CT angiogram -what does it involve

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My wife went to see a cardiologist with high BP, chest tightness at rest and ectopics on 24 hr ECG. She is 58, slim, never smoked cholesterol of 5.

Specilalist gabbled on at great speed and decided in the end to do CT angiogram and Echo. 

Anyone had a CT angiogram? What does it involve?

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    hi gpgp

    An angiogram is were they take you down to a small room its a tiny theatre lay on a bed give you an injection in the groin make a tiny incition then put a cathertor this is really thin shoot some blue dye a few times it feels red hot and as its going in you feel like you have weed yourself there is a screen at the side of you that the surgon or dr can tell if you have blocked artry's.

    If you have he will try to move the blockage by a rod that he pushes into the cathetor it inflates like a balloon if it moves a blocked up artry after they have finished you go into the recovery room some one will press on the incistion till it closes back up you may go onto a small ward lay flat without moving your leg you can stay for the night i did but it all depends on if it starts to bleed thats why i had to stay over night this dosen't mean you will.

      I have had loads it dosen't hurt its just the part were you have to lay still for at least 4 to 6 hrs some hospitals will let you home if everything gose to plan  the wound might be a bit painful or bruise or you can get a lump when the amesetic wear's of.

     They will explain all you need to no in your welcome pack when you do go home you have to rest. It can also be done in your arm it can take up to an hour or longer depends on what they find.I had all mine done in my groin its very rare to have it done in the arm.

    An Ecogcardiogram is nothing you go into a room lay on a couch strip of to waist they have a computor infront of them they put gel on something like a ball and roll it over your heart area that can tell them if you suffer from heart trouble or abnomalities or a blood clot.It only takes about half an hr then you get dressed you can either go home or if you have to go to the clinic they send you back up to the clinic or they make you an appointment to go back for the results. they wont do them both in one go i have had that done .

    there is also another one were you go down into a basement were you strip to waist lay on a couch put a canular into your arm it shoots this dye into were the heart is you go into like a tunnel but this room is underground as the dye is radioactive when its finished they let you home i didn't i had to go onto a ward over night it all depends again on the hospital.

    Well i hope i haven't frightened you .

    Good Luck and keep us posted.


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      The one in the basement is the CT Angiogram and the state of the art diagnosis showing all the inside of the arteries without a catheter being pushed round inside your body and is compleely safe.
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      Yes I think it is the less invasive one as he said they might have to do an angiogram if the other tests show anything. He said so much and spoke so quickly it was not easy to back track and ask more questions. I wish I had asked permission to record the consultation so my wife and I could have discussed it afterwards more easily.

      No appointment yet but will let you know what happens. 

      I found a good link on Google of a written explanation as well and a video from the British heart foundation. So thanks for all the information.

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      I get so many contradictory things said by hospital doctors who then write differently to my GP that I said to him that I should record them in future. He said that many people do.
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      Hi Christine,

      "...you go into like a tunnel"

      I think you are referring to an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine. This uses strong magnetic fields and microwaves.

      Don't worry - this is very safe; no xrays and no (ionising) radiation. The huge magnet (plus the refrigeration for the superconducting coils) needs a strong concrete base, which is probably why it's in the basement. The most you'll feel is a little warming sensation when the RF (microwave) is on - they won't let you cook!


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      Is that not what gpgp asked the question about read my post properly. Did  i say an Angiogram went all round your body NO  on my last bit of my first post i mentioned what you have tryed to contredict me for a CT Angiogram is exactly how i explained it in my second post too.

      also were did you have your Angiogram done it dose not take 3 hrs to have that done either mine burst open on the ward with blood every were the nurse only stood 10 mins to help to stop it i did the rest. as you have posted so could you get your fact's right before you think you can be little me Thanks.

      I have got more heart problem's than i hope you never have to endeavour but i don't go round  boasting about them. all my heart probs started in 1988 i was only young suffered 3 heart attacks within a few month of each other bypass that went wrong all in the same yr.

        have you had something that could nearly a cost you your life to do with your heart  well i have 2003 i was given my last rights they thought i wouldn't have pulled through that was an Anurysem 5cm on the tip of my heart what was on the verdge of bursting.

       Plus a bypass that went wrong again had my heart scraped through the 3 previous heart attacks it caused so much damage  imaging the hrs i was in the thearte ICU and HDU now don't ever try to pull me down im not one to cause friction with any one but when it comes down to the heart i do no what im on about how did you think when i tryed to give some one some advice i was going to sit back and take yours and Ian's insults sorry youve picked on the wrong person.  To be to be littled by you or any one else i think an appologie is in order here from the pair of you.



