Don't laugh - but any advice on what to take to hospital?

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This is going to sound super silly, but really what should I take with me to hospital outside the obvious (night gown and slippers, etc) For those of you who have been in the hosptial before for ovarian cystectomy or oophorectomy, what did yall find useful to have with you or what did you wish you had with you? I am expecting to be in 2-3 nights. 


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    A good book (or 3 depending on how fast you read) is vital (hospital TV can be expensive). Bring your mobile and the charger so you can stay in easy contact with family and friends. Maybe an iPod (other non branded music player) and some headphones so you can listen to music / audiobooks.

    I would take a packet of chocolate digestives (or soemthing equally yummy) so that when you've given up battling with the hospitals cullinary delights you can have an enjoyable snack.

    Bring EAR PLUGS and one of those blindfold things they love on planes if you want to get any sleep.

    I'd take a bath robe / dressign gown / whatever you want to call it.

    Take all your normal medications with you, or at least a copy of your repeat perscription, and be honest if you're not actually taking them.

    Take a big smile and be nice to the nurses, if you're nice to them they'll bend over backwards for you.

    Good luck!

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      I would have forgotten my eye mask if you'd not mentioned it wink I can't fall asleep without my ipod in and an audio book on. Glad to know I can take it with me. xx
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    According to NHS choices a general guide is

    two nightdresses or pairs of pyjamas (depending on the length of your stay)

    day clothes (you may not need to wear your night clothes for your entire stay in hospital. Hospital wards are often kept warm, so bear this in mind when choosing clothes.)

    clean underwear

    a dressing gown and slippers

    a small hand towel

    toiletries, including soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner

    a comb or hairbrush

    things to occupy you, such as books, magazines or puzzle books

    a small amount of money to buy things such as newspapers, phone calls and anything you may want from the hospital shop or ward trolley

    any medicines you normally take, including nicotine replacement treatment, eye drops, inhalers and creams

    a notebook and pen to write down any questions you have when the doctor is not available

    if you wish, you can bring healthy snacks to eat between meals

    your address book and important phone numbers, including your GP’s name, address and telephone number

    proof that you do not have to pay prescription charges, if applicable (inpatients don't normally have to pay for the medication they are sent home with)

    Limit clutter and gifts. Keeping your bed area free from clutter makes cleaning easier. Where possible, it is advisable to mark all items of personal property with your name.

    You will have your own small locker for your personal belongings. Do not leave any valuables or money by your bed unattended.

    Some hospitals have a safe in which you can leave valuable items if you are concerned about security. If you give anything to the hospital for safekeeping, make sure you get a receipt.

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      So incredibly helpful!!! Thank you so much Tazchurch! Great to know about the between-meal snacks, I was unsure if we could or not. Thanks again for sharing, you guys rock! 
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    Your pre-op nurse or a Dr may have mentioned sanitary pads/towels as well as this op can cause a small period type bleed. NOT tampons though.
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      Funnily enough that's the one thing I DID think about smile I'm supposed to be on my cycle now, but the past 3 months it's hardly appeared, and as the cyst has grown, the periods are almost nil. (not a bad thing, just sayin'!)
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      I think I found this on a hospital trust website and it related specifically to any gynae procedure, and partically this one.

      As you may know I have had to do alot of research as the Drs have told me nothing so have alot of useless facts hanging around my brain smile

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    I took peppermint tea bags although they did have

    As it helps with the

    Wind pains. Big knickers And

    A size bigger than you normally have as

    You will be

    Bit distended. I took femfresh

    Wipes so I could

    Freshen up in the loo as felt needed to with the

    Catheter.  Good luck and hope goes well. I was in from Monday to Sunday as had lot blood in catheter so kept it in for four days and then had

    Temp so good job had taken extra night

    Wear lol. Ear plugs would have been good as really noisy at night with

    People being looked after and having obs done just back from theatre . Hope all goes well 

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    I had a full abdominal hysterectomy 7 weeks ago and I had a catheter. They put it in whilst you are asleep during op so you wake up with it in but it's painless and great cos you don't have to use a horrible bed pan like I did 23 years ago when I had my ovary out due to a large cyst.  Catheter is much better and the nurses just empty the bag every so often.  It's usually only for the first 24 hrs anyway.   Drink lots of water too because I think that helps recovery.   Don't use lip salve whilst you have oxygen tubes attached like I nearly did till a nurse stopped me eek    I took quite a few nighties and a couple of pyjamas, loads of knickers, sanitary towels although I didn't really bleed after.  Also took soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodrant, hairbrush, towels for shower, baby wipes.  Take some hard boiled sweets to suck as your throat will be a little sore after the operation.  I also took my kindle fire as it had music on it.  Took socks too but didn't need them cos you have to wear the horrible green socks to prevent blood clots.

    I quite enjoyed my stay in hospital, everyone was lovely cheesygrin   The operation wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be.   

    Good luck and let us know how you go on xxx

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      Aw Janet thanks so much. Lots of helpful tips there. DIdn't think about the throat being sore sad Man, you guys are great for sharing so much with us. 

       How are you feeling now? Bless your heart. 

      I want to take my ipad, but one nurse said I shouldn't? would it not fit in  my locker? I've got a book and my little ipod with audiobooks on it. but I'd love to take my ipad to watch shows on. 

      thanks again xxx

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