Eipgastric tenderness wont go away

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My doc a few months ago thought I had a stomach ulcer, went on dexilant for a month, helped, but didnt' 100% go away... went to a GI who sent me for a complete abdominal ultrasond...

Aorta - normal

IVC - normal

Pancreas - normal

Liver - Normal

Gallblader - Normal

Kidneys - Normal

also had complete metabolic profiles done twice and came back normal

had Lipase done came back normal

in the past i had a gnawing pain in my stomach that went away with eating, now that is gone but it's still tender when you push right below the middle upper abdomen where the sternum stops... and only at that point

if i bend down i can feel the tenderness or if i streach backwards i also do.

I have a EDG schedules for next week, but what could this be? still an ulcer that hasn't healed? The ulcer was never confirmed, only thought to be by my PCP.. The GI called it stress induced reflux without any real exam... seems like an odd location to be reflux..

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    to add I also had abdominal x-ray and chest x-rays done and they came back normal
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      Hi if it is reflux the best thing i have found for it is omeprazole, you need it on prescription it cuts a lot of the acid from your stomach taken once a day.


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      took prevacid for a while didn't do anything, and now pantopropazol (sp?) with no help

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    Hi, I have this and am going for an abdominal CT scan tomorrow.  All my tests are normal, I also get pain that radiates from the centre of upside down V (sternum area) and along bottom of ribs, where bra sits, not sure if you ware female but it is the oly way I can explain it. It sometimes gnaws but is usually a burning pain, it is all really tender along bottom of ribs. When GP presses he just say's epigastric pain, which is not really helpful, I am concerned it is my pancreas as this was not seen on the ultrasound I had last year and the pain will not go away, I take esomeprazole and ranitidine which help but do not cure things, I do have IBS and GERD, which seem to cause most abdominal problems according to GP's.  Will let you know if anything is found. 

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      Did you get results for your CT scan? I have a very similar pain. GP and gI doc both say muscle strain but it's been months and tenderness is still there.

      I had ultrasound and upper GInscope and all was normal.

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      HI, not yey, I went on Tuesday at 6pm so not sure if I am expecting miracles but hoping that not hearing after 2 days is a good sign. My pain is definitely not muscle strain, it is like the inside of that area has been burnt and then someone is running around with a pin occasionally stabbing my inside. My ribs burn when you press them. I have lots of gurling, not really gas a such just lots of popping.  I had ultrasound last year which was normal but I am worried about pancreas and as mentioned in post they could not see mine during the US.  Will post when I have answer, if nothing shows up not sure where to go next, as the constant niggling pain is so upsetting.
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      If they haven't called hopefully all is well. You can probably go get a copy of your results if you really want to know or call the nurse. smile

      Hoping for good news for you!

      My tenderness is about an inch or so above my belly button and to the right a little. And I sometimes feel like something is stuck in the bottom of my right rib cage. rolleyes

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      Maybe your IBS is flaring up if nothing is showing in tests.  If worried about your pancreas not showing up ask your doctor straight out about it.  I did this and it reassured me immediately.
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      Hi, yes I wondered about my IBS, I also have GERD and Diverticular so my stomach is definitely my weakest point.  THe fact that the pain seems to move across from left to middle and sometimes suggests it may be that or perhaps gastritis.  I am also a bit constipated so that is not helping. I have asked gp about pancreas which is why I was sent for a scan which is good.  I know that it sometimes does not show up especially when something else is in the way, or you are full of wind, which is what happened with my ultrasound.  Will post when I know what is going on.  Take care
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      Hi, hopefully not hearing is a good sign, I am too scared to call but will do if not heard by next week.  I also have the stabbing pain above belly button to the right, but mine is mainly to the left, it could be diverticular, have you been checked.  If you google it will say divi is usually pain on left, but my consultant said that asian people get it on right, so not sure if that is applicable or not.  Take care
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      I suspect your symptoms will be down to IBS. My bowel was full of gas and in the way during my ultrasound too so some things couldn't be seen.

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      No, not sure if that is a good thing or bad and too scared to contact GP.  I will give it until middle of next week and phone. I hope that if I have something awful they would not leave it 10 days to tell me. 
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      Yes, but no nearer knowing what is causing pain.  I have small para aortic nodes which are not enlarged by CT criteria.  Increased thickening of the wall of fundus and body of stomach which is indeterminate whether due to collapsed stomach. Cannot find anywhere on google what it all means apart from thickening which can be cancer. Upper GI endoscopy suggested.  I had one 18 months which was clear and an ultrasound 10 months ago which was clear.  Hospital consultant said not cancer.  Google say's cancer.  My own GP who ordered the test has had the results for over 1 week and not been in contact so maybe nothing to worry about.  I have an appointment in a week to speak to her about it.  I will insist on another endoscopy.  Hoping that these little nodes are what is causing pain.  Will let you know. 

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