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Deanalex Deanalex

Driving fear and Mitazapine

Hello to anyone reading this, I wasnt sure if this was the right place to post but have been feeling rather isolated so thought i'd join an anxiety forum.

I have been having difficulties as a passenger in cars recently and havnt managed to learn to drive yet, despite being 27. I have had anxiety and more recently depression since my early teens and have tried various Anti-depressents, I recently started Mitazapine and have been feeling really bad. Having panic attacks all the time and for no reason. Also bad anxiety and feeling spaced out and not feeling in control of my thoughts. I am going to wean myself off of them by cutting down to a half a day for a week as I have done with previous anti-depressents. Can anyone relate or have similar experience with either Mitazapine or driving anxiety, I dont know anyone who suffers with anxiety and often feel very isolated.

Sorry for essay!

Kind regards

Dean Alex

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  • jane97070 Deanalex

    When my anxiety was at its worst I hated driving (I was learning to drive at the time). Having a snappy driving instructor didnt help but the thoughts of getting into (and being essentially trapped) in a car for an hour was awful. I hated going fast, felt out of control, had horrible claustrophic feelings, felt like I had to get out (not good when you're doing 40-50 MPH in the dark) and was restless, fidgety, kept sweating, racing heart. I didn't tell anyone (especially not him) as I was so scared of what he and others would think.

    Sometimes, even now, I hate going fast in a car. Feel out of control and panicky.

    Beta blockers can help with physical symptoms of anxiety. I haven't tried Mitazapine so can't comment. I hope you get it sorted. Don't put yourself under pressure to learn to drive or pass quickly etc. I found I did and it made it worse, especially with people commenting all the time "when is your test? how is it going? do you enjoy it? how are you finding it? what car will you get when you pass?"

    I hope things go well for you and you're able to talk to someone. I wasn't at the time and wished I had been able to!

    • Deanalex jane97070

      Thank you for reply Jane, I have taken propranolol for a couple of years every morning as it suppresses heart palpations I get due to anxiety. I am currently not even learning to drive as my anxiety is really bad in my friends car (passenger seat) so i often sit in the backseat, Its something to do with lack of control and fear of crashing. A big part of my anxiety is being out of control, either fainting or in a car crash or having a heart attack, It can be very debilatating. My friends of the same age drive without a care in the world. I dont think I will ever be a fast driver, aslong as it doesnt hold me back and stop me being a burden to a partner or job Im happy.

      Kind regards,

      Dean Alex

    • jane97070 Deanalex

      'Its something to do with lack of control and fear of crashing' - I also have that. It wasn't easy to overcome and I am still not completely over it but it's better than it was. Sometimes I wish I could sit in the back too.

      People just don't understand sadly. I'm sure if it was a physical problem they would be accommodating, but I have found most people I have encountered don't treat MH issues in the same way.

    • Deanalex jane97070

      I totally agree, if it was a physical problem people would bend over backwards to understand. I know I need to drive to get a job and have a life and travel about, Im hoping when my life is more settled work etc, I will be in a better place to drive. Being 27 and a guy, its frustrating as driving is normally something alot of men cant wait to do, my brother passed first time at 17 and drives very fast and has never had a crash, he is a very good driver apart from driving too fast!

      Thank you for your reply Jane :-)


    • jane97070 Deanalex

      Yes it sucks. I am on my third driving instructor now who is nice and I feel less anxious, but in the back of my mind these feelings still float around - only to a lesser degree. I live in quite a rural place (well a small town in countryside) that has poor public transport links compared to big cities that I used to live in - and public transport was never a problem. Everyone used it. I almost feel looked down upon here as I don't have a car and everyone else does. 

    • Deanalex jane97070

      I totally hear you Jane, I live fairly rurally but have access to train,bus etc. Having friends that drive does make you feel people are looking down on you like your a burden. I have heard there are driving instrustors who specialize in anxious drivers, I thought I would try one of those when I am ready!

