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kim08942 kim08942

Diagnosed with sinusitis, fluid in ear and infected dental carries!

Hi! everyone.

On April 28th, I finally went to see an ENT. He suspected that I may have chronic sinusitis. Ordered a CT scan to be sure. The following day I felt so weak and sick, I had to go to the hospital. They performed a blood test, urine test and CT scan of my sinuses. The doctor said he saw fluid in my ear, infected dental carries and I have sinusitis. I was prescribed five different medications (augmentin, flonase, prednisone, loratadine and zofran). I finished the antibiotics on Sunday, yet I still feel really bad. The facial pain and weakness is not going away. I'm at a loss at what to do. I can't see a dentist in such a weakened state. I don't think I could tolerate anything being done to my teeth until I get my strength back.

Infected sinuses, teeth and ears! What a nightmare! Does anyone out there have problems like this? Don't know what to do. So tired of feeling so very sick.

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  • eman06971 kim08942

    Hi Kim,

    I have almost the exact same symptoms, plus extreme dry mouth, and it feels like someone is choking me 24/7, and I'm currently on my 3rd round of antibiotics(all different)

    I had these symptoms last year in September, saw an ent and he said everything was structurally okay, which was more frustrating than if he had a diagnosis.

    I was referred to an immunologist(a person who tests for allergies), I saw her, and of course, to no conclusion.

    The symptoms stayed, but because I had two shoulder surgeries, they kinda had to take a back seat.

    Now I'm recovering from my second shoudler surgery, and the symptoms are back with a vengeance.

    So you're not alone, I hope yoou start feeling better soon, and let me know what happens, as I'd like to have some insight into this type of sickness, as it might help me find a 'cure' to mine.




    • kim08942 eman06971

      Hi! Eamon.

      Thank you so much, for replying to my post. It's such a comfort to know there's someone out there who understands how I feel. I'm still taking the flonase and loratadine every morning. The antibiotics were awful. The pain and sickness is such a drag on me. Feels like a never-ending flu bug. I'm sure you can relate. Thinking of going to the dentist very soon. Maybe he can help.

      Tell me, how have you been? Are you feeling okay? Sounds like you have chronic sinusitus. Sorry to hear about your shoulder surgeries. Must have been a very painful thing to go through. What happened? Write back soon.Kim.

    • eman06971 kim08942

      Hey Kim, thanks for the reply smile

      I know exactly how you feel, I'm afraid to go to bed at night because I know how sick I will feel in the morning, it's not exactly the best lifestyle for a person in their mid 20's sad A never ending flu bug is exactly how I'd put it too, plus waking up with a severe sinus headache every morning really sucks.

      I would go to the dentist if I were you, it might be hard to get yourself there with how bad you feel, but if it provides any relief it'll totally be worth it.

      I wish I could tell you I'm doing fine, but the sinus issues are really bringing me down, ruining my social life, I'm best man at two of my friends weddings coming up in the next two months, plus in 3 weeks I have an audition to be in a tv show, and I really don't feel up to any of it.  It's just very frustating not knowing the cause of the problem or able to do anything about it. The shoulder surgeries were quite painful, but I knew the pain would subside in time, but this sinus problem seems to have no end, I would happily go under the knife again as opposed to my head feeling like it's going to explode.

      I was a bit of a gym junkie, plus my job was/is quite taxing on my shoulders, so I had both reconstructed, but surprise surprise it didn't get rid of the shoulder problems, but that's another story.

      Anyway, enough of my rant,

      How are you feeling today?

      Are you around my age? If so, I bet you get the feeling you're wasting your youth battling instead of having fun... like you said, such a drag.

      Hope you're feeling better,




    • kim08942 eman06971

      Hi! Eamon,

      Just thought I would drop you a line before I called it a day. Today was kinda rough, but I soldiered through it. The headaches are the worst (head, cheek, ear and jaw). What do you take for the headaches? Tried putting a heating pad on my face. Helped some. You should try it. The meds make you so tired. I know what you mean by the sleeping thing. You don't know what to expect in the morning. Scary. Exercising is totally out of the question. Slowly trying to get back to power-walking. It does effect your daily social life. I can't return to college next semester because of it. Couldn't even complete my Accounting finals. Feel like a 100 year old woman, instead of someone in the prime of life. I want my youthful vitality back! By the way, the choking thing is totally normal. A couple months ago, I had these awful coughing fits. Made me cry. Write anytime. Hope to hear from you soon.Kim.

    • eman06971 kim08942

      Hi Kim, 

      I hope you're feeling better today.

      I can commiserate with you 100% about the headaches, it feels like something punching the back of your eye balls from the inside, I've found if I take two dissolvible aspirin in the morning the headache isn't as potent, but it's far from a cure, also an ice pack on my eyes sometimes helps if it gets to migraine level.

      That really sucks that you have had to put your life on hold, I can relate, I wish I was a kid again with no worries.

