day 5 - cant belive how easy this is!!!

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cant belive how many foods you can eat. i even found a cheese with 3% fat per slice.

keeping with my exercise and drinking loads of water.

Just hope i see some resiults on the scales.

so far loving orlistat

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    Hello Emma,

    Saw your post and thought I should share this info with you.

    You mentioned a WW mature cheddar cheese which is only three percent fat.

    I looked at the WW and maybe this is the cheese you mean?

    The main point is the way these foods fat content is measured. 

    There are 9 calories in one gram of fat.  So if there is say 1.3g of fat in one slice of the WW cheese, then you must do this first

    1.3g (the amount of fat in the slice of cheese) and multiply by 9

    :. 1.3g x 9 = 11.7.  So that’s 11.7 calories of fat in that one slice of cheese.  But that’s not all.  Now to get the true amount of fat in that slice of cheese you need to divide 11.7 by 43 (total amount of calories in that one lowly slice of cheese) So…

    11.7 / 43 = 0.272 x 100 (to get the percentage of fat in that slice of cheese) and you will see that that one slice of cheese made and sold by Weight Watchers is actually a huge 27% fat! 

    I don’t know about you but anything that says it is supposed to help me lose weight cannot be doing that if it is 27% fat.  You are putting that fat in your body everytime you eat one single slice of the cheese. 

    The only real way to lose fat is to eat less fat. A banana is on average about 85 calories. But less than 1% fat (7% fat and this is unsaturated fat so harmless).  Would you really forgo a natural piece of food which is good for you because it has more calories than giving a piece of highly processed unnatural food which is 27% fat?

    The choice is yours but I just wanted to share this piece  of info with you because I know how much WW makes in money while it’s customers go back again and again because they are not losng the weight and keeping it off the way they need to. 

    The formula simplified:

    G of fat x 9 = X

    Then X / total calories of the food item then multiply by 100 to get total percentage of fat.


    Remember not all calories are equal.  There are only 4 calories in one gram of protein and carbs.  But more than double for fat!



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      Hi. I don't understand. Is there any way you can explain this so that I can benefit from this useful sounding formula? Where did you get the 1.3? How can WW say one slice has 3 g of fat? Thanks.
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      Hello Beryl,

      The formula is to help you work out the %age of fat in food.  The amount of calories you take in is not as important as knowing the %age of fat as this will be the quantity of fat your body will intake and process. 

      I used the WW slice of cheese as this was in the original post. But I shall use the WW slice of cheese (the link above in my first post)

      So according to the nutritional info for the cheese one slice contains 1.3g of fat.  So we can use the formula as follows:

      1.3g x 9 = 11.7 total fat in the slice of cheese

      There are 43 calories in each slice so

      11.7 / 43 = .27 (x 100 to get the %age) = 27%

      Therefore the WW slice of cheese that you are being told is low fat is in fact more than 25% fat.  That is way too much fat if you are trying to lose weight.

      Ideally we should consume no more than 10% fat.  This is the maximum our bodies can comfortably process and store without it damaging our bodies.

      I hope this helps.


      All the best.  

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      If this helps 

      Weight Watchers Chocolate Cheesecakes

      A crunchy chocolate flavour biscuit base with a chocolate flavour cheesecake finished with a swirl of chocolate flavour sauce.[5 ProPoints]per serving[Chocolate Cheesecakes]Nutrition

                            per 100g     Per serving    GDA per Adult

      Energy kJ            766          7 66  

      (Calories)           183          183                  2,000

      Protein                6.7g         6.7g                45g

      Carbohydrate      26.0g     26.1g               230g

      (of which sugars) 17.6g     17.6g              90g

      Fat                       5.0g         5.0g               70g

      (of which saturates) 2.4g     2.4g                20g

      Fibre                        3.6g     3.6g                24g

      Sodium                    0.12g 0.12g                2.4g

      Salt equivalent          0.3g     0.3g                 6g

      So let's do thefomula to find out the fat %age of this low fat dessert.

      So 5g x 9 = 45

      then 45 / 183 (calories in this dessert serving) = .245 (x 100) = 24.5% fat

      So this low fat dessert is in fact 24.5% fat.  Still too much for anyone trying to lose weight.  

      I hope this helps 8-) 


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      Hi again. My husband says your calculations are sound. But here in Canada the dieticians say that you must tailor your portion size to suit your daily calory count as well as the amount of fat contained in the portion. They say you can eat anything you like but for some foods that will be a teeny weenie portion size.

      i will stick with the 5 g rule etc.

      thank you all very much for your help. I appreciate it all. Onward and upward. I mean downward. Oh well.

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      Hi Karen

      if 100g of cheesecake has 5g of fat then the cheesecake is 5% fat.