  • diana421 Deanalex

    Hi. I have suffered with depression for about 18 years on and off. I am on tablets for it at the moment. I have suffered with an anxiety attack once, a few years back, scared the hell out of me making me very nervous if I am ever in the same situation. My mum suffered badly with anxiety when I was younger l, to th  point where she couldn't leave the house. My close friend is a sufferer now, even on tablets she still gets it. If there is any help or support I can give you I would be more than happy. X

  • diana421 Deanalex

    ..after a car accident at the beginning of May I am now a nervous passenger, a month ago I got my confidence back but only if I'm driving. I'm still slower and more carefully than I was. X 

    • Deanalex diana421

      Thank you for reply Diana, My mum is also an anxious person and I sort of take after her, not that I blame her for it. Thank you for the kind message of support, your close friend is lucky to have a good hearted friend like you.

  • diana421 Deanalex

    I can't blame my mum either, I always thought if I had gone through what she  in her life me I wouldn't be here let alone suffering with Anxiety, Depression and Agrophobia, she is one tough lady. She now lives in Cornwall, has her own car and credit card and is always off shopping on her my dad's horror. Lol. So, I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. 4 of us are on tablets and the one I mentioned earlier is on diazepam too for her anxiety attacks, I feel for her. She can't do anything on her own, quite often she has had to leave her shopping and run out of the store as she can feel one coming on. Once she even had to leave her son, it must be horrible to be like that. :-( As for driving, there is no rush, my brother is 40 and he can't drive due to panicking and falling apart during driving lessons..Not everybody drives, there is plenty of time, you're still young. Please don't feel isolated, now a days it is a more accepted and more recognised, although maybe a little embarrassing for us, people can be very understanding should it happen in public. I'm always here, my inbox is open should you need me. X 

  • misslinda Deanalex

    Hi Dean, 

    I drove for 28 years but began to get Sooo stressed out that I gave up 4 years ago. I don't know if I will drive again but consider myself a bit of a 'Green supporter' so trains/buses/walking/ are my current modes of transport.  I take fluoxetine and quetiapine for anxiety + depression; you are not alone.

    Best wishes, Angela

    • Deanalex misslinda

      Hello Linda, I never found Fluoxetine very effective, how do you find it? I am also a green supporter haha, I am a keen gardener and my main passion in life is animals and wildlife. Im ok with trains and buses also. But really do feel not having a car will impact on my life if I find a partner or a job thats not convienant to get to. Has your life changed since you gave up driving? Does it make you happier not to drive I mean?

      Kind regards


  • aiden89317 Deanalex

    Hi Dean, I am 26 and i havn't past my driving test either. Frankly i dont feel like i am a safe driver on the road. I had a driving test once when i was about 17 - 18 and i nearly ran over a lolly pop lady !! haha I knew at that moment that driving was not for me. So its ok if you dont feel safe in cars. Oh and i actually joined this forum too because i felt isolated and needed to talk to other people with the same symptoms. It is really helping to be honest. I suffer from Anxiety and Deppresion, i was put on medication but i stopped taking it because it actually made me worse. I have found that supplements like fish oil and supplements that help you concentrate work wonders for me. I have been on 3 different types of medication but they never helped in the long run. Also having a healthy balanced diet helps a lot too. For me anyways, maybe it can help you too? All the best anyways! smile

    • Deanalex aiden89317

      Hey Aiden, I never really thought much of food supplements but if you say fish oil helped you, perhaps I should it a try. Do most of your friends drive? I know that is what made me feel bad because everyone else I know treats driving as though it were easy and literally nothing to worry about. Docters have put me on a variety of Anti depressants over the past 12 years, I wouldnt really recommend any of them all that much, some do help to control anxiety but dont touch depression. Do you manage to hold down a job or study Aiden? If you dont mind me asking such a personal question.

      Thanks for reply,

      Dean Alex

  • Mikeyuki Deanalex

    Hey deanalex I know this thread is a yr old but still thought I'd reply I hope things are better now. I am for the most part a mirror image of yourself I get anxiety my most recent attack was 5 days ago( had been off smokes for a month) now back on as coping mechanism I'm a 28 yr old male and still on my learners in western Sydney I too get embarrassed and ashamed due to peoples ignorant and impulsive comments such as " how are you gona take girls out etc" iv only had a 2 yr relationship since I was 20 it's funny I'm replying this to u now in the drivers seat of a car park while my cousin is walking last week I turned the car on then off and so on, then reversed and forward etc. moral of my story is that You are not alone my friend anyone else who does can add me Facebook please don't b shy helps to talk man. michael Pahuta


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