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Depo shot causing vaginal dryness????

Ive been having a lot of vaginal discomfort for about 2 months now. Been on depo for a year, had and iud placed then removed. Had bv took antibiotics but i still feel a discomforting feeling on my vulva and its to the point that im going crazy! Is it possible the depo is causing vaginal dryness? Sex sometimes hurts sometimes im okay but not 100%. We use lube and it seems to dry up pretty fast, never really had this problem before. I've had 2 pelvic exams done. 1st one i was a bit red ( had BV but she didn't see it upon pelvic exam), then the other she didn't see anything wrong. I mention low estrogen levels but no one said anything sad im tired of dealing with this! It doesnt hurt to pee but i have this urgency or fullness, not like a uti (have had 4 just this year.)  I go Jan. to see gynecologist hopefully she can help me. I just want to feel normal again and be able to enjoy things!

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  • Gigi368 Gigi368 Swampert

    Hi Lilly!

    I have had no experience with either of those birth controls, so I can't speak as to if this could be your problem or not. You don't mention if you're still having your monthly or if you may be in peri menopause.

    This started happening to me in July. Woke up one morning feeling like I had a UTI, went to Urgent Care and it was negative but I was starting with a yeast infection. Got that cleared up, so I thought and a few days later it was back.. went to my doc and he said it was BV, week later yeast.. I went back and forth for a solid month. Finally went to my gyno and she says I'm in menopause, I had a hysterectomy 16 yrs ago, but kept my ovaries. She sends me out with an estrogen vaginal pill, Vagifem. It stung like the sickens! So I stopped it, she was very cold so I switched docs, come to find out, it is meno and I have vaginal atrophy which causes dryness. Upon further examination I also have bladder prolapse. She explained your bladder is also estrogen dependent which is why I always felt like I had a UTI and my urethra was irritated to the point I felt like a rock was stuck in there. I've since been put on an estrogen cream, Estrace, 1 gram 2x a week and I also smear it on the labia and concentrate on the urethra. Took about a month but it works, for me anyway. I think the gyno is your best bet on figuring out what's going on. In the meantime coconut oil is really good for dryness and safe internally and externally. I know others have a lot more suggestions I do and hope they weigh in. But it sounds to me like either your entering meno or the bc is causing it..

    I hope you get answers bc it's miserable! Good luck and update us when you get some answers!

    • Swampert Swampert Gigi368

      Well I’m 22 haven’t had a period since starting the depo and I was thinking that maybe it is causing low estrogen but they wouldn’t even test to see. But hopefully the gynecologist can help! Thank you so much for the feedback ! 

    • Swampert Swampert

       got an IUD (paragaurd) inserted 10/04/2017 and removed on 11/17/2017 because of vaginal problems! I've been on the Depo shot for a year now. Ever since I got the IUD I've had problems. I'm not saying it was the problem but I wanted it our just in case! Well I've had painful intercourse with my Fiance of 8 years but this 2 months have just recently started. From burning like fire upon penetration to feeling very hot (he made a comment on it feeling hot) to it feeling like hes wearing something on the head of his penis (which he isn't) and it hurting the upper part inside my vagina! I feel like I'm suffering from vaginal dryness from maybe the depo shot, but the doctor just blew that off. I've been to the doctor and have had pelvic test done. No STD only had BV (took two rounds of antibiotics). I've also had 4 UTI's this year. She is sending me to an OBGYN because she cant figure this out. I do have a cyst on my left ovary but I keep being told different things by different doctors. Like oh you need surgery its just going to keep growing, To oh its a simple cyst don't worry. They found the cyst because i complained of sex hurting sometimes. I'm not having any odor even when i had the Bv no odor or discharge. Lately I seem to have a small clear watery discharge. This is really bothering me and I just want to be normal. I can't even enjoy simple things anymore, and my Fiance keeps trying to make me feel better but I'm in a constant state of vaginal irritation! My appointment with the OBGYN is in January and i pray she can figure this out! If anyone has any info or a similar situation please talk to me. I've never had problems like this til this year when I got my first Depo shot. Everything has only gone down hill since.

    • Gigi368 Gigi368 Swampert

      This is personal so I don't want you to answer on here if you don't want to. But did they do ALL STD testing? This is really sounding like Trich, and it will cause pain and irritation, plus secondary infections like BV and UTIs. My sister had it and had no idea. It's very easily treated. If that wasn't part of your tests I'd ask for one, just to be sure.

      As I said I've had no experience with either of those birth controls so it's quite possible it's causing it. I'd imagine you're too young for meno, so I'm not sure if low estrogen is the problem. A lot of women go on bc to help with meno symptoms. But we are all different. I would definitely get to the bottom of the cyst.

      Look at this and see if it matches some of your symptoms, if you haven't already.

  • rena54913 rena54913 Swampert

    I am 20 also on the depo. I have experienced vaginal dryness and irritation for over a month. I've been on the depo for 5 months now. Though I don't have any UTIs or infections. And I know I don't have any STDS. From doing my own research i believe I am also suffering from Low estrogen as I just seemed my 1 year old and the depo clauses low estrogen.. I'm almost positive I have

    Atrophic vaginitis

    Sounds like your problem as well.

    Now I just need to go to the doctor and get it confirmed....

    Please let me know what they tell you!

    • Swampert Swampert rena54913

      I asked about the low estrogen and they wouldn’t even bother with it. Really irritated me. Cause I have all the symptoms. Maybe they think because my age or something I guess. I hope the gyno listens. 

    • Swampert Swampert rena54913

      Gyno said it is low estrogen she sees it all the time. I'm on Estradiol 0.5mg to insert vaginally twice a week. She gave me a years worth of the pills been as I have a year left of the Depo shot. I go back in 2 months if this doesn't help, if it does then ill see her in 6 months!

    • laura10556 laura10556 Swampert

      I am so relieved for you!! Do they think it can be linked to the Deppo or just ‘one of those things’. I really hope you start to feel better soon. I have an appointment Monday but I don’t hold out much hope. I have now started taking an antihistamine which is helping SO much so the plot thickens???? I just want to feel normal down there and not constantly worry about it ! Very pleased for you tho ! 

    • Swampert Swampert laura10556

      She said the depo shot is most definitely causing it. I hope this medicine does work out and maybe I won’t have to stay on it a year but If it helps then I’ll take it the full year if I have to. And I hope you can get some help! Vaginal discomfit is the worst! It’s constantly on my mind. I start taking the medicine Thursday. I’m a little nervous. 

    • laura10556 laura10556 Swampert

      I’m loosing my mind!!!! I have been spotting all week - now I just went to the toilet and had a huge amount of bright red blood!!! I haven’t had a period since being on the deppo - only spotting!! I’m halfway through my 13 weeks! Is this normal ? I can’t wait to get off this s**te 😪😪


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