Every day debilitating nausea, hard to eat or drink.

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Hi. So I've been diagnosed with functional dyspepsia and am dealing with constant nausea on the daily. I'm dealing with it for a long time, 2 years now and it gets better but it always eventually comes back and I feel like dying would be easier then not eating and vomiting daily every two months, then beginning to eat more normally with nausea and then relapsing again. It gets worse when I have to eat and I can barely get enough food down to function. I also can't drink as much as I should (dehydration and dry mouth every day). Some days I throw up when I wake up, or if I'm not careful with how much I eat at once. Has anyone experienced this and/or has a solution? Is there any medication I should ask my doctor for? It's really destroyed my social, personal and family life. I can't enjoy a nice dinner, going out with friends, going to see a new movie, birthdays, parties, weddings etc.

All input and opinions are welcome.

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    Dear Jason 555,

    I wish to hell that i could write a learned explanation of what may be wrong. My own brother has the same condition and despite constant hospital tests we cannot find a solution. Nausea is a most disabling condition and hard to live with.

    I had a related condition in 2014 which was kidney based. I was ill for months, and in hospital too. I was eventually admitted to a teaching hospital who put me onto emergency dialysis. It took a year of treatment before I became even fairly well.

    Be cautious of crank treatments and diets, desperate people are an easy market for con merchants. Keep going to the doctors and keep a diary of your symptoms. Try a different doctor or hospital.

    Regards, E

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    Ask for anti nausea/anti emetic medication to help you to eat more normally. Has your doctor not suggested these medications to you?

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      He hasn't suggested anything. I did every test possible already and everything was fine but he would just give me a note to go get more of the same tests done again. Should I go in and ask for them directly?

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    I would ask your doctor for an anti nausea med to help with your symptoms. Since you have had a diagnosis of functional dyspepsia, further tests won't show anything because the problem is functional rather than an issue with a particular organ.

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    i have the exact same thing. ive seen every doctor, specialist, have had every exam/test possible and two explorative surgeries. cant really find anything...

    they are continuing to stick with severe anxiety. i tried everything i could naturally and then tried amitriptyline 10mg for about 5 months but i didnt like the side effects so i took myself off of them.

    im at a point where i have to believe its anxiety and its the only way im going to make it out of this. im done exploring because it caused me to get worse. im going to start seeing a really good therapist about it (ive seen two but they were mediocre). i was recently doing better but have "relapsed" again. its legit torture and not having answers wrecks havoc on the whole situation. youre not alone and if your doctors have searched everything, maybe its smart to see about getting medicated and maybe cbt with a therapist? ive done it all but never have been too extreme about anything as i am an overly cautious person. i think its time to kick this illness in the ass as it has done me. message me if you ever just need to vent!!! -Reni

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      Thank you for the reply! I'm so sorry you're going through this but I'm incredibly relieved I found someone like me... For such a long time I've felt like I'm the only person in the world going through this. I've been to a psychologist which was no help at all and two psychiatrists but to no avail. None of them knew what to do, what caused it or how to make it better. I take sulpiride 1 pill of 50mg daily and 5mg diazepam pills "as needed". I've too been to every possible test in the past year and a half and am going for a complete blood work test, as suggested by my psychiatrist. If you find something that helps, anything at all please contact me I would love to hear how you progress. Best of luck, I know how you feel.

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      Thank you for following up!

      I could be worse, I could be better. The extreme nausea and appetite loss have subsided, I can make myself eat and drink some food, enough to keep me going. My psychiatrist said I have panic disorder, but did nothing else. I just go there, pay a large amount of money an hour and she talks about and asks the same things every time that are of no importance. Nothing to help me cope or relax and we haven't tried any medications. My doctor has given me antiemetics though which all in all were not worth the little effect they had on my nausea. They made me extremely depressed, tired and all weird in my head, I wasn't as nauseous but I had no desire to eat at all so they might have even made things worse.

