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litamarius litamarius

Diagnosed with bilateral osteoartritis of the hip and prety scared

Hy everyone ! I ve just been diagnosed with bilateral hip osteoartrithis and need some opinions from people who are fighting this disiease.i am preety scared cuz i am only 32 yo and i can t stop thinking about what will hapen to me. How long can i manage this disiease , for how long people are suffering from it ... and can live a decent life. I am verry depresed and need a lotle info about how i can manage this situation.

Btw my artrithis in the early stage but still pretty scared sad hope to have some opinions from you guys

Good health and merry christmas

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  • amkoffee amkoffee litamarius

    What you have is osteoarthritis which is essentially a wearing down of the flexible tissue that holds the joints together. You are pretty young to be getting this and your hip is likely to become pretty painful. Since it's only in the early stages hopefully it will stay there for a long time. I know that most surgeons do not like to replace joints until you're quite a bit older than 32. The good thing is that osteoarthritis is nothing like rheumatoid arthritis or some of the other inflammatory arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is the kind that make your fingers bend oddly at the joint. I'm sure you've seen that. And it affects the entire body. Whereas osteoarthritis does not affect the entire body. That's not to say you can't have it in several joints. I have it in both thumbs, my left knee, my lower back and neck. Your weight can affect your joints as well. For example I am very heavy so that has compounded the issue on my left knee and my back. Weight can really wear down a joint if it's one of the weight bearing joints.

  • hope4cure hope4cure litamarius

    Many with OA of the hip have developed symptoms eventually thatrequire hip replacement .

    This solution is a outcome for many thousands . It can give a better quality of life and maintain mobility. I have had two hip joint replacements and one revision. I can do everything I enjoy in life and maintain a better quality of life. That's what it's all about. 

    Ask about a physical therapist who can direct you in many areas to help your OA and maintain good health. Diet, hip care and meds can all have a positive roll in managing OA. 


  • wknight wknight litamarius

    what you are suffering is very common, just not at your age. The good news is that its in your hips and not like with me in my fingers. I have finger joint replacements but they are far from perfect, where as hip replacements work brilliantly. I know many people who have had them done and they are all pain free and lead a very active life. I would be asking the question, when can I have my hip replaced. 

    people on here will suggest diets and loads of other stuff but the one thing that has been proven to work is hip replacement surgery which is very common. 

    Dont be depressed, its just happened to you earlier than the rest of us. 

    • amkoffee amkoffee wknight

      I don't think it's quite fair to compare her hip pain to your finger pain and make the assumption that your pain is worse than hers. Everyone perceives their pain in a different way. And although hip surgery is fairly common place these days it is a joint that has to support the entire upper part of your body.

    • Anhaga Anhaga amkoffee

      Where did wknight make any comparisons about pain?  I don't know about finger joints but I know foot surgery has not been perfected whereas I've never met anyone who wasn't thrilled with their hip surgery!

    • Anhaga Anhaga amkoffee

      So easy to interpret things differently, because I understood it to be a comparison of the effectiveness of the potential surgery!

      Best wishes for a merry Christmas season and a very happy (and healthier) new year!

  • susan99930 susan99930 litamarius

    I have always been a very active person, however at 50 I was diagnosed with arthritis in both hips, one was worse than the other.  My 1st hip was replaced at 51, and I must say recovery was very easy, playing tennis again at 6 weeks.  I'm having my other one done next month, and I'll be 53.  The new hips last around 30 years, and are so much better than an arthritic hip.  They are not slowing me down at all. 

    You are young, but if you get to the point of needing them replaced, you will be so ready, and will do great.  

    • hope4cure hope4cure susan99930

      Wow what a great story of hip replacement success to share with all us hippies. It's great to hear that hippies can get back to a normal and healthy life. 

      Myself lf had three hip replacements. I am very well and doing all the things and back to a active healthy life. 

      Sending you you lots of healing blessing on your next hip journey. Keep us posted.

      Happy Holidays 🎄🎉

    • hope4cure hope4cure susan99930

      Exactly, with the new clinics that are popping up all over with new surgery tables include X-ray and MRI to assist during surgery and robot surgery for better accuracy and  techniques all available. Most THR is a alternative we have to do to better our quality of life and mobility. 

      Sometimes we have to keep up on the whole process and be our own health advocate. In the end it's the skill of the surgeon we depend on. 

      Have a great 2018 ! 

  • litamarius litamarius

    Tnx for youre replyes guys , but i was wondering cuz my  ortopedian told me that in 30 years i will need a hip replacement ... and i know that is not true.... and i was wondering how mutch can i delay the procedure without completley affectting my quality of life ... that s why i aked for how long people have had this problem and how long they can manage this disiease 

    • susan99930 susan99930 litamarius

      When it keeps you from doing the things you like to do (the only thing I've been told not to do is running), or if the pain is waking you up at night---it's time, and you are just putting off the inevitable.  With hips lasting 30 years before a revision is needed--there is no reason to delay.  

  • wknight wknight litamarius

    Why do you want to delay? They can easily replace a hip, I know people who are on their 2nd joint on one side. The only way to improve your quality of life and get back to normal is to get that hip joint replaced with a replacement joint. You will be pain free and can move like normal, why delay feeling better, seethe other posts. 

