dizzy before bowel movement

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Hi All

I know this probably isnt the right place but may be related to anxiety.

For about 3 months I've been getting spells of dizziness and nausea. Not always before bowel movement but very often. After I have emptied my bowels the dizziness and nausea seems to subside after 10 mins or so.

I was thinking IBS but I can tolorate all kinds of food.

I went to my gp today for the dizziness (along with a few other symptoms) and I'm being checked out for autoimmune disease. Slightly different topic but bloods will be taken on Monday. 

What I want to know is, does anyone else have the dizzy/nauseous issue before bowel movement? It's very unnerving when it happens and I've had no answers so far


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    It is very common to have all of this with anxiety. Anxiety effects the GI tract quite a bit and can mess it all up. It is great your doc is checking for other things as well just to rule them out. But dont stess it to bad because anxirty does cause alot of these symptoms as well. You also need to remeber that are adrenal glands are in this area as well so if you are under stress it could deffinatly erratate the GI.

    also 90% of seratonin is held in the GI tract so if its all out of wack it can cause seveere GI upset. from constant nausea,gas,cramps,IBS, constpation, Diahreea, vomiting and dizziness

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    Hi Carl,

    I have been experiencing dizzy spells recently though not related to emptying my bowels.  I seemed to be getting dizzy if i turned my head a certain way or if I got up too quickly.  It really frightened me and i thought that I was going to have a stroke or something.  I just wanted to reassure you that from what i have learned since it began happening to me dizziiness is rarely a serious symptom.  It can be caused by so many things, the main ones being anxiety, low blood pressure and inner ear problems.  My dizziness seems to have passed for now and i'm sure yours will too once you are reassured that it is a minor symptom,

    take care,



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      have oyu ever had a cat scan done on your brain? i used to get dizzy before getting up. i have hydracephalus fluid on the brain its something your born with from a infection in the womb. some cases arent that bad where others result in death before the age of 2 i was 16 wen they caught mine.

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    I do get dizzy at random times throughout the day. Not just with bowel movement, and feels as though I'm going to faint but i only seem to feel nauseous and dizzy together when I need the loo.

    I do get a bit of tinnitus from time to time, but mostly only get the ringing ear and slight pressure feeling.

    I will wait to see what the blood results say before I jump to any sinister self diagnosis

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      Hello. I have all the symptoms you do and I hv a non threatening disease called Ménière's disease.

      it begins with feeling a little dizzy which in turn causes nausea. For me it would escalate ti a full blown vertigo attack. The only way to stop the onset of this is to take mecalazine pills.

      Tinnitus is one symptom of meneires which I had ringing and hear loss in my left ear for 5 years. It suddenly stopped and I regained my hearing.

      For me the cause is motion or too much salt. So knowing that I can control it somewhat.

      Good luck it's annoying but not deadly. They did a cat scan to rule out any brain tumor at first. They also did allergy tests of which I had none.

      Truly I don't think they know of one single cause it's different for everyone.

      Good luck

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      i also have Meniere's and it no fun at all it causes so many issues hard to belive the ear can cause so much!! i know its not something that will kill you and thank god for that but it sure seems like you dying sometimes..

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    I have been experiencing spells of dizziness and nausea before bowel movements over the last six years. 10 to15 mins after the bowel movement the dizziness and nausea subsides. I feel very weak also during the period before bowel movements.

    i feel the same way whenever i take B Complex or Multibionta tablets. Thus, I don't take these again at all. I also feel lack of oxygen to my brain.

    I have done a host of blood work which came back negative.

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      This now seems to have passed. I no longer get dizzy but have had bloods done and was all clear.

      I do get the feeling sometimes that I am not breathing "in sync" if that makes sense, or as though I'm not taking in enough oxygen when breathing. 

      It's a strange sensation but I think I know what you mean when you say about lack of oxygen.

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      Richard you are not alone I feel the same way and it trigers me to have panic attacks .I hate this it is the worse and I have no idea what this is are what causes it...but I will definitely keep you in my prayers for complete healing ...
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    Hello, I've also been having a similar experience to all of yours. I originally thought it was the stomach flu/gastritis...but it's been going on now for three weeks. First off, I'm a 34 year old female with no prior serious health issues.

     It started out as diarrea for two days and then in the evenings I began to get extremely nauseous (no vomitting--strange). Laying down seemed to make it more intense (being in the fresh air/walking made it less intesnse). I became severely dehydrated and couldn't eat at all.

    So currently I'm having dizzy spells occassionally throughout the day (which seems to start or get worse during the late afternoon or evening). I also seem to have nausea/dizziness after a bowel movement. My bowels are sluggish and I'm slightly constipated currently because I had taken in very little food over the last few weeks. I feel a lot of anxiety as late afternoon comes on (as this is when it starts to get dark and also this is the time when the severe nausea started coming on three weeks ago). I've also got some minor stress in my life regarding some family members and my financial situation. I'm not sure if the anxiety contributes to the nausea or the nausea is contributing to the anxiety or both. For the past two-three days I have been improving...able to eat and getting my strength back and my stool is now solid. However I still feel dizzy occassionally and feel anxiety/slightly nauseous later in the day. My sleeping is off however. I usually sleep 8 hours a night (10:30pm-7am), occassionally wake up but have no trouble falling back to sleep but now I am falling asleep around 9-10pm and I wake at 4-6am and I am unable to fall back to sleep.

    I've had full bloodwork (waiting on results), x ray, urine test but nothing has shown up. I'm currently starting betahistine to rule out Vertigo.

    I do have low blood pressure on a regular basis, am underweight (generally), do not excercize currently and I was severely dehyrated and have eaten very little over the past three weeks...so perhaps it will take a period of time to recover from the effects of dehydration, starvation?

    Also, during my illness (in the first week) one of my daughters (4 years old) was up one night and vomitted several times but was fine the next day...no diarrea. My other daughter (10 months) was fussy, spit up frequently in the eveings and cried inconsolably in the evenings during this time as well. I'm wondering if I did, indeed, have gastritis...however I've never had it this severe before. I've never had a stomach bug for any longer than 12-48 hours in my life.

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      I am having the exact same problems as you. 

      I feel this sudden dizzy spell come across me and I feel like I'm going to drop to the floor.

      My X-ray, labs, urine came back that I was as healthy as a horse.

      Have you found anything with yours? I initially thought it could be my thyroid.. But they ruled that out with blood work. 

      I am scared and I hate not feeling myself..

      This dizzy spell affects my entire life.. 

      Please help if you've found anything out! 

      Feel free to email me! 

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service .


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      I went for a whole year with dizzy spells where the room would spin. i finally found a specialist and he cured me they were silent migraines. I couldn't feel any headache but that's what it was. I was cured after one week of taking migraine pills. May not be your problem but worth checking it out


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      Hi Susan.  I have been experiencing the feeling of rocking on a boat for a little over a year now.  The ENT ran a videonystagmogram (?), hearing tests and an MRI.  All came back negative.  He said he believes I have vestibular migraine.  All the symptoms of a migraine without the headache.  What type of specialist did you see?  What kind of medication did they prescribe?  Were your symptoms constant or would they come and go?  Mine have been constant since last January and I'm really tired of it.  I feel off all the time. 

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