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what's the difference between Dp/DR

and brain fog?

I had a few days where it wasnt as bad but yesterday and today I just feel really off and wierd.

it's hard to explain. but I just don't feel right. spaced out a little and just off.

its causing most of my anxiety at the minute.

I'm on citalopram for just over 6 weeks but had it when on sertraline and that was one in many reasons I switched back to citalopram.

I'm scared its DP/DR so that's not helping the anxiety at all and is definitely prolonging my recovery.

how can I tell which one it is and how I deal with it.

also my memory is shocking too. I don't know if that helps to tell what it is.

reassurance please as this anxiety is too much x

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    its a vicious cycle, you feel too anxious to go outside to calm the anxiety by exercising and getting your heart rate up. so you can feel calmer. i live in a very rural place in Vermont i can very easily go out and run with the dog and not see a soul. Going into town somedays is very hard.

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      Hi P - i think you are the having the same as me. i realised yesterday that now i am not so anxious i am focussing on all the bodily sensations that i am having and there are a lot of them. Before i was just feeling so anxious that all i was worried about was the anxiety. now i worry about all the physical symptoms. this morning i am really worried about my aching restless legs and tingling in my arms - i was really worried about the health anxiety coming back but i think its just a stage in recovery. i get all sorts of weird sensations and feelings. litterally just had ringing in my left ear for 30 secs. Lois is right - we will get these things for months and we need to just accept that and keep going. Have you got things to distract yourself with? i play wordscape and solitaire on my phone when im feeling bad. Have you got the calm app? i know that everyone says benzos are bad but they have really helped Lois and me. i do think you should use them a bit more - you need to break the cycle and disrupt the grooves in your brain if that makes sense. i get DP and brain fog really badly when my anxiety is high so i think its the anxiety doing it not the meds. youll see lots of people on the anxiety disorders forum talking about abd theyre not on any meds. remember you have only been on the 30 for a little while - my psych said you can expect side effects for 2 weeks. Then things should start to improve xx

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      😭😭😭😭 months! I wish there was a pill that just takes it all away now!

      give me some ketamine or something 😂

      my depression has lifted for the most part but that seems to have just made a hell of a lot of room for the anxiety x I agree some of the sensations I'm getting are exactly the same as yours too x

      I'm not too worried about them atm it's the bloody brain fog! it's so scary.

      6 weeks and no improvement at all that's what's scaring me. if anything i felt a little worse that's why I've got it in my stupid head that they wont work and I'll just keep getting worse if that makes sense.

      it's good that you are improving though x what week are you now?

      its gotta turn a corner soon for you

      the calm app doesn't really help much but I've been trying to play some games on and off. I can sometimes but not all the time when I'm feeling particularly panicky x

      a lot of stuff on the telly triggers me too so gotta be careful what I watch x

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      oh..............yeah you're right. well my ex partner is a pharmacist so I'll get her to steal me all the benzos they got!

      tbh she wouldn't p**s on me if I was on fire so she won't help lol.

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      oh no P - sorry youre feeling so horrible. Glad you took the diazepam though - at least it will gjve you a few hours relief. what time is there? Have you tried CBD oil by any chance? i have joined a perimenopause support group on facebook and there are lots of people on there raving about it for anxiety.

      i have got my shortness of breath thing back tonight after not having it for a few days so worried about getting to sleep

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      oh bloody moderator - hi P sorry to hear you are feeling so awful - glad you took the D tho - it will give you a few hours relief. i have the shortness of breath thing back tonight after not having it for a few days which is a real bummer - worrying about whether it will stop me from getting to sleep. hope you feel better soon x

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      Anxiety is crippling. Sorry Potatoghost its so bad. My anxiety is better today, got out to the grocery store pre-blizzard and took the dog for a long walk. Right now my head feels like its padded with cotton and my ears are ringing like crazy. Between that and racing thoughts it feels like a brass band in my head.

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      posted a new thread but in a nutshell althpugh i am feeling a bit better im still getting so many physical symptoms which i feel are hampering my recovery. my anxiety isnt as bad most of the time but im still getting IBS (had that for a while), shortness of breath, muscle aches, headaches etc. Every time i get one of those and its bad it makes me feel really anxious. Just wish i could be pragmatic about that stuff instead of flipping out!! Will the citalopram eventually help with that?

      it just feels like every day a new thing is sent to try me. last night it was shortness of breath, this morning its upset stomach. cant i just have a break?!

      i really hope you feel better soon P - i think you are really brave and strong

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      I was and am exactly the same. every tiny little thing that happens i panic it's different every day , sometimes it changes throughout the day

      like this morning I was worried about having a panic attack

      then I felt brain fog so worried about that all afternoon / completely forgot I was panicking earlier. brain fog went and my panic came back

      now I'm worrying about palpitations headach and leg aches x I really do understand where you are coming from bless you x

      I try to tell myself what bad is gonna come from leg aches....nothing its anxiety

      headaches? take some painkillers

      back ache? it sucks but its anxiety

      palpitations? I'm stressed no wonder why, also my anxiety

      diziness......that just p*sses me off lol

      put them all together and you got one big brain fart.

      panic attack. scary but it's not dangerous x

      that's what i keep repeating to myself

      try this.......

      pick something like leg aches.

      with your left hand grab the four fingers on your right hand and take a deep breath in and a deep breath out then let go, as you do say to yourself it's just leg aches it's not dangerous.

      then with the same hand repeatedly tap the top of your head and say the same 2 times

      then tap your eyebrow say the same

      then below your eye

      then your collar bone

      then your heart

      then grab your fingers and take deep breaths 2 times repeating leg aches not dangerous........

      tap on each area about ten seconds...

      now watch your leg aches disappear!!!!

      tell me if it worked x

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      I was just saying that I'm I'm exactly the same and I know exactly where you are coming from bless you x

      my anxieties are all the same as yours too and one day it's one thing then the next day it's something else, sometimes even multiple times a day it changes x like today....

      panic then brain fog then headaches back to panic then leg aches now feeling panicky again 🙄

      I'm always on the edge of having a panic attack which is unusual for me. that's pretty scary stuff x bit I can promise you lots all anxiety x

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      my dad showed me years ago when he was really high. never thought it would ever come in handy...

      still doesnt work 😂

      practice makes perfect lol.

      amygalda sounds like a withdrawal symptom 😂

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      well what other little tricks does anxiety have up its sleeve! Tonight i am worrying about the serious fatigue that ive had going on the last few days - seems to go along with the shortness if breath and now im worrying that there is something serious going on like heart failure. i have been getting palpitations too

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      you are bound to feel fatigued when so stressed and anxious. your body is in a constant state of alert and over arousal 24/7

      its gonna take a toll. I get it too so you aren't alone

      the palpitations aswell. especially when I eat something for some reason 🤔 puts me off food.

      it's all anxiety I promise x if you're worried go to the doc so they can check you over and put your mind at rest for a while but its definitely anxiety for sure. the amount of symptoms are unreal x

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