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Im now 13 weeks post TKR and after 3/12s of physio and home exercise happy with flexion but not extension. Have had a bent leg for over 30 years but surgeon states 0 degrees at op. Have got it down from - 17 to - 10 on a good day but away to go. Physio discharged me as happy but I want to get nearer to straight and am doing all the work given and more. . Not comparing to anyone else but just interested if others had this and how long it took? Doing all the stretching,hangs with weigth etc,

I know all different but has anyone experienced this problem with extension and how long did it take?I suppose what Im saying is there a limit, Will carry on as determined but probably returning to work next month so wont haver the same amount of time so will only be able to do stretches etc  pre & post work not as regualrly as now,

Im doing 60 mins static bike daily uping resitance and am going to return to aquatone next week as  know quad will take longer. Doing squats and curls at home with light weights. Feel muscles getting stronger but lateral quad needs more work any suggestions?

Thank you



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    For starters...


    Took me 10 weeks of PT @ 2x/week to go from -14 / +84 to -1 / +123...but that's just me.  Everyone is different.  How much scar tissue do you have?  How dense is it?  How much PT pain can you tolerate?  Do you perform your exercises religiously at home?  Are there any other structural conditions interfering with your ROM? Are you too old to handle the full rehab?  ...and so many more...

    No one can guarantee what you will end up at or how long it will take.

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      Thanks dont think scar tissue is an issue bed is 125 -130. Pain is tolerable nowwith analagesia and NSAID but do have swelling issues some days probably due to soft tissue inflmmation with RA not jusr op. Days I swell cut back a bit but religious on stretching.. Guess RA could be the probelm in extension but can only try, Dont think I am past rehab stage yet!!  Not going to give up yet but realistically know might not get back to 0. My other half  thinks I am obsessed with the rehab!

      In the UK we have to rely on ourselves to be extermeely disciplined I am very impressed with the USA physios but guess its your health system. On the NHS I got 6 sessions post op outpatient and some hospitals just give a list of exercises with no post physio contact.


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    Jan, I am SO impressed with the time you're putting in for exercise - what an example you're setting to us:-))))  You really do deserve to achieve what you want from this!

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      Thanks no point in having the op if you are not but realise that not everyone has the capability. I just feel so appreciative that I now have a stable left knee  joint. Went through  hell pat 3 years gradually got worse as others have on her too and probably worse.
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    Everyone is different just keep stretching. Remember you have a lot to make up for from being bent so long. You are an I spy to all of us that you are putting in so much work. Continue and I hope to hear you've obtained your goal. 😊

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    Food for thought...



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      Chico, when I open your post here, I again get a pop up from my anti-virus/Trend Micro saying "THREAT BLOCKED". Any thoughts on this?

      This happens on almost every post in the discussion part. It concerns me.....and I do enjoy reading these posts. I have to worry if I am harming my computer?

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      I'm not getting all the posts come through - I sometimes look on the web page and find some that haven't arrived via email and I'm guessing it's something to do with my computer, and I reckon you've got the same problem Cementless.  Maybe it's a firewall or a virus protection thing?  But I've never had a problem from any posts.

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      I did not have a pop up warning with this particular post but most of them, yes!
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      Just mine or other posts as well? This site or other sites as well? If you're getting intermittent threat warnings from a site, then go into your browser and/or anti-virus software and mark this site as EXPLICITLY acceptable and not blocked.  You might also try posing the problem to this site's help desk to see if anyone else has had this problem and what resolution they recommend.  (PS: Been in IT for 46 years...tech support out...)

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      Just got the pop-up warning reading your (this) response; also it happens when I read other posts JUST on the TKR website. I was told by Microsoft that it is because it is a third party type of response and it is NOT a secure website.
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      I use BitDefender, one of the top security suites on the planet, and I get zero warnings about this site whatsoever.  Plus, I've never heard of anyone else having such an issue.  I'd bring this to the attention of this site's managers through the help link.

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      It just happened again: "Trend Micro-THREAT BLOCKED: Although the threat named below has been stopped, it could not be removed due to access restrictions. You should never open or copy this file: File name: Scr{1}.js Possible Scrdl"

      This is what I get.

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      I just read another post on the TKR site and reopened this one: This is what I got: " FILE REMOVED: This file contained malicious software,so it has been deleted for your protection. You do not need to do anything else, so feel free to close this message. File name: scr{1}.js" Trend Micro

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      Use this link...


      ...and copy/paste all the information you have received from Trend in the Message box.  Let's see what the site managers say.  Again, I have never seen any such messages on this site and have not heard of anyone reporting such.

      As an IT professional for 46 years, pre-dating microcomputers, I do not use Trend or any other single-purpose anti-virus program,  I aways evaluate complete suites that handle viruses, malware, adware and now ransomware.  BitDefender, MalwareBytes and Symantec are among the best; Kaspersky seems to slow down people's systems.  The best single-use anti-virus is from AVG and is available for free.  I would try uninstalling Trend and installing AVG to see if that solves the problem.  After that, I'd go to a stronger full security suite.

      First, send your evidence to the site managers.  See what they say.  They may have seen the problem before and can give you an answer.

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      Hi Chico,

      Thanks for that I am doing light weight curls,sqauts,bike at home as well as the usual. Returning to Aquatone next week but what i have taken from this is the Band exercises will explore that on line. I am not going to be able to use the gymn as advised by Rheumatologist . but this  will help up until i get out on my road bike (my goal for  August )

      I have great respect for your daughter and yourself . Determined to get that extension.down.! 

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      She has been an enormous help to me both nutritionally and with the rehabs.  When I had my hip done in 2009, she got in the therapy pool with me and ran me through a whole set of exercises.  Killed that rehab in six weeks (5 hours a day, 6 days a week). Yeah, I'm a rehab freak.  I always cut the estimated time by at least half...except for the knee.  This takes a year...period...and there are no shortcuts because you cannot push the knee else it swells.  Long hard road...for all of us...  

      I have a set of bands at home.  $30 for the whole set including six bands, the door stop, handles, ankle straps, etc.  Online or at any sporting goods store.  No brainer...

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      Thats brilliant nothing wrong with being a freak if it gets results. Yes I am now getting that the knee will take longer epecially with soft tissue inflammtion from RA too  but am encouraged. Putting in 3-4 hours most days but probably have to do less when back at work probably next month but will work around it. Its going to be a busy year!

      Bands all purchased so will see how it goes ..


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