      I just got back from the dr's and again, just another course of anti biotics, they just rush you in and out with no empathy, it's not right, I'm not sure if it's the same in your part of the world (I'm from Australia).I feel bad for us both,all weshould be worrying about is dating and partying haha, I hope you have a supportive partner, it's actually cost me relationships because people who don't have chronic illness and pain have no idea what it's like.

      I hope you have a nice day,


    • kim08942 eman06971

      Hi! Eamon,

      It's early Monday morning, here in the United States. I might see a dentist this morning. Don't know if I can get in, yet. What kind of antibiotic did you get this time. The last I took was Augmentin. They were horrible, huge tablets. The doctors are the same in the States. Very quick consultations. My head and infected wisdom teeth are hurting bad today. Can't eat all that much. Just don't have a good appetite. It would be nice to feel carefree again. Just glad to have supportive parents and sis. Everything else is gonna have to wait. How are you feeling? I know the antibiotics don't make you feel good. Isn't sinusitis wonderful! Bye for now. Kim.

    • eman06971 kim08942

      Hey Kim,

      It's midnight here, and a huge headache is keeping me up, probably shouldn't be looking at a computer screen, but what else is there to do.

      I would see the dentist if I were you, if you can, sounds like your teeth are causing you a world of hurt, The antibiotics I'm currently on are called Cefuroxime.

      Yeah it seems Dr's are the same everywhere, I just watched a thing about Dr's in Florida, wow, I thought things were bad with pills/drugs over here!!

      I haven't eaten much since this flared up again, I have gone from a solid 90 kgs/190 something pounds, to 82Kgs in 3 weeks, I'm feeling very weak and frail.

      That's really good that you have a supportive family, my mum is struggling with osteo arthritis and had major neck surgery a few months ago, so I feel really bad being the 'sick one', but she is really awesome.

      Sinus problems are a treat, we are very lucky!!


    • kim08942 eman06971

      Hi! Eamon.

      How are you today! What did the doctor have to say? I just got back from the dentist late this afternoon. He says I'm going to have to have my wisdom teeth surgically removed. They are going to have to knock me out. So scared. He put me on Amoxicillin and Vicodin. Never took Vicodin before. Is it safe? Scared to take it. They all felt sorry for me because of my bad sinus infection. Plus all the strong medicine I've had to take. Guess I must look horrible! Felt so bad the whole time. Glad to be home. Never heard of your antibiotic before? Any side effects? So sorry about your mom's condition. Hope she feels better. Wish my appetite would come back. Can't afford to lose any weight.Talk to you later.Kim.

    • eman06971 kim08942

      Hey Kim, 

      To be honest, I'm feeling like death warmed up. 

      The Dr just gave me the usual get in get out consultation, and more antibiotics. 

      You'll be fine, I had mine taken out when I was concious,  and it wasn't that bad, just make sure to stay on top of your painkiller regiment, but at the same time don't be a slave to them. We don't have Vicodin in Aus, but I think they are a paracetamol cross codeine mix, which is a good painkiller, but like I said don't enjoy them too much. Goodluck with the surgery, it'll be over in a split second once your out, and then there's one less thing for you to worry about. 

      My antibiotics don't seem to have any side effects,  they just don't seem to be doing anything.

      I feel your pain about your appetite, I'm not a big eater to begin with, so I've lost tons of weight.

      Hope you're feeling better!! 

    • kim08942 eman06971

      Hi! Eamon.

      This awful sinus infection doesn't seem to want to let up. So exhausting. Woke up this morning and my nose was bleeding. Must be from the congestion and inflammation around my eyes, nose and face. Feeling weak. Can't eat. Feel like I need to vomit. Can't even think about having surgery anytime soon. Must get over this terrible infection first. So tired of taking all these meds and antibiotics. Aren't you? Hope you are doing better than me.Talk later.Kim.

    • Rere26 eman06971

      Hi Eamon I completely understand how you feel I have so much pain in my ears I thought it was in ear infection but it's not the doctors don't know what wrong my ears feel plugged up they burn in the inside my ears and it feels like someone stabbing me. I gave so much pressure inbetween my eyes and nose. And I go to sleep and wake up with migraines. It effects my social life a lot I'm an actress I just got a lead role in a Broadway play in New York and I'm thinking about dropping out already. I don't go to the gym like I used to. I'm just tired of it. But enough about me how are you feeling I hope better.

    • Silkshack Rere26

      I'm an actress currently in a show in NY and have had to call out constantly because of this. I've seen the ENT and the dentist but nothing is changing. It's hurting my voice and when I am in the show I have to push and it's no longer fun to sing and it's always painful in my sinuses and my ears feel like I'm under water. There's no where to put sound. I'm at a loss and want to quit. Voice lessons at frustrating cause it feels like I lost everything that came so easily. Seeing aneurologist on Monday. Hoping for any answer! Let me know if you ever need support cause our industry doesn't seem to get it. Let me know if you find anything out!

