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My Doctor has decided to stop prescribing  my Zopiclone 3.75 mg with  

no regard for the facts that I have 2 incurable diseases, (STRESSFUL )

to say the least.  I also suffer from screaming tinnitus ,.the main reason 

for taking  Zopiclone ,otherwise sleep is out of the question .I have also  had three very stressful years ,taking care of my 96 year mother,24/7

Lack of sleep was not an option,  

Now it seems that sleep is to be denied me ,which will cause me more stress which will aggravate two of my illnesses.

I was under the impression that doctors were meant to keep us healthy.

Has anyone else suffered withdrawal of help from a G.P which is what 

is happening to me ,and is there an answer to this situation ?????

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    Your reasons for taking zopiclone are very similar to my own... Chronic illness, bereavements etc...

    I ran out of zop after being on 7.5 for 10yrs. Its been horrible but once I began to experience the awful withdrawal symptoms, I knew I had a problem. Details are already on this site, but 11days later and I'm coping. I do not want to ever take another of those pills.

    However, we are all different and need to come off it in our own wat and on our own terms.

    Some people on here do what I have done whilst others follow something called The Ashton Plan. ... Supervised withdawal using diazepam.

    Your doctor has a duty of care to you. You have a right to be listened to and supported. I suggest you go back and ask to see someone else to discuss your options. Write down what you want to say and try to stay calm and rational.... Not easy, I know, but if you turn up looking like a crazy, aggressive woman who is dependent on drugs you'll get nowhere. If you know you can't go it alone ask about the Ashton Plan.

    You are clearly a strong and capable person to be dealing with so much in your life. Decide what you want and take back the control. I learned the hard way that zopiclone is not the solution to my sleep problem.

    I hope you find your solution.

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      Thanks for your reply. I do  cope with almost everyting (Hobsons Choice)

      I have just endured an extreme ly hard 3 months ,and was placed on a "vunerable" list .have no idea what should have happened, nothing did.

      Tinnitus reacts badly to stress, and  sleep was not easy ,with one 3.75 so Iwent to see the G.P to ask to raise the dose  because the noise  became really loud. The doctor . I found out, had put in my 

      notes ,that I had asked her to take me off Zopiclone ,

      I did attempt to see her, but she was  not available at that time

      I do intend to see her and discover the reason,for the false entry

      on my notes

      Your vision of me being a hostile,frenzied druggie made me smile.

      I am non of those ,but I do like answers to my questions, shouting

      and being aggressive , is not, and never has been ,my way of 

      dealing with matters or people who  think they know best.

      By the way, I am not addicted, I just need sleep until my  present 

      stressful situation has been sorted.

      I am a one man band ,not the philharmonic  rolleyes


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    Hi. Yes, my gp decided a year ago that I should come of them after fifteen years. She lowered the dosage to 3.75mg but still couldn't sleep so went back and said I was very anxious so she prescribed mirtazapine, an anti depressant.  That was no good, still didn't sleep and side effects for me were restless legs at night.  In hindsight, and after reading posts from others on here I wish I had stuck it out and given them up. I still get them prescribed as changed gp's.  Take advice from others on here and try a different doctor and ask about the Ashton plan. 
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      Hello. I have only been on the low dose for about two years, due to full time caring of my mother. so I hardly fall under the addict umbrella.

      I use herbal remedies for problems that I have ,I made the decision not to take prescription drugs, because of the dreadful side effects they caused. Delighted to say that in general my health improved

      however sleep is paramount , I expected a little sympathy and

      understanding from the G;P  Probably a change of practice is the

      answer and find people who actually listen, and are not text book



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      Yes, Jacqueline. Change doctors if yours is unsympathetic. Most gp's can't be bothered or don't have the time to devote to insomniacs. That's the impression I got with my previous gp. 
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      I will if I do not get a positive explanation from the original instigator

      who,as you say, underatands nothing, and seemingly cares less.

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    Good for you. I could tell you're strong and resourceful.

    I apologise if I offended you.... I was speaking generally about how easily we can give the wrong impression of ourselves when we are stressed/upset.

    In my case, I would never have referred to myself as being addicted either. I was wrong though... When I look back, I had become anxious, scared to go out, lacking good conversation ; I'd become very switched off ! I'm by nature, a person who is busy, organised and creative. Zopiclone had made me 'wooly headed' . That feeling is, thankfully, receding.

    You are right in questioning your treatment at the surgery. It could be wise to book a double appointment, as 7mins ( average time given) seems inadequate . If you are tired or worried it may be useful to take a good friend in with you, for support..

    I wish you well and hope you sort things out to your satisfaction. I'll keep checking the forum in case you need to chat again. X

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      Hello again, Had another LAUGH this time about appointment length

      I usually wait at least 40 mins, then when it's my turn ,you can see

      the skid marks on the floor where I have been "seen" and dispatched.

      I have been known to leave, explaining to the reception,that the doctor could use my time to catch up.

      The addiction  hardly applies, how can you become addicted to 

      something that doesn't work sad

      You know the adage ""Don't get mad, get even ""it works for me.

      By the way ,you didn't offend me ,but I didn't want you to think

      that I was a WUSS  !!!  

      Please don't disappear .


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      You are no WUSS.

      You are a feisty, funny lady who can and will sort this situation out.

      I'm doing it my way and you'll do it your way.

      Like you, I don't want to be labelled, patronised etc. Which is why I just stopped taking zopiclone once I knew they weren't good for me. They weren't working well for me any more and I didn't want to up my dosage.

      People on this site have talked about having to go back on them when times get tough but I don't plan to. I have signed up for a wellbeing course to learn techniques for relaxation and better, mire restful sleep. Possibly be nothing new but worth consideration.

      Stay in touch and let me know how you get on at the surgery.

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      Hello stranger ,this is just a shortie !!!! to see if you are still around

      Things to discuss, so . I am waiting, hardly likely to drop off rolleyes

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    Sorry Jaqueline but I don't understand.... What do you want to know about me? I'm happy to tell you stuff but dunno what you're asking. Is my 'handle' my name? If so, I'm Sue. I was a teacher till I retired for health reasons.
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      OOOPS .sorry ,don't want to know anything about you in particular, 

      it's just curiosity on my part that I am interested in the  strange handles people use

      I do subscribe to a few forums ,and some of the "handles " used are

      quite amusing, 

      I'm just a nosey old git 

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      Haha... I'm a real fossil!!

      My 'handle' was given to me as a suggested one. I tried various concoctions of my name but they were all taken. Sue is clearly VERY common.

      How are you today? Have you been sleeping well without the zopiclkne or not?

      I'm on day 13 with no pills. Erratic pattern of sleep, but ok. No longer feel ill and as I'm not working any more I can have a catch-up nap if I need one.

      Speak soon.... xSx

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      Hello Sue  cheesygrin

      Had a good night ,thanks to Zoppy. I need sleep , .Having a shed load of stress at the moment .not helped by the attitude of the dr Intend to report her treatment of me, which I explained that the Tinnitus was up .decibels and constant and it kept me awake .Just been to see my mother,who is in a home, at the moment .Dementia quite bad at the

      moment,quite stressful, without all my other probs, need to get one

      sorted When I had half an op. on my shoulder I asked the surgeon 

      if he would send me to Barbados to recover .. I think he said NO,

      when he had stopped laughing Have to have the other half done 

      ASAP. Then I will turn into a WUSS  big time 


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