      I might have to switch psychiatrists again, right now I'm just trying to relax as much as I can and plan whole days and meals in advanced to keep myself in track.

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      And I forgot to ask, how are you feeling, have you made any progress? It's always nice to hear from someone going through similar experiences.

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      hi! im going through a hard time but they seem to pass after a couple weeks and then i feel a little better for a couple weeks. im still doing cbt for my emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and thats going alright...its going to be a long process for sure. i would talk to your doctors about a tricyclical antidepressant. they stop the vomiting episodes. i was on them for about 5 months and got off them. have your doctors thought of cyclical vomiting syndrome? or just anxiety? hope youre having a good chunk of time at the moment!

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      I'm happy to hear you're better.

      About antidepressants, did you have any side effects? I heard they could make things a lot worse in the first couple of weeks (especially in the stomach) and I don't think I could handle that. Right now I'm taking sulpiride, one 50mg pill a day. My doctor hasn't mentioned cyclical vomiting syndrome, right now she's pretty set on that it's panic disorder.

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      if you havent had much relief with that drug (its an antipsychotic) then i wonder if itll do much for you in the long run. the only side effect i had with amitriptyline was sleepiness (so you take it before bed) and i slept like a baby. i couldnt sleep before because of the nausea and this helped calm down my stomach. i got off of it because i have (tmi) constipation since ive been sick and some antidepressants can make that worse so i got off it.

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      ren and jason

      my wife has been going through what seems like the exact same thing for about 16 months now. she throws up everything she eats except her small cup of yogurt in the morning and the oatmeal i make her at night. life for her has been absolute hell and me and our two boys are doing the best we can to support her but im obviously at a loss 😕

      her dr recommended (after thousands of dollars of tests) a gall bladder removal surgery and she is thrilled as she believes it will be the instant fix. im hopeful but the more i read the more i realize that its a super strong possibility that it doesnt work 😕

      she has done some sessions with some therapists but nothing has stuck

      1 how are you both doing?

      2 what advice do you have for me to help her? aka, what do you appreciate most from you SA or people in your life that help



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      I have suffered from similar symptoms for 14 or 15 years now. They started when I was a teenager and have slowly worsened over time. At its worst I was hospitalised but similar to everyone else no diagnosis. I have had every test imaginable (multiple times)...

      I have managed to get a better control over it by accepting it and ensuring I exercise, drink enough fluids and eat nutritional food. This is not an overnight change, it takes a lot of dedication and commitment.

      I have also been seeing a leading specialist in the UK (funded privately) and have a working diagnosis of gastroparesis, but the financial impact and the fact I'm getting no better has a toll on mental health. It runs my life so my mood is extremely low (and I take antidepressants for this) and I get anxious about the future, which in turn worsens the illness. One thing I would be keen to say is that it is important to get more than one opinion. Some doctors have been quick to tell me "it's all in your head" but others take the time to listen, and are certain this is a functional issue that does not originate from anxiety, mood etc.

      My advice would have to be to keep going, but not to rest your hopes on a "fix". The number of times I've heard "this is what you have and this is what will fix it" is too many to count. Each time it doesn't work, it knocks your mental health back that bit more. I am no specialist, but one thing I have learned is that functional issues are so very complex and these surgical routes seem to be a stab in the dark more than a proven resolution. Still, I am hoping something similar comes along for me!

      I plan on actually stopping with tests and procedures for now. I am trying to focus on my life a bit, accepting the illness for now and not letting it run my life.

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    Jason have you tried taking probiotics? Yogurts and Kefirs are good sources of probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that will help to regulate gut health and help with digestion related problems. From my experience, one of the safest and most effective ways out of digestive problems are probiotics. Probiotic supplements are also a good choice too. Specifically I would recommend Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. This is a combination of safe healthy bacteria that helps to support digestion, gut and urinary tract health. A safe way to get rid of nausea and other digestion related problems. I would recommend you check it out.

    Good health to you

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