      All this multiplying by 9 is working out the number of calories from fat but it does not mean the cheescake is 25% fat - that does not make sense.

      Also if the cheese says it is 3% fat then it is 3% fat.

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      Firstly the formula is a tool. Anyone may it may not choose to use it. However I an very sure I said the PURPOSE of the formula is to work out the percentage of fat in food. Calorie counters and people who kid themselves that low fat foods are exactly that tend not to likethe formula   because it reveals what they don't want to see - that is the Weight Watchers you are eating is actually high in fat. 

      Secondly, calories measure the energy in food. The purpose of working out how much day is in that food is to see how much fat your body is consuming and then processing. 

      To you the formula doesn't make sense, I guess if you like cheesecake it won't. But yo very many who have and do use it they have successfully lost weight and kept it off. I was also prescribed the Orlistat too. I ditched it in one week. I decided to lose weight naturally and healthily and not using medication. It is possible to lose weight naturally and healthily. 

      I've explained the formula in detail and won't be explaining it again. 

      All the best to you and I hope you achieve what you set out to. 

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      Your formla does not work out the percentage of fat in food. The percentage of fat in food is right there on the label in the formate of how many grams per hundred grams - that is the percentage fat as someone with only very basic maths must be able to grasp.

      If you are not taking Orlistat to lose weight why come on this forum to put down those of us who are successfully losing weight on it?

      Also you may be interested to know that Fat and protein are both essential in the diet to live but carbs are not.

      I have lost 4.5 pounds in 2 weeks and I am very happy with that.

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      Regarding the formula used above in the cheesecake example:

      So 5g x 9 = 45

      then 45 / 183 (calories in this dessert serving) = .245 (x 100) = 24.5% fat

      The 24.5% relates to the percentage of the total calories (183) that are due to the fat content using this formula. The figure of 45 is the total calories due to fat in 100g. Using the same logic for carbohydrate at 4 calories per 1g the % of total calories provided by carbs in the example is 57%. Protein accounts for 15% of total calorie count with the rest from fibre etc.

      The actual percentage of fat content is the per 100g figure as quoted by sarah, ie 5g per 100g = 5% fat content.

      I hope this clarifies and I do not have any knowledge of orlistat (just maths) or if the % of calories provided by or due to fat specifically matters.

      As a by the way there is a leaflet here that users in other orlistat discussions have found useful. We will be adapting this for inclusion on in the near future.



      Emis Moderator

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    I understand you need to eat less fat to loose weight. That's what I'm doing.

    The doctor explained it very different to me and I'm using my fitness pal to work out the fat I'm taking it. 

    I've had no mishaps with tablets and under my fat % every day according to my app so I think I'll stick with this for now. 

    As I'm trying to loose weight I eat cheese in moderation not every day!!! 

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    In this country if a manufacturer states that there is x grammes of fat in a piece of food then that is what it is.  The Food Standards Agency would have a field day otherwise.

    I am measuring my 15g per meal extremley carefully.  Firts weigh in at SW since started the pills and have lost 2.5lb which I'm happy with.

    My body will tell me quite categorically if I'm getting the fat measuring wrong and so far so good.  Bit windy but thats fine.

    Going out for a meal on Friday so wont take any of the pills Wed, Thurs, or Sat and Sund.


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      It is not about the grams of fat in food but the percentage. Next time you go to your GP or dietician ask them what the percentage of fat in your body is. If it's more than 10% then you're looking at obesity. 

      I didn't say that the labels lie. I simply said it's worth knowing the percentage of fat in the food you eat. Because that is what your body which if you are overweight (which you must be if you are swallowing Orlistat) then your body will have to process that fat in addition to the fat that is already in your body. It is not helping. 

      I'll end with this and then go and get on with the rest of my life. If you eat food that is say 30% fat, will that not make your body 30% fatter? If you already have 30% of fat to shift and you eat something that's 27% fat, how will you lose weight?  

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      But none of what is being discussed is food that is 30% fat. That would be 30g per hundred grams.

      I think you calculations are just confusing people who are doing well and losing weight on Orlistat.

      It sounds from what you just said as though you are not overweight and taking Orlistat. If that is the case I wonder what you are doing posting comments on this forum as your comments are not encouraging in the slightest.

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      Well said Sarah! 

      I have called my doctor and reconfirmed the diet I am following is fine in regards to fat which it is. My fitness pal also works out the grans and % for me! 

      And as for slimming world - a diet that allows u to eat as much pasta and potatoe as u like. Hardly the best if u ask me ! 

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      Thanks Emma!

      Good for you! Just limiting the amount of fat is good, but some in necessary. And I think it is important to follow a way of eating that you can keep up for the long term.

      I agree - unlited carbs is definately not the way to go!

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