Depressed by constant pain and discomfort for 16 months

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Hi my name is Daniel and I'm the end of my patience with how I'm feeling! I'm a 34 year old generally healthy male.well up until last year I was anyway! In May of 2015 I started experiencing some really horrible pain discomfort and nausea in my upper right abdominal area,which has since went into by side and getting a feeling of being bruised all the way up my right side goin into my armpit and sometimes even on my left side! I've been back and forward to the doctors and hospitals all through this period and been for so many tests and blood work! I've had hida scan CT scan abdominal ultrasound endoscopy colonoscopy and had more blood tests than I can count,and everything has came back normal! My doctor even sent me for hepatitis blood tests because I was convinced I'd caught that through a tattoo I got on holiday! Again all was u can probably tell,this has gave me massive anxiety and stress and I feel like giving up! But I won't,I want to beat this! Just hoping maybe someone on here can relate to my story or offer some hope that it will get better! Or even offer an opinion on a cause! Thanks in advance for any reply

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    Rest assured Daniel.. I can most certainly relate to how you are feeling. Horrible isn't it, when you are not right and do not get answers...  trust me I know only too well how you feel.

    i've had right sided lower pain plus in my side now since January when  all of a sudden I became ill.  Had 7 hospital admissions since March this year. CT scans/Ultrasounds/ blood tests/ MRI recently. One Laparasocopy in May and all they found were adhesions (scar tissue) on my right abdominal wall and covering my appendix.  They still don't know for sure what happened to me and why I became so ill, they say a possible appendicitis which may have healed itself.

    I haven't been right since whatever it was.

    So end of next week they want to do a second laparoscopy with regards to removing the appendix also, as it might have been my problem and it MIGHT still be my problem.

    They don't know for sure.

    I'm currently fighting with myself whether to have it done or not, as without a definite diagnosis I just do not feel right putting myself through it all.

    At the start they thought I may have had a kidney infection/UTI.... then they thought it may be Gyne related ovaries etc.... then after the laparoscopy all they found were the adhesions all over my appendix.

    So trust me.. I know how you feel. Not knowing and it gets you do down.. I really know !!!!!!

    Yours is higher up, sounds possible gall bladder issues ??  but at the same time a friend of mine had a problem with her appendix and she also had pain high up and on the right.

    When my pain kicks in, it radiates from the right of the belly button and moves about the abdomen and then can stab low down on the right. it also goes into my side and round into my back.

    I just wanted to send this as I feel for you and I truly get where you are.

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      Hi Caroline,thanks for ur reply.yeh ur right it sounds like gallbladder problem but that's the first thing they checked and it was ok.and it's not so so much the pain that gets to me,that only happens once in a while.its like a really sharp stabbing pain and I can't breathe properly! But that only happens once in a while.its the horrible discomfort that makes me sick to my stomach that gets to me most! But I've never once been sick.this past year or so has been been horrendous for me and my partner! It's like living the same day every day.i wake up feeling horrible and it just progresses through the day.i went through quite a traumatic time at the start of last year and the doctors seem to think the stress has maybe caused this,but I refuse to believe that no matter how many tests tell me there's nothing physically wrong with me.just can't see and end in sight to this and the thought of this being like this forever is getting me so down!

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      Well there is obviously something wrong. You don't have continual pain and feeling unwell for no reason.. as I kept telling my doctors/consultants.

      They would sit looking at me from the hospital bed  like I was an idiot... I'm the patient in pain and need the help;  Yes it is soul destroying and can also make a major negative impact on relationships  family/friends etc.. as nobody knows what to say to you or do for the best.

      You have to keep fighting  as I have.

      My decision now is whether I have the appendix removed  just in case it is possibly the issue?!!......  its a tough call and all I am thinking about.  I'm booked in for it end of next week.


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    Hi Daniel! Exactly what your saying I'm feeling the same! Only difference is I have had chronic diarrhoea with it! It has kind of eased off for now tho! But I'm so sick everyday! It's soul-destroying! At ER countless times! Nothing shows in bloods! Finally got ultrasound- nothing showed! Bowel test- no result yet and waiting on a OGD in October ( I was put on the urgent list that was 43 weeks long) horrible constant gnawing upper abdo right through to back! I'm very anxious about is as I'm afraid it's my pancreas! Also anxious as so many in here have same symptoms and never got any answers!

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      Awful isn't it Louise.

      Terrible when you don't get the answers and you get to your wits end !!

      I've just told Daniel he needs to keep strong and keep pushing.. never give up.

      Makes you realise what matters in life, the simple things are great. 

      Every day this year so far has been this awful situation... worry...hospitals....  

