dla appeal yesterday and feel like just giving up on life

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OMG, what an experience, im still in a state of anxiety. I developed Fibro in 2013 after i was diagnoised with dvt in my arm, multipile clots in my lungs and empazema. i have since been diagnosed crps in my left arm where i had the dvt. i was up for my appeal yesterday and i never experienced anything like it. It was question after question for one and a half hours. After they had finished i was asked to leave the room and they would make their decision.The clerk came out and reached me my files, said they had come to a decision and they would post it out to me. I dont understand why they just couldnt tell me there and then. Has anyone else ever experienced this and what was the outcome. plz help, i feel totally defeated. 

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    Hi Claire

    Poor you.....unfortunately, I don't have the same symptoms but can only give you my support in saying....Please DON'T give up !  You will get through this a day at a time. We are all here for you on this forum.

    Gentle hugs and have a positive day !biggrin

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    I'm in Australia..so don't really know what it is..but Bee obviously does...don't give up 

    whatever you do...you are really suffering shockingly at the moment and very stressed naturaly...all I can add is that we are here for you anytime and all the time..just keep on chatting..please try looking back at something very positive in your life., where you were happy, it might make you feel a little better, you are an awesome woman Claire, who is in deep distress,you really need caring loving support around you right now..if it is only all of us on this forum, well then it's up to us all.... We MUST support each other, we never know when it's our turn to need to be supported...you have soooo much to bring to this forum..every pain or issue you have to experience could help someone else no end..so you are also very very important Claire..so you are vitally needed, as Bee said..one day at a time...tomorrow is another day...hopefully a bit better for you..sending you gentle hugs across the miles Claire, ..be blessed, I will be praying for you...have a much better day tomorrow..please keep in touch with us all. We genuinely do care...:-) xxx

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      Thanks Christine, im not really one for talking about how i feel, but i feel like my head is going to burst. Its difficult to talk to family because they dont understand. I am 43 and have worked all my life, untill i was diagnosed with fibro and complex regional pain syndrome. There are days when i just want the world to stop spinning and let me off. I am now living on minimum benifit and i had a hearing yest to have my benefit raised. They made me feel like a begger, a lying begger at that. My emotions are running high at the moment, but i am encouraged by your kind words and support. thank youconfused
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    Hi Claire,

    In my experience they (the panel) usually ask you to wait because they're ready to give a decision but if they've told you they will write to you then its probably because they need to go over the evidence and your answers.

    I have been fighting my DLA decision for 2 years this May and yes there have been times I have cried in anger and frustration but I persist. On my 'statement of reasons' there have been lies written in regard to my responses to their questions at tribunal and they have typed out partial answers which makes evidence misleading. I have now requested a copy of the audio cd from the hearing day to prove that what has been written is wrong.

    It would be easy for me to say to you, try not to stress and worry however I know this is impossible to acheive for most, if not all of us..... so I will say to you just keep going until you get a satisfactory outcome for you and if you can get some help or support from anyone, then please please do.

    My very best wishes to you, I hope you get a positive response.....and if you don't....try your best to keep going with the appeals. And remember you may be setting a precedent (when you win) for those who follow in your footsteps.

    Kind regards



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      thanks for your encouragment Angie. I was told before i left that a desicion had been made and they would send it to me. im assuming that because they came to their desicion in such a quick time, that their answer will be no. Not sure that i could go through it all again. I hope and pray that you have a great outcome.

      Good luck and best wishes


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      Oh Claire I didn't realise that the decision had already been made before you left.....that is a disgusting thing to do.....feel like its done purposely to make one feel despondent and give up. I used to be a Welfare Benefits Advisor and I'm afraid I have seen my fair share of underhanded behaviour from judges and panel members. They bombarded me with questions at mine and never once let me answer fully before asking the next question. I think my anger and knowledge of my own suffering is what keeps me going.... and I say to myself "I will fight you all the way." I unfortunately have plenty of time on my side to keep going. The waiting causes stress and anxiety which worsens symptoms, making the fight all the more justified.

      I will let you know how mine turns out and please let us know how your decision goes. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

      All the best Angie

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    what a rough time you had ,if they were not going to tell you there why did they ask you to wait , if you get turned down get in touch with fightback 4justice on line 

    they win most of there appeals .

    iv still got mine to come and i am dreading it .

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      Claire pick it up and put it on a shelf out of your sight,

      It's the weekend and it won't make any difference if you look at it today or Monday,

      But if you feel a little better tomorrow it might be good news,

      Do you have a family member or supportive friend who could open it for you ?

      Keeping everything crossed for you to have some good news x

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      its just the form to fill in hun but i go in to panic at the thought of it 

      got to get help to do it thats stressful [dont like asking for help]

      then i proberly have to go to the doctors and ask for proof or something 

      i dont cope well with this sort of thing .and it stresses me up to the point of making me ill well more so than normal.

      its so hard to explain to others i get so frustrated because its so complex and i get really angry having to be so negative on the form when i try to be positive .in my day , i might not get a shower till 4.30pm but at least i get one , i might not comb my hair for 3 days ,but i rinse it under the shower .i try to stay positive and anyone with this condition knows this is hard 

      then you have to be so negative to get any support ,

      it just isent fare rolleyes the british are known for there stiff upperlip and i was brought up in a time were you didnt make a fuss you just got on with it 

      i had tonsilitus when i was 14 lost my voice and everything i didnt even get an asprin .i was even sent to school with it . but the head teacher brought me home because i passed out .

      if i cant do something il try another way because thats how we were brought up . my problem is constant pain and fatigue it cripples me like it does others with fibro


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      These forms are ridiculous and there is no need for half of it,

      I can sympathise with filling in forms, it's hard enough to think about it somedays and to hold a pen can be hard on other days

      You should be able to see someone face to face they fill out a form on what you explain not just a number

      Wish you luck. Leona

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      well tim from dag will do it for me if he isent swamped 

      othere wise it will have to be done on the phone with fightback 4justice 

      that  will be diffitcult for me and stressful. but better than no help at all 

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    Poor Claire I really feel for you and you deserve all the support you can get,

    I'm still struggling to work full time and finding it harder and harder, Iv been told Im entitled to claim pip but listening to how people struggle to get it I'm afraid to even get a form,

    My sons experience was horrendus, he has severe anxiety disorder and depression, he has worked all his life but they turned him down, he appealed then had to go to court,

    They made him feel humiliated and simpled him, The judge stopped it at one point as his legs buckled under him, he was as white as a ghost and couldn't remember all he had wrote down, like you question after question,

    He gathered the strength to carry on, he was asked to wait then told they will let him know,

    He walked out of that court, he ended up in bed for three weeks with a paranoia episode,and deep depression,

    But he got it in the end,

    Nobody should have to go through any of this No one wants to be disabled in any way,

    So Claire keep faith, keep strong were all here for you

    Gentle hugs sent your way x

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      Thank you Claire for your kind words,

      We have to fight for everything, even the strength to get through day to day,

      We can all do it however hard, be positive Claire even the warmer weather is coming ( although not this weekend it's freezing 😄 )

      Flare ups come and go and we learn to cope with what this ugly desese throws at us,

      You have all of our support

      And our fingers are crossed that you have releif from your pain, and results from your claim very soon x

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