Depression and frustration are setting in for me.

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Im 8 1/2 weeks out of tkr and still have a lot of swelling and my knee feels like it's stuffed with about a million cotton balls.  Im in PT three times a week, using heat and lots of ice and am back to the pool this week with exercises especially with my ham strings.  I attended my first big outing last night and came home with a very stiff knee and more swelling.  I've been off pain Meds for about a week.  I'm beginning to regret the surgery and just want a life again.  I've read through the discussions but when will this end?  I'm scheduled for a major trip in October and wonder if I'll be up for it.  I'm 73 years old.  Thank you for reading this and for any suggestions you might have.

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    Judy, I had scar tissue issues and depression! I cried about everything and was obsessed about my knee to the point of annoying my husband & friends. All I could do to hold it together. Don't be discouraged. There are many of us in this forum who feel the same way you do. I thought I would never get to feeling "normal". I am 5 months put and feeling better every day. Life will improve!! Every night when you go to bed, think about how much closer you are to total recovery. One day at a time. God Bless!

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      Karen thank you for your encouraging words. My trip is in Oct. so i will reach your 5 month mark by that time. I'm so happy that you are better and I'm not the only one who has felt this way. Blessings to you.

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    ?All these feelings are normal, and I can identify with how you feel.

    It is so early, much too early to make decisions about if this is worth it. Decide to put that decision on hold until the one year mark. Pain makes our thinking graduate towards the negative.

    Take a peek at my profile and maybe visit my blog. I have devoted one of the pages to my own TKR story. It is very long. Skim reading recommended! But possible to just dip in and out of, as with this forum!

    Everyone has very different experiences which vary in management from location to location, but I am sure we would all testify that the first six to eight weeks are a big challenge not just to the body, which has just undergone a traumatic major operation, but to the will. Decide to take this on and resolve to be positive. It will help you in the process off recovery immensely.

    There is itself good input to be found here. If you go to the main page it is possible to look back on past posts too by going to different page numbers. You need to decide to think positive. Have a cry, but realise it will take time. I am now 4 and a half months, and life is better than it has been for two years. Accept where you are now, don't fight against it.

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    Welcome, Kneebie...

    First of all, everything is normal...we all went through (or are going through) the same thing.  Depressed?  Read the Post-Operative Depression section in this post...

    Totally normal.  Now that you know what it is, kick it out the door.  The swelling is also normal however, there will be more swelling if you push the knee too far.  Five weeks post-op and I did 8,200+ steps...had a balloon for a knee for three days.  Get a pedometer (Fit Bit, Smart Watch, etc.) and track your steps.  Swelling?  Note the steps, back off and increase gradually.  No and elevate.

    It's good that you're off the big pain meds at 2 months...that's pretty common.  You might try some Tramadol (RX) or 800mg Ibuprofen TID for the inflammation.  When you're done with PT, you should be close to a ROM of 0 / +120...took me 10 weeks to get close to that.  Then you start the exercise program to regain all the strength you've lost in your quads, core and glutes.  Need that to support the new knee.

    The good news is that this will all be old hat down the road.  Most people see major upgrades in their quality of life at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.  I'm 16+ months, will be 70 in February and it's almost like it never happened...almost.

    Click on my picture and then "See All Discussions".  The ones on The Bell Curve, sleeping and exercising will be helpful.  When you get down, re-read this one...

    Have fun...

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      I wish I could have read this earlier but thank you for sharing it now.  I'm now going to look at progress for the month instead of weeks.

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    Maybe your knee needs more time to rest and heal. I did not do much Physio as too much pain. A sports Physio said if the exercise pain does not go away in 30 minutes , I should not be doing any exercise.

    Around 6 weeks I was on my feet through the day ( always icing) but nights were still horrible. Did some straightening and bending in a hot bath each day. Sleeping only became more normal around 12 weeks.

    Good luck, good healing

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    You r so normal, did I ever feel I'd join a knee discussion forum, no I didn't, but have found comfort and the advice given very helpful,  I thought I'd sail through but have found it emotionally and physically challenging, but 5 months on I'm getting there, improving every day.  On to my next knee replacement in 10 days time, thinking OMG, but I'll do it , and this time next year I'll b running, mind over matter!! Stick in there.

    • Posted' don't think you'll be running...

      ...that is unless you want your new knee to last only 3 years instead of 25...

      "Every step you take walking exerts a load on the knee 2 to 3 times your body weight... The force exerted from running increases that load to anywhere between 5 to 12 times your weight, depending largely on running speed or form." - Men's Health Magazine derived from medical studies.

      Had to give up hockey after 45 years when I had my hip replaced.  Same thing.  Replacement joints cannot take the stress of activities that exert either pressure or torque...period.  Any doctor who told you that you'd be back to running should be shot.  Gotta find a cutthroat shuffleboard league.  Sorry......

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      Hi Chico, love your posts😀😀😀😀 I'm going on 70, my comment was very much tongue in cheek😀😀😀😀

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      Well, take your tongue out of your cheek and eat some ice cream...while you watch other people running...
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      It's done Jenny on glad it's over!!!! And here we go again, suffering very low blood pressure 85/55 and it seems more painful, right up the thigh, didn't have that before. Now the long haul starts but I'll attack it, no number 3 knee to be done!!😀😀

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      Thank u Judith, so relieved it's over😀😀well the op anyway!!

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