. I've never had a problem, just check them in the shower smile

      I'm not a health professional! But I'd suggest you do check now and again, only because my friend went to routinely check hers once, and she couldn't feel the strings, booked an appointment, and it turns out her coil had embedded itself and she had to go through a lot to get it sorted out (all is good and well with her though, nothing crazy or scary!). So I guess if she didn't check, she'd have never known, and a pregnancy in the mix would have made it even worse!

      Hope that helps smile. (It's easy to check though, I wouldn't worry about it much)

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    Hey I am 19 and Im really considering getting the copper coil after reading this review! sick of hormones from the pill. The only thing that really worries me is the thought of copper toxicity/infection and Ive heard some horror stories about imbedding causing infertility because of scar tissue on the uterus.. do you think this is a genuine risk involved with getting the coil?
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      There are definitely risks with the coil, alike the pill and other contraceptions. And there are worrying horror stories with all (people have fatal blood clots caused by Yasmin). What reassures me with the coil, is that nearly all Gynaecologists opt for the coil over any other type of contraception method, and if anyone was to fully understand the risks, it would be them!

      Remember the internet can be your enemy with this sort of research, 'look and you will find' type thing. Have a look for some genuine trustworthy statistics on your concerns. This was one of my main reasons for writing this review smile I felt the benefits haven't been shouted about enough!

      But yes, there will be an element of risk, you just need to quantify it against other methods that either you're already on, or considering smile. After I'd looked at the stats, the coil was a no brained for me smile

      I hope this has helped!

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      Thanks for the reply!  And yeah reading about the pill risks online freaks me out just as much as the coil ones do! Im just worried about the insertion and something going wrong with that as I cant tell my mum I am getting it and worried something will go wrong and will have to have surgery or something, but I guess those sorts of problems are very rare.

      Did the doctor tell you anything to look out for that could be concerning like sharp pains/flu's could be pelvic inflammetry disease?


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      Please I beg you, do not opt for the copper coil. I had the copper coil inserted as I have big problems with hormonal contraception. I ended up bleeding heavily and being in constant pain. I had Dr's appointments, hospital appointments and scans for the whole time and nobody could tell me why, I had to go through all of that and they still tried to convince me to keep it in, I had to keep asking before it was finally removed.

      I've had the Mirena in for a year now, I went with the Mirena because unlike most hormonal contraception it is localised to the area it needs to be in.

      It is your decision,I thought you at least need to hear my experience with the copper coil before ruling the Mirena out

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      I went with the POP pill/mini pill before opting for any type of coil  and been taking it two weeks and so far no problems whatsoever. I am just uneasy about taking pills constantly!
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