Crying of PAIN

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It's been 3 weeks now, and on Friday I went to the emergency where the Dr said he could see a small fissure and prescribed Rectogesic 4mg/g.

Used twice now and I am not expecting any magical changes but the pain today is unbearable.

Sometimes I feel well but out of sudden, while (especially) I am walking, standing, or even lying in bed, I get this awful burning sensation which could last for hours and sometimes it goes away if I sit but sometimes it doesn't.

I am crying of pain now and I don't know what to do anymore, can not go to work, and can't meet friends, stay in bed 4-6 hours every day after BM.

I read many stories here and I know this will not add anything, but maybe just a scream of pain.

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    i understand and sympothise ive been off work 2 months cant walk or go anywhere i was in bed fir hours until most recently i was given liquid morphine which eases the pains after 10 mins i go into hospital tommorrow for second lot of botox in bowel they wont do anything else till done this again i would say go back ask to be reffered to colerectal surgery and push u need strong pain relief

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    hi, I'm sorry that you're going through this. i suffered with fissure pain for 9 months!! everyday unbearable and torturous pain. couldn't sit or stand. couldn't drive my car. couldn't sleep or even lie down. all i thought about was that horrible pain. worse pain in the world. you just wanna die, I'm serious.

    the stabbing and burning pain would last hours and hours. i too went to the ER and they didn't help me. those rectal creams are not good. so i went to my primary care doctor and he referred me to gastroenterologist .

    the gastro prescribed me "Nitroglycerin cream/rectiv" oh boy ot does wonders , it helped me with pain, swelling and flare ups. as soon as i felt a flare up/pain i would use that. and use that right after bowel movement too. but it does give you a headache which i don't mind. while the pain subsides take 400mg Advil/ibuprofen. also do not use toilet if you have a fissure. forget about toilet paper forever it just makes everything worse. use a bidet from now on. they sell them on Amazon. or just jump in bathtub and clean with water. also, everyday at night drink miralax before going to bed. you will notice how the pain will lessen or go away with what i mentioned above. drink good amount of water during the day.

    trust me, with fissure pain i had terrible thoughts in my head, i didn't want to feel fissure pain anymore. it is the most painful thing in the world or at the very least the top 5 most painful, no f*****g joke.

    i got the referral for surgery but I've been pain free for 7 months doing those things above.

    after suffering for a such a long time you learn a thing or two.

    i feel you. i know what you going through.

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      Thank you, and happy to hear that you have no pain anymore, and this really gave me some hope!

      I started with Rectogesic 2 days ago (dr said twice a day only), and although it is annoying and a bit painful to apply it gives me some relief instantly and yesterday was almost a pain-free day and I was happy, but today the burning and discomfort returned and I don't know why!

      I have a checkup after the new year but my doctor said he is confident that I will recover before that, however, I fear this will linger and my whole life is on hold, plus I feel so low right now, so I don't know how long this will last.

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    I suffered for 1 week and 4 days of this. Everyone's case is different but I feel you dear. What I did was change my diet to soup based and increase my intake of water. When I take a shower, I would clean the area by the having warm water run through it. I don't even touch the area because it hurts. I used the squat position because it helps open up the area more for stool passageway. I hope you will get through this

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    keep thinking positive . it's a nightmare having a fissure trust me . iv had it on and off for 4 years .

    if only i knew and heard of ducloslase before as that's been a God send . if keeps your stools much softer . I use to use serna before and thag was great but no longer works as good as dulcolase

    I had botox done exactly a week ago . now there are various views on these forums about it and most seem to be negative I find . however I guess there are lot of people who maybe once cured with botox will not return to these forums hence we can never measure how good it is

    my botox was done in the uk on the nhs .

    I was nervous as anything due to the fact I was being put to sleep for this and wanted the pain to stop . my pain would be I could not sit on hard surfaces and also a burning around the anus which was very severe .

    my experience of the botox is if you have tolerated the pain of the fissure then you can tolerate the pain of the anesthetic and also the botox .

