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melanie3 melanie3

Esmya Tablets Fibroid Treatment

Hello I'm 44 and have recently been diagnosed with a 11cm Fibroid, my Gyno has put me on Esmya to try and shrink the fibroid, I just wondered if any one could me advice or their review as its fairly new treatment and can't find anyone who has tried it.

Thank you

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  • lyn3 lyn3

    Hi Melanie

    I too started this medication in December and am experiencing a lot of side effects and too would like a lot

    more information on the medication. It has been prescribed to me for three months as a pre-op medication. I am suffering with a lot of body aching, extreme fatigue and on occasion chest pains and headaches. It does get really good write ups but I think it is important to have more information on what it is actually doing in the body. I am happy to chat and share this experience with you. Look forward to hearing from you. Lyn

  • michal michal


    My gynaecologist also suggsted I go on Esmya for 3months to shrink fibroid ahead of hysterecotomy. I saw her privately so the prescription comes out ridiculously expensive, like 430pounds for 90 tablets. Did anyone get Esmya presciption on NHS through GP?

    • sharon22703 sharon22703 michal

      Just saw this was over a year ago so you might not need this info.  I got Esmya on the NHS in November and have been on it for 3 months and didn't get any side effects.  No periods was lovely!!  The pharmacy in the hospital was very reluctant to give them to me and my gynae told me this would happen.  So had to wait until they could confirm with my gynae that this was OK even though she gave me the prescription!!!  Told them it was much cheaper me having the pills (for shrinking lots of fibroids) than having a hysterectomy!!


  • lyn3 lyn3

    Hi Michal. Yes I got my prescription on the NHS and I have just started my second packet - have you begun taking the medication? I really would like to chat and share experiences with someone especially as it is a new medication.

  • Sue100 Sue100

    Hi I have just started taking this prescription prior to hysterectomy which is scheduled for 28 February. I only have mild side effects so far which is slight nausea and a funny taste in my mouth. The reason for taking the medication is to try and shrink the fibroid before surgery. It would be great if this medication could be used all the time, then no surgery!

  • lyn3 lyn3

    Hi Sue - yes I am half way through and think it is really beneficial and would recommend it - I felt my tongue was a bit swollen for the first few days of taking it and yes got a dizzy feeling ever so often. I believe half of women who have tested this medication opted not to go for the operation but because it is so new on the market it is probably safer to have the operation. Good luck with your operation - think mine is only in April. Private message me and let me know how it goes if you want.

  • Sue100 Sue100

    I thought I'd update you on this medication. My fibroid seems to have shrunk significantly over the last 3 weeks. The side effects have included a few days of dizziness and feeling tired. I understand there are trials to see if long term use could be an alternative to hysterectomy but I don't know when or if any results will be out. Dreading my operation.

  • sunshinegirl sunshinegirl

    Hi I have been precribed this medication and as it is fairly new wondered how successful it is. I have a 9cm fibroid and Esmya was recomended to me prior to surgery (hysterectomy). I would really appreciate feedback.

    Sue100 - hope all goes well with your op. Please let me know how it goes

  • Sue100 Sue100

    Hi my tummy is definitely less swollen so the tablets must have worked twosome extent no other major side effects. A few spots. So that's it, operation Thursday. More scared about the anaesthetic than anything else at the moment.

  • lyn3 lyn3

    Good luck with the operation Sue - what procedure have you opted for? I am only seeing my consultant on 19 March - got nine tablets to go and yes definitely tummy feels flatter!

  • lyn3 lyn3

    Hi Sunshinegirl - I had to wait for the pharmacy to get the tablets in as they didn't stock them so can't comment on the first period (as i was near the last day anyways) but since then have not had one which has been really nice and I am dreading coming off the tablets as it will then go back to the norm within two to four weeks.

  • L2003 L2003

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  • L2003 L2003

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  • Sue100 Sue100

    Hi all

    Home after hysterectomy last Thursday. Consultant had to do vertical incision as even though I felt the fibroid had shrunk, it was still big. Just glad it's over now. Hope all your treatments go well. Not sure if you have heard of it but a forum called hyster sisters is really good for information and help xx

  • sunshinegirl sunshinegirl

    Welcome back Sue!

    Hope you are feeling OK. I had news last week that I am in for op on 23rd April - so whether I got a cancellation not sure - I did ask if poss for op to be end of April to early May of else September! So now I keep worrying myself silly about it already. Hopefully I will start Esmya this week although obviously it would only be taken for 6 weeks as opposed to 12 not sure how much benefit it would be but at least my period would stop for my holiday (or at least I hope it would!)

    Hope your experience was not too bad and make sure you take it easy. Let me know how it went.

    Spring is almost here - it's sunny where I am today and getting warmer - it's amazing how sunshine makes you feel better

  • Sue100 Sue100

    Hi thank you for message. You'll be fine. I think, looking back now, just get it over with and start living life again without worrying any more. It's a massive thing, apparently my fibroid was anyway lol! It will be interesting to see if the esmya tablets do make differences - any shrinkage before operation must surely be good x

  • katherine20 katherine20

    Dear all I have nearly come to the end if my first packet and just had a quick question. Did anyone have any

    Break through bleeding or more discharge then usual. Hoping it works.

  • Lamypie Lamypie

    Hi I am 34 and have been given the treatment to reduce my fibriods. The largest being 7cm... I have taken the 3 months course and had my scan recently and it has only gone down to 6cm...

    Rather disappointed with the result. Only side effect I got was headache.

  • sunshinegirl sunshinegirl


    Katherine - I should start my medication over the weekend. Did you have breakthrough bleeding? I was hoping period would stop!

    Lamypie - was the Esmya prescribed as a pre op medication

    Sue - Hope you are OK and taking it easy. How do you feel a week on?


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