Detoxing, Methadone and Britlofex (Lofexidine)

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Hi, I dont know if anybody can help.

I am 25 and was addicted to herion/ crack (speedballing) for around 7/8 years. in the last 2 years I began to take pre-gabs from a friend, morphine and other medicines inc diazipam, zopiclone.

After my sons dad was sent to prison yet again. I decided to uproot and move back to London to be near family. My son is staying with my mum and that is really hard. I am on Mirtazipine for the depression and 40ml of methadone. I decided enough was enough. there was too much abuse in the relationship (drug abuse and domestic/psyc) So when he was sent to prison yet again I decided i was going to leave. I have tried before and succeeded in getting clean for short periods but nevery really off the methadone... I also always went back when he was released.

I want to know what my options are when trying to get off of the methadone... I have heard of britlofex and would really like some information if anybody can help. do they work..? do they really help the withdrawal symtoms,,,? and how do you take them, I heard you take 1 one day , 2 on day two and 3 the next etc... then reduce again?

I have heard good and bad things about them and have looked online but its all wikipedia etc. I would like to hear from real people. I know everybody is different but i would just like to hear others' views.

Sorry for spelling/ grammer mistake, i have to be quick.

Thank you and I hope somebody writes back :-)  

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    Hi there. I am just writing this so that you know people are thinking of you. I have no experience with methadone, but a lot with zopiclone and diazepam.

    The best advice is to taper off very slowly, as you will get withdrawal symptoms if you go cold turkey. I expect you already know that.

    I'm going to come back to this particular discussion in a few hours time, to see what others have writte. I am positive that many users of this website will have excellent advice for you.

    In the meantime, please know that you are very much in my thoughts. You've had a really rough time by the sound of things. It's wonderful that you want to try to come off methadone now.

    With love and hope for you, Tess

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      Hi Tess,

      Thanks so much for your reply.

      I think I bound to get withdrawal symtoms whichever way i do it. I just need help and advice with finding something that works.

      Thanks again, Im just trying to power through and get on with it. I have replied a little more to the comments below if you want a read... Thanks Again,


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    Hi Jade.

    I was addicted to a massive amount per day of Oxycontin / Oxycodone & I too am now on methadone to get off the Oxy. I haven't taken any Oxy for 4wks now due to the methadone so I'm sorry I can't advise regarding getting off that stuff. All I know is when people come off methadone they're usually given Suboxone or Subutex.

    I don't know where you're uprooting from or what your current situation is but, my advice would be to find a good doctor that could help you taper etc.

    Also, I don't think I would still be here if it wasn't for a drug charity called "Release" they are amazing & will be able to help & advise you.

    Google "Release drug charity" they're based in London & I cannot thank them enough for how they helped me.

    Good luck

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      I will look into the Charity they sound great, thank you for the reply.

      I have tried Subutex (bupramorphine) before and they really make me very ill... I have tried taking them 48 hours after last use, 72 hours after last use and 4 and a half days after last use of methadone and heroin. It really doesnt work for me,,, that is why I was looking into Britlofex... Thank you for the advice though. I did reply to RHGB with a longer reply about my current situaton... I am shocked they didnt put you straight onto Subutex from Oxycontin as I know they can do it from Heroin. I think the withdrawal from Subbies is alot easier and they usually do that, How long were you addicted and how long on methadone???

      I am so terrified of the withdrawal, last time I didnt eat for over 2 weeks because i couldnt keep anything down was hospitalised twice trying to cold turk it from 15ml... I was in once of those mood where i was just like F**K this i cant do it anmore im just stopping and it went horribly wrong... Thought I was gonna die sad 

      Still here though so I just have to do it the right way...

      I hope you are okay. 

      Thanks Again, Jade

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      I would just reiterate my earlier words. Very few drugs you can die from doing cold turkey - alcohol and methadone are the two main ones.

      Remember what I said about the withdrawal medicines. If they are given to early and/or not titrated up in the right amount at the beginning, you will suffer badly.

      You need to find someone who knows what they are doing. I have no knowledge of drug charity side of things, except that the place I go to for alcohol also does the drug side. And I'm not imprssed with their knowledge of alcohol problems and I do hope they know more about drugs.

