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Hi,I've recently started writing poems as a way of helping with my depression.

So anyway here's one of my poems,hope you like,I've never shown anyone other than my counsellor before.

Your mind is working overtime,you wish you could stop these thoughts

If only you could find a way,if only you'd been taught.

Take each day as it comes,take each step as you see them

As the Latin say 'carpe diem'

Life doesn't always turn out the way you'd hoped it'd go

Your feeling weak,insecure or just generally low

But there's always a way out,you just need to seek

Pick yourself up,be strong,stand on your own two feet

Everyone in life have their ups and downs

Your certainly not alone

Life's never as bad as you may think

Nothing is set in stone

Don't let yourself be brought down by sadness nor hate

You can change things if you try,you can decide your own fate

So if you're feeling alone or just a little sad

Don't dwell on what you haven't got

And think of the things you have!

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    That is brilliant, well done you, even put a little smile on my face.

    Not everyone could have written what you've just written so be proud of yourself.

    Id love to read more if you'd be willing to share.

    Danielle x

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    Thank you Danielle smile

    I'm not sure about it being brilliant but I'm glad you liked it,

    It's just something I do and it helps me.

    I could show you another although the others are more sad.

    But I don't mind sharing if you'd like?

    Donna x

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    Donna, it would be a pleasure to read something that so perfectly describes what we go through, whether sad or happy, its the truth. Please, i would love to read another 😊

    And don't put yourself down, you have a 'brilliant' talent that produces 'brilliant' work, not everyone could make depression into such a mindful poem. It's fantastic what you've accomplished and yo be able to write it in such a beautiful way is just unimaginable.

    So i mean it when i say well done you, you've managed to take a little part of us all and shown it's not as dark and scary as it seems, it cant be if it can be written into poetry.

    Thank you for your work.

    Danielle x

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    Thanks for this Don. It truly captures the essence of depression - the blinding shadows. The longing for escape from a caged mind.

    But much more the hope of recovery - the encouragement not to give in nor give up.

    For many depression is a life long battle, for most I hope like me a victory won, even though the scars are still visible but the wounds no longer hurt.

    Please share more of these poems if you have them; I shall be following this discussion.

    Good job!

    Bella :-)

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    Thank you Bella x

    Here is another poem,its a short one but one that I like.

    Has a lot of meaning for me.

    As a single teardrop falls from my eye

    The clouds grey over in the sky

    When it rains it pours like a raging storm

    My mind is in tatters,my heart is torn

    So I sit and I wait for the day to come

    When even through the storms I can find the sun.

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    A very real experience highlighted by the power of poetry - a true tale known to those of us who have worked through this vivid field of lost dreams.

    On the outside looking in and when inside lacking the ability to look out - blinded by inpenetrable darkness.

    The stationary travel, the motionless journey...

    Hope - a long wait it may be; a figment of ones imagination it might seem...but hope as small as it may be is the onward road to recovery.

    Don you are truly gifted.

    Another amazing poem :-)

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    Sorry Danielle I've just seen your reply x

    Thank you that's really kind of you to say,Its not about me putting myself down its just strange to hear

    Someone say that its brilliant or even to describe it as my work,

    I guess I just don't think they're that good but like I say It helps me a lot and I do enjoy writing poems.

    So thank you again

    Donna xx

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    Thank you Bella that's very kind of you to say,

    I've only written these poems as a self help,for my own benefit

    My counsellor had asked that I show him some,which I have shown him a couple

    But I've not shared with anyone else before,it's really nice to hear that someone likes or appreciates them

    So thank you smile

    Donna xx

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    My breathing hurries,I'm overwhelmed by heat

    I start to shake from my head to my feet

    My chest tightens up,feel like I'm going to die

    I wait it out till it passes then I can't help but cry

    Because it's the scariest thing to ever go through

    Not knowing what's wrong or what to do

    I walk out the door and I'm scared right away

    I wish that I home I had stayed

    Because when I'm in public I'm always so wary

    My heart always races,it's always so scary

    I hope that soon I'll be on the mend

    Hope they go away,hope that they'll end

    Because I want this panic to be no more

    For things to go back to how they were before

    I hate these attacks that I have to endure

    I weep as I wonder if I'll ever be cured.

    Donna x

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    Oh Donna, that panic poem really hit home, even made me cry a little. That is the best way I've ever heard it described, down to a T.

    You are truly talented Hun.

    I hope you continue to write poems like these, you should make a book out of them or something, you could help a lot of people with these poems...I mean look how much we like them on here 😊

    Thank you for the poems you wonderful woman

    Danielle x

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    Hi donna

    I have used writing poems to help with my depression also. The majority came out of me when i was suffering with insomnia, instead of just lying there awake at night feeling lonely and anxious i started to write poems, it wasn't about my poems being good, but just a way to get out and think about how i was feeling, and to take my mind off not being able to sleep. I think it's great that you are sharing your poems smile they are great aswell, i know you say that doesn't realy matter to you anyway, but still you should feel proud of yourself smile.

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    Thank you again Danielle x

    Panic attacks are horrible aren't they,I used to suffer a lot with them but not as much lately.

    I write my poems in my own little book

    But never thought of sharing them before,like I say I'm not so sure they're that good

    But You have given me a little confidence so thank you x

    I don't mind sharing more if you'd like?

    Donna x

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    Hi sunset,

    Yes I find it a really good way to get my feelings out,

    It started when my counsellor asked me to start a journal but I didn't know what to write or even where to start so I wrote a poem and since then I've been writing a lot,

    It does also help with lonliness,gives me something to focus on,something to keep me busy.

    I have 5 children so I'm busy through the day but when they sleep I get lonely and its nice to have something

    To focus on,I find it hard to watch tv,I can't focus long enough but with writing I can and Its something I enjoy.

    Donna x

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    Yes please Donna, i would love to read more, thank you.

    Your an inspiration to all of us with how to turn something so bad as panic attacks and depression into something so beautiful as poetry.

    And i think you should share them with a lot of people, your getting such good feedback on here 😊

    Danielle x

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    Thank you smile

    Just because you don't see me cry

    Doesn't mean that I'm not sad

    Just because I seem to have a lot

    It doesn't mean I have

    Just because I laugh and joke and smile a lot of the time

    Doesn't mean I'm happy,doesn't mean I'm fine

    If only you could understand,if only you could see

    That the girl you see on the outside is not the real me.

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