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       I no the diffrence between a MRI Scan from what i have gone through like the CT Angiogram aswell which was like a tunnel but smaller and not as long and narrow it dosen't even sound like a MRI Scan i am not stupid i no a MRI is like a numatic drill very close to your nose a CT Angio is nothing like that but i was right about the dye been pumped in and what its there for.

      On Agiogram's/Angiplasty Ecogram there isent many i haven't had done i also had treadmill you can name it ive had it or i wouldn't no what ppl want to know.

      do not try to be little me i would suggest you read what ive wrote to derik you will get the idea im not stupid also you are lucky you are ok im not but i do not intened taking your insults i don't find this funny ive gone through more than you would be able to cope with so i reckon there is enough room for an appologie here .


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       This is all that I replied to you. " The one in the basement is the CT Angiogram and the state of the art diagnosis showing all the inside of the arteries without a catheter being pushed round inside your body and is compleely safe"

      What's the problem? 

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      I was the first to reply to gpgp in no paticular order i was explaning each one what happened to me plus about the other two question's they  wanted to no about execpt about the normal Angiogram i added that in  if it showed anything up they would try to get it sorted in one go exept for the stent as they tryed for me  .Don't say i was wrong on that because im not.

       nither did i say a cathetor was used to go all round the body for the CT Scan that was you that brought that into it.

       I went back as soon as i had replyed to some one else and saw you had replyed to me as though  i had told pgpg about the CT Angiogram Scan in the basement was wrong when i had mine done it was a basement because of the radiation it is still the same procedure now wether its still in there or not were you live it is were i live.

      as for been safe.

       You cannot be 100 per cent on that ppl on kemo can't have it or pregnant women can't because it can do damage to the the milk duct .

      I have never had to pull any one or interfered with what they say i put what i know not what i think.

      as soon as you replyed so did Ian like you both was ganging up on me what i put in my reply's as nothing to do with any one so long it apply to a question with a right answer .But im as right as you i no what im talking about aswell.

      I am just glad you had the decency to reply back and thaks its cleared the air i don't want to fall out with any one but i wont be skitted at. 

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      The CT scanner at my local hospital is above ground in a new building. The local private hospital has theirs on the ground floor and there are now mobile scanning trucks that travel around the country. I'm going for a CT scan at Brighton next week and it is on the 5th floor.

      I think that someone has misled you on the radiation story. 

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    oh dear , not yet, but hope your wife ok sure they can do things now,  I went for routine ECG today nurse told me something up on mine, so i paniced she said oh i dont need to call an ambulance yet but see your dr , and left me, well i usffer panic atacks so am now wose wit worry, any suggestions anyone, but bet i need one of these im having like your wife keep in touch.


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      I think it was ludicrous she shouldn't be in that job to speak to you that way and left you like that and said all what she did to you try not to get too worked up it might only be an irregular heart beat what can be sorted out with drugs just wait till you do see your DR did she tell you to make an appointment with him??? deppending on how quick they are sometimes it can take up to a week or even less if its urgent.

      if you get worried you will only make yourself ill.

      ECG can sometimes throw a wrong reading up i hope for your sake it as but there is plenty of drugs out there from your dr to help you.

      how do you feel on yourself normally??? some time ppl can walk around with allsorts of things an not even no they have things wrong with them.

       You know your own body if its not right . was it your own dr that sent you??? for the ECG ?? if she had a kept her mouth shut you wouldn't have been none the wiser so if a letter as gone to your dr and you don't here anything till the end of next week our dr rings if there is a reason he wants you to see him try to think posative or you will be a nervous wreck.

      well keep posting debi and take care.


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    Hi gpgp,

    I had an angiogram last March following a suspected heart attack (later diagnosed as myocarditis, from which I've fully recovered).

    It involved feeding a catheter into the artery at my right wrist and threading it up towards my heart (no sensation felt). From there a dye was released, visible under xray.

    The xray itself was a robotic machine which took video of my heart from multiple angles, under the control of the cardiologist. I got to see the video during a later check-up (they insisted I lie still and flat during the procedure).

    Following the procedure, a transparant pressure cuff was put on my wrist and I was shadowed constantly by a nurse. She gradually reduced the pressure over several hours until it was confirmed I wasn't leaking from my wrist.

    I understand this is relatively new and offers much faster/simpler recovery compared with entering the artery at the groin, but may not be suitable in some cirumstances if a stent needs to be inserted to widen a vessel supplying the heart.


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