  • wknight wknight litamarius

    Exactly, finger joint surgery doesnt give you full movement, where as hip replacement you get full movement back provided you do the physio after the op. Its a joint replacement that is very successful. of course the people with problems always post but they are a very,very small minority, the vast majority return to a a normal life again 

  • jools2512 jools2512 litamarius

    Hi there,

    ​I'm 52 and had a LTHR in September. When I think back to when I started to be aware something wasn't 'quite right' in my hip I was probably in my mid to late 30's. It could have been even before, as I was never able to cross that leg over the other one, and just assumed it was because it didn't feel natural, and I could not carry heavy shopping on that side either. As I was doing lots of high impact martial arts, (which I only started around 30) I assumed it was pain from the things we would do in training and fighting. I gave the training up around 40, and it wasn't till around 48 and had an MRI I really became aware of the problem getting worse. I am a little overweight, but it was probably only the last year that I started to struggle and made the decision to seek replacement. My point is, is that you are young enough to look after yourself, keep your weight down and look after your hips as much as you can for now. I held out as I thought 52 was way too young, but now I have had my replacement and made a good recovery I can't believe I put myself through that pain for nothing. The plus side also of having surgery a little younger is that the recovery will be easier and your life will go back to normal. Enjoy your life for now and try not to think of what might come. But even if it does everything will work out just fine. confused

    • litamarius litamarius jools2512

      This was the most helpful reply i recived , tnx alot .. now i m kinda depresed cuz i had a good life and had an accident at the gym and it took me by storm. I m quite traumatized to say the least ... is the only thing i think about .... but tell me .. can u have sexual relations ... how is the social life ... please share .. what can i do .. like job or something ... tnx 

    • jools2512 jools2512 litamarius

      Hi again,

      ​Even though I'm still relatively early in the recovery process I am doing well. My walking is really good, I have gone back to a very physical job, and yes, you have to adapt a little bit, but you can resume sexual relations. I can swim, probably better than before, although I have to be careful getting in and out of the pool. This week I am experiencing slightly more aches and pains and fatigue as I have resumed 12.5 hour shifts on my feet all day, but I think it's hard for everyone. I did manage to get an old chap up from the floor who had fallen with a colleague with no ill effects afterwards. The only things I'm struggling with are socks and shoes, and I have to use the 'golfers bend' if I want to pick something up from the floor (not elegant, and awkward in small spaces !!) It is quite funny though that my patients must realise something isn't quite right, as they offer to pick things up that I have dropped, and quite often they are in their 80's!! ( and I do drop things on an astonishing scale!!) I think the biggest change for me though is that I'm not constantly miserable and in terrible pain. My hip is not all I think about now and I am returning to the happy, bubbly person that I was before. smile

  • Leni75 Leni75 litamarius

    Hi Litamarius,

    First of all I understand what you’re feeling about having arthritis. I was 32 when I started having heberdens nodes in my fingers and I’m now 42, and feeling pain in both my hips.I feel very scared too especially because I have a very young child and I’m not sure how will I be in a few years when the pain gets worse. 

    Do you know what has caused your arthritis? With me it was genetics and giving birth once. My mum has had several replacement surgeries.

    Just like you, my arthritis is in early stage but the daily discomfort/pain I feel, especially now both hips hurt, causes me to feel down and not want to do much.

    Are you in the UK? You could google clinical trials that might recruit people like us for testing new treatment therapies. Have you read about stem cells therapy or any other therapies? Research about it. Someone might be able to help you to find a innovative treatment that can help with your arthritis. Are you doing physiotherapy or any other thing? I don’t know if it helps a lot, I haven’t tried yet. Get a good orthopaedic doctor and ask him about any new treatments besides NSAIDs . I know it’s not going to be easy, but don’t give up . I really think that it won’t be too long now to find other new ways to fight this disease! Fingers cross🤞🏻


    • Anhaga Anhaga Leni75

      Best to avoid NSAIDs for the very simple reason that they interfere with cartilage renewal.  I have never taken them for arthritis although I do take aspirin from time to time for headaches so don't have to avoid altogether.  Was diagnosed with OA when I was 40 but pretty sure I'd had arthritic changes in my neck and feet long before.  I have always taken glucosamine, capsules with powder in them, not solid tablets, 1000 mg morning and evening.  I am now 70 and the OA has progressed very little.  

    • Leni75 Leni75 Anhaga

      That’s really good you manage to control your arthritis . I’m looking into taking something natural for the joints and hoping it can help me too. I have  gastritis  so I’ve never considered taking NSAIDs.  I also hope that will be new drugs in the future too  that dont cause bad effects to the body but help with the arthritis. 

    • litamarius litamarius Leni75

      Mine was caused  by over doing thing at the gym , i did an exercise at th leg press and all my ligaments bended sad i m kinda scared cuz i think i have artrithis in all my inferior ligament . ... i am doing phisioterapy and it is ok ... but i m alarm scared of the tears to come becaus as i heqrd is only geting worse , i am in romania and dont think here are quite surchfull of new antidota ... and yes i heard above t stemm cell and for hear that it has a 50 50 chance and is very expensive but as i said h re in romania it dos t expected st , i woUld gladly do it but dont have acces best of wishes and keep me posted and i will do the same 

    • Anhaga Anhaga litamarius

      Litamarius, I am not a smoker and I have been either at a normal weight or, more recently, underweight throughout my adult life.  I have also kept fairly active, although I'm not athletic, and have done a little bit of yoga and some physio exercises for years.

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