      When it is all over I'm treating myself to a holiday and some serious ME time.

      Good luck to you Louise.

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      Thanks Caroline!

      Yes I'm tryin to stay strong but it's not easy! Like Daniel I've had a very stressful 3 years but as soon as everything seems to be getting back to normal this happens! And it does affect relationships your right! All I want is to relax and ohhhhh and what I would do to enjoy a glass of wine!!! Maybe one day soon! Good luck to you guys!

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      Yes the stress is a killer I must say. Never had a year like this before, ever... makes you realise without your health you are in a right pickle !!

      Relax ., glass of wine... oh YESSS please !!

      You will get there I'm sure, as will Daniel... and I will.  Just got to keep going somehow.

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      Hi Louise,sorry to hear ur feeling like this! Yeh I get it going into my back chest and side! It's torture! Just so damn frustrating when everything comes back normal and I'm getting told it could be down to stress! It's a comfort to know that I'm not the only one in this nightmare! To hear from other people and not think I'm imagining all this really helps! Although I wish none of us were in this horrible situation! Like Caroline says,just got to fight this,and hope there's an end to it!

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      One thing and I know it doesn't really help much but still... 

      after having 7 hospital admissions since March its been an eyeopener to me realising how many people are actually suffering daily out there. Loads of people. I met some of them in hospital.

      All different ages and stories....

      I think I just skipped along taking things for granted for ages. Never had an issue at all with my health, always fit... and then WHAM....!

      I wish you all the best.. keep going !!!

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    Hi Danile, Caroline and Louise I'm in the same situation still an unanswered question what's going on. I've been to the doctors many times been to emergency and been to many blood test which made me bruised already and it all came back fine.waiting for my stool exam next time and still don't have a schedule for endoscopy,the waiting is depressing me even more. The stress the fear and being so down is really changing my Life now. I thought I will  lose my husband last night. Because he can't stand it anymore seeing me everyday so down and crying all the time. It's too easy for him my family and my friends to say  that everything will gonna be ok because they're not the one in my position. I used to be a very happy and bubbly person but these all changed 3 months ago. I feel like I'm in the dark now and would not be able to see light again cry

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      I know how difficult it is fhame..... and yes I have also had issues with family, fallen out with my parents as it all got too stressful, they couldn't cope with me being ill and all the visits seeing me in hospital.

      It does change you and it does weigh you down totally. Its very scary and its all you can think about.  i know how all of you feel.

      I';m sat terrified wondering whether I should go ahead with a second Laparoscopy end of next week... and go ahead with the appendix out....  I just don't know what to do for the best.  Because they don't know for sure it hardly installs confidence in me as the patient..!

      Feel for all of you. Really do !!

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      I know Caroline! I am in a new relationship only 9 months and already he thinks all I do is moan! He's has been extremely good but I know it's starting to wear thin! I can't got for weekend breaks away and I'm miserable company most of the time! I find it so strange the amount of threads on here with almost the same symptoms and not one person seriously not one can get an answer! I'm losing faith in doctors today! And I work in a hospital too! They look at you like your mad or lying! So frustrating on top of the stress and anxiety it's causing! For now chin up and just keep going!

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      I feel you Louise Me and my husband just got married 6 months ago and instead of enjoying newly wed life we're not anymore since my symptoms 3 months ago. He is a very supportive husband brought me to check ups and hospitals and did his best to comfort me. One thing he asked from me is stop googling and I never did and just end up crying my eyes out all the time and last night he was really angry and thought he would gave up on me. But  thanked God he didn't and we settled everything. I need to be strong coz of what I'm having now I will be even more depressed and scared if I'll lost my husband...he is my only strengh since I'm far from my country and family.

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      I don't know what laparoscopy is but I'm sure it's a test why not give it a try maybe they'll find answer now. And bout appendix out why are you scared? Somebody told me before appendix has no use in our body so it's not a problem if you don't have it. But I understand you,best you can do is do more research. Hoping and praying for all of us to be well again.

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      Hugs to both you and Fhame.. and Daniel.

      Hope you all work it out.

      It has a terrible impact on r'ships. I am single right now, so its probably best that I am. It gets lonely at times worrying and my family get sick of hearing about it all really...

      Yes not good.


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      Laparoscopy is a type of operation keyhole... where they go in through tummy with a camera and can remove organs such as the appendix that way, without having to open you up.

      I am very scared as they are only guessing that it could be my appendix which has been causing me all the pain since January.  they do not know for sure.

      I already had a laparoscopy in May and I was in lots of pain after that due to scar tissue they found which they had to divide/cut.  It was all over the appendix.  


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