Does this sound like Chronic Pancreatitis to you?

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Hey Friends, wondering if anyone can help steer me in the right direction. I have had pain and soreness ON my left rib cage, under my breast and around to under my arm pit - following the rib cage line - for the past 6 years. It is worse if I am constipated (sorry for TMI), and much worse if I have wine. I am not a heavy drinker, but did enjoy a couple glasses on the weekends. I have not had any for a few months, and the pain seemed better overall. I had champagne this week at a celebration - not a lot - a couple of glasses, and the pain the next day was the worse in a while - not so much that I can't function, but always there, like a burning, sore to the touch feeling on my rib cage. It's better when I am lying down, very still. And as I said, it is the left rib cage itself, not below.

I have had multiple CT scans that show only diverticulosis and colon polyps. I have had an MRI that was normal, and an ultrasound that showed a mildly fatty pancreas. My GI doctor says it is not my pancreas, but I just don't know what else it would be, given the area that hurts. I have diarrhea at times, especially after any alcohol ( which I am again done with), and am often constipated. My bloodwork over the years, including pancreatic enzymes is always normal.

So I guess, does it sound like chronic pancreatitis? I have not lost weight, but am frequently bloated. I want to see another GI, but I am afraid they will not pursue it. It's been going on for so long, and the doctors give me no answer.

I do have stress (don't we all?). I have a daughter with autism, one with Asperger's, and care for my mom with dementia. But still, I cannot figure out why this always hurts. If it is chronic pancreatitis, would I benefit from starting enzymes now?

Many, many thanks. I know you are all dealing with a lot.

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    I am sorry to read about the problems you have with both children and Mom which must put an awful lot of stress on you and your digestive system.

    If you know that alcohol triggers the pain then surely you must stop drinking it.

    Could it be that the pain is simply indigestion due perhaps to low stomach acid?

    Have you tried sprinkling linseeds onto your breakfast cereal - this will help with constipation.

    I am not a medically trained person but was moved to respond because oh the difficulties you are going through.

    I wish you well and hope you find some answers.

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    I wouldn’t take enzymes unless your diagnosed.  Sounds like you’ve been diagnosed with other issues but not PC. 

    If you think it’s your pancreas go to a Dr that specializes in the pancreas.  Not all GI Drs are up to date on diagnosing a pancreatic issue.  

    Your other diagnoses could easily be causing you issues.  If PC NO ALCOHOLAT ALL.  NO SMOKING AND LOW FAT DIET. 

    What makes you think it your pancreas, the internet ???

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      I have a relative with CP, and he thinks the pain location could be CP.  But my doctor insists not.  It is on the rib cage, NOT below it.  I just don't want to do anything that will worsen something, but I don't know what it is.

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      Get a good Dr that specializes in the pancreas.  They are not easy to find.  A teaching hospital is always a great place to start. 

      Keep me posted. 

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    find a specialty GI doctor and be clear while you're making your appointment that your reason is to schedule an endoscopic ultrasound on your pancreas to rule out or confirm chronic pancreatitis. You actually DO have the right to participate in your Healthcare path. my doctor was very proactive and said after doing two other tests asked my permission to do the pancreatic endoscopic ultrasound. he said that I have two of the three symptoms and even though the one was missing he really wanted to try it I said yes and the result was yes I do clearly have chronic pancreatitis. Just PARTICIPATE IN YOUR HEALTH CARE!!

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      it clearly showed to me about one-eighth of the pancreas was dark shadowed . for the doctor this is the inflammation they were looking for, and something about it whether it be the size or shape I'm not sure determined it was chronic and not acute pancreatitis. who have since started treatment. most importantly he was determined to find the cause of my pain using the narrowing down process.

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      no the endoscopic just was simply determined it was pancreatitis . From the pancreatitis we then knew the pain was coming from what makes pancreatitis painful.

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