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Waking up to days clear headed with no hang over and a good cup of coffee is time to be grateful to becoming alcohol free. My dream for my son. 

For many here struggling to stop each time the mind thinks maybe this time I can have a much stronger resolve than any time in the past. Always have hope.

 I think a big part is clarity, finally admitting that no drink at all not just one. For some that reality one more drink knowing its to hard to stop.

If falling back into the cravings of alcohol we all know that the chemicals in the brain immediately start strategizing on how or where is the next drink is coming from. It's almost an out of body slow motion movie. For most the brain plays a mind twisting movie while watching yourself pouring the drink, while noticing how much everyone else has in their glass, as the glass finally reaches the lips the movie playing in the brain is already thinking about the next one.i have seen this happen with my son.

When around those who can drink without addiction for those with AUD feel jealous why can't I drink like a normal person. The mind triggers are set off by watching how everyone else is drinking and as the AUD tries to pace themselves accordingly. Then each glass turns into a goblet and all time is now consumed with how to drink more without anyone noticing.With all the cravings and triggers the on button is pushed & the off button has disappeared. Then Some go on home and drink more. So much wasted time & energy put into drinking. This disease effects so many and always ends up with more anxiety more guilt no sleep and illness. I miss who my son was before AUD.

PLEASE remember that you will RISE from this disease. If you remove alcohol from your life, anxiety will go away with time, the brain forgets the addiction and cravings for most. It will allow you to start working on You with a clear head.  No one never deserves to go through the self loathing all the emotions and fears. it's so debilitating. 

I want to let each and every one of you know that you are all loved by your families and they will always support your life, your heart as long as you give back! Even in small ways to start each give back will grow and grow into a better life you all need and deserve!


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    Thank you for your encouragement!
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      Thank You Robert!

      The below reads:

      We are only as strong as we allow yourselves to be, never get get discoutage

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    Thank you this had made my day! I have to say I used to drink over two and a half bottles of wine! I'm now down to 3 beers on my taper schedule taking it slowly as I've been drinking for so long! Tonight I found really hard as I'm in the middle of no where on my own travelling so I don't have much support! My mates invited me round for a house party and I knew that the temptation would be too much! I feel like I have to put all of my energy into this and if I socialise then I may slip so I said no! But now I'm distancing myself from everyone and hate it! Starting to get the depressing moods and spent most of the night crying! I'm terrified of work as my boss said if I come into work ever again with any hint on me(never once said anything before) then il be sacked! So I'm trying to taper responsibly but if she smells anything then I'm done! So stressed out right now! I can't put myself in the position to have another seizure but I'm on the brink of losing my job! Sorry for the ramble! Really struggling today!

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      Sounds like you have the strength in you still. Im the same. Distance myself then feel low and totally alone. I have some friends that are a good support so i tend to chat and spend time with them more as they do their best to support me and dont drink around me. This weekend i slipped up. I did exactly what you are trying to avoid. And as this post started off , one more leads to anothet. I was doing so well. I feel i have let myself down so badly. I am tapering as well and was a heavy vodka drinker. Im finding the beers i am tapering with are becoming just as appealing. We have to accept this is going to be hard. But it sounds like you are doing well. The low moods will tempt.you but just keep a little reminder in your head or in a note to why you are doing this. There must have been that one day and thought in your head when you made the decision to stop. Remember what it was and remind yourself everytime. Mine was fix my family, feel happy, look good and belief in myself again.

      Keep going dont give up. Xxx

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      Dear Laura,

      i understand . You can taper down it will help with how you. Use what courage you have and remember to never give up! Everyone here is going to help you.

      One song can change a moment, one idea can change a world, one step can change a journey, but a prayer can change the impossible! 🙏🏽


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      hang tough...you have made positive steps...perhaps an AA meeting during the times when you find it really hard...a place where you can breath and not be tempted. You have friends here. Ramble? I didn't notice any ramble...I heard someone reach deep inside and touch their own feelings. Thank you.

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      you are thinking clearly and logically...keep up the hard work...please do not give up...each day you draw nearer to sobriety...Aa can not help you taper, but Aa can give you an encouraging place to go when you are feeling lonely...smiles
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    Thank you
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      Hi Rachelli,

      Fear has 2 meanings, 1 is to run, the other is to RISE!


      Light and love sent to brighten every day for you are going to remember how great you are before AUD. ??🌞


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    Hi well done to you! I know it's not easy.I have a half brother who is a heavy drinker,but can't do anything as he Denys it.I cared for my two late parents who were both alcoholic S,& it's left me with anxiety now.Regards Amandah

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      Hello Amanda you are over due time to yourself. You have been a selfless and loving soul with angel wings 👼🏼to cope with the amount of care and pain you have lived thru.

      make the most of this week, be around those who make you laugh until you cry!😇


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      I have my family to support me to overcome my addiction, I hope your half brother realize what you are going through. I'm grateful for their support. 

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      Hi Robert,

       Family is so,special to have by your side during this time.

      Your very fornuate and you can be in a better place s.

      hope you have a great day.😊


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      how very insightful of you, Robert. Thankfulness, that is a big step you have taken.
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      Hi there,Thank you.My half brother will never change,hes in a world of his own.I am a carer/housewife for my disabled Hubby.Its not easy.I could cry at times.But have to try & carry on Regards Amanda

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      my half brother will never change either...I am so sorry...you have your arms so full and yet, you keep giving.

      It is okay to cry in the shower, or in the car when you are alone...and it is okay to come here where Hope and I will lend you our shoulders and always give you a big, warm, encouraging hug

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      Hi Amanda,

      I am sorry that your half brother is suffering from AUD.,It makes so many things so complicated. It's exhausting and emotionally challenging.

      You & I are both caregivers & as hard as it is at times I am grateful for my MR. Hope every day!  HE has taken care of me for so many years.

      Our AUD son is like you said in a world of his own. Such a waste.I can hardly remember what our son was like when he was sober.

      One day at a time. 



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