    I wouldnt say I am fully cured but I am glad I had the botox . iv heard I need to wait a good few weeks to find any real healing of the fissure hence let's wait and see what happens

    I can understand why consultants would rather try the botox over LIS surgery as botox apparently has less risks

    my advice is

    1. do not use hundreds of diff lotions down below. stick to one . I made mistake of using aloe vera , tea tea , diltazium , vaseline,, diluted dettol , sudocream .
    2. I know they say Epson salts help but I found they would create the anus hole
    3. keep stools as soft as possible and I found dulcoase doing that. I take 2 tablets before bed and also find in the morning take a warm pint glass of water and a small glass of prune juice helps things get soft .
    4. try and keep the brain occupied otherwise fissures can effect u physiologically. I know its easier said than done but try and get on with life as much as u can
    5. I love spicy food but have now finally reduced this by at least 80 percent. I also try and eat more vegetables
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    have been suffuring from it since 25 days,

    doctor prescribed calcium channel blocker (diltizem 2%) ointment twice a day and asked me to focus on making my stool soft by increasing fibre and liquid intake.

    The pain is immense and is incomparable, every day after bowel movement it lasts for 6-10 hours. Don't know if diltiazem is gonna help or not. don't know which one should i use among diltiazem or GTN.

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      dips- r u from the UK ? ask your doc to refer you and then ask for botox

      I use to use gtc but it gave me headaches. then I started to use diltazium which my usual GP was reluctant to prescribe due to the costs of the medicine. however I remained persistent and it's now prescribed to me.

      whilst diltazium.workee for me in the past this time round it didnt do anything for me which is why my consultant did botox on me

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      No m from India. I think its my first time or if it occurred to me in past it got cured itself without being noticed by me and without medication. So I am trying to heal it via these simple medication. And even if it doesn't work for me I would go for LIS instead of Botox. As Botox also doesn't has a good success rate, and have records of recurrences.

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    Thanks for your support and feedback.

    It has been 3 days now without any pain and things seem to be back to normal so I hope it will continue to be like this.

    YES, this type of pain is one of the worst out there, and this condition seems to be individual so what works for someone might not work for others, but I would like to share few things that I learned (trial and error) and I believe that helped my recovery:

    • Stay positive, although it is so difficult when you are suffering, but try to avoid dark thoughts because they will make the pain worse.
    • Talk to people about it and don't be shy, you will be surprised how common is this issue and how many of your friends and colleagues have/ had it, that won't necessarily heal you but at least you get their sympathy and support and you know that you are not alone.
    • WATER, as much as you can, and any stool softener.
    • Avoid hard food and white bread, any spicy or acidic food.
    • Avoid straining while pooping (very important).
    • Sitz bath are amazing.
    • Don't spend money on buying creams and ointments recommended by bloggers and the internet ads (for me even olive oil and coconut oil was irritating rather than helping!)
    • NTG/Nitroglycerin cream/rectiv is magic and it will save your life, and the side effect of headache could be dealt with by taking any painkiller 10 minutes before applying the cream.
    • Patience, because healing will take time and they say 95% will heal by themselves so it is matter of time.

    If you are now experiencing the same pain I had 7 days ago, my heart goes out to you and I hope you will find some relief in knowing that you are not alone and hopefully better days are ahead.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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    I am assuming that i am also suffering with an anal fissure.

    7 weeks ago i had a stomach bug and my bowels didnt go back to normal for weeks after. i then ended up with a pressure sensation to my rectum - like a feeling that i constantly needed to go to the toilet or pass wind even when there was nothing there. this then lead to me becoming in lots of discomfort and pain after about 3 weeks (week before christmas) and got diagnosed with thrombosed external hemorrhoids... SO PAINFUL!! these have since got better and last week i thought i was doing loads better even with mild discomfort but i could manage. on saturday i started with severe pain after a BM - which has now lasted all day everyday despite using GTN ointment, regular paracetamol and warm baths. i feel like i have a million needles stuck up my bum and im assuming ive now developed an anal fissure although im having no blood and cant really see much externally.

    im having a colonoscopy due to my changes in bowel habits which i am quite grateful about cos hopefully i can get to the bottom(literally) of the issue but im absolutely dreading the prep 😦

    i really hope all this pain goes away soon! getting me so down. feel like its one thing after another.

