Crying in the mornings..

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Ok so I'm crying as I write this, and don't really know why.. I had a spell of crying every single morning with anxiety and just plain bad feelings for about 6 months. It let up for a while but now it's back.. What gives?? Anyone else have these bad mornings that go on with the crying and feeling like doom, until like the noon hour?? And does it ever end? 😢

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    Also feel weak shakey and just plain bad! And feels like nobody understands I mean at all, they look at you like your nuts!! Tired of feeling like this mess..
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    I feel like this too, I had a cry this morning.  Don't know why, just couldn't help it.  I worry about so much and am so fed up with all this stuff

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    I can cry just out of nowhere. My anxiety has been SUPER high lately. The feeling of doom and dread lingers the entire day. Xanax helps a bit, but not completely. I wish there were more answers to help during this phase of life. Good luck ladies....
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      It's definitely a doom and gloom feeling for me as well, and it happens like clockwork every morning followed by lots of crying and anxiety, just wish it would go away ugh!!! And I can cry too out of nowhere, I've never cried so much in all my life than I have in this past year since all this began...

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    I could have written this!!!

    I just read it out to my husband and he said did you write that!

    I am a mess

    I went 13 months with no period after a ten year peri

    To cut a long story short I had half my thyroid removed inAugust due to a nodule and BAM a period the next day

    I struggle to breath every day I cry constantly no energy I keep telling my husband I feel like I’m dying 

    Had ECG had chest X-ray all recent after surgery all clear

    About to have another round of blood tests as scan shows fatty liver

    I don’t drink or smoke I eat healthy so go figure!!!


    I had a hell on Earth peri now I’m counting all over again

    I’m beyond exhausted 

    Like you my husband and kids tell me it’s anxiety the breathless thing

    Who knows

    All my five kids are grown but every one is fed up with hearing me freak out

    I go to work I’m a carer and come home 

    That’s it

    Don’t wan to try HRTbas tried every pill going when I was younger never agreed with me

    I’m sensitive to meds

    Hell im sensitive to air right now 🙄🙄

    I said all that to say this I hear you I’m right there with you

    This forum over the last ten years has been my lifesaver 

    Hang in there honey

    You are not alone 

    God bless you x

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      Thank you Michelle it feels so helpful just knowing there are others out there going through the same, cause I feel so alone with all this misery! And my 2 kids are grown and gone on there own as well, but I feel you when you say they're so over hearing you freak out.. My youngest tells me often can't you just be done with all this already I just want my mom back which makes me feel even worse. And even my 8 year old grandson asks me Nana why can't we just go to the movies anymore just you and i, that hurts so much, and he says is it your anxiety?? And I tell him yes when I'm all better we'll go again. Something about the movie theater and anxiety just don't mix, and I can't sit in there.. This is all just overwhelming and exhausting and sick of it ... You sound like your hubby is very supportive that's great! Just curious why do you have to count peri all over again when you went 13 months then just had another one out of blue, thought you cross over no matter what of no periods after 12 months? Me I will never know because I had the hysterectomy but still have ovaries so no periods ugh, very frustrating not knowing if I've crossed over, but then again I think if I knew I'd be driving myself even more coo-coo watching and waiting for the periods to stop and getting more frustrated if they returned right before my 12 month mark..take care thank you for sharing..

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      Awww thank you toffeecushion yes I definitely make up for it with movie night at home for sure, but I guess he knows the difference it's just all so heartbreaking when you have to tell them not today just not feeling well. So then I do other things like buy him a toy or make cookies, things we can do at home ?

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      To be honest I’m not totally sure I do have to start counting again

      I’ve not had another period since that fluke one

      Mayb I am in full meno

      I don’t know anymore!

      I’ve now convinced myself I’ve got asthma!!

      But I’ve convinced myself I’ve had many illnesses in the past

      I have two grandchildren also it’s tough

      We are all here for you

      Keep talking it makes all the difference x

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      The asthma sounds all to familar for me as well, it started for me last summer, never ever have I had any kind of asthma in my life, and not even sure it is asthma, but I do know that when I eat certain things I feel like I can't breathe, but there is a lot of gas and belching so not sure if the feeling of not being able to breathe is a true asthma feeling or just trapped gas and belching, so I feel that same thing, it's awful whatever it is... Take care..

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      Michelle take the menopause test strips that you pee to see if you've reached menopause yet they work great, I order them off the internet, it's like taking a pregnancy test only it's a menopause hormone test for at home. My guess is your probably there if you went 13 months without a period.. I take them tests often throughout the month to help me know because of my hysterectomy and not knowing where I'm at in my cycle.. The readings fluctuate with your hormones but when I'm feeling crazy bad they always show positive reading!!

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    Yes me too. The worry and worrying about why you are worrying....its so hard to ignore it isnt it. It just comes out of the blue and some days im absolutely fine. Im just wondering as we all worry about our children does this increase our anxiety or would we still be anxious. I hope i asked this question correctly....i dont mean women that have no kids dont worry!!!
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      I dont have children but can imagine how hard it is when you also are worrying about them. I just worry about everything else. I found Louise Hays books useful to some degree and also Claire Weekes about managing anxiety. Hope all will be ok. Its good to have a place to share as its a very lonely period in ones life and few understand

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