Does the Buck stop here ??

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I had a C.T. scan which showed up a ""MARK"" on my lungs . Not what was being looked for, pure accident it showed up The consultant duly 

informed my G.P, and said he was told by the consultant that a chest

Xray might be a good idea Off I went ,had the Xray ,heard nothing from anyone about it  Went to see My G.P about 3 months later and 

remembered to ask about the out come of said Xray .

The answer was. That they couldn't see anything, because the "mark "

was hidden behind the liver  !!!!!! No suggestion that another means of seeing around, or through the liver, in an attempt to find out what it was

End of conversation .Next patient . So I am now the owner of an unknown mark , lump, scar, whatever, and no offers of help to find out what it is.  Help needed on how to move forward  with this. 


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    ask for a spirometry test.

    chest x-rays have their limitations but they can still show a lot.

    I'd relax and not let my imagination run wild at this moment in time. I'm assuming that you are otherwise healthy.

    Chest x-rays show up Lines and scars. (products of old infections or inhaled material)They are not uncommon and are usually harmless.

    Unfortunately consultants and doctors don't second guess our natural pessimism about ourselves vis a vis health. So they don't go in for reassurance in a big way. They are too busy. The sentiment seems to be with the medical profession, - "if I'm not all that worried about the x-ray, that's what matters, I'm the professional." The fact you may be stewing over the matter and ruing your life, "suspecting" something is going on with your body, is not high up their priorities. If you looked at their priority list objectively it would look truly daunting . They make mistakes of course but they are truly amazing people.

    So write down exactly what it is that is frightening you. Set out some bullet points about what needs clarified and go to your general practioner and get the relevant testing done.

    At the moment there will be no end to your sense of limbo you are in until you get into action mode, and ask the right clear questions of the right people.

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      Glad you were there to reply. I'm not a ""oh my god"" person, it was just,the way that no-one gave it a second thought, or the slightest

      curoisity that it might be something.

      As for being otherwise healthy, that would give you a headache if I 

      gave you a list, but I tend to ignore what I know and get on with my life.

      Something must have triggered off the feeling that "no-one  gives a toss" Thank youcheesygrin


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       Just re read your post Have  to tell you that I am not afraid, more annoyed , at being filed under ," no further action "

      The surgeons on two ocassions made careless mistakes. yet these amazing people  do not have the vocabulary to say, sorry.

      High horse been put back in the stable now!!!!!

      Just needed a hug when I posted Let's face it   everyone who subscribes to any forum needs  one.and a reassurance that we are

      not alone with our aches.pains ,bugs ,and wondering if we will ever

      return to ""normal""  


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    I respect doctors, still some of them have their limitations, i feel like they graduate but they no longer research or keep learning much from their patients,because as you say they are too busy making diagnostics and prescribing drugs with terrible side effects, still the knowledge of medicine comes from symptoms and patients though history and enlightened people who tried to find a way to cure and heal with nature as the old latin proverb says "medicus curat, natura sanat"

    my xrays look fine no matter the symptoms only one doctor told me its looks like i had copd and i showed him a sputum and he told me it was a bronchiectasia, he told me to have a spiromety test wich i barely finishined and the neumologist just prescribed me like if i was an asmathic and gave me an ansiolitic victan (Ethyl loflazepate) which i found myself very bad, for a few days i felt my breathing was getting even worse, i research online side effects and one of them turned to be respiratory insuficency severe and even old people dying from axphixia, i was so angry because thats my problem and this was making it worse, i stop taking the medication and i feel much better, its important to follow your intuition and listen to your body.

    I want to have an scan too because they now think im a hipocondriatic, so thats how we are now in forums and on the internet researching and trying to heal our symtoms, so many people finding answers on alternative medicine like ayurvedic,biomagnetism and old methods from all regions, we need to be open and i hope doctors do the same. i pass from being a healthy 29 person to a 69 old man from one day to another, so im not giving up.

    Also the quality of life worldwide is getting worse, mossanto is on our tables without knowing, we have chemtrails spraying all kinds of chemicals on the sky and the co2 on the atmosphere is increasing, so we need to relax and adapt to this era. Wish you well


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      Gut Intinct. I do not ignore it, whatever the problem is. How many people say   ""I  followed my gut instinct, and I was right""Fear stops 

      sound reasoning, when told by a person you should be able to trust 'offers only text book knowledge,, people do as they are told with no real knowledge about the cure factor,if any. I admit to binning  tablets whose side effects can cause yet more damage. Surgeons on the whole do not have the "care factor "about bodies. I have in my life, up to now ,have had the real pleasure of knowing TWO

      I to am a user of alternative herbal remedies,and some of my gran's 

      tried and tested remedies.

