Diverticular Disease

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Hi can anyone help please I have been diagnosed with Diverticular Disease but I get a lot of pain in my right side' also at the bottom of my tummy it feels like I have pebbles rolling around. I have also had a gastric bypass 5 years ago so eating bran is something I cant do and to be honest don't need as I go too much neutral as soon as I eat I am in the loo and I am so scared when I go out because I know if I get a little anxious I need the loo and I wont eat out because of the same reason. It feels my life revolves around the loo day and night and I am getting so drained and tried by it all. Can anybody help please my doc don't seem to know what to do neutral Thanks for reading x

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    Hi I've had diverticulitis as well as ibs so know what your going through its not at all nice but hopefully I can help you

    Diverticulitis is when small polyps form in the bowel if you eat wrong these sack bubbles fill up and infection or tenderness cause pain and distress to the bowel

    With proper eating and drinking flare ups can be avoided with each distress you have takes about 5 days to settle this includes pain loose bowel moments possible neusea acid reflux

    Stay away from gassy foods any fruit with pips no alcholhol

    And caffeine invest in hot water bottle so when flare ups occur heat essays pain not medication

    Ginger tea or peppermint tea better

    Hope that helps if you need more info glad to help

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    Hi popcorn thanks for your help I think at the moment I am having a bad flare up of it but I am going o keep a diary of my food see if that helps' I think it would be better if there was more help out there but it was like once I had been diagnosed it was now go and get on with it ' I feel like its taking over my life I don't feel like I can go out or do anything sorry I know I sound like im feeling so sorry for myself I think its because im feeling so unwell at moment. Thankyou for your help and getting back to me it makes me feel im not on my own with this and I hope you are keeping well thanks again.
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    Don't give up Hun I help you through this first you've got to take control flare ups are really horrible and I understand what your going through and Yeep once your diagnosed that's it you feel on your own but like I said I'm here for you and can guide you as much as I can

    Keep a diary is good but be careful you may think its one thing but can be a combo of foods or drinks if your in flare up stage drink boiled plain water as much as you can Yeep your being weeing a lot but that's good tomorrow cut out milk and processed meat

    Hot water bottle and rest your body's exhausted take hot baths no bubbles no painkillers either or fizzy drinks

    Keep in contact anytime day or night as iPhone web always on here

    Your not alone

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    Hi, I have followed this discussion with interest. I too was diagnosed with Diverticular disease when I was in my late thirties. Yes, the medical profession, tend to give you a diet sheet and you are then alone really. I really do know what you are going through. I never did believe that the diagnosis was correct and returned again and again over the years to the hospital, GP's and even paid to get a consultation privately. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis in 2010 when I was aged 55, and had a very bad flare up - my now consultant believes that I have had this disease all these years undiagnosed. The moral of my story is if you are unsure that your diagnosis is a bit iffy, return to your doctor and ask for a 2nd opinion. Incidentally, I am receiving excellent treatment and my colitis is in remission now - fingers crossed.

    Good luck and hope you are feeling better very soon

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    Hi Thank you both for your messages. My doc did show me a diagram of my colon and said that I have small polyps nearly all the way round she said normally you just have 3/4 down one side but I have them on both. Popcorn I appreciate your help I will def get a hot water bottle for the comfort as well as the pain and I must admit I am so tired and weak at the moment. I have to have a blood test tomorrow and doc said they will go by that as to if they will give me antibiotic. Thank you again both of you its nice to know somebody cares.
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    I have had this awful disease for years. At first I was told that it was IBS. Last Autumn i had yet another camera put into the bowel and was again told that I have these pouches throughout the bowel. I also have had a lot of pain in the right hand side and at the bottom of my stomach, in fact it has been so severe at times that I thought that I had apendicitus. A hot water bottle does help a lot and even if I go on holiday in the middle of summer my hot water bottle goes with me. I have never even been offered a diet sheet but just brushed off by one doctor with the words "high fibre, low fat" but of course there are different types of fibre and some can irritate. I did see a nutritionist privately and she advised not to eat raw fruit or vegetables but make sure they were all cooked and not to eat salad. I love coleslaw but after eating some last week together with salad I had such stomach pains that I vowed never again.