    • Deemac7949 Silkshack

      I have been dealing with symptoms similiar to yours for a couple of years. It has definitley been very frustrating. I am on my fourth ENT and all i get is that this is a rough year for allergies. I have been diagnosed with chronic sinusiitis so i struggle with headaches, fullness of the ears, pressure in the middle of the forehead area. A post nasal drip that doesnt stop and the feeling that i am under water on some occassion. I am on allergy medication, taken allergy shots doing neti pots and still i don't know from day to how i am going to feel. I have also tried acupuncture. At this time nothing seems to work consistently. The worst for me is the morning upon waking up all the mucous from the night start to pour down from side my head. I can feel it dripping down my throat coming out of my eyes, u get the jist I do not have any answers for u, i am just letting u know u r not alone.

    • eman06971 Rere26

      Hi Rere,

      I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, have you had any luck since you posted this?

      If so, how is your career going, it must be a dream come true being a leading actress in New York.

      I'm still struggling with the same old things I had when I originally posted here, it sucks, but you've got to keep on keeping on I suppose.

      Hope yuo're well, and congratulations on your success,

      Kind Regards,


    • tj268 eman06971

      Hello, I know it's been awhile since you posted but I somehow found my way to this pagesmile

      I am really hoping you are feeling better and found a cure for what's ailing you BUT if not, you may want to look into Sjogrens Syndrome. You sound a lot like myself and there is so much to learn about it and a great site here!

      Hope you don't have it and are feeling great but check it out if still feeling lousy and choking.

    • marg1962 eman06971

      Had allsame symptoms. 8 months. Finally went oral surgeon had root canal infected couldnt hardly feel it but was badly infcted. Extracted 2 teeth drained pus etc cleaned ouut sinus and now symptoms mostlygone. Seems toothroot cnals never free of bacteria and over time it travels u to sinus, ear, head etc. 6 drs said no issues but was gettg colored muscus. Sncetooth extractions and sinus cleaning where roots inside sinus by oral surgeon finally 90% better. Dizziness ear pain sinus pain gone. Drs wont tell u could be a bad root canal after years old and nerve dead so cant tell infected til scanned...... Oral surgeon told me 70 percet sinus infections caused by teeth and people suffer years not checking them. Said all root canals never get all bacteria out and overtime gets to sinus ear etc. Get scan of teeth good luck

    • Deemac7949 marg1962

      I have been suffering for a long time sinus wise and we all know how they can get you down and affect your life.

      I have had a root canal done over 44 years ago and has u mentioned over time bacteria can spread within a root canal. This root canal was never done proper in the first place. Besides cleaning my teeth I have not done anything with this particular tooth since the initial root canal was done. So I went to my dentist and advised that along with the sinus pain I felt pressure on the tooth that the root canal was done on. The dentist looked at the x-ray and advised that he could not see any infection but said the root canal because of the discoloration of my tooth could be cleaned out better . So he has referred me to a root canal specialist who I will see next Monday to see if there is possibly some infection.Hopefully this will be the solution

    • julie37508 Deemac7949

      Hi, I noticed many of these posts are over a year old, but yours is more recent.  I have always had sinus problems, allergies, but I was having a lot of nasal stuffiness, waking up with sinus headaches, and a few days ago, I was having trouble with my left ear, which is also the side my sinuses are worst on.  It didn't really hurt, but it felt like I had fluid in my eustachaian tube, crackling, pounding, popping, especially when I laid down.  Now it is getting better, but I feel like I have actually had a bug, weak, tired, like you feel as you're getting over something.  Makes me think I was actually sick and didn't even realize.  Anyway, I am still stuffy, it is very frustrating.  

    • Deemac7949 julie37508

      Yes it is very frustrating I don't know when I have a bug because because I suffer from sinsus and allergy issues year round which consist of some type of stuffiness years round. As I speak my ears fill very full and I am tired. The worst times or any time I wake up because of the drainage.

    • louise39160 julie37508

      Hi, just wondering if anyone suffers with numbness/tingling alongside all these other issues? I have all of these symptoms mentioned but all get a tingling/numbness on my left side.

      Feel like I can't concentrate on anything else but feeling unwell sad x

    • eli25492 Rere26

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    • christa999 marg1962


      When you mention having sinus cleaning - what do you mean?  Did you have an oral surgeon complete the extraction and the sinus cleaning by an ENT?  Several doctors seem to think my root canal is fine -but I think it is linked to my sinus issues. 

    • chris54275 christa999

      Cleaned and checked at ENT, but i was also suffering from a cholestomea, which is a nasty and dangerous middle ear infection built up over a number of years, only diagnosed with MRI/CT  scan, Id operation on 10th May, this lasted 5 hours, reconstruction of ear again, surgeon was so good and Im drastically improved, if I can be of further assistance please contact, terrible positon to be in, symptom after symptom without clear identification,

      best regards Chris


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