Did I Cause Irreversable Thyroid Damage With Kale?

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June, 2016:

I'm a sixty-two year old white male.

For the past eight to twelve months I made and drank one or two kale smoothies per day.

I thought I was doing something good for myself. Stupid me, as it turns out.

I thought I had read everything about kale, but I hadn't ever heard about goitrogenic foods.

During that time the only water I drank was 'reverse osmosis' water, to the exclusion of any other water.

Again, stupid me; I didn't know that RO water is referred to as 'hungry water', and that it leaches minerals out of anything it touches.

Now I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid. Due to my damned ignorance, it seems that I've permanently ruined my health...and my life.


My TSH has been determined to be 5.4. Standard range is supposedly 0.550 - 4.780.

My free T4 is rated as 'normal' at 1.06. Standard range is supposedly 0.89 - 1.76.

The prescribed Levothyroxine gave me chest flutter and rapid heart rate. Unsettling.

I stopped taking it after only a week, but my hypothyroid symptoms are so bad that I'm tempted to take a second chance with Levothyroxine just to get some relief.

I don't know what my options are, but none of them seem good.

One last thing: There may be auto-immune causality; I have numerous crumbling amalgam fillings, as well as a chronically inflamed knee.


I'm returning to the doctor on July 6th. I wish it were sooner.

My questions are:

Have any of you been the author of your own thyroid's demise in this way?


What should I do now?


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    No I haven't, but levothyroxine, have me aching from head to toe, but that's one of the side affects.

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    I've been on levo since feb and have heart palpitations, hand tremors etc with it. It can depend on the amount you are taking. Perhaps it's too much, perhaps it's not enough. The only way to find out is to adjust dosage and see if there's an improvement. Unless you find a dr who could prescribe the other thyroid meds.

    Have your TPO and TGA been tested? This will show if you suffer from auto-immune disease.

    If you test positive for auto-immune disease there are many many things you can do to help heal your body. Do not only rely on meds but nourish your body with the nutrients it needs. I've read its possible to reset the body's system over a year of not feeding it the wrong foods.

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    I have been on Levo for about 18 moths now and have had palpatations when dose got raised ( reduced it again and things were fine)so maybe you are on too higher dose, apart from that  I have been transformed the tiredness, brain fug has gone and I have stopped piling weight on.

    I don't know if taking the kale juice and water will have caused your thyroid to change but it definitely helps to have a balalnced diet, I am not obsessive about what i eat just keep it balanced with a good mix of different things, and yes sometimes i will have a bacon sarnie or a glass or two of wine, I am a great believer in listening to your body and its needs.

    Please don't think that your life is in ruins, it is a shock when you are diagnosed with something that could be life long but I am sure you will get your meds baanced and lead a perfectly normal life.

    Try taking half a tablet and see how you feel and try not to get too stressed as that is very bad for your body and mind.

    Life does go on !.try and stay positive as that will help a lot smile

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      Hello York Rose,

      Thank you for writing. Your tiredness and brain fog are gone? I hope I have that to look forward to. I obviously haven't been taking Levothyroxine long enough or in sufficient dose to expect a lot of changes yet.

      I especially appreciate your words of kindness about my mental approach to this illness. This is the first and only serious life-changing sickness I've ever had. You've given me hope that things will normalize.

         Thank you!

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      Thank you for the reply,I will share this with you, I am 56 and it is the first time I have had anything like this, I have always been healthy apart from the usual odd cold now and then and it is a shock when you are first diagnosed, and then you start reading everything and it all looks so  serious and bewildering, but I will be almost guarantee that in a few months you will feel a whole lot better and you will take your tablet everyday and your life will be back to normal.

      One thing i would say, I used to take my tablet as reccomended each morning but still felt fuggy so I started taking it at night and that helped me a lot. (Just in case you are the same) a lot of people do take it at night and if your evening meal is your last meal of the day by the time you get to bed your stomach will be fairly empty so the tablet will still work.smile.

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    Doctors usually start a dose of levo at 25mcg.  Anything more will be too high of a starting dose and cause symptoms you are describing.  Even at 25mcg it can cause these symptoms, but will eventually fade away as your body gets used to the medication.  I know it can take some time the levo to build up in your system before hypothyroid symptoms go away.  For myself, it took about 8 to 10 weeks before I started to feel better. So, be patient.  I agree with what others had said as to trying to split your dose your in half and then work your way up to a higher dose.  This will alleviate alot of your symptoms.  Also... very interesting to learn about the RO water.  I have never heard of it before and thought it was interesting to know as I drink RO water sometimes.  I will have to stop now and drink regular spring water.  Thank you for that info and best wishes...
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      Sweet Melissa,

      Thank you so much for addressing my issues! Your letter was very kind and informative. You have calmed my fears, at least in the short run. I obviously have to give the medicine time to do its work, and you've helped me understand that. I've had a lot of anxiety about this diagnosis of hypothyroid. I've felt alone and frightened. It's so nice to know there are many others who have trod the same ground before me.

