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Hello. I am a male, 18 years old. Never had any digestive problems.

For the past 8-9 months I have been suffering a lot health wise.

It started with mucus in my stool and frequent diarrhea. It stopped after 2 months.

Then I started to lose weight (6 kgs in 5 months).

I also developed nausea and slight acid reflux. It's been like 6 months I have been constantly nauseated. The nausea is maximum in the mornings and it reduces after I eat/drink something or burp a lot.

I visited my doctor and he gave me some ppi medication, antacids and vitamin supplements.

I gained like 3-4 kgs within 2 weeks. But my nausea didn't stop. So I visited him again.

He asked me to get a blood test (normal), endoscopy (nothing found) and stool test (giardia parasite came out). He gave me antibiotics. I gained lot of weight again in 2-3 weeks. But I still am nauseated. Also, I find some weird black and white dots(like mustard seeds) on my stool only sometimes. I don't think that that is blood. Sometimes I even find some undigested food particles in my stool. It sometimes also burns a bit when I poop. I went dairy free for a month and it didn't made any difference. Although when I went gluten free for a month I felt really nice.

I have to go to college next month. So I want to get all well before I go for my studies.

If anyone can help, please do. I need it!

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    Welcome to my world

    I got semonella 7 months ago stool test confirmed and I think giardia is bacterial as well

    You end up with with post infectious ibs sometimes especially if you've been under stress

    It's a mindfield of differentl BM everyday and I lost 5kgs in the beginning - never can put on weight and I'm anxious too - never had an appetite

    I'm on fodmap diet no gluten dairy or processed. Foods

    I can sympathize - but once your bowel has been

    Compromised it takes a while to get better

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      Yes! I have been having a different kind of BM everyday! (Won't go into the details xD)

      I have made my deal with the nausea. But it's the weight loss I am concerned of. This has increased my anxiety so much. I hope we both get better soon.

      Thanks for replying. Have a nice day!

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    Was IBS ever mentioned since everything was negative.
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      Pippa can nausea be part of ibs I didn't have it prior the colonoscopy and endoscopy ?

      Plus i now wake up heart Ràcing into my stomach then I feel nausea ,

      I Also Suffer from congested ears. So that doesn't help.

      My depression isn't good and feeling exhausted too every morning.Makes me Not want to get up but that depression has been going on for years, since my Sister has had. Cancer my depression is worse, i cry all the Time

      The antidepressants haven't helped much

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      Sorry this reply was for pippa. I don't know why it got posted below.

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      Oh okay I got it. Sorry! xD
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      Nausea can be part of IBS.  That was one of my first symptoms along with constipation and stomach pain when my IBS started. I intitially thought I had a stomach bug because of the nausea.  I have also had nausea when I have had severe flare ups.

      The strain you have been under along with your depression will be contributing to your IBS symptoms. It will also caise your stools to be looser.  When I was panicking about not getting diagnosed, my bowel movements became very loose and urgent.  I didn't expect this to change but it did and I went back to constipation or normal stools.

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      Have you been retested for the giardia parasite you were diagnosed with?  Maybe it has come back.
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      Okay. I'm trying to not worry about my health now. Started some meditation practices. But you know when you feel sick all day you just cannot feel fine mentally too. I haven't been tested for giardia again. I went under two different antibiotic treatment so i really think that it will be gone by now.

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      Have you tried yoghurt or a probiotic since you were on antibiotics? Antibiotics can disturb your gut flora and make you feel unwell.
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      My doctor gave me some probiotic pills while I was taking the antibiotics plus I eat yoghurt (unsweetened and with active culture) everyday.
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      I really don't know. Somedays I feel quite okay but there's this constant hunger and nausea feeling that is worst.

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      I went there a lot of times.

      I have actually stopped losing weight now. Maybe it was the giardia infection only which was creating a havoc.

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      Giardia can be a difficult infection to shift; you may still be recovering from it and the effects of strong antibiotics.
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      IBS sometimes is the wrong diagnoses. look up SIBO? i have no idea why doctors never mention this condition. this has been my problem and i only found out after reading some yelp reviews about a very good gastro dr. i found this to be my problem. i had sone amoxicillan on hand, took it and no more nausea or bloating and belsching and stomach discomfort. i have an appt with this dr.

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