Does this sound like a potential kidney issue?

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Hello all smile I'm asking this question on behalf of my mum, who is 62 and no particular health problems. I'll keep it brief.

Over the past several months she has developed the following symptoms;

Urinating less often with a lack of urge to need to pee and only urinating in small amounts.

An aversion to eating meat

Slight weight gain around stomach

Slight intermittent puffiness to face and fingers.

For about the past 18 months she has been treated for Rosacea.

She was chatting with someone who is a district nurse about diets and mentioned this sudden aversion to meat which she is finding really weird. The nurse said that could actually indicate a kidney issue. 

As I am diabetic, I had someone protein testing sticks and gave them to her to test her pee. The indicated a moderate level of protein. 

She saw her GP today. He tested a sample and said there was quite a significant amount of protein. He said this could be an infection and also randomly mentioned the menopause, even though she is well past that. But he's sending the sample off and she is getting blood tests tomorrow for; 

HbA1C, B12 & Folate, Lipid, U&E, Vit D, Iron, FBC, Liver Function, Calcium, Thyroid.

So, questions is, do these generally sound like symptoms that could be associated with kidney issues? She is a bit concerned about being fobbed. Also, are there any blood other blood tests that would be helpful. I know when I go to my diabetic reviews they do my ACR and eGFR, etc. Does anyone know if these will be included in my mum's tests what she is being sent for?

Any help much appreciated. 

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    Hi Sarah

    Not sure about the meat thing but the protein is not the first sign of urine infection and also not always found when there is a urine infection.

    Reduced urine output and protein is a definate indicator for a kidney problem.

    The blood tests that have been requested will show the kidney function i.e EGFR CREATININE SODIUM POTASSIUM AND UREA.

    the urine test that has been sent will show the urine acr.

    I expect your mum will get a phone call the day after her blood test.

    P.s... Menopause? Where did the gp get that little chestnut from!! 😩😩😩

    Hope all get sorted soon, keep us posted!

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      Thank you, Jane. 

      re: menopause. Exactly! I was really annoyed when she told me that.

      Yes, apparently you can develop an aversion to meat as it's your body's way of saying no more protein.

      Appreciate the info and will update. 

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    In addition to what Jane said, I'm glad to see they're checking your mother's liver function. Let us know how her labs come out!


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    Sarah, Jane has already given some helpful answers.  I just wanted to ask if the GP has checked your Mum for any sign of diabetes as high protein in urine can be a symptom of high blood sugar?   However, with any luck your Mum may simply have  a urine infection which can be cleared with antibiotics.  Nice that your Mum has a caring daughter.  Lots of good luck wishes.
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      Thank you, MrsO.

      She is getting her A1c checked which will show overall blood glucose level form approx the past 3 months. I did a finger prick test on her this evening using my monitor and she was a little higher than I would have expected at 8.2,  over 3hrs after eating. 

      Appreciate your best wishes. 


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    Ugh! GP surgery is bordering on hopeless at the moment.

    They called mum last Friday (2 days after her appt) to say the urine sample she handed in could not be used as it was contaminated. She asked how this could happen and was told that it might be if something has been dipped in it or transferred from one container to another. Mum informed receptionist that the GP did both of those things at her appt. Oh well, is the response, the nurse said if the symptoms persist then just bring another one in. Mum pointed out that the first one hasn't even been tested yet, so of course she will bring another in. 

    She went to the nurse for the blood tests that morning (the call about the sample was in the afternoon). And I passed her sample in on my way to work first thing Monday morning. 

    So, this afternoon, she rang the surgery to see if the blood tests have come back;

    Receptionist: Oh yes, they're here on the screen but they haven't been activated. The nurse does that and she is away for the next 2 weeks. 

    Mum is at a loss how to respond to this. She asks why the nurse and not the doctor.

    Recep: Oh the nurse looks at everything, blood tests, x-rays, etc. 

    Mum: So who looks at everything when the nurse is not there?

    Recep: *sNo response* Oh, I'll see if I can get the doctor to look but he is very busy, he might call you back later this evening.

    Unsurprisingly, no phone call. 

    Honestly, can't work that out. The doctor ordered the tests, he should be the one who looks at them! And supposedly there is, what,a fortnight delay on everyone's tests because the nurse isn't there to look at them? Most bizarre thing I've heard. 

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      Almost forgot, while on the phi=one she asked about the urine sample. 

      Recep: Oh, the one from last week. It was contaminated.

      Mum: no, the one that was passed in on Monday morning. 

      Recep: Oh... I haven't got it down that one was passed in. 

      I don't have much dealng with my GP surgery, but Oh My God!


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      Sarah, that is appalling.  Tell your Mother to ring the surgery at 8am in the morning and request a GP call back the same day.   At the initial appointment the GP said there appeared to be a urine infection.  Failing to follow that up in a timely manner puts any patient with a UTI at risk of the infection reaching the kidneys or, even worse, at risk of sepsis - and this is straight out of the mouth of one of my GPs.  I’m not without a horror story (or two!) at the hands of a couple of medics.  I now question everything.  They work FOR us and they are being paid to look after us!  Good luck!
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      Sarah, I agree completely with MrsO's comments! I get UTIs sometimes. Two fave progressed to kidney infections. Do UTIs require immediate treatment with the appropriate medication.

      This ongoing issue of self-advocacy is tiring! Let us know how this goes.


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      Hi Marge & MrsO

      Just to update. Mum still never received the call back from her GP 8 days later!! Despite numerous calls to the surgery!! Which is abysmal.

      However, within that time, reception rang her to say that her prescription was ready to pick up at the pharmacy. Prescription for what she asks. Oh, the UTI that she has. Mum explained to them that she has had no call from GP, no diagnosis and has no details about any of the blood or urine tests. Oh, the doc has looked at some of the blood tests but not the others. But she needs to go get her antibiotics right away because this is apparently a longstanding UTI.

      So, she rings chemist to check they have received the prescription. Nothing there. Mum rings surgery to tell them. After a further 5hrs of 'the chemist have the prescription' and the chemist saying 'no we don't', it turns out that it had been sitting in the tray at the surgery reception all along.

      Complete joke. 

      Anyway, all that aside. One helpful receptionist went to speak to the GP on her behalf as she still had no call back. He said FBC was fine but to make an appt with the nurse because her cholesterol and blood glucose were slightly raised. 

      I told mum to get a print out of her results, but I think she is just sick to death of that surgery. 

      Since being on the antibiotics she tells me she has been peeing more normally and her appetite for meat has slowly been coming back. 

      So we'll see how it goes. 

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      Sarah, what appalling care..... or non- care.  Your poor mother must be worn out by the situation.  Is it possible for you to ring the surgery, arrange an appointment with the Practice Manager and a copy of your above post in front of him/her.  At least your Mother finally has a diagnosis and treatment which appears to be working by what you say about her improving symptoms.
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      Terrible-sounding surgery.  I dare say if it’s happening to others, someone will be reporting to the Practice Manager.  Hope your Mum continues to feel better on the antibiotics.
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