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      I have replied to your last post Jade but it's waiting to be moderated. Don't knuw how long it takes bit I replied a couple of days ago!!???


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      I dont think I have managed to read your post,,, well i cant see it. maybe if you private message me this would be quicker? I dont know how it works....

      Hope to speak to you soon xx

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    Hi Jade,

    My first advice would be, never use your real name on forums, especially when you have an unusual doube barreled surname.

    Back on topic. I will first state I have no experience with the drugs you mention, but I have plenty of experience with alcohol, and the issues are pretty much the same, Alcohol attaches to the same Mu opioid receptor as methadone does.

    You and Ritchie are both correct in that either Britloflex or Suboxone (they are both brand names, not the generic names) will help with detox/withdrawal symptoms. And this is another thing alcohol shares, there's very few drugs that can kill you through cold turkey, alcohol is one and methadone is another (although not heroin, unpleasant but not lethal).

    These drugs have to be given properly, if they're not, you will run into problems, which is probably what you read. If given too early, they will give precipititated withdrawal, where the detox shuts off the receptor before it's ready. Secondly the patient needs to be stabilised and titrated the dose correctly. If this is not done properly, the patient is very likely to suffer. Doctors tend to use a formula called COWS (clinical opioid withdrawal scale) - sorry I can't put links, they get modded.

    Where you are falling down, is that there are two stages to ending drug dependence. There is the first stage, detox, whcih takes you off the drug, then there is the anti-craving, and for some, counselling to stop the triggers setting them off.

    For example, I took benzos (either diazepam or Librium) for a week to get off alcohol and be able to wake up in the morning, without the shakes. But, if I left it at that, the first time I had a row with the missus, I would be straight in the pub. I take an anti craving medication (Campral) even though I'm not drinking, to help me not spend my time thinking about alcohol and feeling the urge. I don't know if there is an equivalent of methadone/heroin, but I would have thought there must be something to help people, especially long term users.

    As for where to go to get help. Where are you currently getting your methadone? Do they do anything. Or as Ritchie has suggested, there are plenty of alcohol and drug charities in London, that should be able to help you. My advice is to learn as mcuh as you can before you approach them, that way you can tell if they know what they are talking about.

    But your main thing, is you need something to help you after you detox, or you will find yourself stuck in a constant loop of detox - relapse.

    Although this may not have answered all of yor questions, I hope it has been of some guidance.

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      HI Thanks for the advice, I really dont know how to change my name now though. to be honest I have never used a forum before and wasnt even expecting any replys. I also didnt know that my name would be shown... Stupid me....

      I did have a problem with alcohol and did a detox a few years ago... I began drinking at 12yrs old and it sort of went from there... I then started only drinking when I would try to detox from Heroin and found myself switching and swapping one addiction for another... This is how I was introduced to diazipam in the firstplace.I am definately giong to look up the info uyou have given me... to be honest doing the research also keeps me busy...

      The thing is I love my family they are great... but I know they are always worried something will set me off or I will do a disappearing act... this can make me lose hope in myself and has happened before. My auntie (uncles wife) is Great and is really like a best friend we have been doing everything together and I ove to spend time with her but what I am struggling with is feeling abit lost.... I am so far away with my Son and Mum. Also boredom is kicking in... I feel like i shouldnt go anywhere because I know everybody will worry about me...

      The thing is, and I know i have said it before, but this is actually the first time I feel I am really going to beat the s***t out of the addiction. I have found a womens group which I am going too once a week which is a start.. but knowing there is so much to do here in London I want to get out and experience a life and do the things I should have been doing for the last 8 years... 

      I have never been to a pub and just enjoyed the atmosphere, never got to go out with all my friends when i turned18... never been iceskating or on a real shopping spree... My confidence is at rock bottom right now and even writing this is hard for me... I am physically shaking... I am embarrassed,ashamed and would do anything for people to just not see a junkie.... Alot of people say they would never know I did that until they see my arms,,, or see a picture of my sons dad (when they sort of go... Oh you were withh him... SH*T Urm... Okay see you later) I dont want to disclose my personal life to everyone,,, but always feel i should, I spent the last 8 years lying and hiding my life and I just want to be normal... (whats normal) I want people to trust me. It will take time but this time I really want too put the effort in...

