Daily chronic migraines

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I have literally no idea what to do now.

Basically everyday for the past 9 months now I have had a migraine. Mid level, I can still get on with my day but just in a lot of pain, concentration problems and vision is hazy. Occasionally it spikes and I get the works which puts me out for 2-3 days before my migraines calm down back to mid level.

I can't shift them at all! They are 10 fold worse in the morning. I have kept a diary and can't link foods , all my migraines involve intense sinus pain.

I do have anxiety but not taking medication.

It's making life very difficult, especially juggling work and university.

What medication can I take to ease it up? Herbal or over the counter. Standard paracetamol and ibuprofen don't work at all.

Thank you

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    Hi Thomas

    I really feel your anguish as I too have daily migraines and also suffer on a monthly bases with hemaplegic migraines.

    With you saying it could be sinus related, I am wondering if your migraines are in your face or behind your eyes? Also are they just on one side or all across?

    Either way here are a few things you could try. Feaverfew which can be got at Holland and Barrett has properties that may or may not work.

    Vicks vapour rub: put a tea spoon in a large bowl and add hot water about quater full. Then pop a towel over your head and the bowl and inhale the vapour for about 20 mins.

    Tiger balm is also one I use for low level pain. Avoid the eyes and rub on the temple and behind the ears.

    These are all herbal, however you should always seek medical advice and i am no doctor. I am only sharing what has been helpful to me personally.

    I hope you find something and please share if you do xx

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      Thank you!

      I do share your pain. I have just bought some Feverfew. Will try that tomorrow morning.

      4head and tiger balm work a bit. I have been trying to avoid painkillers where possible incase it's rebound headaches.

      The pain I get is around my eyes, I get a lot of nasal congestion and just feel flu like. It also hurts a lot when I bend down and have crazy tinnitus during a flare up.

      There is a really good app called migraine buddy which helps track triggers.

      When I have these mid level headache, I feel very shaky as in what low blood sugar or pressure feels like yet my glucose levels are perfect and so is my blood pressure. It's frustrating.

      I will keep posting if I find anything that helps.

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    I am in the same boat. This is my 4th day with a headache. Stopped the Imetrex as Dr. thought it was raising my BP. So I have been taking Advil migraine for some relief. It seems to help some. I am also an anxiety sufferer
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    Hi Thomas,go to your Dr and tell him your symptoms and ask him for a suitable triptan to try.There are quite a few so don't be downhearted if the first type doesn't work or has a side effect.There are also prophylactic meds like beta blockers or anti-epilepsy meds that help some people.If you want to try the herbal route first,then some people swear by magnesium 500mg or co-enzyme Q10 or vitamin B6 or more recently Tumeric.It's a case of trial and error I'm afraid.Also get your eyes tested and your teeth checked as these can trigger migraines.Stress,Alcohol,Caffeine etc are all triggers but many people never find their triggers and just try to manage with various combinations of meds.Hopefully you can find you something to get you through university and make life more bearable.Good luck x

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      Thank you for the reply. It really does sound like you have a lot of knowledge in dealing with this.

      I have been very stressed for a while and had a lot of insomnia and high anxiety (stressful work environment). The doctor wants me to try Sertraline to help as he things the migraines are another manifestation of this anxiety. Just not entirely sure to be honest.

      I would rather try natural first before going through the 2-3 weeks of side effects that are initial with Sertraline.

      I feel though that my stress and anxiety would be less if I could get some releif from the headaches. Might see him again about tripans.

      I try to eat healthy, excerise 3 times a week (cycling) and it honestly hasn't made a difference over the year headache intensity and pain wise rolleyes

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    I'm sorry to hear about your migraines. Mine tend to be triggered by dehydration so I'd make sure you're drinking a lot of water. In addition, weather changes also play an impact. I posted on here recently about a product I've been using that has really helped with the pain (although not a magic cure) but I think it could be worth a shot. In addition, for those in my family that get migraines, they'd moved to paleo diet which has drastically decreased the amount of migraines they get. Hope this helps!


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    My suggestion is to go see your primary doctor. Migraines that linger can cause damage. There are shots, that can help. Also if you know you need anxiety helping medicine, this may also help the migraibes. Often one pill helps both issues. For me my main trigger is florescent lighting. I can't go the the shopping stores too often or too long. I have to wear sunglasses and a hat. I wouldn't be able to work in an environment with that lighting. Also migraines may be a structural issue in your spine or skull or even pulled muscles. A good doctor can root some of this down and send you onto a neurologist for deeper study. I currently have found help with Botox added to my other medicines. But you do have to try a few things before you get approval from most insurances. Have you had a eye exam yet? I had to quitake the bifocal it worsened my migraines with auras. I also had to stop using the curved screen phones. It distorted my vision triggering migraines with auras. I also have blue light filters on my pc and devices. I wish you well as you try to find help. Sometimes, vitamins are low in us...and proper blood work would be done by your doctor and then added to your life will improve for some of us, the migraines frequency.

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      Thank you for the reply.

      I have only justed started feeling human again sorry.

      Interesting you mentioned about the fluorescent lighting. I work in a warehouse which has bad fluorescent lighting, loud sirens, machinery, noise and just generally a hectic environment.

      I have had issues of light sensitivity, hearing and balance for a while now in work. I have always been told it's anxiety but after a few trails of antidepressants for it, I have seen no progress at all. My migraines come on strongly while at home though I have wondered if it's a comedown type thing from getting through work. I get through the days taking painkillers and 4head whilst hoping not to throw up. It's not great. At home, I avoid taking anything.

      I have also got sinus issues, a CT scan shown I have a blocked left maxillary sinus due to a cyst. I am convinced that's contributing but the ENT dismissed it!

      Just bought some Feverfew to help and over the counter tripans for now.

      I have tried amitriptyline as a preventive but it honestly after a month just made my migraines worse including the face pain.

      The doctor did mention Propranolol. I guess persistence is the key here sadly.

      Frustrating as anything though!

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    join the gang! I've had a headache since may and migraines practically nevryday!

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