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      try and keep your mind distracted.

      I have suffered for just over 3 months

      my scenario was bizarre as I did have a fissure and was in pain . however i had a colonoscopy and the consultant said she saw the fissure but its healed .

      ever since she did that colonoscopy I got additional burning around my anus . worst pain ever .

      dont get me wrong I have had a colonoscopy before and it was no issue at all ..however not sure if she aggravated the fissure when she took the camera out.

      anyways went back and saw my original consultant on the NHS . he is a top doctor and he agreed to give me the botox . he stated my fissure had partially healed hence he gave me the injection which he said should help .

      iv had the botox and I would say I'm definitely glad I had it but I wouldnt say I am 100 percent cured. it's been 3.5 weeks since my.botox .

      I am.always trying to keep stools soft using dulocolax tablets. 2 before i go to bed

      then when i wake up i have started having a pint glass of warm water which definitely helps getting the poo moving . also I will have a glass of prune juice . these things all together assist in keeping stools soft major if the time

      please dont worry about the colonoscopy. think of it as a good thing as it will rule out any major issues .

      also if you can take the pain of a fissure the colonoscopy is literally nothing pain wise

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      i have no idea if ive got a fissure or not... i just dont know.

      absolutely fraustrated with it.

      been managing to keep my stools softs and regular for the last two weeks... but now im on my colonoscopy prep ive obviously had to stop eating my fruit and veg, and its making me extremely anxious that im going to get constipated.

      its a vicous cycle.

      im hoping i get some sort of answers from my colonoscopy so least then i know what im dealing with.

      unable to sleep because of the constant pain.

      will it ever go away?!!!! 😦

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      had my colonoscopy today.

      no sign of anything - no fissure or hemhorrhoids apart from my excess skin around where my external thrombosed hemhorroids were.

      they have taken some biopsies to ensure they are not missing anything, and removed a very small polyp.

      so not sure what all the pain was about whether i got myself so worked up and that didnt help...

      hopefully now ive been reassured i can start living a normal life and all this will be in the past.

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      I had my 3 week follow up appointment for botox . the consultant was great and said my cut was average in terms of not worst out there

      he said all the rumours about botox are rubbish . he said trust the professionals. he advised me that u need to give botox a chance to work . I told him I have noticed just a 60 percent difference however he stated i am 3 weeks into a 12 week recovery program so guve it time and always make sure you look after diet and stools are soft

      i think there is a psychological issue to a fissure and i explained this to my consultant. he said try and forget about the fissure and concentrate on family and work ....which is easier said that done

      people suffering dont loose hope

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      i completely understand. so much easier said than done when its happening to your body.

      luckily i havent got a fissure so i am going to stop using all creams and ointments and let things settle naturally. i dont know if ive been making myself sore by applying the ointments all the time when there is nothing to heal. although i did have my external thrombosed hemhorroids which needed time to heal but they seem a lot better now.

      mine all started after having stomach flu 7 weeks ago, then started with pressure in my rectum 6 weeks ago... like a dull ache but not any pain. just felt like i had a constant feeling of needing a bowel movement or to pass wind and couldnt because there wasnt anything there which led me to strain which then led to my painful external thrombosed hemhorroids.

      now my anal area just feels sore and a throbbing sensation but maybe thats because its been under so much pressure over the last few weeks and got myself so worked up that i had everything under the sun going on. so glad ive had my colonoscopy now.

      maybe my anxiety hasnt helped as im literally waiting for the littest twinge - which was probably there before and never bothered me.

      ive got counselling tomorrow as since all this started ive had panic attacks and my anxiety has been through the roof. im so obessessed with my bowel movements from monitoring and looking at every stool i pass - comparing.. to then panicking if i havent been everyday (before all this i only used to go every other day, occasionally once every day). it has literally sent me mental and i can completely understand why peoples anxiety goes crazy and it affects peoples daily life. its literally ruined my life over the last 6 weeks.

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