      I can't remember if it the Chinese or Japanese who pay their doctors 

      when they are well,and nothing at all if they become ill 

      keeps the doctors on their toes

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      This could be caused due to "chemtr....." as you wrote. I want to point one thing of double standards on this forum by moderator. When I used the same "chemtr...." word the moderator deleted all my posts where I used that word. While moderator does not delete your edit your post where you use the same "chemtr...." word that gets my posts deleted. Then I used "geoeng...." and "SRM" and "Solar Radiation Management" and the post was not deleted. Now I consulted an attorney, a lawyer and he advised that the word "chemtr..." has been created by US military and while it is no longer used, it is NOT illgela to use it anywhere in any media. Now while chooses to not alow SOME users to use the word "chemtr....", the use of double standards is unacceptable. My lawyer advise we take legal action.

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    Hi. Ridiculous. Why did you wait 3 months ?  Your health is your responsibility, you must be more aggressive and stick up for yourself. Try again to sort yourself out - - - GOOD LUCK.
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      Hello Jay,Thanks for the new handle,I think it's my actions rather than my mind that it fits.I always think that people will do what they say they will do (optimism probably fits the bill) So I wait for all these anonymous medical persons to take the time to drop a line to me. After all they ALL appear to have a secretary. I  DO BIG TIME, stick

      up for myself, and achieve results, but with doctors etc ,one never knows where the buck stops the medical fortifications are raised

      and no one ever accepts responsibility. Believe me my "notes"

      contain all the letters that I wrote to the offending persons The only problem with this is they are there for following doctors to read

      ,.and I can tell if they have read them ,by their faces Quite funny


      By the way, time passes quickly,and my life does not revolve around the NHS Thank you for your input.

      Jacqueline aka Ridiculous  cheesygrin 


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    Hi Jacqueline.

    If you are convinced that the surgeons have made genuine and serious mistakes, you owe it to yourself and others to seek redress. Get a copy of the particular hospital's guidelines and compare what their policy says should have been a reasonable person's expectation of their hosital experience , and what your actual experience was.

    I don't think doctors are amazing if they are negligient but it has been my experience that most are empathetic and intend to optimise their skills in helping people. If they have not been in your case, then I can only commiserate with you and hope you get a diagnoisis that meets your satisfaction, But you will only get this if you pursue the matter.

    What I was trying to get across in my post was that, all things being equal, if the hospital and your gp weren't worried then you probably shouldn't be.

    But not of course to ignore your natural anxiety over the unanswered question you are harbouring. You are right. you deserve to know as fully as medical technology can do what is going on with your body.

    All the best.

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    Hi Lazerus

    I agree with your point about doctors keeping up with latest medical technology. One of the problems they have is filling in endless reports to meet funding criteria. If a lot of the red tape was cut away that might help a lot.

    I remember as an 18 year old going to hospital for a sports injury, there was about six nurses to each double ward.

    Now you are lucky if you have one, with a couple of agency auxilliaries in tow. They should ban nursing auxilliaries and stop gap hiring of doctors whose credentials are often only half checked. This would help the continuity of monitoring patients they actually know.

    The system is to blame as i see it, there is no seamless join between entry to the hospital and coming out the hospital after treatment. What's needed is an old fashioned matron to champion your cause and demand the best out the doctors. At the moment there is no counterbalance to the confusion of being handed onto one consultant after another - often way across the hospital campus in seperate units, or worse, being despatched to different hospital.

    This specialisation of task, due to the demands of improving technology, is a good thing and a bad thing in this respect. It need not be a bad thing if there was one champion or matron being given the direct responsibility for each patient's outcome.

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      Are you  in the U.K.? and I do agree with your ""pass the parcel ""

      attitude of  doctors and department movements, where usually , one is 

      obliged to repeat yet again why you are sitting in front of him; and he 

      can't be bothered to read your ""notes"" Probably why wa remain in

      the system for so long, Hence my Question  Where does the buck


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    hi jacqueline

    I'm in scotland

    There is a process within the hospital system for expressing concerns regarding your treatment. Please refer to the hospital guidelines.

    The buck stops with both the patient and the system as I see it.

    You have to exhaust the hospital process and give them the opportunity to own the "buck". Have you done this.

    If you have not done this yet, then the buck stops with you until you do.

    The system can't redress what it doesn't know is faulty.

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      This has gone terribly intense, from a simple question of being handed around, as you mentioned.  to systems and processes.

      What would be really nice and simple ,if of course one was put into the hands of knowledgable , doctor, consultant,,would be for him/ her to say O.K. I will take care of you.,

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