Ear issues and Perimenopause

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In relation to Perimenopause, has anyone experienced any strange issues with their ears? Sometimes, out of nowhere, I'll hear this tonal change, like a radio tuning in or something. I know this sounds strange. I don't know quite how else to describe it. Also, I'm in the throes of PMS right now (I typically experience PMSDD which is PMS on another level), and my left ear feels as if there's air in it, or as if I need to plug my nose and gently blow in order to equalize it. I noticed something similar the other day, like a fluttering in my left ear, and I just wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this? Possibly even those of you who have said they experience dizziness, which I actually haven't experienced myself, no dizziness, just this weird ear thing. It's not an earache, it doesn't ache. It's just as if it's lightly plugged or something, or needs to be equalized. That's the best I can do to describe. 

Hope this doesn't sound too "out there!" Lol. 

Thanks for any help.

MoonLeaf ~

;-) ... 

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    i get this fluttering noise in my ear from time to time and tinitis. i highly doubt it has much to do with menopause though, since i've had it a loooong time. i supposed it could be water in the ear, maybe too much wax? or both or we just have really neetoe noises in our ears! smile

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    This might be 'right out there' and not related, but it may be useful for some readers. But your post reminded me of something that happened to myOH some years back.

    He kept complaining of hearing music and muffled voices. Sp much so his doctor was going to send him for 'counciling' for the 'voices'.rolleyes OH told him if he was 'hearing voices' they probably wouldn't be in Spanish - a language he doesn't speak!

    Turns out he had an ear infection which, combined with the number of fillings he had in his teeth had turned one ear into a radio receiver - don't laugh it does happen. Just a thought.

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      cheesygrin  ha.  sorry had to laugh.  But yes, I agree.  I keep telling them that I think it's an inner ear infection!.  Because of what happened to your OH, I will take a trip back to doctor and try and get it sorted.

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    Yes. Apparently this is common too. I didn't know and I have been getting it for years now. I commented on a different discussion.

    Sorry I can't find a solution for this one so I am just putting up with it. It does help knowing it is not something I am

    Imagining lol😀😀

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    I get the horrible ringing sound from time to time i think its peri related unfortunately 😔

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    Dear moonleaf

    I had a couple of friends with ear issues in peri. Painfull ringing ears. I just get itchy ones!

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      Hi... I am also experiencing tinnitus, ringing in my right ear, it started about 3 months ago along with anxiety, palpitations and hot flashes, I am in perimenopause, 39. I am wondering if your friends tried anything that helped their symptoms? I had pulsatile tinnitus during my first pregnancy but it resolved on its own in few months after delivery.
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      Dear Dramisha

      I dont think she took anything for it, recently she said that it has got better, the same with me, I had the ticking sound in my ears but that seems to have stopped

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    hello are you still experiencing this blocked ear sensation. I also have it and it is driving me mad. Been to GP several times also seen an ENT at my local hospital who couldn't tell me what was wrong. Had a MRI scan which came back clear. They have ruled out Menieres Disease but I have no answers as to what is causing this, He said not due to menopause but I am 51 and perimenopausal so am thinking it is. Have you had any relief?

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      Hi I had this problem years ago in my 20's then again at 29 after giving birth a woman ENT put me on a water pills for a month it is a fluid that isn't noticeable it is called hydrops a certain fluid retention in the ear the water pills helped wonderful as years went on I knew before my period to take a water pull & a decongestants & again after my period Well know at 58 years old I haven't had my period in probably 4 months & now it's back & I'm reading up on hormones during this time can cause it so now I will go talk to my gyno Dr plus go back to my ENT Dr he did scope my sinuses & said I was with mucus stuck he with a scope in Mty sinuses sectioned out what he can said he sees a little infection the antibiotics I usually take for this made me sick So now I am going to try another one I must say that the mucinex D did help the other day so I will try again today & I took a water pills I hope that you are feeling better & that my experience might be of some help to you But for sure look up hydrops

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      I have the same issue with my right ear, feels kinda clogged and ringing. It must be hormone related, I had it during my first pregnancy and post pregnancy for a while. It went away. But now I'm in peri and it's back. I hope we find relief soon, these hormones can really mess us up.... my anxiety is sky high, I'm on low dose birth control but not helping much. Have you tried anything that helped you?

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    Hi I haven't had my period in 4 months so now I too am getting this with my ears I had it years ago in my 20's then I got it again after giving birth that's when a woman ENT Dr put me on water pills for 1 month it truly helped my problem Well right now it isn't helping yet it does for a couple of day's So now I'm learning that perimenapause & menopause can cause this I was just at my ENT Dr he put a scope down my sinus said the starting of an infection told me to take mucinex d it helped at 1st plus he prescribed an antibiotic that I stopped it didn't agree with me I'm going to call to see him tomorrow & discuss what I am reading about hormones & this problem it truly can make you miserable I know your post is older I am just wondering how you are doing I hope that you are feeling better

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    Hello MoonLeaf, firstly you’re not to out there. I’m so grateful to be reading your post.

    i wished I had seen your post sooner. I truly hope your symptoms have improved, in particular your ear problem. Over 1.5 years ago I woke up during the night whilst I was on holiday abroad. I thought a space ship was outside my window. I woke my partner and he couldn’t hear anything. The noise was like you describe. I returned home and was told I had an ear infection. 2 lots of antibiotics later no change. I was then told my ears needed syringing. Weeks later no change. Since then, I have bouts of dizziness and continue to have the noise in right ear only, but no pain. Doc since sent me for mri, results great. Hearing test 10/10 so no problem there. Docs have since told me they’re unable to help me. I thought I was going mad. My condition inhibits the quality of my life. The noise in my ear can worsen but I have no clue to what makes it worse other than atmospheric pressure but I guess that I have resorted to this reason as felt I was desparate to just  know what has been causing the problem. The noise in my ear impacts my sleep. I am nearly 46 and had a hysterectomy 2.5 years ago. After searching the net I have found a forum where people are experiencing the same problem. Just to read the posts makes me feel more sane. If anyone out there can share any further advice I’d be so very grateful! 

    Like you...i hope my post doesn’t sound too out there. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish you well!

    debbie. :-)

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    i developed ringing in one ear only when I started Peri.  Still there, but calms down now sometimes, and other days/weeks it is high pitched and very noticeable.  I've been told it is something to do with histamine, which causes dizziness too, but I have tried foods with low histamine to see if it went away but it is strict so didnt work for me.  Am tempted to take anti-histamine tablets to see if that works?

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