Depressed by constant pain and discomfort for 16 months

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Hi my name is Daniel and I'm the end of my patience with how I'm feeling! I'm a 34 year old generally healthy male.well up until last year I was anyway! In May of 2015 I started experiencing some really horrible pain discomfort and nausea in my upper right abdominal area,which has since went into by side and getting a feeling of being bruised all the way up my right side goin into my armpit and sometimes even on my left side! I've been back and forward to the doctors and hospitals all through this period and been for so many tests and blood work! I've had hida scan CT scan abdominal ultrasound endoscopy colonoscopy and had more blood tests than I can count,and everything has came back normal! My doctor even sent me for hepatitis blood tests because I was convinced I'd caught that through a tattoo I got on holiday! Again all was u can probably tell,this has gave me massive anxiety and stress and I feel like giving up! But I won't,I want to beat this! Just hoping maybe someone on here can relate to my story or offer some hope that it will get better! Or even offer an opinion on a cause! Thanks in advance for any reply

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    Hi Daniel,

    I'm really sorry to hear how stressed and in pain you are. I'm replying as I can relate to your story and in the hope that one of us will be diagnosed at some point!. I'm a 42 (just) year old mental health nurse and have been suffering similar symptoms to yourself since May of this year. I've been upper abdo scanned and lower abdo scanned - they always seem to miss the middle which is where my pain is mainly (?). My pain is a couple of inches to the right of my navel, radiating into my back and up to my shoulder as well as spreading both up and down my abdomen near my navel. I'm so tired of the pain and bloating I cannot tell you! When I bend over (eg, to pick up a pen) I can feel a swelling inside my abdomen preventing me from bending comfortably, which also feels as though it may 'pop' through, which prompted me to question the possibility of an umbilical hernai with my GP - he got me to lift my legs in the air whilst he felt my abdo and said a categorical 'no' to that. I've had blood tests, 2 months of Lansoprazole, one month of antibiotics and I'm still in a ridiculous amount of pain, and thanks to the marvellous workings of our NHS system I've had to wait two further months for an appointment to see a gastroenterologist!) I work in private mental healthcare so I'm unable to pull strings for myself assomeone on this site previously suggested I should do. I have no blood/mucous/diarrhoea however my GP is still under the impression of "well it may be ulcerative colitiis". Nope, sorry I disagree. I have my gastro appointment on Monday 12/9/16 so if you get anywhere before I do please let me know as I'm desperate to get back to feeling normal. I have not lost any weight (I'm 5ft and weigh just over 8st so wish I would lose a bit, and for my work pants to fit me better!) however this doesn't stop me worrying about the C-word! This really is making my life a misery as I can see it is yours, so let's hopw we get some results and some respite from this awful pain. I've considered diverticulitiis (can't seem to stop myself googling the hell out of my symptoms amid waiting for appointments) and that seems a possibility, however I'd love to know if you can actually 'feel' a diverticular when you bend over? Please help! I hope you get the answers you are looking for, it's exhausting not to feel like I did six months ago so I get how you feel, and have to admit my greatest fear is having camera's shoved in places that shouldn't be photographed!

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    It could be IBS if all your tests are negative.  If you have had any stressful periods in your life, it can lead to IBS.  I experienced awful stress with chiropractory, deep tissue massage and a botched blood test.  Within months of these events I got IBS.  My stomach pain moves about, I have constipation and loose, urgent stools and on off nausea.  It took me eight visits to different doctors, seven of whom gave me no answers, and three and a half months of negative nests before one doctor recognised I had IBS.  By that point I was in despair and given up on a diagnosis.


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    im 34 also and you describe what is happening to me or very similar.

    I got sick 1 year ago with pain in my right upper abdomin. it was sensitive to touch sometimes and i had pain in my back. Investigated for gall stones with ultra sound, ct and hida scan. also had gastroscope. All normal. Bloods normal apart from some elevation of ALT liver. checked for hepatitis too.

    Been sent away with pain meds and a pat on the back.

    The pain gets so bad now at times i think i am going to die. I thought i was having a heart attack.As i write this i feel like some one has stabbed me with a spear through my urq and out my back. Ots ruining my life. Ive gone from professional fighter and mega mega active to almost house bound. im afraid to leave the house incase i have an attack.

    My friend is a pathologist and he has suggested sphincter of oddi dysfunction but nothing confirmed.

    i have waited for appointmemts between specialists and has took 3 months at a time, all the while getting worse. I have an appointment in 2 weeks for a 2nd opinion with a new gastro surgeon. Now im not even sure its a gastro problem. i feel like im going nuts. im a tough cookie but i feel like im crumbling away.

    I hope you get an answer because its awful, especially not having a diagnosis. I could handle them telling me bad news so then i know whats going on. being trapped in limbo is the hardest part.

    good luck

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      Hi Stephen,really sorry to hear that your going through this!! Totally agree on ur point that even bad news would be better than this not knowing!! It's been a nightmare for me and I just can't see a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm currently waiting on my doctor sending me to what he describes as pain management clinic! After all my tests have came back with showing nothing physically wrong with me he says these clinics deal with the physiological side of things that might be causing this! At this point I'll try anything that might help! Tryin to stay as positive as I can be right now,and trying not to constantly think the worse! Sorry again to hear that ur going through this awful time Stephen,really hope things start to get better soon.

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