Could it be Crohns?

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I have been to the doctor so many times with my problems .. I'd like advice before I make another trip.

I am 27 years old, I am a very healthy eater and I exercise often (running, yoga). However, I have been experience irritable bowel symptoms for approx 6 years (foul gas, severe abdominal pain, upset stomach, loose stools).

When it first started in college I was experiencing a frequent upset stomach and brain fog, I tried cutting out dairy, gluten, tried food journals.. had some blood tests done, no luck.

Couple years later things got worse and I started experiencing more frequent diarrhea/loose stools.. had my stool tested, doctor suggested I try probiotics, did an endoscopy looking for signs of celiac, no luck. 

Last summer I worked with a dietitian and naturopath and tried supplements and the FODMAP diet, I was very strict for 8 weeks, and had little to no change. I developed insomnia during this time, not sure if it was related, but it was very stressful. And all the doctor suggested was antidepressants. I finally gave in and started them in October, and surprise surprise, no change.

I am always fatigued, my immune system sucks, I have recently been working with a cardiologist because I have constant racing heart/heart palpitations. And whenever my stool is solid I get anal fissures - I have had one for the past couple months that just wont heal.

Any advice is appreciated, I feel like I am going crazy. Thank you.


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    COuld be anything, even bile acid malabsorption 

    You need to return to your gp,

    Ask for fecal calproctin test and full blood count.

    That’s the first step really.

    Lots of condition symptoms overlap. And testing is the only answer.

    It’s not an idea for people to say it ‘sounds’ like ibd due to the overlap of symptoms.

    Fissures are common in the general population, not just Ibd community.

    Personally, first step, stool tests 

    Good luck and feel better soon

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    Hi Alyssa

    Wow, how great to hear someone taking responsibility for their health and trying every possible way to help their body get well. It is truly refreshing 🤗

    You sound like me at 27......doing everything you can to get well but not succeeding and all tests coming back inconclusive. In the end resorting to a diagnosis of depression. Back in my day antidepressants weren't forced upon me thankfully, but I imagine had they been an option then I probably would've tried.  

    I went on to later be diagnosed with Crohn's after an extemely acute episode. But that's not to say you have Crohn's......but your symptoms do mirror mine?!?!

    The fatigue and palpitations might be caused by anaemia or just low ferritin or B12. Have you had your iron and folate levels checked. Even when they're still within range but very low you can be symptomatic. Look into it. 

    A  colonoscopy isn't the only way to diagnose Crohn's.....especially as it is often found in the small intestine and not in the colon. A small bowel MRI can usually pinpoint areas affected. 

    The Calprotectin test is an easy way to find out if there is inflammation within the bowel so worth doing. 

    Sorry this is so long

    Don't give up and just keep looking after yourself and trusting your instincts.......and research everything x


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      Thank you for your kind words Hannah, definitely makes me feel better. Its crazy, I don't want to have the disease, but I want an answer so I at least know how to move forward with my life. Thank you again, I think I will bug my doctor again to move forward with stool test and colonoscopy.

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    You know it can be many different things. It took years for them to diagnose me. I finally had such bad symptoms that I had to rush to the hospital. I was passing large amounts of blood and I was weak. They scheduled an emergency Colonoscopy and that is when they found the source of the bleeding. I had been having symptoms on and off ever since I was a small child. I was 38 when they said I had Inflammatory Bowel Disease and by that time I nearly needed blood transfusions as I lost so much. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a while to find out what is wrong. Go back to your doctor and tell them you need more testing. Did they do any tests for inflammation? There is a blood test for it, they also need to see if you are low on any vitamins or minerals. Something is wrong and I am not convinced that it points to IBD, but it could be. Stay strong and insist on getting some answers. I hope you don't have IBD, there are enough of us and we don't need any more. I wish you luck and hope you feel better soon.

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    I have been sick on and off, we go through periods of remission and disease. I was in clinical remission for a while, but right now I have been fighting it again. We do what we can. I will be ok, but there is always pain, even while in what they call remission I really never feel 100%
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    They usually start with stool and blood tests,

    Blood tests will show nutritional status, liver kidney functions, iron etc

    The stool tests are for parasites , blood, inflammation,

    Then as Hannah said there are


    Cte or mri scans

    And sometimes X-rays

    It can be a long process for Ibd diagnosis.

    There are tests for your immunity ability, but anxiety can make you generally run down anyway 

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    Having a really bad spell. Over the weekend I had severe pain and so so nauseated, was on the bathroom floor unable to move. I'm living off plain scrambled eggs, bananas, and plain mashed potatoes and even that doesn't sit well. I am also extremely tired, been sleeping fairly well, but still so drained.

    Saw my doctor last night.. she said my stomach felt and sounded fine after she touched it and listened for a minute, asked me if I am stressed....

    She was reluctant but did give me a referral for the colonoscopy.


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