Excessive Burping with Burning Sensation in Back

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I believe it all started when I began exercising. I noticed that I was burping excessively. That went on for about a month so I visited my doctor. She diagnosed me with dyspepsia/ indigestion/ acid reflux. She prescribed Dica and Raniticidin. That didn't work. I went to another doctor, she prescribed Omeprazole. It worked like a charm. Unfortunately, the burping returned months later when I decided to do some situps. I felt gas bubbled up my neck instantly. The belching was worse and it came along with a burning sensation on the left lower part of my back. Sometimes I feel the middle of my back , on my spine , has mild pain. It burns whenever I sit upright but when I lie down, the burning subsides. I got Omeprazole again, and I hope it works. At the end of 2 weeks, I will give an update. If it doesn't work I'll have to see a gastroenterologist.


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    Hi Krista , I Got the same sympthoms , it started when excercising , I felt a terrible burning sensation on my back , most of the time on the center , also ob my arms ., It is very frustrating , I see a gastroenterologist but still have the same issue , now is less but still going .

    He put me on Fodmap diet , check the web and follow the diet ., the thing it is very hard to follow a diet .

    Then first he said take gas x , apple cider vinegar ., I tried both didnt work much .

    OMEPRAZOLE , didnt work , CALCITRATE didnt work .

    Now I start with ACV , to see if this work this time .

    I did all the tests necessary and all clear ., I wonder if this test afected more such as endoscopy or Colonoscopy .

    I have a new app with the doctor tomorrow .

    All this started after taking blood pressure medicine., before never a problem .

    keep you posted

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      I'm so sorry Jluis. Omeprazole worked for me. I hope it will work again. I hope you find an immediate cure.

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    The burning and pain in your back sounds like you may have strained it during your workouts. A burning sensation can be a symptom of an irritated nerve.The exertion of the press ups could have released trapped wind. Ease off the workouts for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

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      Very light exercise such as walking would still be fine if you want to do some physical training. Simply avoid the vigorous workouts you have been doing. You don't have to give up all exercise; Gentle walking will do you no harm. No exercise at all would not be good for you. Moderation is the key. You could always go back to press ups gradually once your symptoms subside. Just don't do too much.

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    I walk a lot. I'll refrain from abdominal exercises cause my belching stems from it. I won't ever do them again because after 2 sit-ups, I felt gas bubbled up my neck, in some artery. The first time around before I consumed any medication, both sides of my neck would hurt. I would feel the gas moving up my neck in a rush. It was a pulsated feeling. I also suffered pain in my forearms. At one point, my chest hurt. I realized these are heart attack signs. I couldn't believe it was happening and it was then I rushed to the hospital. Two weeks worth of 20mg Omeprazole got rid of all belching and aches. However, I was never specifically diagnosed. When I began exercising again, it returned. Therefore, I won't participate in abdominal nor strenous exercises.

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      Hi Krista, my symptoms all started when I decided to exercise as well. I noticed that I would burp a lot and have stomach discomfort. Fast forward,I was diagnosed with GERD and small hiatal hernia via endoscopy.( that might not be the case for you). I manage my symptoms with 20mg ezomeprazole but every time I try to do some abdominal exercises ,the belching returns for another week or so. So abs exercises are a no for me. I find that my body tolerates brisk walking only.

      Get better soon!

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      Our case is pretty similar. No tests were carried, nothing. The doctor just brushed off all the signs and symptoms that I told her I was experiencing.I've decided to stop all abdominal workouts and stick to walking briskly and controlling what I eat.

      Hopefully, I will be fine in due time. Wishing you a speedy recovery Christelle.

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      Does some part of your back burn? By the second time around, my back started burning. It's a new symptom. Whenever I sit upright or stand upright, it burns.

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      Maybe there is no specific diagnosis for what you are experiencing because it is down to a reaction your body has to strenuous exercise. It may be something to do with your metabolism and it only affects people with that particular metabolism.

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      My back doesn't burn after or during workouts. I have dull but almost constant pain on the upper left side of my stomach that radiates to the back. I am sure mine is due to the hiatal hernia /GERD. I m planning on seeing another doctor just to seek a second opinion. My worry is the constant pain. I have read so much about my condition and nobody has this pain on a daily. Get better soon Krista!

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      Everyone is different with hiatus hernias/GERD and some may experience more pain than others. Worry makes the pain worse. Try light exercise such as walking and do things you enjoy to take your mind off the pain.

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    My omeprazole dose is done. I wasn't cured. On my way to the doctor, I felt like I was somewhat choking. Some water relieved that sensation. I was supposed to see a gastroenterologist but there was none in the town. I rushed to a public hospital. My pulse rate was high then stabilized. Waited hours to see a doctor only to be told she doesn't know why. It's probably GERD. She referred me to General Surgery for an endoscopy. Appt is April 24th. I'll let you know the result. The doctor prescribed me with Raniticidin; it didn't work in the first place. So I just bought 2 week's worth of Omeprazole. My mom is treating me with herbal tea. Good Improvement. I'll keep you updated.

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    I am sorry about your condition. For sure this is related to exercises you are doing. It could be a certain exercise, it could be the number of reps you are doing or even how you are doing the specific exercise. Lack of warm ups as well can lead to similar problems. You should talk with your gym instructor or I would also be happy to give some advises related to your workouts.

    Other than that, I would advise you use some probiotics. These are good bacteria that are needed by your organism in order to improve support digestion and gut health. The excess gas, acid reflux you are experiencing will be calmed and you will get some relief with probiotics. You can try some probiotic yogurts or kefir. These are good sources of probiotics. Or you can also try probiotic supplements. I would recommend Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. The reason being, these are completely natural supplements made from healthy bacteria that helps get rid of the conditions you described.

    I hope these help. Let me know if you may need some further info, if I can help

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      Thank you Stephen. I will get some as early as possible and will let you know how that goes.

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