      It probably doesnt help that I have put on about 3 stone since I stopped using.

      Anyway, I am sorry to go on....

      Your questions... I get my methadone on observed daily pick up from a local chemist but am pescribed from a service called Turning Point...I have alot of trouble going to these kinds of services with people that still use being there. This has been one of my down falls in the past... The womens group I started to attend ( only been to one group) is a group where everybody is tested before the session so everybody is abstinent.I like that. Not that I dont trust myself not to use. (as my Mum says "please dont make any contacts") that isnt my problem, well actually if i am honest it kind of is. Everywhere I go I have to deal with seeing people that use etc. Its more the anxiety of getting offered something,,, I dont think I would do it.. but i know what its like to have the sed planted... I would never offer a drug to somebody... My selt esteem is just so low I really have a problem with peer pressure and simular situation....

      In Crewe where I moved from there is nothing to do... There is a cinema and thats about it so everybody is on drugs/ alcohol and there are some people that would try to get you to use. i dont know if it happends everywhere but I am too scared to even think about what i would do in a situation like this. I dont know if I am strong enough just yet. I know I want to be clean (normal) but I dont know how, or what is going to work for me just yet, as I havent really done it properly before.

      Sorry again to go on...

      Thanks for your reply, Jade

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      All power to you, Jade. You have the right attitude. I'm so sorry that you've had such an awful time.

      Your self-esteem will rocket when you take charge of your addiction.

      I loved it when you wrote "what's normal, anyway?"

      We are all different. I do understand that the people you know best are users because you have to come into contact with them every day.

      Look online for activities in your area which have nothing to do with drugs. You will find something interesting to get involved in, even if it's just weeding old people's gardens.

      And I really identified with your remarks about your ex. Many years ago I had a boyfriend who punched the living daylights out of me. When we (finally) split up, people were always saying "so glad you've finished with him etc etc etc etc" which makes you and me look idiotic for putting up with it.

      I can't believe that in Crewe there is nothing to do. There's loads of voluntary work out there - or join a choir - or learn a new language at evening classes etc etc etc etc.

      You can do this - I really believe that.  Love Tess

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      Most of this is just me thinking out loud, not so much advice.

      Your family worry about you because they love you, don't knock it, one day they will be gone. I never got on with my father, I ran away from home at 16. Back in those days it was different, you were considered an adult and free to go your own way. He died last year and although I went to the funeral, it was only for the family's sake, not because I had any deap seated urge to.

      Well enjoy London, I suppose if you are young, it is the place to be, where it is all happening, it is my idea of hell. I lived there from '73 until 2000 and really enjoyed it, but it is not the same place.

      Ah, iceskating, for many a year I used to go every night. Even worked at the ice rink, sometimes stewarding. I even played professional level ice hockey for a while (it was an amateur sport like rugby in the '80s, I'd have got paid for it today). Sadly Richmond Ice Rink is no more. I know London well, I did despatch riding for 18 months in the mid '80s, before you were even born.

      Yeah, the weight thing, lose it whilst you're young, it takes more effort when you get older. Have a great time in London, I hope you find yourself. Seriously, try and find some help to get you off the stuff, the longer you're on it, the harder it is to kick it. And the more damage it does.

      Like your mum says, don't get in with the wrong crowd, your life can pass you by so quickly, and then you find yourself old and bitter. You only get one life. Enjoy it, enjoy London, get yourself sorted, and take care.

      Feel free to come back and post if you need to chat. I'm not subscribed to this group, so I will only get notifications of this thread, not others.



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      Thanks Tess, I will keep letting you know how it goes.

      I know exactly what you mean about the abusive relationship etc...

      Nice to know you are there....

      Thanks, Sorry for short reply, My little cousin wants the computer smile x

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      You may not see it as advice but it is for me,,, any contribution and just the fact you have taken the time to reply is such a boost for me... I cant really write much as I have to be quick but that you so much, i loved reading about all your experience iceskating,,, I would love to go....

      Thanks again you are a massive help, and inspiration.

      Jade x

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