Diazepam withdrawal symptoms

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I have been taking diazepam 10mg daily for over 2 years, this medication has nearly destroyed my life, I am not the woman I used to be.

I decided that enough is enough and discontinued them 12 days ago, I feel terrible, could somebody please let me know what kind of withdrawal symptoms I may get or am getting at the moment.

My feet and hands feel numb and so are my lips, I cant sleep,I am weepy,Feel sick and my body is aching like I have the flu.

How long will these feelings last I am trying so hard but my husband is losing his patience with me.

Please help if possible.

Thankyou Diane..

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    Hi iv been on 10 mg diazepam for over 20 years I am now tapering down 1 mg a month,I'm now down to 2mgs,my whole body's going mad with these horrendous withdrawels I feel like givin up,I can't go out, I'm jumping out my skin,does this go away"& when, please can you help,kind regards
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      Yes I read it,I'm down to 2mg,it's like a roller coaster,feeling much better than I did last week,I'm going to sit on 2 for another week to give my body a rest,someone on this site says the withdrawel never goes away,
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      It all depends on the individual Brandon, I know of many who have made a full recovery. I'm on 3mg a day, I take three halves of a 2mg tablet a day, I find it is better to spread my dose over the day rather than taking it all at once. At the moment I am not prepared to drop any further, this is a no brainer for me, because to cut when there is a high level of stress doesn't work and you end up reinsting. I would leave it for at least 10 days before cutting again, and each time cut by a fraction rather than 50%. When you get down to 1mg ask your doctor to put you on Diazepam liquid with a measuring syringe, this makes it a lot more easier to be accurate with your cuts. Joining an online Benzodiazipine withdrawal forum helps as you get a broader span of feedback and support. Good luck!

      PS. Drinking Alcohol will interfere with your withdrawal and magnify withdrawal symptoms. 

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      Yes I know not to take alcohol,that would be back to the drawing board I think,I don't think my gp will give me the liquid Valium,I intend to ask,kind regards, I feel like dropping down to 1mg now,butI'll wait till next week,il keep you updated
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      Hi again, if your on 2mg now its a bad idea (in my experience) to drop to 1 mg straight away, that means your cutting your dose by a half!! This is the most difficult part of your taper, just drop by 0.25mg every ten days, your withdrawal symptoms will be less severe. Strangely enough its the last 0.25mg that is the most difficult to get off. I got down to that dose myself but then had to reinstate due to a family chrisis. Doctors will tell you that the .25mg will be making no difference and its all in your mind, they really don't know!! Its so difficult to stop altogether after being on the stuff for decades. I wish you every success in what your attempting, but would urge you not to rush.
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      Ok thanks,I must admit I am scared,to be on the last part of it,if I can't get the liquid,I don't want to be choping it with a razor,I was doing that when I was on the 5,& I thought I was having nervous breakdown,I don't want to ever feel like that again,I'm making sure,I'm not going to be disturbed,& making sure I don't have to go out till the severity passes,a friend of mine gave me some grass,to put in to put in yogurt,iv not done it yet,In case like alcohol it makes it worse,everything seems to counter react to them,
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      I wouldn't bother with using weed, if you are already stressed and anxious then it will magnify that. Just percevere with a very slow taper. I have spoken to many people online and if there was a better way or a short cut then I would tell you, but there isn't unfortunately.
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      Ye that's what I thought, thanks anyway,do you know anybody that knows what it's like when your 3/4 weeks clear of it,
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      It all depends how fast you taper your dose, if you do it quickly then there is lasting damage that will take longer to recover from, if you go very  slowly then the ride is less bumpy and the landing more gentle, a bit like landing a plane! It all depends on the individual as to how long after finishing completely that you recover, but I do know its a slow process and will take months rather than weeks. Just go slowly and don't be in a rush to get off, it doesn't work.

      If you join a withdrawal support forum it will help, there are several.

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    Hi Diane,  They are nasty little buggars aren't they..brilliant when you first use them but have a sting in their tail like no other sting. I am glad GPs no longer prescribe them, long term, in such high doses.  Dan has given you sound advice for the most informative web site for good  information.  I have used Diazepam since 1984...wish I had never taken the first one actually. I now use 1mg per night NOT because I need them but because the side effects of withdrawal are permanent!  So, work hard to,get off them NOW...but it wasn't a good idea to just stop them.  You need to taper off gradually and it could take over a year ++ for,you to get off them for good.  Good luck my friend.  But do,go,back to your GP for proper Withdrawl advice.  pat D x
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    Diane, you need to slowly reinstate over a couple of days and then start a slow taper. If you google "professor ashton manual" you will get all the details you need. There is only one way to come off and that is very slowly, but you will get there!

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