      How are your symptoms after using Levothyroxine for years?

            Sincerely, Metro

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      Also...regarding anxiety, stress, ... Those feelings work our hormone producing glands even harder, adrenals, thymus, thyroid, .... 

      Really, really try to work or learn more about meditation, I'm reading more and more on how connected our body is with our emotions, environment, ...

      Its pretty fascinating information. 

      Didnt know about kale and RO, wonder if ionized water does same thing.  Luckily we now have well water, so I hope to get healthier and healthier. 

      But I need kale for osteoporosis and inflammation now, hmmm. 

      If you can find a doctor willing to give you natural thyroid, I,e. Armour, check that out too. 

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      When I first was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, my symptoms were muscle weakness, tired all the time, short of breath, anxiety, irritability, aches and pains, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, severe constipation, hair loss, pins and needles feeling in skin, dry skin, brittle hair, among some others.  I have been on levo for about 4 years now, but did not feel better until I switched endo doctors.  My regular primary doctor thought I was good as long as my TSH was in normal range.  Well I still didn't feel good, so I switched doctors and he said that most patients with hypothyroidism do not feel better until their TSH is around 1.00.  So, about 6 months ago, I finally got my TSH at 0.95 and now feel great after many dose inceases!  It takes time because the doctor can only raise your dose very slowly.  It took about 4 months of increases in levo to get to the TSH of 1.00.  I know it seems hopeless, like you'll never feel better again, I know because I felt that way myself, but you will get better.  Just not tomorrow or even next month.  It takes time.  You will get there!   Oh.. and as I was increasing my doses, yes, I suffered jitteriness, fast heart rate, palpatations, sweating, tirred but wired feeling.. but as my body got used to that dose, I felt better.  I also used to split my dose in half if it was too bad and raised my self up slowly.  Also, I am on 100mcg.  I did feel bad taking it all at once,  I couldn't even drink coffee in the morning, ( which felt like the world was ending..lol) so I now take 50mcg in morning and the other 50 mcg at night before bed.  It has helped tremendously doing so.

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      Oh.. another symptom I had while raising my dose was a tight feeling in my neck.  It felt like someone had their hands wrapped around my neck!  It was very scary.  I actually ended up going to the hospital because of it, but they thought it was all in my head..  It wasn't!  I didn't find out what was causing it until a few months ago, on this site.  It turns out, I wasn't the only experiencing this neck tightness.  I found out that the levothyroxine can cause it!  But it did go away after my body got use to my dose.  The levo does cause all kind of symptoms, but as of now, after all the dose increases and my body getting used to it... the only symptoms I have are, weight loss, nausea after eating, heel pain and my hips throb at night.  oh and and migrains , but I have always had migrains, so unsure if they are related.  .. not sure if the hip pain and heel pain or related either.  It's hard to tell.  That's it, otherwise I feel great!  t's things I can live with and would never trade for how I used to feel before levo.

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      I have been on Levothyroxine for 20 years. The last few years and probably longer I have felt sheer fatigue and joint muscle pain starting 4 years ago in one knee which has now spread all over joints and muscles. I have constantly asked about my thyroid blood results and like many others was told they are in the normal range. I have now been off work 4 weeks as felt so poorly and tired etc. I requested my T3 be tested as well as tsh n t4 which came back low and was told to have it repeated in 2 months time.

      I live in Scotland Uk I decided I did not want to wait so paid to go private to see an endo who was recommended to me. He requested bloods to be done full thyroid panel incldg T3 again and Thyroid antibodies ( which came bk high, range 0-34, mine were 140.3). I have been diagnosed this week with Fibromyalgia and Hashimotos Disease. He is going to drop my Levothyroxine from 175mg down to 75mg and introduce T3 into the equation to try and see if I benefit maybe after 6 weeks when bloods done may have to tweek until find a happy balance just hope I feel like my old self again soon. Good luck let me know how you get on.

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      Thank you, Joanne, for telling me about what you've gone through, and are still going through. It seems as though only others who have experienced it know what it's like to live with the condition. I hope we'll talk again later. Meanwhile, I, of course, wish you the best.

          - Metro

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