Depression following TKR

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Hi, I had a left TKR 12 weeks ago and now find myself very depressed. I could sleep all day, don’t want to get out of bed, have no interest in anything and cry most of the time. Could this be related to the op or not? I don’t know what’s happened to me. My Dr has signed me off work until the 2nd of jan because I haven’t fully recovered physically from the knee op but she seems to think I should be better before then and I know I won’t be anywhere near ready to go back to work which involves me being on my feet all day. Has anyone else been this depressed since their op?

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    It's fake...a Jedi Mind Trick...

    Totally normal.  Now that you know what it is, kick its a$$ out the door and get on with your recovery!!!  YOU'RE IN CONTROL of your future, not this fake mind game.  You don't need pills.  Get out of bed and do the work...and take your mind off all the other junk.  Your bedroom is where you sleep AT NIGHT...that's all.  These can help...

    Doing the ROM work and exercising will release endorphins into your brain making you happier every day.  Take your life strong...

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    I'm nearly 9 weeks and there's been plenty of tears here. I have a hard job too. My full pay will run out soon and I keep thinking of that and feel pressured into getting back but I know for a fact I wouldn't manage. My recovery is going well but not well enough to get back to work just yet.

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      Deep breath.  Yes, I know the money pressure.  I had completed a contract at the end of February 2016 and had the knee done 2 days later.  No income until I found a new job in October.  I thank God that it was a telecommuting job so I work on a 750-person global virtual team.  No one goes to an office.  I have no idea what life would be like if I had to commute every day.  I'm very lucky.

      Gotta have some trust in The Universe...that things will work out and you will not be left dangling in the breeze.  Not easy.  However, slow your breathing and concentrate on the good and positive.  I'm almost 70, work full time and take care of my wife who is still suffering the effects of her brain aneurysm surgery.  Be positive...the birds in the trees make it through every will you.  No pressure...things will be what they will be...

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    I think the pressure of knowing you’re heading back to work and will be forced to be on your feet is daunting - you may feel like they have taken away your control.  Take it back. Keep on keeping on, do your best to continue with your recovery. You got this! And think about how much you have progressed in 12 weeks! In another 5 or 6 weeks you may feel really good!

    Also - if you’ve just recently come off of pain meds - this can sometimes cause some depression.....

    You can do this. And if you’re really not up to it - would your doctor sign for you to return half time for the first while?

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      ABSOLUTELY!!!  Listen to Amy...she got this nailed!!!
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    Hi Caroline, I’m 10 weeks post TKR,  at 7weeks I was very down, on verge of depression, but mine was from being lonely I think & seeing the same 4 walls every day. Since I’ve been able to drive things haven’t  been too bad as I’ve been able to get out of the house. I concentrated on going to the gym & swimming to help with recovery.  I was a little worried about returning to work as I work in a large school with large boisterous teenagers!  My consultant suggested that I have a phased return to work so I’m going in tomorrow, but only 2 lessons a day, 3 days a week.  I still can’t sit or stand for long so it’s going to be interesting.  Find something to focus on, that would be my suggestion. Best Wishes to you. Sharon 

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    Thank you everyone for your input. After reading your replies I have woken up this morning a little better. 

    I think it could partly be that I feel control is out of my hands. Like you say six weeks down the line I will hopefully have progressed further. My recovery has been hindered by infection and a dvt so hasn’t gone as well as it could have. Will put all I’ve got into physio and continuing my excercises and maybe a very phased return will be the answer. I am considering seeing my gp as well for a chat. 

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    Really try to socialise and seek counselling maybe?

    It is important not to sink into despondency....

    Post op depression is common, and recognised as part and parcel of this surgery.

    If you feel you are not coping, seek professional help!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    You may like to go to my profile by clicking on the image next to my name. I kept a journal of my own knee replacement journey, and I have been told by several people they found it helpful to read, or skim through. There is an abridged version which is shorter as well! It has a lot of useful suggestions and information.

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    Hi Caroline I’m 3 wks in and in bad pain also feeling depressed but this forum has made me feel better because you’re not alone we all go through it. I thought I was a wimp as I was crying all the time, but quite natural expect long term pain but manage with pills xxxxx
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    Yes I too am suffering from depression after TKR also. I’m at 8 weeks. Mine started when I started weaning off the opioid pain meds slowly at 4 weeks . It has continued even now 2 weeks after I’m off of them. I saw a psychiatrist and he says I’m experiencing withdrawal and it takes weeks after you stop taking it before it gets out of your system. 

    There is also something called post op depression. I know some don’t think any of this is real and you can just snap out of it but it’s not that easy for others. If it doesn’t go away please don’t be afraid to get professional help or talk to someone about it. There is help available. I’ve been there before and I’m there again now but getting better. It’s temporary!

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      Click my POD link in the first reply above.  Jedi Mind Trick...
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    I so understand Carolne!!  I was like that as well 3 months out and thought I had it beat.  But then 6 months later I'm still depressed with no motivation... I've been to my docs many times and am starting therapy in Jan.  I don't know if it is related to knowing I have to get my other knee done in a couple months or not. This group helped me through every part after my TKR so much for the first few months but when my depression carried on I stopped talking.  Please see your doctor again because you cannot go back to work when your mental health isn't ready.  Don't do that to yourself.  I wish you so much luck and Merry Christmas to you all ??????

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