    Like Joan, I used to get awful diarrhea but now that I am getting older (78 on Friday) I seem to have gone the other way most of the time which makes me feel lethargic and unwell. It would appear that there is no magic answer for everyone with this problem. In "Casualty" on TV, Sunday evening, the elderly patient was diagnosed with Diverticular Disease and asked if there was any treatment for it, the doctor replied "definitely" I had to laugh.

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    Hi ya both

    There's no help girls were just have to get use to good days and bad my problems worse as I have ibs and intolerant to wheat and dairy so but harder for me so either in pain from diverticulitis or ibs attack or eat something that gives me food allergy still have bad days now from one or other but just got use to it nobody helps especially GPS have learnt over the years medicines only there to subside symtoms and iny case cause others so generally watch what I eat even got bad list and good list on fridge as having a family have to cook seperate as cant torment them for eating boring bland food but hay that's me just learnt to live with it no good worrying god forbid that makes it worse

    Got to hot water bottles know its mad but got house one standard size and small one that goes down trouser band so I can go out especially when driving my god send don't go without oh and herbal teas

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    I know this sounds selfish and im sorry if it does but im so glad your all here not because you have this problem would not wish it on anybody but because I don't feel so alone with it now and yes im crying as I write this because I was feeling like a miserable old I wont put the rest..

    I saw that on casualty the other night and I was hoping he was going to tell him what to do but no he didn't..

    I have got use to watching what I eat because of the gastric bypass I had and that's been hard but even with what I can eat with that it don't help with this problem.

    I will try some herbal tea as I must admit one thing I do love is my tea but with milk.

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    Your never be alone just seems all has got on top of you which will happen your only human but this going to sound horrible but stress going to make thing even worse as the bowels and mind are attach what you think sense signals to that long digestive tube and ah rebates it even more

    Now time to take control Hun breath in to feel your diaphragm count to three exhale lets calm those senses down

    Ok what you eaten today ??

    How's the pain??

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    Hiya feeling a little better thanks but not had anything to eat yet. I do like rice could you give me idea's on what I can eat please as at the moment im scared to eat anything? As for the stress my husband has just retired I think that says it all lol

    Hope you are feeling well today ? I am going to get a hot water bottle today and cuddle up to it.

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    Hi Hun

    Having hubbies at home 24/7 is stress to any women same here chris my husband made redundant last march and having him around is like having a baby lol

    Glad ur ok eating in mornings always been a difficult stage for me but have learnt to eat small either few handfuls of crisps plain not to bad stops the dreaded gas building up

    Instead of milk try rice milk ur still get the benifits but I changed as dairy intolerant that way ur still able to have ur cuppa in morning then I go peppermint tea till my last cuppa at 6 pm

    Rice is better than potatoes start of by cooking chicken and add veg and stock cubes

    Take a look at fodmap diet it's good to recognise good and bad food which they list on a chart

    Don't eat and drink after 6 pm go water if thirsty I boil mine as cold irritates my gut

    Yeep your afraid to eat as you know it's going to be tough and painful but if you don't it be even worse eat small no large plate today snack on handfuls every hour and drink water you got to get something in you for your bowels not to get empty

    Later on try and invest in a soup maker I use mine on Sundays when I make up weekly soups putting ingredance I can have and freeze down for the week

    Oh and the hot water bottle

    I'm here and not going anywhere so keep in contact

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    hi thanks for the advice I must admit i never knew you could get rice milk I will def try it .

    its not so bad today iv not had the bad cramps so im keeping fingers crossed.

    and I will keep in touch and thanks for your help it makes a big differents knowing your not on your own.

    As for my hubby what is it about men and shedders lol all he seems to do lately ..

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    Men unfortunately are a species on there own dont think I ever work them out dont think I won't to really tescos a good store to get everything you need especially rice milk comes in carton and keeps for weeks open in fridge or unopened in cupboard for months

    Glad your ok hopefully now your taking steps forward you be ok

    Take care

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